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Lovers And Hunters

Lovers And Hunters


What would you do, if the person you loved the most was the monster that you were meant to kill?

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**Co-GMed by PieLuver**

It all started when one of the hunter's daughters and her twin brother, children, stumbled upon a group of werewolves the same age. Unaware of their species, the two befriended the little group of werewolves and visited them every day. They grew up together.
As they grew older, two of the werewolves realized that they had imprinted on the twins. It had happened the moment they saw the humans, but at the time they’d been too young to understand it. All they knew was that they wanted to be around them all the time and the thought of them being hurt brought them physical pain.

For the imprint to have its full effect, however, the two had to kiss . Now knowing this, the werewolves sealed the deal. If they thought had been in love before, they had no idea. None of them really knew that they were getting in to. They could feel their partner’s emotions, and occasionally would catch one of their thoughts. The love they felt overwhelmed them.
The werewolves knew that if they imprinted on humans, they would have to bite them and bring them into their packs. As soon as possible. Being too far apart caused both the humans and the werewolves intense physical pain. But the hunter’s children had heard of this before. It occurred only in werewolves. The species they were supposed to hunt down and kill.
The girl had always been soft on her training, occasionally fighting with her family because she never wanted to kill a werewolf. Her father brushed this off as her just being rebellious. Her younger sister was similar to her in this sense- she too followed in her older sisters footprints and vowed never to kill a werewolf.

The girl’s twin brother, however, along with the rest of the family, was a different story. They were more than eager to destroy the species that had killed their mother. The boy rejected the imprint when he found out that she was a wolf.
He knew deep down that he could never get rid of the love he felt for her and could never hurt her, but he was mad. Hurt that she never told him. In his anger, he tipped his father off on their location. His twin was outraged. She went into hiding with her imprint, and allowed him to bite her. She knew that if her family found her, she would be killed without a second thought. But she didn't care.

Her twin brother was heartbroken without her. They had always been inseparable and he couldn't believe that she had left him for some mutt. He brought back something belonging of each member of the pack back to his father, so his trackers could get their scent. Oddly enough the youngest daughter had taken a liking to one of the items. She felt a sort of connection to it as if its scent was intoxicating...


When they shift, they shift into a full wolf.
Shifting for a newly bitten wolf is very painful.
A newly bitten wolf shifts jut as quickly as an older wolf, but the pain is unbearable.
Newly bitten wolves are constantly shifting back and forth, and it takes weeks to get. themselves under control.
When a wolf shifts, their eyes are the only things that are the same.
Wolves have heightened senses, even in their human form.
Packs of wolves tend to all be the same breed of wolf.
Wolves can shift whenever they want, despite the moon. But the full moon does make them. much stronger and they often have a hard time controlling themselves when it's out.
The wolves live in a house together in the middle of the woods.


While none of the wolves are quite sure why, bitten wolves always tend to vaguely resemble their sire in their wolf form.
There are three steps to imprinting; the initial sighting, the kiss, then the bite.
Wolves always know their imprints, as soon as they see them. Love at first sight.
Wolves are very protective of their imprints, especially if they are human.
At first, the wolves can basically tell how their imprints feel and are wildly protective, but that's about it.
After the kiss, they can't be too far apart without being in terrible pain, they can sense each other's emotions, and they always know where the other imprint is. Both human and wolf feel the effects. The longer the wolves go without biting their human, the weaker and weaker they get.
After the bite, the two wolves essentially become one. They can speak to each other telepathically, even in wolf form, sense exactly where the other is, sense the other wolf's emotions, feel their pain, tap into their memories, and they can't be far apart. Password: your favorite book.
Not every wolf imprints- in fact it's quite rare. Only about 10% of wolves imprint.


The Wolves

Alpha's son | 21 | Witty, loving and protective | Imprint- female twin | FC: Dylan O'Brien |Reserved

Beta's daughter | 19 | Headstrong, independent, and determined | Imprint- male twin | FC: Phoebe Tonkin |Reserved

Pack member | 18 | Charming, cocky, and impulsive | Imprint- youngest daughter | FC: Paul Wesely |Open

The Hunters

Male twin | 20 | Protective, lighthearted, and loyal | Imprint- Beta's daughter | FC: Lucas Till | Very loyal to his father. He hates werewolves, and wants nothing more than to be a hunter. He left his imprint, and has no intention of allowing her to bite him. |Open

Female twin | 20 | Shy, kindhearted, and intelligent | Imprint- Alpha' son | FC: Britt Roberts | She has always been soft on werewolves. She's somewhat fascinated with them. She left her family, and allowed her imprint to bite her. She is now a member of the pack. |Taken

Youngest daughter | 17 | Passionate, bold, and wary | Imprint- Pack member | FC: Saoirse Ronan | She would never kill a werewolf, but she hates them for killing their mother. She is loyal to her father, but wants to go after her sister. |Open

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I'll keep them short and sweet

1. Be respectful to your peers and to the GMs.
2. Be active in the OOC and the IC.
3. Write with detail, good spelling, and grammar.
4. Respect the rules of RPG regarding content.
5. Please be tasteful, and try to keep things PG-13.
6. I would like to see at least 400 words per post.
7. When reserving a character, please post in the ooc with the password
8. Liven up the character sheet- make it your own!
9. PieLuver I just as much the GM as me, so listen to her too!

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Re: Lovers And Hunters

Woops, I almost forgot to post here :3

Hallo, I'm Pie, and I'll most likely be behind the scenes here...


Re: Lovers And Hunters

@ Paintpoint and Hallowed777: Of course! Thanks for joining! :D

@ Ever: I'm so terribly sorry, but Hallowed reserved with the password first...

Re: Lovers And Hunters

Found it~ May I replace my reservation for the 2nd female hunter aka the youngest daughter?

My favourite book.. hm...Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll~ >quite a sneaky moving for hiding it like that XD<

Re: Lovers And Hunters

May I please reserve FC: Dylan O'Brien? Please and thank you in advance.

My favorite book of all time is Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling

Re: Lovers And Hunters

May I reserve FC: Saoirse Ronan?

My favorite book... that's a hard question because I have a lot of favorite books, but if I must chose then I would say that Wither -The Chemical Garden Trilogy- By: Lauren Destefano.

Re: Lovers And Hunters

Miyer: Of course!

Ever and Wlfspirit: It's not hidden in the rules. You have to read all of the information. It's there, I promise! :)
Also, I would really prefer to keep the FC, but if you really don't like it I can change I if I must.

Re: Lovers And Hunters

May I please reserve the betas daughter? Ahhh, I have read so many books I can't even pick anymore... I guess I would have to say Halo by Zizou Corder as I have read it hundreds of times. ^-^

Re: Lovers And Hunters

Hello~ May I please reserve the 2nd female hunter? ^w^/ Also, likewise with WolfSpirit, I couldn't find the password..

Re: Lovers And Hunters

Hello :)
May I reserve the Alphas son? Also I couldn't find the password and am I able to change the FC?
Ok thanks :)

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