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Katelyn Goodwin

"It's not that I'm emotionless or anything...I'm just not ruled by emotions. Does that make me the bad guy?

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a character in “Love Me Senselessly”, as played by Blondie104




Name: Katelyn Adrienne Goodwin

Age: 20

Nicknames: Kate, Katie (only by her sister)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Description: Standing at 5'6 and slim, Kate has a curvaceous body that she has worked out since she was younger. Being a former gymnast, her body is fit and her friends have actually envied her for it, especially for her breasts. She has soft, fair skin that looks paler in the winter, sensual and kissably-soft pink lips that are always glossed, high cheeks, large and piercing blue eyes, and a thin nose on a somewhat round face. Long, silky and usually sleek dark brown hair falls down her back and around her in a waterfall of dark chocolate. Sometimes, it looks black and if she feels like it, she will curl her hair. She tries to tie it back when she's working or lounging around.




  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Dancing (Don't tell her friends this. They'll make sure she goes out EVERY night)
  • Relaxing
  • Frozen Yogurt

  • Players
  • Liars
  • Being lied to
  • Jerks
  • Her parents

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Martial Arts


Kate, as the oldest, set a legacy that her younger sister didn't want to follow. She came out on top with her grades and joined several organizations in high school. She used to fence and do gymnastics, so Kate has an air of power and competitiveness that exudes from her. She's definitely confident in her abilities when it comes to working and has never had a need to doubt her intelligence. That doens't make her cocky or anything, but her confidence in that department is obvious. She's also very determined and goal-oriented, knowing exactly what she wants from life and how she's going to get there. Sometimes, she seems a bit too involved in the future and not aware of the present, forgetting to live while she's young. Luckily, she has amazing friends who remind her that.

Kate is blunt and sharp-tongued with a temper that, while rare, will light up a room with fire. She's not one to mess with and you should definitely not screw with her friends or family. Hurt them and you might just get your ass handed to you. At times, she lashes out in irritation and can be quite stubborn, never wanting to admit when she's wrong. But she has a conscience and eventually, the guilt weighs out and she will eventually admit her wrong or apologize. She is passionate about a lot of things and speaks with conviction whenever she makes a promise, holding herself accountable for that promise. Her little sister is her baby and as much as she scolds the girl, she loves her just as much and wants to help her.

At the end of the day, Kate just doesn't trust love despite the fact that she wants it. Her parents were hardly the most loving person and Kate only saw romance on TVs or in other couples. So, she wants whatever they didn't have. She has a hard time with working for that, not exactly sure how to approach the suject of romance. She's been on dates and at times, she comes off as intimidating to the guy when she's really just naive and innocent in that department. She loves deeply and once you have her, you wouldn't want to lose her.




Growing up, Kate fantasized about leaving home. It wasn't that she had a horrible childhood. On the contraire, she had a lot of the stuff kids would want growing up; money, car, house, and excellent friends. But her parents were distant to them and to each other, leaving a young Kate to yearn for more loving parents. When she was younger, she wanted to badly to impress them and show genuine affection - anything to show that they cared in the slightest. But that never happened and when her sister was born, she made damn sure to show the girl as much love as she possibly could.

In high school, she did fencing, gymnastics and even trained in martial arts like her father. She never got attention from that and after awhile, Kate stopped needing it. Besides, she had a little sister she loved more than anything. So, she worked her hardest in school and took as many advanced courses as her school would allow. She did several internships in the last two years of high school and was accepted into NYU as an Early Decision applicant. That was probably one of the happiest days of her life, despite the fact that her parents hardly paid attention. When she graduated, she moved out as quickly as possibly, promising her sister that she could visit as much as she wanted and that Kate would call always.

As soon as she stepped onto NYU campus, Kate was filled with a sense of liberation and inhaled deeply the scent of new adventues. As if by fate, she met the only guy that seems to occupy her mind at all times and although he was dating someone else, she developed a crush. But Kate didn't know what to do with these brand new feelings and her morals would not allow her to act on something a taken man, so she rendered him as only a friend. She met her two best friends soon after and they've stuck together since, causing Kate to open up more to them. Naturally, freshman year was an adjustment with all the parties, work and expectations. And now, it's even harder as a junior as she juggles helping her little sister, getting through school and figuring out her feelings for the boy who won't leave her dreams alone.

Ain't life swell?

So begins...

Katelyn Goodwin's Story