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Sir Henry Asher Lilican Hordun McGorlawn III

"Welcome to my restaurant; would you like a menu or do you know what you are looking for already?"

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a character in “Lucid Dreamers: Revolution”, as played by GamerX


Note: I am not much of one for pictures. I prefer to allow others to create their own version of my characters. Sometimes I'll base a character on a picture, however this time I am making the character from scratch.

Sir Henry Asher Lilican Hordun McGorlawn III, or Hal as he prefers, is a tall man standing at six foot ten and a half. His skin is a tender looking peach color and is flawless outside a single tattoo. His tattoo is of a bat and is located on his left pectoral muscle. He got this at a Buddhist temple many years ago, he was told it was for his talent in gathering information; which he never told them about at all. Hal's hair is black and never longer than a half inch, though it is still quite thick in appearance. His muscles are tone yet unless directly seen make him look quite weak. Hal's height comes slightly more from his legs than his torso, though it is barely noticeable. However, his arms are about three inches longer than average for his height; not that many people notice. Hal is rarely seen without a kind and soft smile across his lips; but when it is not there he looks more stern than a general training new recruits for the militia. His fingers are a tad longer than normal as well, and his feet are quite big.

((I'll add more when I get on tomorrow. Please do not accept Henry until every section (Description, Personality, Equipment, and History) is filled out. I'll make sure to have him complete within two days. Most likely he will be complete withing one day though.))


Hal is a nice guy, not known to get angered easily. However, be that as it may everyone knows not to make a ruckus in his restaurant. Hal is never one to turn away a truly hungry man; even at his own expense sometimes. Don't let this fool you though, he never gives food for free. Most of those that work for him are those that he has fed in times of need. Somehow Hal seems to know all the latest gossip and news that goes on before most others do. Some have even gone as far to say that he knows what is going to happen before those involved even think of doing so. Although he does talk to people about some stuff there are other things that need a little.....persuasion in the form of currency to get out of him.

Typically the only things that anger him are making a ruckus inside or in front of his restaurant, and disrespecting or harming his employees. Beyond that nothing really brings him to a rage. When he does get into a rage however, even his newer employees feel fearful of him.


Hal wears black dress pants, shoes and socks. He has a white button up dress shirt with a dark blue tie. To finish things off he has a black pin stripped suit vest. Over all he resembles a bartender.

Hal has several throwing knives that are hidden across his attire.

Miscellaneous items:
Kitchen utensils and unique cookware.

Many think that Hal is a Lucid Dreamer due to his skill with throwing knives (and how he hides them), and his swiftness in cooking and mixing being so superb. Although whenever asked he says he is not. Weather he is and just doesn't know it is uncertain as it has never really been tested. (I put this in case everyone would like him to be a Lucid Dreamer at some point.)

Professional cook and drink mixer.
Great at teaching how to cook and mix drinks.
Pin point accuracy with throwing knives.


Before coming to Getsus Paradise Hal was (and still is) a world renowned chef. He was sought for events like royal and government parties, meetings in the UN and even for the extremely rich. Thanks to his client base Hal ended up with quite a lot of money himself. One day he decided to open up a chain of restaurants and called them Last Point. They were bar and grill dine in places that were meant for the more middle class people. Thanks to this (and the fact that everyone knew who owned them) these quickly became well known and very popular places to eat at. Of course he couldn't manage all of them himself so he trained thirty men and women to be nearly as good as he is. Each of those thirty trained twenty men and women to be nearly as good as they were. These six hundred thirty men and women then became the head chefs of the restaurants and co-owned the one they worked at. Surprisingly all of that happened within a few short years and left Hal at only a young age of twenty-nine.

The following year Hal was invited to open a restaurant in Getsus Paradise. This one he called Last Paradise Point, as a way of putting a definite difference on this one and all the other six hundred thirty Last Point restaurants. This building may be smaller than the others but it is the one that Hal ran himself. Within this building Hal not only sold food and alcohol, but also information. Somehow Hal always managed to his hands on all the news; be it planned to be released to the public or not. Even things that happened before Hal arrived he somehow managed to find out about.

As time went on the Last Points in the real world underwent name changes but still kept owners the same. And Hal himself became well known in Getsus Paradise among everyone in the Interactive Dream Dimension; refugee, citizen, and rebel alike. Due to this Hal's rate of getting information increased and got to the point almost nothing happened without him knowing about it.

So begins...

Sir Henry Asher Lilican Hordun McGorlawn III's Story

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"Yeah- I know where he is." The blue-haired man said.
"Would you like me to take you to him, then?" he asked. "Sure! thanks so much for doing this!" Kya said, a smile on her face.
Without hesitation, Kya started to move onwards. Kya was like a traveling machine, she could never stop her feet from moving.
"So, Mr. Pyrogen, huh?" the man said. "So Connor Pyrogen....that's his name? I didn't even think sages HAD names, at least, i don't remember learning....WAAAHH!!!"
Kya had slipped over a tree root while she was walking backwards to talk to Solomon. Before Kya touched the ground, she placed her hands out behind her, attempting to catch herself. However, instead of falling on her back, a gust of wind blew out of Kya's hands, pushing her forward. After regaining her balance, Kya looked at her palms in shock.
"i don't remember that before.......or do i?.......wait a minute...."
Kya started to see the past clearly now. She remembered her last talk with the sages, how she was shocked when she found out she was one of the four lucid dreamers left standing. It had seemed like yesterday when she had written in the notebook.

Remembering the past, and remembering her sacred power, wind, Kya was filled with a new energy. Testing her powers, Kya blew a huge gust of wind towards the branches of the trees. The leaves flew off the trees like confetti in a parade. "Cool." Kya muttered with a half-smile. She turned back to Solomon, now a determined look on her face. "I don't mean to rush you, mister, but i think we have to hurry and find this Connor guy pretty quickly."
She started to skip ahead, and then stopped in her tracks and looked back at Solomon. "By the way, i have to say that i really like your sword, there. I used to have a sword myself, but i was never really good at using it."


Getsus opened the door, curious as to who could be knocking, and smiled maliciously when he saw his assistant, Dante.
"Why hello there, Dante. How's the Zeppelin? I hate to ruin whatever plan you had, coming to my mansion, but I was heading out for a bite to eat. Would you like to join me? It's my birthday celebration. I was so busy, i didn't do a darn thing about my own birthday!"
A half cat-half human lady came up to Brendan and handed him his coat. "Please tell Jason to behave himself while i'm gone." he said to her. She nodded and silently walked away.
"So whadaya say? Dibs on me!" he said to Dante.

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#, as written by GamerX
Henry checked up on his cooks and smelled the dishes they were making. "Keep up the great work you three, your doing superb." Henry loved complimenting his employees, he felt that this encouraged them to do better in what they do. As he walked out of the kitchen he looked around at the nearly full dinning room, mostly with returning guests. It brought a large smile to his face to see this as it meant people enjoyed the food enough to come back. He went around greeting many of the guests, seeing how everything was going for them. It wasn't uncommon for Henry to do this, and even chat with the guests a bit to get to know them. Knowing his customers was important since it meant he could more easily know what menu items needed changed, removed, or even added based on what the customer said.

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Brendan Getsus

Getsus laughed hard and loud. "Dante, my friend, please don't tell me you are worrying about those wild animals trying to stir trouble!" he exclaimed with an arrogant smile. "The army has defeated them once, and if need be, they can defeat them again. Besides, there's no way they're making it past the border. I'll tell you, many have tried, but none have prevailed. It just goes to show you that those who have power have control, and the weak cannot make up for their losses. I should tax those damn creatures for the land i have given them freely, but of course, i am a generous man."

Getsus led Dante outside to his small jet, and the two flew on the aircraft until they reached the restaurant. Getsus walked in with a confident demeanor, looking for a friend. "Henry!" he shouted to the owner, who was talking to other customers at the moment. Brendan walked up to the man, and motioned for Dante to follow.
"It's been a while. This is my assistant, Dante. Can you change my reservation to three, please?" Suddenly, Getsus's phone vibrated. He looked at the text, frowning after reading it. "Never mind. I'll keep my reservation for two. Henry, I have so much to tell you. I know it's CERTAINLY best to tell you. You know what's going on around these parts."

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"The please is mine miss Kya, I am known as Solomon, and guess this is where I depart," the blue-haired man said.
"So long! farewell! auf wiedersehen! adieu!" she said as she waved back to her new friend. It was a little sad to see him go, since he was the first person she could trust after 50 years, but he was a person. Places to be, things to do. This made Kya think of her family back in New York. Back in reality....

Kya turned to the sage guide, who was speaking to her by the time she turned around.
"Ah yes, Kya the air chosen one," he said,"It's nice to finally meet you. I am Connor Pyrogen the sage guide. This young man is Destin the water chosen one. The other two are exploring a bit but we will find them later."

"...Nice to meet you... Kya of Air. " the young man named Destin said, holding his hand out to shake. It was trembling. Kya assumed he was nervous, so she gave a cheerful smile. "Nice to meet you...."
A tall woman with tan skin and a muscular physique stood before them. She wore bright white robes that gave her an outstanding appearance. Kya had to admit, she was awfully attractive.

In the blink of an eye, the two young adults were embracing, passion both in their eyes. (and even blood in Destin's eyes) Conner was approached the new lady, saying, "Cassidy, De-" but with the flick of her wrist, she made a wall of fire between herself and Destin. Kya backed up, letting the two have their space. She scooted over to Conner, who was observing the two. "well i guess those two are GREAT friends, huh?" She gave an animated wink at Connor, obviously joking about Cassidy and Destin's relationship.
"But all joking aside, without a doubt, she's one of the four. We just have to find one, right?" Kya took another bite from her apple.


"Yes, yes...." the old man started as he took a seat at the table.
"So, there's something i'd like to know. It's bigger than gossip, so i don't expect you to know everything. However if you do know something about the topic, I'd be willing to tell you a special project i'm working on....."
Brendan folded his hands on the table, and looked directly at Hal with glaring eyes.
"So anyway, right before we left, Dante and I were having a word about the....rebels. I'm sure you know what i mean. The ones on the other side of the territory. I just wanted to ask you if you've heard anything new about them. Of course, not all rumors are true, but not all rumors are rumors either....."
A waiter came and handed out water to the table. Brendan took a sip, looking back at Dante, and then at Henry.
"So yes. I suppose that's it. Today I'm not really here for the gossip, Hal, but more for celebration. It was my birthday yesterday, and I barely even remembered it."

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#, as written by GamerX
"As far as the rebels go all I know is that they have been moving more than usual and getting bolder. Although that is as far as my information has guided me." Then as Getsus mentioned there real reason for coming Henry's smile lit up a bit more. "And as for your birthday I had prepared a special recipe for you. I was going to have it sent to you tomorrow, then I got the notice of your reservation. You special recipe and the information today is free of charge. This is my present to you, granted a day late. But better late than never right?"

Henry made sure to have everything ready for the special recipe and was excited to see what Getsus thought. This was the first time Henry made anything special for Getsus in the 3 years he had been here. "And if you like it I can have it sent to you each year. And for your order sir?" Henry turned to Dante ready to take his order from the menu.

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Although it was cute seeing the two friends reunited, Kya didn't want to spend her whole day seeing them converse.
" three of us down, one more to go. Now that i know who everyone is and everything, I think I'm going to go search for the last one of us, whoever they may be. WISH ME LUCK!!!"

In one swift movement, Kya threw the apple in her hands, and using the power of wind as a speed boost, ran quickly off into the forest. She was going so fast, that the fastest runner alive wouldn't be able to keep up with her. Or at least she thought.

As she made her way deeper and deeper into the forest, Kya ran up the trees, doing flips and twirls in midair. She had missed the sensation of flying on a trapeze. Air seemed to be the perfect element for her. However, after a while, Kya started to lose her balance, and after one final trick in mid-air, she fell flat on her face into the woods.

As she picked herself up, she shrieked in pain. As she had heard from the popping sound, her ankle was hurting like it was on fire. She tried to give in to shrieking, but she knew it was the only way she was going to get help. After all, she was alone in the forest. What would get her first, lions, tigers, or bears?

Looking through her knapsack, Kya finally found some bandage. She wrapped up her leg, and tried to get up. She put all her strength on her right leg, the one that didn't hurt. Hopping around, Kya tried to look for any sign of life. As if out of nowhere, she found a sign.

There was a small 'x' marked on a tree. It looked as if it had just been cut into the tree. Someone had been there. Hoping they would come back, Kya sat patiently by the tree.


"Why thank you, Henry!" Getsus said, delighted. It was rare that Hal made things for his friends, and a secret recipe was more rare. He tasted it, not knowing what to expect. His dish was more than good; it was extraordinary. Brendan could taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty, all in one spoonful. His cooks at home could never re-create what Hal had prepared for him.

"Henry, this is amazing!!!" Getsus explained. He chuckled, a content smile on his face. His chuckling was quite noticable, but as seconds passed, his laughter faded into confusion. "Wait, of charge? for this? I cannot accept this for free, Henry..." Getsus said, sincerely. "Surely, I must pay you for this. If you want anything, my friend, you can have it. Just please, tell me." he said. It was as though Henry and Getsus had traded places. Henry was now the master, and Getsus was the servant.

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The next couple of seconds went by in a blur. Solomon came out of nowhere and asked Kya if she was hurt. Before she could speak, someone or something shot out of the ground beside her. She jumped, but became calm as her eyes identified the thing as a human about her age. Connor and Destin came along, and Connor said, "You must be the famous Ancel."
“The one and only!” the man said, winking and holding his bicep. Kya couldn't help but give a small chuckle.
“I didn’t do that to here did I? I mean ya I might of overdid my entrance there but uh…” the man said, looking down at Kya's injury.
"Oh no no no! It was totally out of my own stupidity! Nothing to worry about sir!" she said with a smile.
As Connor talked to Ancel, Kya turned her attention back to Solomon and answered his questions.
"Yeah, i hurt my ankle while i was running. I guess i've gotten a little over my head with these new wind powers..." she said, scratching the back of her head.
"Anyway, i'm pretty sure it's just sprained. I heard it pop rather than crack. I'm pretty sure i'll be able to walk alright. I know it's been fifty years...but does the IDD still have healers around? Y'know, people who can heal injuries?" she asked, nervous as to what his response would be.

Henry had left to go talk to someone, (a woman who looked like she was in a panic) and so Dante and Getsus were left at the table.
"So," Getsus started, "about your question at my house before...."
He took a sip from his drink before he started to talk. "I have some news for you. I have designed something that could possibly be used as a weapon if anything should ever go wrong in the land. You interested?" he asked.