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Dante Diablos

that is the plan now that they know our plan they will plan around our plan and so we in turn shall plan around the plan that they plan to plan around our plan... we also have one advantage they do not have.... ZEPPELINS!!!

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a character in “Lucid Dreamers: Revolution”, as played by jackrules158


Character Sheet:
Name: Dante Diablos
Age:73 (looks 20)
Role: Getsus' rigt han man
Appearance: Image

Weapons: Image

can also use very powerful shadow magic
Skills, Abilities, and Hobbies: Commanding from zeppelins, killing, fighting, following orders, playing video games about zeppelins on zeppelins, zeppelin maintenance, and zeppelin building
Personality: Dante has a strange obession with zeppelin he can't really explain, he is also a strange sadistic monster who is completly loyal to his boss Getsu, he loves the idea of ruling wth an Iron fist [I] helso loves disposing of zeppelin haters [/I} Dante displays signs of mental instability and sociopathic tendencies. He is known for killing his own men at any sign of resistane or disregard for his orders.
Dante is 73 years old he was given the privelige of serving his boss Getsufor all of eternity. 50 years ago Dante entered the world with Getsu after the first battle ended he had captured a lucid dreamer of shows for 3 days and for 3 nights he tortured the lucid dreamer until through dark means he took the Lucid Dreamers powers. He quiickly mastered his powrs and began to lay waste to city after city destroying many dreamer in his wake. In te final battle he was the key component and struck down the dreamer's final hope. Afterwards he worked alongside Getsu to brng his empire up to full strength and isnow doing anything in his power to invade and estroy the holy land where th last four dreamers lie.Recently a new worthy opponent has appeared. A young man by the nameof Axe leading rag tag team of freaks againt the mighty armies of Getsus. Dante holds a huge grudge against Axe for destroying one of his Zeppelins by shooting it with a laser beam he escaped the the zeppelin and vowed to destroy him.

So begins...

Dante Diablos's Story

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Dante woke up in his bed covered in satin sheets. He yawned and walkd to the window and over looked the city that he and his boss Getsus now controlled."Guards send the zeppelin towards Getsus' mansion." he said as he quickly dressed himself. He walked into the control room and sat in his chair that overlooked the controls. He watched as his zeppelin turned towards a giant old looking mansion that seemedto overlooked the city. He watched as one of hismen walked into the room obviously latefor his shift. "YOU COME HERE" Dante shouted as the late henchman approached and kneeled at his feet. "Why are you late" DAnte snapped angrily. "I'm sorry sir my alarm didn't go off"he said fear very clear in is voice. "you know I don't tolerate tardiness and now you will pay foryour insolance."Dante aid shooting him with a powerful blast of shadow magic sending him flyiing out the window to his death. "tlet thisbe a lesson to all of you do NOT dissapoint me" he said as the zeppelin reached his bosses mansion. He lowered the rope ladder to the roof and quickly made his way to his bosses room and knocked and stood waitig to be allowed in.

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"Yeah- I know where he is." The blue-haired man said.
"Would you like me to take you to him, then?" he asked. "Sure! thanks so much for doing this!" Kya said, a smile on her face.
Without hesitation, Kya started to move onwards. Kya was like a traveling machine, she could never stop her feet from moving.
"So, Mr. Pyrogen, huh?" the man said. "So Connor Pyrogen....that's his name? I didn't even think sages HAD names, at least, i don't remember learning....WAAAHH!!!"
Kya had slipped over a tree root while she was walking backwards to talk to Solomon. Before Kya touched the ground, she placed her hands out behind her, attempting to catch herself. However, instead of falling on her back, a gust of wind blew out of Kya's hands, pushing her forward. After regaining her balance, Kya looked at her palms in shock.
"i don't remember that before.......or do i?.......wait a minute...."
Kya started to see the past clearly now. She remembered her last talk with the sages, how she was shocked when she found out she was one of the four lucid dreamers left standing. It had seemed like yesterday when she had written in the notebook.

Remembering the past, and remembering her sacred power, wind, Kya was filled with a new energy. Testing her powers, Kya blew a huge gust of wind towards the branches of the trees. The leaves flew off the trees like confetti in a parade. "Cool." Kya muttered with a half-smile. She turned back to Solomon, now a determined look on her face. "I don't mean to rush you, mister, but i think we have to hurry and find this Connor guy pretty quickly."
She started to skip ahead, and then stopped in her tracks and looked back at Solomon. "By the way, i have to say that i really like your sword, there. I used to have a sword myself, but i was never really good at using it."


Getsus opened the door, curious as to who could be knocking, and smiled maliciously when he saw his assistant, Dante.
"Why hello there, Dante. How's the Zeppelin? I hate to ruin whatever plan you had, coming to my mansion, but I was heading out for a bite to eat. Would you like to join me? It's my birthday celebration. I was so busy, i didn't do a darn thing about my own birthday!"
A half cat-half human lady came up to Brendan and handed him his coat. "Please tell Jason to behave himself while i'm gone." he said to her. She nodded and silently walked away.
"So whadaya say? Dibs on me!" he said to Dante.

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"The please is mine miss Kya, I am known as Solomon, and guess this is where I depart," the blue-haired man said.
"So long! farewell! auf wiedersehen! adieu!" she said as she waved back to her new friend. It was a little sad to see him go, since he was the first person she could trust after 50 years, but he was a person. Places to be, things to do. This made Kya think of her family back in New York. Back in reality....

Kya turned to the sage guide, who was speaking to her by the time she turned around.
"Ah yes, Kya the air chosen one," he said,"It's nice to finally meet you. I am Connor Pyrogen the sage guide. This young man is Destin the water chosen one. The other two are exploring a bit but we will find them later."

"...Nice to meet you... Kya of Air. " the young man named Destin said, holding his hand out to shake. It was trembling. Kya assumed he was nervous, so she gave a cheerful smile. "Nice to meet you...."
A tall woman with tan skin and a muscular physique stood before them. She wore bright white robes that gave her an outstanding appearance. Kya had to admit, she was awfully attractive.

In the blink of an eye, the two young adults were embracing, passion both in their eyes. (and even blood in Destin's eyes) Conner was approached the new lady, saying, "Cassidy, De-" but with the flick of her wrist, she made a wall of fire between herself and Destin. Kya backed up, letting the two have their space. She scooted over to Conner, who was observing the two. "well i guess those two are GREAT friends, huh?" She gave an animated wink at Connor, obviously joking about Cassidy and Destin's relationship.
"But all joking aside, without a doubt, she's one of the four. We just have to find one, right?" Kya took another bite from her apple.


"Yes, yes...." the old man started as he took a seat at the table.
"So, there's something i'd like to know. It's bigger than gossip, so i don't expect you to know everything. However if you do know something about the topic, I'd be willing to tell you a special project i'm working on....."
Brendan folded his hands on the table, and looked directly at Hal with glaring eyes.
"So anyway, right before we left, Dante and I were having a word about the....rebels. I'm sure you know what i mean. The ones on the other side of the territory. I just wanted to ask you if you've heard anything new about them. Of course, not all rumors are true, but not all rumors are rumors either....."
A waiter came and handed out water to the table. Brendan took a sip, looking back at Dante, and then at Henry.
"So yes. I suppose that's it. Today I'm not really here for the gossip, Hal, but more for celebration. It was my birthday yesterday, and I barely even remembered it."

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#, as written by GamerX
"As far as the rebels go all I know is that they have been moving more than usual and getting bolder. Although that is as far as my information has guided me." Then as Getsus mentioned there real reason for coming Henry's smile lit up a bit more. "And as for your birthday I had prepared a special recipe for you. I was going to have it sent to you tomorrow, then I got the notice of your reservation. You special recipe and the information today is free of charge. This is my present to you, granted a day late. But better late than never right?"

Henry made sure to have everything ready for the special recipe and was excited to see what Getsus thought. This was the first time Henry made anything special for Getsus in the 3 years he had been here. "And if you like it I can have it sent to you each year. And for your order sir?" Henry turned to Dante ready to take his order from the menu.

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Although it was cute seeing the two friends reunited, Kya didn't want to spend her whole day seeing them converse.
" three of us down, one more to go. Now that i know who everyone is and everything, I think I'm going to go search for the last one of us, whoever they may be. WISH ME LUCK!!!"

In one swift movement, Kya threw the apple in her hands, and using the power of wind as a speed boost, ran quickly off into the forest. She was going so fast, that the fastest runner alive wouldn't be able to keep up with her. Or at least she thought.

As she made her way deeper and deeper into the forest, Kya ran up the trees, doing flips and twirls in midair. She had missed the sensation of flying on a trapeze. Air seemed to be the perfect element for her. However, after a while, Kya started to lose her balance, and after one final trick in mid-air, she fell flat on her face into the woods.

As she picked herself up, she shrieked in pain. As she had heard from the popping sound, her ankle was hurting like it was on fire. She tried to give in to shrieking, but she knew it was the only way she was going to get help. After all, she was alone in the forest. What would get her first, lions, tigers, or bears?

Looking through her knapsack, Kya finally found some bandage. She wrapped up her leg, and tried to get up. She put all her strength on her right leg, the one that didn't hurt. Hopping around, Kya tried to look for any sign of life. As if out of nowhere, she found a sign.

There was a small 'x' marked on a tree. It looked as if it had just been cut into the tree. Someone had been there. Hoping they would come back, Kya sat patiently by the tree.


"Why thank you, Henry!" Getsus said, delighted. It was rare that Hal made things for his friends, and a secret recipe was more rare. He tasted it, not knowing what to expect. His dish was more than good; it was extraordinary. Brendan could taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty, all in one spoonful. His cooks at home could never re-create what Hal had prepared for him.

"Henry, this is amazing!!!" Getsus explained. He chuckled, a content smile on his face. His chuckling was quite noticable, but as seconds passed, his laughter faded into confusion. "Wait, of charge? for this? I cannot accept this for free, Henry..." Getsus said, sincerely. "Surely, I must pay you for this. If you want anything, my friend, you can have it. Just please, tell me." he said. It was as though Henry and Getsus had traded places. Henry was now the master, and Getsus was the servant.

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Kya was puzzled at Connor's words.
"Freedom Fighters? Axcel? What?" She looked around at the group for a moment and then spoke again.
"First of all, they mentioned that they were heading back to some sort of wall....I think they were just patrolling the area....Does anybody know about the supposed 'wall' that is two miles away? Second of all," she looked at Solomon with a bewildered look. "Who's Axcel? Where is his camp?"
Unfortunately, Solomon was gone after she asked this question. She gave a small shrug, but continued to speak.
"Third of all," she looked back at Connor again, "Who on earth are the freedom fighters?"


Brendan didn't wait for Dante, he continued. "Y'know those creatures i created years ago? Shadow bugs? Unfortunately, about two years ago, they perished for no apparent reason. I guess they couldn't handle the strain of being copied into this dimension for so many years. However, i have discovered a way to regenerate their DNA into other creatures....BIGGER creatures...EXTINCT creatures.." he said, a wicked smile on his face. "I could show you them when we get back to my mansion if you'd like"