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Claudia Torres

"I never hated myself so much.... for loving someone just the same amount."

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a character in “Loving You Was my Downfall”, originally authored by .euphoria., as played by RolePlayGateway


Claudia "Claude" Esmeralda Torres



Female Ex


December 23rd

Couple 1

Love Interest

Claudia to her family and Chachi to the rest of the world is a sarcastic,out spoken girl who knows exactly what she wants in her lifetime. She will do anything for her career but isn't the most open girl in the world,she doesn't take many chances and likes things to be planned out before hand so that she can relax and enjoy and with that said she completely hates surprises of any type. She honestly doesn't like her personality all the time and sometimes calls herself "the black sheep" of the family, which her parents hate. Because unlike her parents she isn't big on romance either,she doesn't really see getting married in her future like her mother how got married at the age of twenty two. Ha! Within one year,she still sees herself being that same determined girl who still is going to shoot for the stars. Yea,she's a dreamer but don't get me wrong she has both feet on the ground and would like to keep it that way. Now,one thing you never,ever want to do is ask her a stupid question that answers itself because she will give you a straight answer on the spot probably relpying in sarcasm or seriously depending on what you asked her.

She is a Latina fircracker and knows that she is. She is really, really loud around family and friends. With that God gave her a voice for a reason and she plans to use it. Saying she is very opinionated and knows how things should be done, the tradional way. She is a tradional kind of girl and likes things done the older way because if it lasted this long that means it must work, right? St least that's what her parents sai all her life. They aslo taught her that of you don't have family then you don't hav anything. She was born as a family oriented girl and wouldn't change it if she could.

But, down to the good stuff when it comes to guys,she acts like she's not interested what so ever. Mainly becuase most of the time she isn't interested in them or in having a boyfriend. Oh no,if a guy wants her they need to be on top of their game and be willing to work for her no matter how long it'll take because she hates quitters. But,once they do catch her interest like her ex,then her wall starts to fall alittle and instead of being sarcastic and a bit stuck up ,she goes to flirty and her own way anyway, then after that it's just plain sweet and flirty because she is a flirt but only with certain guys mainly the ones who think they can get any girl they want just by their charms and good looks which only leaves a few she knows in her life because she is very particular with everything,but she's far from self-centered,she's just a perfectionist and loves it. But after you get away from her outside shell,you'd be able to find out she's a sweet, caring and passonate person who deep down is a hopeless romantic,she's just too afraid to get hurt to try,seeing that she's already been hurt twice in her life. Adding to that,at times around guys that she is really and I mean Really into she becomes this shy,clumsy,and tounge tied girl who has no idea in Hell what to say after getting a compliment.

Once you get really deep down,she just like any other girl. I know the tin man does have a heart and is willing to give it to you if you really truly do care for her but honestly it's only around her family members because well,they known her all her life. But,if there was a guy willing to work and actually wanted this serious,staight forward perfectionist she would give them a fight chance at least but not many get past her frist wall none and I mean none have seen her third layer,except for maybe one person.

But, to the rest of the world and the press. Since she became famous at the age of 18 and had this cute image. That's what they see her as. As this cute, sweet, and innocent girl who would never do anything bad in her life. Which she hasn't but, it doesn't mean they should assume that....Anyway, because of this she has been marked as one of "American's Spanish Sweethearts." Joy.


Claudia stands about 5'3 and weights around 130. She has what you would call an hourglass figure with a 38B bust size but she'd be the last person to admit it to anyone. Her hair is light brown with a few golden highlight that goes down to her mid-back. She has a milky peach colored skin which is kind of tan from living in Spain most of her life,but when it hits the sun it starts to turn tanner within seconds which she hates. She has her ears peirced three times on her left ear and once on the top of her right ear. She has a she has one tattoo that not many people know about unless they have seen her mid-back area. Her eyes are wide like her mothers but are a color of greenish hazel but they turn darker in some light. Now everything about her face is very expressive as in if she's angry,sad,or just plain shocked it will show in her eyes within milliseconds.

Ask for her style, she more of the tomboy when no one is around. With converse, skinny jeans, and hoodies.....lots and lots of hoodies. She just is more the casual kind of girl who wold rather dress normal than get all glammed up for something. But, with the life she has she can't do that whenever she feels like it. She has a image t uphold which means skirts, dresses, and necklaces...lots and lots of necklaces. But, she still had her hair either in a ponytail or completely down depending on where she is. The two things she loves in fashion are shoes and purses. Yea, she's girly when it comes to those two things!

Famous Singer And Actress
Her Voice

Favorite memory of your Ex
"Hm? Now that I think about it... every moment I was with him was amazing in it's own way. Some more than others. But, all special. My favorite was probably when I was in his arms and instantly felt a feeling I never felt before. True, honestly love. Not like his fans did with posters in their rooms but, love that I want to stay with him for the rest of my life. Looking back, I wish at that moment I told him I loved him but I was afraid that he may not have felt the same and would be scared away. So, I kept it inside of me.... Not that it matters. It would have changed the outcome.

Worst Memory of Your Ex
"*sarcasm*Wow, that is a tough one alright.Let me think.... maybe when the love of my heart ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it over and over again? That's just a frist thought though of course. I was so pissed off but more than that I was so hurt that he just broke up with me out of the blue. I mean days before we were happy and then here he comes giving me this news. Funniest thing is I thought I could honestly get him to love me back, but I was just another sexual conquest for him. At least that's how I see it.

Lot's of things if you think about it."

Red Velvet Cupcakes!!!!
The Color Gold
Red and White Roses
Her Home Of Horta de Sant Joan, Spain
Her New Home Of Los Angeles
How Much she has changed
Her Familia
Speaking Spanish
Her Job
Her Dog, Pepe
Her "Manager", Ian
Romantic Gestures
Romantic People
The Titanic Movie
Wine "Red wine, White wine. I don't care, just give me wine."
Chcolate Icing!!
Meeting Fans
Her Catholic Religon
Young Childern
Her Family
Little Dogs
Little Things "They you, adorable!"


"Him and you for asking all these questions"

People Making Fun Of Her Accent
The Paparazzi
Slow Dancing and Slow Songs.....Now
Her Ex
Fangirls "We broke up years ago, you can have him!"
The Press
Getting Hurt
Bad Flirting
Being Called Perfect "I know it's a lie just look at me."
The Color White
Her Boring Natural Hair Color
Peanuts (Allergics)
Lunch Meats
Being Angry
Being Inorged
Horror Movies
Her Short Attention Span
People Who Disrespect Her Family
Broken Hearts
Getting A Punishment
The Colors Black and Gray
Herself at times

Theme Song
I Will Learn To Love Again , Hips Don't Lie & La Tortura (Heads up:in Spanish)

Born in Horta de Sant Joan, Spain to a rather small, low middle class family of three. She was the only child of Ariana Maria and Gustavo Angel Gonzales-Torres who have been married for two years ad weren't able to have a child before her. And never was able to have another. Growing up, a young Clauda Gonzales always loved to listen to music and dance in their town, trying to make money to help her father and mother. Always gving them every last enny, she had no reason for the money anyway. At the age of 13 her father was dianosed with lung cancer after spending his whol life smoking. Yet, he still spent everyday like he did before he was sick. They went on with life and at the age of 15, they gave Claudia a guitar that was in their family for four generations, given to the oldest son. But, since he didn't have a son he gave it to his angel. She started to do whatever she could to become known. And by the age she never went by Claudia by anyone but her parents and close family, everyone else started to call her Chachi just because she needed a stage name and that was something her mother and father always called her.

By the age of 16, She was known in most of Spain because of the videos she put online all thanks to the computer that her friend owned. She even have gotten calls from all over the world but, not one from the one country she really wanted to live and that was America. And after months of praying and sending in CDs to producers in the US. She finally was able to land a shot, she was asked to come and perform in person as soon as possible. When she told her parents she had forgotten that her father wasn't able to travel and she knew her mother would leave him alone or with anyone else. Yet, they decided it was time forher to care for herself and make her own choices. So, three days later she was on a frist class trip to America missing her parents every step of the way. When she came she met Salas. They weren't the best of friends but, they were friends. And since she wasn't really close to anyne else in America but her grandmother, Marisol and her Grandfather, Peter beter known as Pepe.

She stayed with them and was friends with Salas until she wasat the age of 17 when she finally got the blessin she was waiting for, a shot in Los Angeles. And of course she took it, why wouldn't she? When she moved she started to record her frist single, Love You, Hate You. Which got number dos on the Itunes pop charts for three weeks before this no name band from Europe made a song that had to knock her down to number four. What was it called....What makes you beautiful or whatever the song was called. "They will never get anywhere with a name like One Direction." Anyway, she finally had enough money where shecould buy her own house that could fit not just her parents but her millions of cousins who lived in East LA. And she made plans for her parents to move in with them before her father got gravely ill and wasn't allowed even out of their room. But, she went on hoping he was ok. When she met him. She knew him because of magazines her friends would lt her have and to meet him she was shocked and excited seeing that she did have a fangirl crush on him. Before she knew it he asked her on a date and they started to go out.

She was never happier and she was so in love with him. Her life had been so hard and she nevergot the chance just to relax and live in the she could. Until her heart was taken away with the death of her father. She wanted to move back to Spain with her mother but, he started to tell her how if she left she wouldn't get another chance like this. So, she moved her morning mother in with her and her three cousins and their girlfriends or wives, Juan and Rosalina, Zaul and Catalena & Johnathan and Elisa in their big home. Where they framed photos of her father everywhere along with a rosary so they knew he would always be watching over them. Her mother approved of her boyfriend and if or when the time came would allow her to marry him. Until all those plans were stopped when he left her alone without a love. Her heart was even more broken than it was when she had to leae her parents but, still no where how hurt she was when hr father died. Still, she was heart broken. After three weeks of crying to her manager,Ian who was there since the beginning her told her that she had to throw herself into music. Which is exactly wha she has done for the past few years now. Besides who needs to have a second half when you have a fifty year old woman to cry to and her massive Spanish Brady Bunch house?

Going Into The Past

Why Did You Go Out Your Ex?
One, just look at him. Two, I was new to the country, didn't really know anything about America except for the city I was living in. And when I met him, it just.... right. Like I made the right choice. And he made me feel beautiful no matter what I looked like he still would lie and say I was perfect te way I was."

Name Of Your Ex

Any Nicknames For Them?
Baby, Papi, Mi Corazón (My Heart), Mi Amor (My Love)

Why Do You Think They Broke You With You?
"You are evil, you know that. Anyway, I think it is because he got what he wanted out of me. He kept his image of being the bad boy that got all the girls and could charm them into honestly anything if he really wanted to. And, I was just another one of those idiotic girls who fell hook, line, and sinker for it. We did a few things that maybe I like and maybe I didn't.... I don't have to answer but, he got what he wanted and moved on like the little honey bee he really is. Plus, I heard he had someone else on the side.... News spreads fast around Hollywood. *shrugs*

Theme Song For Them
Broken Arrow

Anything Else About Them ?

So begins...

Claudia Torres's Story