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Thea Katsaros

"When the dust settles...I'll stand by you." WIP

0 · 444 views · located in Timberwulf Forest

a character in “Loyalty or Life?”, as played by ChloeB223


Gravity| Sara Bareilles|| Soldier| Gavin DeGraw|| Think of You| Christina Grimmie
"I'll always stand by you. But when the dust settles and you make your choice, don't be surprised to find that I'm the only one."

Basic Knowledge
❝A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.❞
~ Coco Chanel, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman


Althea Marie Katsaros

Thea, Allie, Al, Marie, or even Kat


As if it wasn't obvious!




|Face Claim|
Amber Heard

Into the Shattered Mirror
❝Glamour is a shooting star, it catches your eye, but fades away, beauty is the sun always brilliant day after day.❞
~ Mike Dolan


Gracefully slim with soft curves and toned limbs

|Skin Tone|
Light, creamy complexion that tans easily in the summer, but appears paler in the wintery months

|Hair Color|
Soft and light golden blonde hue with natural highlights and lowlights

|Eye Color|
Olive-green with swirls of amber near the pupils

|Markings? Piercings? Tattoos?|
~ Thea has a crescent moon shaped birthmark on the upper right side of her back, close to her shoulder.
~ Of course, being in a pack means having a few scars on her legs - very faint - from rough play. One slash in particular is the cut over her heart where a drunk man from the bar came after her when she refused his advances. Had he truly been putting his all into it, he could have easily stabbed her in the heart and killed her.
~ The healing factor most werewolves have has stopped Thea from getting a tattoo or any other piercing, but she grew up with a human mother who was adamant about her baby having pierced ears. So, to keep the holes open, Thea can always be seen with diamond studs.

Fun Facts
❝There's only one thing worse than a man who doesn't have strong likes and dislikes, and that's a man who has strong likes and dislikes without the courage to voice them.❞
~ Tony Randall


Waterfalls|| Funnel Cakes|| Milk Chocolate|| Strawberries|| Bartending|| Cuddling, Kissing, Hugging, etc.|| Denim|| Sunny Days|| Swimming|| Roller Skating|| Romantic Gestures|| Action & Romance Films|| Moonlight|| Passionate Sex|| Laughing|| Alcohol|| Pecan Pie|| Home-Cooked Meals|| Fireflies|| Freesia|| Rain|| Children|| Creative Writing|| Literature|| Lace Material|| Firelight

Zoos|| Animal Cruelty|| Pink|| Manicures|| Shifting Without Control|| Anyone Threatening the Alpha|| Unnecessary Violence|| Drama|| Pack Conflicts|| Frozen Yogurt|| Jell-O|| Pudding|| Black Coffee|| Bigotry|| Pop, Country or Techno Music|| Rowdy Customers|| Drunk Patrons at 4AM|| Cheap Chinese Take-Out|| Meaningless Sex|| Abuse of Power|| Deception|| Secrecy|| Betrayal|| Reality TV Shows|| White Chocolate|| Destruction of Nature|| Being Jealous|| Feelings She Cannot Explain|| Cauliflower

Losing the Alpha| Failure| The Pack Falling Apart

Taps her lower lip when she's thinking| Runs her fingers through her hair when she's feeling particularly stessed| Her nose forms these tiny little wrinkes whenever she laughs| Her face is a dead giveaway for her emotions; her left eyebrow arches instinctively if she's having a dirty thought, does not like what she's hearing, or if she's feeling threatened, etc

Beneath Her Beautiful
❝Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.❞
~ Greta Garbo


{Protective, Tough, Protective, Babbly, Friendly, Passionate}
There are approximately three sides to Thea Marie Katsaros. The half-Grecian beauty is not one to be trifled with. While her looks make her appear easily approachable, her countenance during particular situations or in the presence of certain people say an entirely different thing. For example, the first side is the one she shows in society or even when she's trying to appear strong in front of the pack. This side of her is rather abrasive. As sweet as her face is, her eyes are normally hardened and she is definitely not welcoming. In this setting, she feels the need to be serious. She is the Beta or she is a female who is constantly objectified by men because of her beauty. People need to know that she isn't to be taken lightly, especially given the fact that she is almost always by the Alpha's side. She is one of the fastest in the pack and is rather strong, though nowhere near the strongest. She is very driven to prove that she is not a weak link and is great council to other members of the pack, though she can sometimes appear more threatening to regular humans if she doesn't smile at least once.

The second side of her is definitely nicer, but still intense. This is where her protective instincts kick in and when she's not necessarily on Beta duty. She can either be at the bar, hanging out with the pack, or just being anywhere. This side of Thea is friendly and definitely more open, a stark contrast to the girl she might have been during a pack meeting or sitting at a café alone. Despite that other side of her that people often mistake for the real Thea, this is probably the one closest to her heart. She's more open and sweeter. On this level, she's definitely better for more intimate settings and warm, gentle council. But she's just as passionate on this level as she was on the first. For those who get to see this side of her - those she deems exceptionally close - Thea cares deeply for them and it shows. She would do anything for these people, would go out of her way for them.

The last side is this actually very open side of her. On the side above, there's still a level of guardedness in her. Just because she's more relaxed doesn't mean she has officially broken down her walls. You wouldn't know her secrets if she were simply friendly with you and talking with you. This side of her reaches people on a much more intimate level and it is reserved for family and best friends. It is no secret that with these people Thea can appear playful and affectionate. This side of her is probably the one she dislikes the most. It leaves her so open and so relaxed that she tends to babble, constantly filling in the void others leave behind or just spurting out words impulsively. Most of the people who see this side of her find it endearing, even when she casually has Freudian slips. This is the side of her that cannot hide what she is feeling; that cannot put up this emotional wall.

How She Came To Be
❝Look not at the days gone by with a forlorn heart. They were simply the dots we can now connect with our present, to help us draw the outline of a beautiful tomorrow.❞
~ Dodinsky


Work in progress...

So begins...

Thea Katsaros's Story