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Lucifers secret.

Lucifers secret.


Everyone says the devil is this heartless man who hates anything that steps near. Yet, everyone seems to forget that the devil was once an angel too; and angels still have a heart, angels still have emotions.

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Hell. Its a horrible horrible place to even think about going. Demons rape and kill, Sins are worse, but the Devil is even more worse than all of that. However, what if Lucifer himself was like one of us? What if Lucifer can have his heart broken? What if Lucifer can cry? What if Lucifer, the all mighty demon and king of hell, can feel? Yes, its a confusing concept, but its true. Lucifer was once an angel and obeyed God. Lucifer loved god like we do. The only issue was, Lucifer hated humans. When his father created humans and ordered that the angels love humans more than they love god, Lucifer refused. He said that Humans were a mistake, and they are of horrid nature. To that, god sent Lucifer down to his own world to rule as he liked, and called this world 'Hell'. God no longer speaks of Lucifer, and sees him as a mistake. Imagine that, a father thinking his own cration was a mistake? That would make anyone cry. But not Lucifer, right? Wrong. For billions and billions of years, Lucifer has been hurt by that. Lucifer cannot think of anything worse than his own father hating him. What does he do? He cries, He feels, he aches, but acts as though he is fine, and that he is his normal hateful self. Unlike god, Lucifer loves his creations, and gives them all they want. Lucifer, who is not a red being but instead a normal looking man, is angry on the outside, but pained and hurt on the inside.

Here is what certian species can and cannot do. Animals are similar to Demons.

-Can Kill
-Can send anyone to one of the 7 layers of hell or bring them back
-Can have slaves of his own
-Cannot be killed or injured
-Can seal any opening (this includes mouths and such.)
-Can heal and hurt
-Can pretty much do anything

-Can Kill
-Can own slaves with Lucifers permission
-Can be injured or hurt, but regenerates unless injured by something angelic, which makes it so they cannot regenerate that injury
-Cannot be killed
-Can heal and hurt
-Cannot touch anything angelic; However, can get drunk off of Angel tears.

-Can Kill
-Can be injured or hurt
-Can be killed
-Cannot heal
-Cannot touch anything angelic; However, can get drunk off of Angel tears.

-Can heal
-Cannot be killed, but can be injured
-Cannot own slaves, but can be owned as one
-Cannot escape without permission from Lucifer
-Cannot touch anything demonic
-Cannot help a human

-Can be killed
-Can be hurt or injured
-Cannot heal
-Can touch anything angelic, but not demonic
-Cannot escape

Toggle Rules

OOC Rules

No godmodding - That one is self explanatory
Play whoever you would like. Demons, Angels, Sins, Anyone.
This is a free roleplay - Meaning, Play whoever you want however you want as long as you let others do the same.
Rules are still being updated, but that is all I have at the moment. Have fun with this roleplay, I hope you all enjoy it!

IC rules
The only people who are over Lucifer is God (his father) And the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Those are the only people who are allowed to boss Lucifer around. Sins are under Lucifer but over Demons. Demons are over slaves, and slaves are at the bottom.
Slaves consist of kidnapped angels or human souls. There are no taboo subjects in hell.

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Hell by urling


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Re: Lucifers secret.

I really like the idea :o

So is this set on Earth? Or in Hell? And is the plot-line just centered around daily happenings or an overlying theme? :)

Lucifers secret.

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