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Krystal Anderson Hart

"Anyone up for some bungee-jumping?... I'm bored."

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a character in “Love sucks, right?”, as played by Mela


Female 1


Krystal Anderson Hart

Krys, Krissi, Hart, Blondie

23, almost 24

Described Looks
Krissi’s pretty average height at 165 cm, with long, blonde hair. It’s curly in the wavy way, where there are effects, but not really curls. Her eyes are deep and brown, with golden specs and a thick frame of dark lashes surrounding them. She has an air of dignity about her and always caries herself with natural grace. Clothing-wise Krystal tends to be pretty casual, though still female; jeans or shorts and a shirt, top etc. will work on most occasions, though she always wears heels, which of course adds about 7-10 cm to her height, depending on the shoe. When out with her friends, her clothing differs quite a bit, from dresses to skirts, to just adding a more formal shirt/blouse to a pair of jeans. Sort of depends on her mood.

Furthermore, Krystal has her belly-button pierced (link)
, along with her ears, though those are restricted to your average lobe-positioned ones. She also always wears a light layer of makeup; mascara, brown eyeliner, peach-coloured and lightbrown eyeshadow, along with colour-less gloss on her lips.

Secretary to the CEO of a law firm.

Krystal’s family is a tad messed up. Her mother’s an alcoholic, her father lives in Sweden, and her younger sister, Tessa, (link), who’s 17 and lives with their mom, is bordering on drug-addict. Krys tried getting custody of her sister a couple of years ago, but didn’t succeed. Now, her sister will turn 18 in a month, and will be moving in with Krystal temporarily until she can find a place of her own. Then of course, she has Ethan, but he moved out when Krys was only 14, fed up with their mother as well, so though he tried to help... it was never quite enough. Tessa still hates Ethan for 'abandoning' them with their mother, when they were both so young, though Krystal understands him and has often defended him with her.

Krystal is the blonde, crazy chick you can’t help but love. She loves her friends like family, and would do anything for them. She’d just as soon have a movie-night as a club-night, as long as it’s with people she likes. Krystal has a serious problem with authorities though, and has gotten herself into a couple of arguments with police-officers and so on. Luckily though, she’s never gotten arrested… yet… still may happen. She’s not all crazy badgirl, however; Krystal loves just sitting down to read a book, but honestly… she’d rather kill than do nothing. She’s only ever bored when there is nothing to do, and then she’d rather just do something foolish than sit around – she can be quite random and spontaneous. Also, Krystal only ever drinks on weekends, and even then, she likes to keep it to one of the nights, and more times than others, she keeps things subtle. She was never one to drink herself senseless, but she does love going out – like she says, “you don’t have to be drunk to have fun.” When she is drunk, though, she gets a little too flirty, and though she means nothing by it, (she doesn’t like sex with strangers) men often get the wrong idea. It has gotten her into some very uncomfortable situations in the past.

Sometimes she’s a little bit of a “clueless blonde” – for instance, it takes her ages to figure out that someone likes her, though she’s quick to know with everyone else. She’s also a bit slow on jokes once in a while, though she’s in no way stupid… it’s just that sometimes… well, sometimes her brain just takes a break for a few seconds. She has a tendency to only fully understand a joke after everyone else has moved on to something else, and then she’ll start laughing, which seems totally random to anyone who doesn’t know her and her little perks.

This abstinence from alcohol is probably due to her and Ethan's mother, who’s been an alcoholic for as long as Krys can remember. However, the drinking came and went in waves; sober, drunk, sober, drunk… then her drunk periods started lasting longer, going from weeks to months, as her relationship with Krystal’s dad became rocky. When the man left her, she broke down. This was six years ago, but Krystal remembers it very clearly. Luckily she was 18, so when her mother starting beating her in one of her drunken fits, though Ethan made an effort to help when he could, Krys got the hell out of there. She hasn’t spoken a word to the woman since. She does, however, have some sort of relationship with her father; they call eachother from time to time, though Krystal doesn’t feel the warm father-child bond to him, he is part of her life, as the only parent that is. She doesn’t like his new, Swedish wife, Lina, though.

Her grandparents died many years ago… all four of them actually, so there was never any support there either. Basically, Krys, though with much support from Ethan, has had to take care of themselves and herr sister since she was a kid, as their father traveled a lot due to work. Her troubles at home could never be felt at school though; she was always smiling, was always nice to everyone (even if she did occasionally fight with her teachers), and despite of Krys’ harsh childhood, she doesn’t feel like life has been cruel to her. It has merely taught her that though bad things happen, they are never the end of the world – it will keep on spinning regardless. When something painful occurs in her life, she will ask herself “Anyone wounded? Anyone killed?”, and if not, then things aren’t really all that terrible, because honestly… they could be worse.

Krystal is an expert in hiding her emotions, though occasionally her mask will crack just slightly and her close friends will be able to glimpse some sort of her feelings. Mostly she just appears happy and smiling. In fact, the more miserable she is, the happier she appears on the outside. It makes her hard to read, because she’s also happy when she’s just happy. You can very, very rarely tell the difference from her fake-happy to her happy-happy faces.

- Coca-cola and coffee… caffeine in general, actually.
- Ice cream
- Hanging out
- Reading
- Piña Coladas
- Protective guys, though she may not always realize when someone is protecting her (she’s blonde, after all)
- Dancing (though it’s not like she’s a professional here)

- Alcoholics/her mom
- People who think they know her, because they rarely do
- Love stories; she thinks they’re ridiculous and tries to paint a fake picture of reality
- Bullies/authorities (yes, they are often the same thing in her book)
- Spiders/Bugs/Snakes/Scorpions… etc. She’s not a fan of reptiles or any bugs, really


Pictures of her apartment’s looks – well, not exactly like that, but a lot so:

More pictures of Krystal:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


So begins...

Krystal Anderson Hart's Story