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Mega Gothic

"I refuse to follow in their footsteps. I'm not my parents."

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a character in “Lovely, Dark, and Deep”, as played by OddFinch


{Katy Perry: Dark Horse}{Meg Myers: Heart Heart Head}{Emily Browning: Sweet Dreams}{Sarah Mclachlan: Silence}
“I don't eat babies. I don't fly. I don't worship Satan. I don't have warts.
And, it's very possible I'm going to hell, because I'm just bad. But, thanks for asking.”

{“So you wanna play with magic. Boy, you should know what you're falling for”}
-Katy Perry, Dark Horse

Full Name
Megara Oceana Gothic

Nick Names


Salem, Massachusetts


The Gothica Coven

{“Only one who dares to enter the Dark, can see the beauty of Darkness.”}
-Veera Karthik Gonagundla


My Hair
She has a sort of ombre, her roots are a darker brown and the rest of her hair is blonde.

My Eyes
Her eyes are a bright blue, however, they change to silver when she is using magic.

My Body
Meg is a small girl, but don't let her small size fool you. She can handle herself. She stands at five foot, two inches and weighs ninety-eight pounds, making her slightly under weight, but she is in very good shape.

Coven Markings
She has two tattoos:
The first is her coven's symbol. It represents The Gothica Coven, one of the oldest witch Covens in existence. This tattoo rests between her shoulder blades. Her second one is a wolf on hr right index finger. It symbolizes her tie too her protector, Xander.

Mega has her belly button and tongue pierced,
despite her parents disapproval.

>>On her right eyebrow<<
>>Left side of collarbone<<

{“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.”}
-Neil Armstrong


♡Bad Boys
♡Black Magic
♡Freaking People out
♡Hard Liquor
♡Classic Rock Music

✯Hot Days
✯Card Games
✯The Idea of Love
✯The Secret Society
✯Being Alone
✯Being Proved Wrong
✯Judgmental People

☪Spellcasting☪Stored Spells☪identification of another witch☪Healing☪Calming Touch

✙Vocal, she has to be able to at least whisper her spells.✙Vision, most spells require her to be able to see.✙Xander, her protector is.

Special Magic
Arcane||Darker Magic
{“If you're dying, suddenly everybody loves you.”}
-Dr. House


My Lineage
Malcolm Gothic||Father||Living
Elissa Gothic||Mother||Living
Vaughn Gothic||Older Brother||Living
Eden Gothic||Younger Sister||Living

The Gothica Coven
Malcolm Gothic||High Priest
Elissa Gothic||High Priestess
Vaughn Gothic||Member
Megara Gothic||Member
Eden Gothic||Member
Tevin Blackwood||Member
Scarla Blackwood||Member
Damon Greyport||Member
Bionca Sora||Member
Kane Gothic||Elder
Ross Malick||Elder
Teanna Divine||Elder


Megara is the kind of girl that everyone wants to get to know, but she's too intimidating to approach. She carries herself with an insane amount of confidence, that tends to scare people. Most people though mistake her confidence though as being a bitch. She doesn't take shit from anyone and she will speak her mind, even if she knows there will be consequences. Her mouth gets her into a lot of trouble.

Mega I very sarcastic to the point that most people don't know whether she is being serious or kidding. She learned a long time ago the best way to keep herself as well as her life a secret is to be sarcastic. She's built her wall up so high, that nobody aside from her protector Xander and her Coven knows much about her, which gives her an element of mystery.

Meg is scary good with words, it a way that she can manipulate people around her. She's can build you up just as quickly as she an break you down. She knows exactly what to say to make you think she's the victim even if you were to victim. She is also very stubborn, she doesn't listen to authority well, if you tell her she can't do something she'll prove you wrong, she doesn't what she wants when she wants.

She's quite bad she's the definition of a rebellious teenager. She likes to drink and smoke like any normal teenager. In fact sometimes her partying can get out of hand. Only, when she gets a little to drunk, she can cast spells and play with magic, thankfully though others are too drunk to realizes what's happening. She can tend to be carless with her magic at times and she likes to dabble in darker magic at times.

The Gothic bloodline of witches dates back to nearly the beginning of time. It was said that the Gothic family was among the first witches in existence. Her father Malcom was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1693. He was only a year old when his mother was accused of Witch craft and burnt at the stake. His father, Ross however managed to keep him and his sons secret under wraps. Over the next twenty years Ross plagued Salem with dieses and plague for what they'd done to his wife.

Ross then started a Coven, for what witches were left. They joined with the Secret Society for other beings like themselves. When Meg's father married her mother Elissa, that was when he took over the Gothica Coven and Malcom stepped up as the High priest. Mega was the second born after her older brother.

Life growing up for Megara was never particularly difficult. Her family was extremely wealthy. To the human race, her father was an important CEO of a corporate company. Mega never had to ask for anything, because it was given to her. Although as she got older her and her mother didn't exactly get along. To keep the bloodline pure, at fourteen Mega was tied to seventeen Tevin Blackwood, a male witch in her coven. It was a spell that could only be broken if Mega or Tevin died.

The was the beginning of Meg's down fall. Meg had always been a bit of a wild child, but the idea of having to have an arranged marriage the second she turned eighteen sent her off the deep end. She was fifteen when she started partying heavily, going missing for days at a time. She hid so well in fact that not even her werewolf, guardian and best friend Xander could find her.

That was another thing Mega couldn't quite stand, not that she hated Xander or had any ill will towards the wolf, but being bound to him meant she rarely had privacy. Meg spent most her years of school amongst mortals and so she was quite the troublemaker. Although when she was sixteen her father decided it was time to send her to a proper school for supernatural beings like herself, she was so out of control by that time, he figured that was the only thing he could do to control her.

Now with her eighteenth birthday closing in and her mother planning her wedding to Tevin, she's become much more antsy and dark. She doesn’t want to follow in her parents footsteps and she could careless about keeping the stupid bloodline pure.

So begins...

Mega Gothic's Story