Johnathan "Soul" Epsilon

Subject A114, a result of Dusklite Security R&D's illegal experiments.

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Physical Description:
John is well-built, his Godborne Strength gives him the power of many many men, but the appearance of a normal 18-Year-Old. Often wearing a coat, jeans, and a plain button-down, he has black hair and two azure eyes. Due to him being a product of genetic engineering, he has nice fluffy cat ears and tail which are colored black as well.

John is an easy-going guy, a charismatic negotiator like the president Jonathan Epsilon. Often overprotective of his genetic sister Lucy "Silas" Ardivinian, he is a father-figure to her. He is often humorous and observant; always wary of others and his surroundings.

Equipment and Abilities:

This ability enables John to transform into another living creature; namely the white and black cat he symbolizes.

Tower of Babylon LMGSR-514;
The Tower of Babylon or ToB is a powerful prototype stolen from Dusklite Security R&D. It comes in 2 Firing Options, the Railgun and Laser. The Railgun comes in 7 "levels" of power. Level one extends the barrel length to 2 feet, the shot traversing from the gun in excess of Mach 2. This is capable of piercing a skull and going right out the other end and crack bricks behind said person's skull, if any. The highest Power extends the barrel to 7 feet.

So begins...

Johnathan "Soul" Epsilon's Story