Takeshi Okami

"What, you wanna cause trouble? Alright, bokken time!!" New student and kendo practioner

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a character in “Love School Drama”, as played by Hellbreaker


Theme: Shingo2-"BattleCry"
• Name: Takeshi Okami
• Grade: Junior
• Gender:Male
• Nationality:Japanese
• Appearance:Slender, but powerful looking.Spiky black hair. This young man has a habit of wearing a bracer on his right arm. He carries his own personal bokken in a sling on his back. He has amber eyes,leading his aunt to call him "Wolf Boy" when she wants to tease him.He often covers his eyes with shades, and takes them off when he wants to intimidate somebody.He often wears sleeveless black shirts, black jeans, black boots, and a black jacket.He has scars from practicing too hard, also has a jagged scar on his temple from the car crash.
"Yeah,yeah, go ahead and call me a meathead."
-Physical/Sporting Ability:5
"What can I say? It's in the genes."
"So I'm akward around girls. You got a problem with that?"
"For some reason, everybody calls me a ronin...."
• Your most important stat:Physical
"I have to honor my dad, don't I?"
• Which stat appeals to you most:Physical
"I'd like a girl that can keep up with me."
• Secrets:
-Loves Rap Music, and dreams of being a rapper when he gets older.
"I can spit with the best of them. I'm no standard sword slinger!"
-Hates snakes.
"Ugh...I shudder every time I see those scaled ropes...."
-Beleives in spirits and aliens.
"Don't laugh...they're out there!"
-Can't remember anything before the accident,except how to weild a bokken.
"Just...just leave me alone about that....."
-Carries multiple replacement shades, hidden all over him.
"What? Shades are my thing.Besides, it's enough that I'm called wolfboy by my own aunt...."
• Family members and your relationship with them/Who you live with:
Aunt Rekka-The only living member of Takeshi's family, and Toji's sister. They have a odd relationship, one that's similar to Big Sister, Little Brother. Course, she is only five years older than him.SHe told him stories about his dad's skill with kendo when he was little, and eversince then he's been a practitioner. She's also a practioner, and in fact teaches at a nearby dojo, which of course he attends.
Toji Okami-Takeshi's dad. He died, along with his wife, in a car crash. He was a near famous kendo practioner, extremely skilled.Everyone called him "Samuria".He was very loud and goofy.
Sakura Okami: Takeshi's mom. SHe's deceased, dying in a car crash. Unlike her husband, she was gentle and sweet.But, like the rest of the family, she too practiced a martial art, but didn't practice kendo, instead preferring naginatajutsu.

"Time for School"

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Takeshi Okami's Story