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Nao Mabinogi

Hi!!! *Smiles cutely*

0 · 413 views · located in Airdalen Highschool

a character in “Love School Drama”, as played by CutieLol111


Name: Nao Mabinogi
• Grade: Senior
• Gender: Female
• Nationality: Japanese
• Appearance:
• STATS: 10
-Intellect: 3
-Physical/Sporting Ability: 2
-Charm: 2
-Popularity: 3

• Your most important stat: Popularity
• Which stat appeals to you most: Charm or Intellect
• Secrets: Scared of spiders, heights.
• Family members and your relationship with them: N/A

Time for School!!!

So begins...

Nao Mabinogi's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Momo Yakamoto Character Portrait: Bishop Trander Character Portrait: Sera Katoshida Character Portrait: Varthur Laurence Character Portrait: Silas Fuerst Character Portrait: Natsu Tanaka
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Natsu Tanaka

[font=georgia]Natsu caught the blonde's smile and eyes as they both fought and she couldn't help but feel a little smile pull at her own lips. Was this a little.. fun for her? 'And damn, we're in the middle of an Apocalypse too..' Not the most appropriate times to feel a little merry, but hell it would be the last time in a while.. If she even survived this..
However- this senior thought differently- You can't play the field if you're stuck inside all day," Natsu blinked at the remaining smile on his face before being pulled along. "time to go, darling."
"Well that was hell." Natsu murmured, resisting to wince as bruises began to form. For the last couple of minutes, they were zooming around, killing, running, killing, and oh!- running.. However this guy seemed to have no problem with it- 'He seems to Enjoy it actually.' [>>] And he wasn't helping his own case either with his next choice of words.
"Better than a video game," Silas laughed to himself, high off the adrenaline and the hot blood pumping through his veins. He shrugged his blood-speckled shoulders, shaking off the bruising he had received, "best trip I've ever experienced. I'm a bit disappointed, though." He looked behind them at the groaning figures, "there aren't any of those rainbow dragons this time…" he mused with a indulgent smile, and swung his bat, "too bad, they were pretty. Common' short stuff, pick your feet up! Deutschland, Deutschland, UBER ALLES! UUUUBER ALLLES…" "Pft.." She tightened her lips. "-heh!" With as much resistance as she put up, a large grin still emerged from her bloody face [which was an odd combination if anyone saw] and she allowed a laugh to slip. 'This guy!." She looked at him. "Wasn't so bad after all!'
Taking a final swing at a student, she panted slightly before resuming her hold with the senior. 'Is there anyone alive?' Natsu peered up to Silas to ask, however she shook her head mentally. He was too busy humming away what she recalled was the german anthem anyways. However his answer wasn't needed, her sixth sense was tingling and not necessarily in a bad way. In the middle of this hopeful thought, she crashed into the seniors back as he seemed to suddenly backfire. 'what..' She rubbed her nose. "What is it?" The next words just brightened her day..
"Come, Junior, I see we've still got some friends."
"I think that's the best thing you've said all day Senior.." Natsu sighed happily, feeling a new sense of energy flowing in her.
Following Silas through classrooms, she stopped as soon as he did, and side stepped to see what was in front of his mountain height. A blonde hair and a black hair male- in an interesting scene. However all matters aside, she was happy to seem them- "BAHahaha! This is just like that one dream I had!" She jumped and turned to Silas slowly, holding a wary expression. "What kind of dreams are you having.." She whispered..
"It's good to see some friendly, living faces..."
"hm?" Natsu blinked, and looked towards the new voice. She scanned him up and down. Oh, she recognized him, a popular junior who seemed to know mostly everyone. He had the image of a friendly boy, and usually the "normal" one.. However she saw past that pretty face and saw the true thoughts.. He was sizing her up.. "I'm Bishop Trander... Junior."
It was hard, but his eyes said it all.. Natsu didn't blame him though, they were in a rough situation and not everyone can act like Silas. [He probably wasn't sane anyways] Besides, she would of done the same with a stranger, luckily she felt like she had enough to give. "Natsu..Tanaka.. Junior as well." She attempted a smile just to lighten the mood he was in.. but she didn't give in too much effort, he seemed to be in too much stress for her to do anything anyways.
Suddenly he turned. "Silas!! I talked to Momo, she's fine but went off to help someone. She told me that Sera is trapped in an elevator in building A." 'This was great, more people..but in an building A. Was that even close to here?' Well, from what she saw, it was obvious that..Bishop was going through some conflict. She assumed things such as "Should they go retrieved their friends and risk the injured?" and "But which one to retrieved first."

"If I have to say anything, we definitely need to get as much aid as we can, besides the more people with us, the less zombies to kill and the easier it is at that." She peered at Bishop. "Plus, if anything, we can always split- which is a risky game but seeing how we are." She stopped to emphasize their athletic status. "I think we can survive a solo mission, and along with that, this guy is vulnerable." She nodded towards the black hair male [Varthur] "But hey, I dont know much about.. this 'Momo' or 'Sera', so decisions are for you guys to decide.."
'Wow Natsu, a little OOC are you?' She thought lamely.

[OOC: this is like the crappiest of the crap, but I was in a hurry and like the say "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"]