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{"It was once said that a person’s eyes are a window into their soul. That was before people had cell phones” }
-Gossip Girl
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|[color=#Color]{Full Name}[/color]|Auralie Nicolson

|[color=#Color]{Nickname}[/color]| Lizzy

|[color=#Color]{Birthday}[/color]| 17/05

|[color=#Color]{Age}[/color]| 27

|[color=#Color]{Ethnicity}[/color]| Caucasian

|[color=#Color]{Sexuality}[/color]| Bi

|[color=#Color]{Occupation}[/color]| Manager

{"Destiny is for losers. It's just a lame excuse for letting things happen to you instead of making them happen.” }
-Blair Waldorf



|[color=#Color]{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}[/color]|

steals things from people they think need to be punished for something.
refuses to wear jeans.
will try to ram other vehicles on the road when their road rage gets too bad.
has had sex with more people than they have seriously dated.
is in it for the money.
is extremely comfortable talking about their sexuality.
sometimes speaks louder than they intended.


|[color=#Color]{Talents || Strengths || Skills}[/color]|

sorting things
horseback riding
public speaking
playing the violin

|[color=#Color]{Flaws || Weakness}[/color]|

overly dramatic
allergic to pine apple


Horseback riding
Going to the ballet
Girls nights


Fear of rats
Fear of failure
Fear of dying alone
Fear of not becoming someone important

Had an abortion when she was in college
Did coke once

Is scared of coming here, almost did not want to come because there is nothing left here for me

{"Whoever said that money doesn’t nuy hapiness didn’t know where to shop" }
-Blair Waldorf


I AM the center of attention. My ambition and the fact that I always get what I want, no matter what, lightens up my manipulative and scheming side. And although I indeed may appear strong and bitchy and a big ass drama queen, I also have a lot of insecurities. A side of me that not many people see or have ever seen. Especially not when they are of the male sexe. Because my world revolves around the two letter word ME, I don't always have a lot of time for people and thus I have a lot of superficial friends I look good with. The problem is that I feel that there has to be more. The last year has been a terrible one and I want to start anew, I want to have good, tight friends and I want to mend bands once broken. But I'm scared that the Queen Bitch will emerge again and ruin everything, leaving me to rot alone in my light, glamorous and expensive apartment. I find rivals in most females, especially the pretty ones and although I try my best not to sabotage anything, I can't promise there won't be tears. I do not trust easily because ... well, what if people turned out to be like me?

{"Trust me, i know women and none of us are that nice." }
-Blair Waldorf


* Animals
* Expensive cocktails
* Shopping
* Flirting
* Presents
* Drama
* Schemes
* Winning at boardgames

{[font=garamond]Once men have tasted caviare, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.”
-Blair Waldorf


▼ Drama not made by me

▼ People who make me feel insecure [/font][/center]
▼ Tequilla [/font][/center]
▼ Losing [/font][/center]
▼ Not getting what I wanted [/font][/center]

{"There's only one queen bitch in this town and that's me" }
-Blair Waldorf




|[color=#Color]{Place of Origin}[/color]| Louisiana


Well I was born to Anna and Renoir Nicolson. They were loving, good, hardworking and rich parents I hardly ever say. They left me in the good care of the nanny on our big Sounthern estate and send me to this posh snobby school. I did not know anybody there at the beginning and being on the, well, more heavy side, it was hard for me to make friends. Untill I lost my weight and discovered the power of boobs. In 3 years time I went from snitch to bitch and had a guy wound around every finger. I liked my new life style, I liked the way people looked at me and people treated me and I knew that I would never ever, in the world give it up. Untill my parents moved up North and put me in some stupid school where I had to start all over again.
But it worked out fine. Since we moved closer to our family I went to school with my niece and her friends were my friends. Not all of them, off course but still you get the picture. Oh well, afterwards I went to college and I got my bachelors degree in economics and law and when I was dating this super hot artist I decided to give it a try at the firm that did his management. When I discovered him cheating with his best friends' girlfriend in our hot tub, I dumped his sorry ass and concentrated on work, losing myself and my social life. But now I'm back and I want it to change. I want to shine again baby!

|[color=#Color]{Family Tree : People of Importance}[/color]|

My parents ( off course ) and my beautiful niece. (although we're not that close... I don't know why but... yeah whatever)

|[color=#Color]{Happiest Memory}[/color]|

My first pony ride! I loved it! My father thought me how to ride. It was one of the only times I could talk to him. You know, like father-daughter talks. I loved those little moments.

|[color=#Color]{Saddest Memory}[/color]|

Walking in to the bedroom to get my suitcase because I had to leave on a book tour of one of my clients. Finding his sorry ass in bed with that blonde bimbo. Ugh. I so hope that it did cost a lot of money to erase that graffiti from his car !

{"I'm not a stop along the way, I'm a destination.” }
-Blair Waldorf

Vanessa Ray ||[/font][/center]

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