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Luanne Ruth Porter

"Things don't always go as planned, but I smile either way."

0 · 420 views · located in New York City

a character in “Loving You Was my Downfall”, as played by arteech0kee


Luanne Ruth Porter


;; Gender
Female Heartbreaker

;; Age
Twenty Years Old

;; Birthday
August the Eighteenth

;; Couple
Couple Two

;; Love Interest
No One at the Moment

She is a vivacious, strong, witty, yet, very feminine woman. Luanne might be very popular among her social circle
of men as well as women. She is very sentimental and treasures every little thing she possesses and knows. She will
be very courteous and gentle with people, incredibly generous and magnanimous to the needy, which is shown through
her volunteer work. She will always be ready to help anyone. She enjoys the limelight and will usually be the center
of attention at every do. She's full of warmth, love and sunny optimism.This woman can be quite a handful. She
is intelligent, kind, interesting and loads of fun. She might enjoy sports and can be athletic. At the same time, she
will be mesmerized by the larger-than-life feel of the movies and theater. She has a great fashion sense. Luanne is
also a hopeless romantic, and when she's in love, she would be committed, but don't expect her to stop her flirting
because she adores the attention of men.

One thing that will make a Luanne unpopular amongst people would be her temper. She can get furious if she is
being humiliated. She doesn’t like to be criticized, ignored or disobeyed. This girl has a huge ego. Sometimes, she
can get a little bossy. She expects everyone to be at her back and call. In the financial area, she can be a big
spendthrift. She gets carried away by flattery. She is also a clutz, and would often fall on her own feet when she's
not careful. Her playful act would often be a questionable trait because she doesn't open up about her own feelings
and about things that troubles her, and though she's friendly, she would not be labeling people as friends so
quick. Luanne is also very vain, and expect her cellphone to have her face all over herself, and her vanity would
often have her criticizing what is naturally beautiful and what isn't. And she also has a tendency to become jealous
at people who were better than she was at something she can do.

;; Appearance
With a natural blond color to her long wavy hair, fair white skin, and brown eyes that has a tint of green went lit
by the sun, her vanity has her calling herself a natural beauty. She stands at 170 cm (5"7') and weighs 130 lbs (58.9 kg).
She doesn't work out and doesn't have a gym regime, so Luanne has curves. Her stomach is not flat nor will it be
considered fat - to say - but she doesn't have any muscles either. In other words, she's average, in terms of
her weight.

Luanne's fashion sense is trendy, and she would often be seen in dresses in bright colors with patterns on them,
whatever the season. She's a fashionista, and would go all out of her way to get the latest dress. She matches her
dresses with either flat shoes, wedges or boots. Her wrists are always covered by bracelets, and she would wear any
hair ornaments, especially headbands with bows on them. Her favorite and most commonly seen accessory would be
her silver heart locket necklace, which was a gift from her Mother and treasured the most. Her hairstyle varies, but
she preferred having her hair up than down, especially when she's working on a project or at her job. Her make up
is applied lightly, but she placed more focus into her eyes, thickening up the eyeliner, the mascara for her long lashes
and brown eye shadow to create a smoky effect.

;; Job
A Full Time Fashion Design Student // Part Time Starbucks Employee

;; Favorite memory of your Ex
❝ My favorite memory of my Ex would be when we went on our first date, it was an amazing feeling, why? Well, I
was really smitten by him and it was our first date, so it was really awkward between us. I really liked him, and
everything that happened in our first date really wasn't natural, because everything was just not happening the
way we wanted it to. But I loved every moment of it, we were young, in love and the innocence from it all was
really... Wow. ❞

;; Worst Memory of Your Ex
❝ Seriously, are we getting to this? Well, I suppose it would be our break up. It wasn't pretty, and it was horrible
on both sides. I felt terrible for what I did, I mean, I hurt him quite more than I expected. I loved him, but I
knew what I was doing and I did feel guilty, but it was the right thing to do - in my opinion. ❞

;; Likes ;; Dislikes
β™₯ Falling in Love βœ– Sad, Moody and Up-Themselves People
β™₯ Laughing // Smiling βœ– Things dying
β™₯ Cameras βœ– Her Father
β™₯ Being Happy βœ– Crying
β™₯ Cheering People Up βœ– Being Hurt // Hurting Others
β™₯ Her Mother and Sister βœ– Smokers // Drug Users
β™₯ Her Friends βœ– Hangovers
β™₯ Her Boss // Workplace βœ– Famous People
β™₯ Fashion // Trends βœ– Dull Colors
β™₯ Accessories // Especially Hair Ornaments
β™₯ Arts βœ– Fruit Cakes
β™₯ Cooking // Baking βœ– Fall // Doesn't like the Leaves
β™₯ Romance
β™₯ Bright Colors
β™₯ Donating // Volunteering
β™₯ Summer and Winter Seasons
β™₯ Partying // Alcohol

;; Theme Song
"Just a Girl" by No Doubt
"We are Who We are" by Ke$ha
"Who's that Chick?" by David Guetta ft. Rihanna
"She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5

;; Bio
Luanne Ruth Porter was the Second and Youngest Daughter of a Truck Driver, Richard, and a Florist, Leah,
who married at Eighteen years old. She was born in San Francisco, California. She has an Older Sister,
Lynette Rae, who was four years older and studying Law. The two were total opposites, but she loved her
Sister, they were pretty much best friends. When Luanne turned ten, her Father walked out on the Family
and ran away with another woman to Florida, and though he had asked the girls a few years later if they
wanted to live with him and be a Family with the new woman, they both rejected him and turned their back
on him, choosing to stay with their Mother. The three remained in San Francisco until her Sister moved out
to go to Harvard to study Law, and being with her Mother, the two made the decision to go to New York and
fulfill Luanne's dream instead.

Throughout her whole childhood, she showed flare and a sense of style. She loved reading and looking through
teenage magazines, admiring the models like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. At first, Luanne wanted to
be a model, but she changed to being a Fashion Designer when she began looking at the fashion magazines,
she wanted to design and make her own label. She took part time work just so she could have enough to buy
the things she wanted, because she was considerate of her Mother to have struggled to make the two of them
live happily and with no worries.

When she attended High School, she met -- [ to be edited ]

Going Into The Past


;; Why Did You Ask Out Your Ex?
❝ I asked him, yes, rather weird huh. But it didn't go the way I wanted, because I screwed up everything that
I wanted to say. Then I ran away. Though that doesn't answer anything. Okay, I asked him because I really
had a big crush on him. He's handsome, charming, sweet, and he was adorable. To be honest, I didn't even
take notice of him until everyone started saying that we were cute and that we had this connection.
I supposed, we had spark. Is that the word? ❞

;; Name Of Your Ex

;; Any Nicknames For Them?
❝ Hmm. I called him my Boo Bear, but not in public because he would probably get teased. I just called
him, Sweetie, and that still gets some teasing too, but more subtle than the other one, right? ❞

;; Why Did You Break Up With Them?
❝ Um.. Okay, well this is going to sound mean, but I broke up with him because I started to fall out of love. I
mean, he was my first boyfriend, and I loved him the way he probably felt with me, but I wanted to explore the
other options, especially since I was moving away for College. I was warned that long distance relationships screw
up and I didn't want him to be tied down if he was going somewhere else too. ❞

;; Theme Song For Them
"I Hate This Part" by Pussycat Dolls

;; Anything Else About Them?
❝ Every Milestone and Anniversary, I would make him homemade biscuits and cakes, and also make my own
card for him. I would send him a morning text and a goodnight text, and if we didn't see each other for the day,
I'd call him at least once to tell him I was still alive. I do give him space, okay?
Oh, and this is embarrassing, but I lost my virginity to him. ❞

So begins...

Luanne Ruth Porter's Story