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Kimber Maxwell

"I just don't see the point in anything anymore"

0 · 456 views · located in New York City

a character in “Loving You Was my Downfall”, as played by Lost Soul


Kimber Maxwell



Female Heartbreaker


December 21


Love Interest

"I'm a real piece of work"
Kimber is known by everyone as the โ€œgirl next doorโ€, beautiful, popular the girl who has everything; people either want to be her or be with her. But Kimber feel like she's been pulled in two different directions her parents have always wondered about how they look to everyone something that their daughter cares nothing about. She has never been able to truly be herself and is always told how she should act and who she should associate with. This has always been cause for frustration with her and she feels trapped in a shell, like she is nothing more to her parents then something to dress up and show off.

That was until she met him, he always made her feel comfortable enough to truly be herself and he was the only one to see those sides of her that her parents wanted unseen. She knew how they would feel about him, and what they would say if they knew about their relationship. So she tired to keep it secret, but being popular makes secrets hard to keep. When they found out that old feeling of guilt and the disappointment of her parent made her make a decision that has haunted her since then. As of late Kimber has been on a self destructing path, after being forced to leave the only person she had ever felt anything for. Kimber has tried to bury the good girl in a cocoon of alcohol and wild parties, maybe if her parents are embarrassed enough they will realize that the superficial things don 't matter.

Kimber is a beautiful young woman with shoulder length brown hair that frames her face in waves. Her eyes are an alluring grey green, that draw allot of attention to her face. Basically she is a beautiful young woman, and she knows it. Her clothes vary depending on the company sheโ€™s keeping and where ever she happens to be. When she is around people that are acquainted with her parents she dresses more reserved. But her other life the party scene, her clothes are beautiful yet ooze sex appeal. Her style reflects the two sides of her personality, but there is also times when she's alone, with nothing more then her cat as company, this is the real Kimber a quiet comfortable style that just shows you how Kimber really feels.

Kimber is currently an interior designer corporate businesses.

Favorite memory of your Ex
"We went to a carnival and he won a stuffed bear for me... I don't even know why I still have it..."

Worst Memory of Your Ex
"Breaking up with him was the hardest thing I've ever done..."

Anything maple flavored
Old romantic movies

Her parents
Breaking up with her ex
Not being able to be herself
Life in general... has seriously considered suicide

Theme Song
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

Kimber was born into a loving caring home.... wait scratch that the only way that Mr and Mrs Maxwell can be described as was a business deal. It became apparent to Kimber quickly that neither one of them really cared for each other there was no love involved only business. They married because combined they would have more money then they knew what to do with and it wouldn't surprise Kimber if it wasn't arranged that way. Either way she was always made to act, dress and be a certain way deviation from her parents thoughts of being "normal". So she was the best at everything and if she wasn't she was sure to be guilted into it by her parents. She was strictly monitored in high school she could only associate with someone that her parents approved of, they're standards being high kept many people who Kimber actually liked away. Often time they would press friends onto her who were just as superficial as themselves, people who cared nothing more then for how much money Kimber's parents had.

That was until he came into her life, he was completely the opposite of everyone else around ultimately that's what attracted her to him. But after their relationship began to blossom she realized he was the only one that she could truly be herself around. She did her best to keep their love a secret from her parents. Unfortunately when you are so heavily monitored it's hard to keep something secret that long, word soon got back to them of the company their daughter was keeping. Her father cornered her and soon she was told to harshly forced to break things off or be disowned. Kimber felt so trapped and threats of trying to ruin him if she did not break things off made her mind up for her. It was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. To stand in front of him and tell him that she couldn't see him anymore, of course he asked why she couldn't tell the truth because he would insist that they fight for their love. She knew that would not be a good choice she she did the only thing she knew that would make him leave. She lied and told him that she never really loved him and that he was just a fling for her. He had a look of disbelief in his eyes and Kimber did her best to keep a straight face and not break down and cry.

After this Kimber was home schooled by a private tutor, she graduated and went into interior design at college. Kimber's college years were the beginning of her road to self destruction. Kimber partied and partied hard she managed to scrape through college, her father's money sweeping away allot of the most unsavory things under the rug. She was bailed out many times by him, and a that point she didn't care any more. She graduated and her father got her a job right out of school. At this point however Kimber was so far into the party life she couldn't get out, now her job is on the line and she feels like maybe living like she is now isn't worth it anymore. It was then she received a mysterious invite that she might receive a second chance was something that she couldn't even fathom. Why would he agree with this she had hurt him, but feeling like she was at rock bottom she agreed.

Going Into The Past


Why Did You Ask Out Your Ex?
"He was funny and cracked a sarcastic joke that made me laugh which is something that rarely happens naturally. We started talking after that, and I asked if he wanted to go out."

Name Of Your Ex

Any Nicknames For Them?

Why Did You Break Up With Them?
"I didn't want too.. but my father forced me too, what other choice did I have he threatened to hurt him."

Theme Song For Them
Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All

Anything Else About Them ?
"He was the only one I could truly be myself around."

So begins...

Kimber Maxwell's Story