Toji Okami

"I promise, I'll stop any bullies with my bokken!"-A new student and kendo member

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a character in “Love School Drama”, as played by Hellbreaker


• Name: Toji Okami
• Grade: Junior
• Gender:Male
• Nationality:Japanese
• Appearance: Image
-Physical/Sporting Ability:10
-Charm: 10
• Your most important stat:Physical
• Which stat appeals to you most:Physical
• Secrets:Secretly enjoys rapping and rap music, and really dislikes rodents of any sort
• Family members and your relationship with them/Who you live with: Auntie Rekka. The relationship between them is kind of casual, being that of a bigger sister and little brother thing, which also means they tend to argue comically. Auntie Rekka is the one who got him interested in kendo in the first place.

"Time for School"

So begins...

Toji Okami's Story