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Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room

Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room


Bootlegging alcohol should be the last of the police's concerns when the bar is run by the devil himself, the biblical apocalypse is days away, the undead are roaming the streets, and it's still illegal for a woman to move whilst topless. COME ON.

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It's 1926 and The Back Room, located at 102 Norfolk St New York, just so happens to be the most glorious speakeasy a Prohibition officer could ever feast his eyes on. Bootlegging alcohol should be the last of the police's worries, though, as the sophisticated pub is run by none other than the devil himself, the biblical apocalypse is scheduled for one week from today, the undead are roaming the streets snacking on innocent citizens, and, worst of all, it's still illegal for a woman to move whilst topless. Come on.

    "Please, just call me Luci."



        Indeed, about 80% of The Back Room's frequenters are the tortured souls who'd gone to hell and back, literally. These individuals have proved themselves useful, innocent, or intriguing to the man throughout history. We're not talking horrible cruel dictators or mass murderers (because, really, who wants to hang out with Hitler?) but rather intellectuals, martyrs, and artists. These people were saved because when they were delivered to his humble domain deep under the crusts of Earth, he couldn't help but to think to himself,
        "Man... they really got the short end of the stick, here."

        That's right, the he felt empathy for them. He may be the devil, but he's not the devil. They were given punishment, technically - maybe some hard labor and a back lash or two - but nothing like burning in a pit of fire or getting their eyeballs gouged out. From then on, they served as Luci's right hand men and women. They were comrades, or so to speak.

      So... what's the problem, officer?

        August 6th, 1926, Don Juan will come out. It's the first feature-length film and the streets will be packed with men, women, and children alike, all excited take a gander at cinematic magic. Unfortunately, a certain group of three by the names of Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel aren't so pleased with the way the "roaring twenties" have played out, disgusted by the vulgarity and lack of morality crawling around. But it's more than just the humane flaws that are irking the archangels. Evil doing has been on the rise, supernatural style - mostly Luci's work but other creatures that go bump in the night have had their fingers on some pretty dark stuff lately as well. It seems the world is growing rampant with greed and gluttony. They are most displeased with Earth. So displeased, in fact, that they're just about ready to unleash the apocalypse. Termination has been set for the premiere of the film. Granted, they are rather divine and an apocalypse calls for a lot of work, so they've made a deal. If Luci cleans everything up by the premiere (in exactly six days), it will be canceled and the world can continue to writhe forever more. Or, you know, until they slip up again.

      Well, that seems easy enough. Image

          "Right... about that... Look, I may have dabbled in... a little bit of necromancy. Just a little though."
        Luci's had a project he'd secretly been working on for a while now. His goal was to create children of his own - super powerful immortal chitterlings. He'd been using some deep and dark magic, and he'd gotten a bit in over his head. To put it frankly, New York may or may not be currently ravaged by a disease... a lot like... zombification...

      You're joking.

        Unfortunately not, but it's not as simple as it seems. Luci's been dealing with animating the dead- essentially bringing them back to life. A recently deceased cadaver has his/her soul blocked inside their body and the next thing you know, they're up and walking around once more. Ok, it might not be that simple. It's more excruciating than anything else, really. For a full night, they ache and groan and whimper and cry until, the next day, it's like they're reborn. Beautified, perfected, and new, everything about them is heightened - stronger, more durable, faster. The real perks comes in the mind, though. Their senses reach super high thresholds and they calculate 10 times faster than they had when they were mortal. The only problem is their need to refuel. Their bodies become altered so that the harder they work, the thinner their blood becomes. Eating and sleeping do nothing for them. To restock, they have to consume blood... specifically human blood.

        Luci hadn't planned on that kink being in the picture, but nothing can be perfect, right?

      So... vampires.
        Β­Β­Β­Β­ Image
        Yeah, vampires. Luci's rather fond of the things- like they're his children. The worst part is that most of the people he's worked on didn't even become vampires. Let's just say there's been more than a couple failures. He'd bring them back and was unhappy to find that they did not regenerate. In fact, it seemed they began to decompose at a quicker rate. Even worse, the only brain parts that seem to work are the thalamus and hypothalamus - responsible for sensory and motor functions, thirst, hunger, circadian rhythms, and control of the autonomic nervous system. Essentially, they're absolutely mad, brainless and starving. The same hitch with the vampires can be found in these flopped dishes, too. All they crave is blood... specifically human blood.

        Do you get it yet?

          "Furthermore, these guys are spreading the dark magic to whomever they eat - just like a disease. I've managed to keep the Times and stations out of it (for a real hefty price) but nonetheless they've agreed not to cover the spread of the zombies. I'll tell you what, son, it looks like we've already got a foot out the door into the apocalypse. If we can't get these things under control... it might be best to let Mikey, Raph, and Gab do their thing. It's getting gnarly out there..."

      Wait, wait, but you can kill 'em, right? Image

        No can do, buggaboo. The reanimation takes place because Luci's trapped their soul inside their body - for the rest of eternity. They're never passing on, and so long as their body is still functioning, they'll be there for good. You can never kill the undead. You can destroy them, though. Completely pulverize their body until there's no more than a heap of blood and guts, and the zombies'll be out for good (though their soul remains in the location forever) because they don't regenerate. Vamps will be out for a solid hundred years or so, but will eventually piece back together.

      Then what the hell do we do?

        A vamp's weakness comes with its biggest need- the blood. Here's a chart of how their strength goes in order of hunger.


        Play off of this and destroying one is simple enough (in theory). Starve one to beat one, basically. These things are only a couple months, maybe a year old at most. It's really letting them free that's the goal here. If we can find a way to undo his spells and unlock their souls, all of the zombies'll go ker-split just like that.

      WHY, LUCI, WHY?
        Why create them? It's a good enough question, though hard to answer. He seems to genuinely have attachments for them. He claims that he was just trying to get a little spark back to earth, but it very well could be that he wanted more capable servants. You see, demons are nice and all, but they're no vampires. They're good to talk to, but not so much to fight along side with. They're a lot like ghosts. They're solid when they want to be, but it's more natural for them to be somewhat transparent. They can fade through walls, become invisible, move things telepathically with their minds, but they have no boosts to physical manifestation, nor any fangs and claws to rip at others with. They cannot move at super speeds. They cannot smell a man from a mile away. Furthermore, they have to frequently visit hell or else they start to dissipate. With all of these factors, you have to wonder if Luci isn't aimin' to make an army. He's quick to wave off the question.

          "Look, the apocalypse isn't set in stone. They've been sent out here to snoop around for any trouble. They found the trouble and they're mad. They gave me the deadline to fix up my act but I can't do anything with them breathing down my neck. It's creepy. We gotta stop this. They've been pestering me all weekend and I'm really tired of hearing about 'em. They're such spoil sports."

      Image Can we just... stop the archangels...? Please...?

        Ha, if only.

          "Those bastards do whatever the hell they want. Are you forgetting that they're the ones who kicked me out of heaven? You think I just mozied on out of there and into the abyss for fun? They beat my ass and they'll do the same to you. I know they look like a coupla queers but they're not the people to be messin' around with."

        Furthermore, they'd be quite happy to see Earth burn regardless of whether they'd sinned or not. (Alright, that may be a bit of a stretch). God favors humans over his archangels, even going so far as to grant them freewill. Jealousy is inherent.


        Luci claims he has a plan. He's always been such a good leader. Image
          "We gotta take out the zombies. I'm gonna work with some of you smarter bunch on finding a way to undo the curse, but until then, we need ammunition and hunting parties. We've also got to keep the archangels away from the knowledge that vampires exist. If they found out... man, they'd flip a shit."
        Luci wants to preserve the vamps if he can. For that, maybe a little burlesque'll do the trick.
          "I haven't spoken to those jackasses in a while so I don't really know what'll suit their interests, but we're gonna have to take turns puppy guarding the angels to cover up our tracks. We've also got to be conscience of how we handle this. I know it's not in our nature... but we gotta try to be a little good. Meaning no prostitutin', no vandalizing, no murder, no robbery. Find the most sensitive way to blast the brains of zombies and save as many "innocents" as possible. If we don't play our cards right, we very well could take care of the zombies and still have those trumpets ringing through the air before Don Juan can woo anyone at all."

          "Basically, we're juggling a load of horse shit while walkin' a tight rope."

        Alright, I don't normally do "roles", but there are some specific slots that need to be filled for this to work. I'm gonna give some loose guidelines.

        Alright, these peeps are vital roles. I want them to be more of characters than just all powerful angels. Give 'em some spunk! Do a couple twists. I'll give some brief info for each of them and then go balls to the walls with it. I'm telling you my silly-fied version, so feel free to look up more info if you want, ahahaha.

        • Michael: [reserved by Wudgeous] Michael is known as the leader of war against evil, and was the one to kick Lucifer's ass time and time again. He's got a pretty baller sword and is the most combat heavy of the angels. He, no joke, has the role of supreme enemy of Satan , so when I say the guy's got some serious enthusiasm about conquering evil, I mean it. He's also the angel of death, the one to appear before a person as they die to weigh their soul. Yup, he's got that silly little scale and everything. Also, he tracks down fallen angels and puts an end to them. Basically a bounty hunter assassin with wings.

        • Raphael: [open] Raphael offers the softer side to the archangels, the one with the role of "healer". He's been known to travel to Earth and live amongst them when they went on adventures so as to protect them on their journey and then at the end be like, "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you yeah um I'm kind of an archangel so I'll see y'all up in heaven if Mike doesn't spite you or something CYA". He's the patron of medical workers, matchmakers, and travelers. Furthermore, he's the guy who blows the trumpet to signal the apocalypse. He's basically just a pretty nice guy, hahahaha.

        • Gabriel: [reserved for Kurokiku] Gabriel's kind of like that weird, trippy middle sibling. He/she serves as a messenger from God, delivering explanations of divine visions people would have. Gabriel also had a penchant for predictions, having seen the brith of Jesus and John the Baptist before it happened. It is also believed that Gabriel at one point lived on Earth as Noah. Many think Gabriel to have actually been female. I think it'd be interesting to make Gabriel female and/or androgynous, but it is not mandatory.

      Luci's Crew
        • Psychic character: [open] We just need someone who can get vague visions about the future, including multiple alternate possibilities. This character would be kind of like their compass, so when they were like "HEY, WHY DON'T WE TRY THIS OUT AND SEE IF IT WORKS?" they'd be like "Guys, I got a vision and I hate to be the one to tell this to you but... your idea is retarded."
        [0/4] You can pick any one from the start of time to 1926 who would have somehow gone to hell but perhaps not deserved it. I personally had in mind Nostradamus (for the premonition character), Michelangelo, Lord Byron, Hatsheput, Alexander the Great, Edgar Allen Poe, etc, etc. However, we might as well let everyone pull out their own creativity. (Feel free to use any of my examples, though)

      Luci's Vamped Up Kids Image
        [0/4] You already know the drill. Just make a bloody vampire! Keep in mind that this is in 1926 and these people have died within the past couple months. Furthermore, they cannot be famous. It'd be too suspicious on Luci's part. They must have somehow been affiliated to Luci beforehand and then have agreed to let him kill them and bring them back. Whether they were really aware of the risks, the procedure, or the cause for it is up to you. It'd make sense if they were at least somewhat aware of the demons that crawl around the speakeasy. Perhaps some of them had been frequent visitors because of the supernatural junk going on, or maybe they were simply a victim - a poor waitress of something. UP TO YOU.

        [0/4] If you want, you can pull someone from this time period. Wikipedia says Albert Einstein would be about 45 at this time, for example. Charlie Chaplin, Fitzgerald, Al Capone, Henry Ford, Faulkner, Madame Curie are all important people hootin' and hollerin' during this time. I personally think it'd be rather fun, but if you'd prefer to just start from scratch, there's no harm there. :) I know it's easy to skip over the mortals because bein' a vampire or demon is more exciting, but there are so many cool people during this time and, as a character, it'd be neat to be running around with all this crazy shit happening and thinking, "WHY AM I HERE?" ~~~less limitations~~~

        Note: If you have any other ideas that don't fit into these categories, let me know! My good friend onetrickpony was contemplating playing Job who certainly fits the theme of the roleplay but has no real place in these organizational bins. If you come up with any other ideas like this, just PM me or contact me through the OOC board! :)

        We're in New York in the roaring 1920's. We'll spend a good deal of time at Luci's speakeasy, The Back Room. The place is hidden. You have to go through a narrow alley and down some sketchy stairs to get in, but once you're inside, it's marvelous. There's glittering chandeliers and decadent furniture, a warm light, classy bands playing, a lounging area, a bar, etc, etc. It's pretty formal attire, suits and gowns expected of the high-class visitors. It was common for speakeasies, despite being very illegal, to have become a grandiose affair.

        Another place we'll be visiting is the Minsky brothers' National Winter Garden on Houston Street, a run down burlesque house on the sixth floor. It's a hassle to climb up the stairs, but the shows are sensational. The Minsky brothers were terribly stupid and their clientele were all immigrants. Their show wouldn't have started up if it weren't for Luci's intervening. He gave them the idea of the stripping in burlesque and, by now, the place was running rampant with vampires and demons alike hoping to sap out the profit out of the half naked women. They are one of the first Burlesque shows to feature the strip tease. Later on, Gypsy Rose Lee would perform for the Minsky brothers but she's only 13 at the time so she doesn't appear in this roleplay (Again, thank you, wikipedia).

      Keep in mind
      • Prohibition is a really big deal right now. The government is frustrated by how difficult it is to enforce and are trying to crack down because of this.
      • In just three years will be the collapse of the economy and the nation will find itself in the Great Depression
      • This period contradicts itself quite a bit. It's known for its high optimism and innovation, but for every festive person, there was another one suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or grieving over a loved one. With the rise of positivism, you find an equal tug towards cynicism. It's just after the WWI and the birth of "The Lost Generation."
      • This was also known as the age of consumption and over production - a surplus of spending and increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Media is booming. The use of the radio has ravaged the nation.
      • There is a huge increase in intolerance - the Ku Klux Klan has grown larger than ever and there are many new immigration laws including deportation of Mexicans.
      • Morality is being stretched thin, what with the scandal of female promiscuity and independence. New laws are being passed to snuff out the risque.
      • Flappers! Need I say more?


        Ooookay! Here's the skeleton. Feel free to pretty it up and include more than one picture. This is simply a template~ I'm more than happy to help with any of this. Just send me a PM and we can chataroo.

        Code: Select all
        [center][size=200](CHARACTER NAME GOES HERE)[/size][/center]
        [img](A picture of your character.)[/img]

        [b]Status:[/b] (Living, dead, or undead.)

        [b]Role:[/b] (henchman, vampiric child, archangel, poor dope who got dragged into this mess...)
        [b]Nationality:[/b] (As long as you wind up in New York somehow, feel free to make your nationality whatever you like)

        [b]Skin Tone:[/b]
        [b]Body Markings:[/b]
        [b]Description:[/b] (at least a paragraph)

        [b]Personality:[/b] (at least a paragraph)

        [b]Casual Clothing:[/b]
        [b]Carried Items:[/b]
        [b]Weapon:[/b] (only put this if you [i]have[/i] a weapon, silly!)

        [b]Skills:[/b] (at least two) [list]
        [*][i](useful attribute name):[/i] (description of attribute)
        [*][i](useful  attribute name):[/i] (description of attribute) [/list]

        [b]Weaknesses:[/b] (at least two) [list]
        [*][i](something you're lacking ):[/i] (description of weakness)
        [*][i](another thing you're lacking ):[/i] (description of weakness) [/list]

        [b]Abilities:[/b] (This really varies from person to person. During this mission, what in the world can you contribute? Maybe you're just a human with a whole mob of gangsters to back us up and shoot zombies. Maybe you're a burlesque dancer capable of distracting the archangels. Maybe you're a demonic philosopher who can help figure out a way to undo the zombie curse. Yada, yada, yada.)

        [b][i]Martial Status:[/b]
        [b]Opinions on the Situation:[/b] (Whatcha think about Luci, the vampires, the zombies, the archangels, the chance of an apocalypse destroying everything, the weather, how angry you are that your favorite toothbrush has gone missing... just let it all out, buddy.)
        [b]Relations:[/b] (If you want any pre-existing relations between your character and someone else's. If you've been associating with Luci then you probably know most of the others simply by contact. Mingling in the the speakeasy is inevitable. If you've been a lackey for a while, then you'll [i]REALLY[/i] know the others. If you're new, though, maybe you don't know anything at all. This only applies for relations at the START of the roleplay. )


        γ€Ž s e n s i t i v i t y 』
        First and foremost I want to say that I AM NOT INTENDING TO OFFEND ANYONE OF ANY BELIEF. Despite the content of the roleplay, I'm not trying to start a religious debate. In fact, THAT'S THE LAST THING I WANT. PLEASE DON'T EVEN SHARE YOUR BELIEFS 'CAUSE IT MIGHT END UP BEING REALLY AWKWARD. I just thought this would be a neat story to tell and I've always been somewhat fascinated by the craziness of biblical stories, specifically Revelations. Why not make a roleplay about it? I realize that this may or may not be crossing some boundaries, especially due to the mature themes incorporated into the story. I honestly hadn't even realized how insulting it could be seen as until after I'd already typed everything up so the best I can do is apologize to anyone who read this and was left outraged. SORRY.

        c o m m u n i c a t i o n 』
        A healthy roleplay lasts through communication between the players and GMs. It’d be nice if you engaged in any conversation in the OOC thread, ranging from polite to batshit crazy. Try to be active and friendly with one another! Never get sassy with another roleplayer in the OOC. Never ignore someone. Remember that if you have any concerns, questions, or problems, I’m just a PM away. I’m always willing to help.

        γ€Ž b e l i e v a b i l i t y 』
        Ah, this really stretches over a broad topic. I know we're dealing with the fantastical, but I don't want to be yanked out of this alternate reality by glaring errors or pure ridiculousness. Don't pull something out of your ass, basically. Also, research is your frieeend!

        γ€Ž s u b m i t t i n g 』
        If you're interested or in the process of making a character, post in the OOC to let us know to look out for ya'! I'll reserve a slot and stuff. Post your WIPs , however, in the tab or through PMs, not in the OOC. Don't want to clutter up the board, now do we? If you have any questions or concerns about the skeleton, just ask away and I'll be glad to answer. You can also feel free to ask your fellow roleplayers their opinions on your character as you're creating. You can submit the character to the tab, but if you're still working on it, make the character synopsis "WIP". Once you're finished with your character, change it to whatever you damn well like. Also, please try to upload that nice little icon for your character. If you're not sure how to make a 100x100 icon, I can definitely help. After submitting, it won't be long before we're PMing you with constructive criticism and/or praise. :)

        ALSO, character approval is juried. For the important roles (the archangels, for example) you could very well be going up against another roleplayer for the slot. While I will reserve the role to show it's being considered, if someone else wants to take a jab at it, then I ain't stoppin' 'em. Just because you submit does not mean you will be automatically accepted. If there're problems with your profile, we'll ask you to change something and then accept you. In some cases, we might tell you that you're just not right for the roleplay.


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Re: OOC || Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room || Accepting!

Yo, Flor! The GM has a tendency of like, disappearing forever, but don't worry about it too much. :) There's no one else vying for the psychic as far as I know.

Dudes, guess what movie I just watched. Guess, guess--it's Legion. The one with the zombie apocalypse. 'Cept it's angel zombies or something. They were all very rude and cussing up a storm for some reason. I had my Mike in the back of my mind while watching it, and he loved the first line ("Maybe He was tired of all the bullshit.")... then hated everything else, it was hilarious. The movie Mike is this unpredictable jerk who packs heat, and the Gab is a man who is so obedient to the point of being disobedient. They both godmode like whoa and the whole film was pretty lame.
But I did a lot of giggling and scolding the on-screen characters, so that was fun. Also, I sat there wondering where Raph was, then realized he was probably sulking and sobbing his eyes out in some corner.

Our angels are cooler.

Specifically because you have amazing tastes in bands I've never heard of.

I have amazing tastes in bands I've never heard of!! Yeahh, mostly I pull them from AMVs. xD "Heal Me" was actually from a Tali/Shepard video, funky coincidink. I'm hoping Bioware will have PC Warden import cameos in the third game though, man, even a statue (Soul Calibur III could do it, why can't you) would make me happy.
No ME3 playtimes here by the way, I'm reluctant to begin the third without the first and second pfffff.

Re: OOC || Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room || Accepting!

Could I by any chance reserve the Psychic character? I also have no qualms with a little competition.

Re: OOC || Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room || Accepting!

If it weren't for Gears of War and Sims Medieval being played loudly in my presence, I'd be listening to as much of the playlisty bits as Spotify could compile. As it is, I'm staring longingly and adding songs to it because I'm Just That Way.

I made the mistake of listening to The World Spins Madly On the other night. It doesn't even fit. It just makes me sad! And apparently that means it reminds me of Rem? I need to work on that.

It may....potentially....have something to do with shipping, yes. And not the sort that's $4.95. I AM TRYING TO BEHAVE MYSELF, and mostly succeeding, except when music is involved.

Someone must have noticed by now.

Re: OOC || Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room || Accepting!

Heart-squawking angst, I tells you!

You can't blame me if Remiel reminds me of sad, sad, sad songs. But, those are my favourite kinds. So, you'll be seeing lots of those. But Undone especially reminded me of Remiel and it's a lovely song, besides. Seriously, I turn into a fangirl mess whenever my song sputters out a song that reminds me of our characters. It makes me work days not so terrible.


We should compile these and plaster it to the front page for our viewing pleasure. It's not so bad to confer to when yer' in a writing slump, too.

Is it about shipping? Is it? Is it? Kufufufufufufu.

Wudge. Wudge. You, my friend, are always the one that gets me to add new songs to my iPod. Specifically because you have amazing tastes in bands I've never heard of. So, I love you. Lots. In a sick slobbering puppy kind of way. Hoo hoo hoo, DA:II never gets old. Especially if you play vastly different characters the next time around. I'm still sad that I can't import an Origin's Fallon look-a-like. Has anyone beat Mass Effect III yet? Garrusgarrusgarrus.

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asdfghjkl; yonbibuns no

So I was sitting happily in class, about this time last week, waiting for the professor to start the lesson and dicking around on the internet, and I saw that you'd posted SONGS, and I was excited!

About two minutes later, I squawked with despair and threw down my headphones, and everyone gave me a funny look and I couldn't explain that I'd done it because my heart just hurt okay it was none of their business wehh.

Which is to say, excellent job on those Rem songs. I now have a sobby playlist of death to rock the ages. I should just make an archangel playlist with ALL of our songs on there, though--maybe that'd be happier.

(<.< Also, I must quietly confess that God was not my first thought upon hearing those. BAD INTERNET NAN. BAD.)

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Angels and Airwave's tune is now up in my itunes. In exchange..... uh... okay here, I offer this. It's more a G&S number, but most of you are here anyway.

I'm only on my third DAII playthrough, and oddly, I still don't mind the recycled backgrounds. It's like a goofy "spot the difference" game for me. Fenris lives in the whorehouse.

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Oh, Yonny. That gif. It made me smile like a fool.

But yes. Are unique character models, voice acting and personality traits too much to ask? I don't think so, but then I've been called demanding before.

I dunno. I kinda liked FFXII. Mostly because stupidly convoluted plots are kind of my cup of tea. And the writer was the same guy who did FF Tactics, which is close to my favorite thing ever, and came out of retirement or something to write it.

In conclusion, yes. Let's do that.

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I'm with you there, sister. I'm a huge whiner when it comes to video games that involves: an immersive story, character development and possible romances. I mean, if everyone got married in the way Skyrim did... I don't even know. It'd be so easy. All you need to do is scamper off and find a necklace, then flaunt it around and everyone want's a piece of Dragonborn booty. And then, and then, they become simpering house maids (like, even Aela the Huntress--what's up with that? She was tough as nails). Now, Farkas. He's totally a simpering maid who likes getting kicked around. And I'm hard to please. I'd love for each and every character to have different voice actors and starkly different personalities, but it's always impossible with the amount of NPC's in all the Elder Scroll games. That's why I always squeal like a little girl whenever I hear any of the Khajiit's voices. THEY SOUND SO DARN EXOTIC. Also, when we're talking about DA:II, I agree. There weren't many places to go outside of the main cities and surrounding mini-maps leading to caves and such, so that's my only qualm. I mean, I still enjoyed the combat system even if it was a little weird. I've always loved the pausing; reminds me a lot of Neverwinter Nights. Fantastic. Random thought: I really hated how they changed the combat system in Final Fantasy. Now, it's all real time and terrible. I never finished the new one with Lightning and company, ended giving it away. WHEN oh WHEN are they gonna' come up with another awesome FF game? FF9 and FF8 were beautiful. End of FF rant.

Whawhawhawhawha--? Actually, I think I remember another guard having his voice, too. Oh-ho, Fenris. Gideon. Balthier.

Koo-koo. Let's marry Gideon's voice.


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Haha, we have pretty much the same gripes, Yonniboni. I think personally that Skyrim sacrifices the depth of character for the expansiveness of the world and the experience. I, being a demanding and useless whiner, want both. I'm not saying everyone has to be a fully-fleshed character, but something like the companions system from DA would have improved Skyrim times a million, which basically would have made it the shit. Likewise, my only real complaint with DAII was that the scenery never changed. Well, that and the combat system could use a revamp. Still better than DA:O in that respect, though. It needs to decide whether it wants to be tactical with pausing and planning and stuff or real-time and active and think-fast. Trying to do both is just... awkward.

Also, did you notice? First guard in the beginning scene telling you to "shut up back there!" is Gideon Emery, aka Fenris aka Balthier.

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That sounds beautiful. I heard something along those lines, too. And since so many fellow gamers boo-hoo'd about Dragon Age II being rubbish (even though it was amazing and had fantastic character development) compared to Dragon Age: Origins, there was mention that they were gonna grab the best bits out of both and make some sort of Origin's, Skyrim, Dragon Age II love-nestlin'-baby. And who doesn't want Bethesda's love-child? I agree with you on that one. I swear, if I play Dragon Age III and everyone shares the same voice actor, I'm gonna' punch a metaphorical hole through my TV.

Because, this was my Skyrim experience:

Yonny (Minutes later): "What the hell... that guard has Farkas' voice."

Don't get me wrong. It was magical. But, Farkas was everywhere. I hate recycled voices. And awkward moments where the guards start whining about being an adventurer in serious-business conversations. Like, c'mon. Have some decency, man! Oh, and the marriage system. The marriage system. Uhghghghrlrlrlrll.

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Word on the street is it's gonna be big. Like, geographically big. Apparently BioWare has fallen in lust with Skyrim and wants to have Bethesda's love-child. Personally, as long as the character depth is preserved and such, I am totally okay with that.

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Ah well, that's how she goes, right? I even got a black eye and a bloody nose outta' it. I've got me a fragile face, though. REMATCH REMATCH REMATCH. I would love it if you drop kicked the referee before the match, then I'd vouch for ya' and say that you didn't understand how boxing worked so it'd be alright, anyway. And you'd get the chance to drop kick someone in the face ('cause that's always fun).

GUESS WHAT GUYS I FINALLY GOT MY LAPTOP IN TODAY OH MY SO EXCITED SO EXCITED. I'm in the process of waiting to retrieve it because I currently have no vehicle. No car. No buggy. No horse to hijack. Oh well, I'll get it eventually. Because there's still these wonky lines appearing whenever I type something. Me too. The live Ninja Turtles movies were the best; the best, I says. I get the feelin' that Michael's definitely a film-junky. Like, he puts on his fancy brown trench coat, saying that he's gonna' go smite demons and hustles his Archangel booty straight to the movies to see educational films at the cinema. Especially if they're about secret agents and non-adulterous love affairs. Nina Turtle love-child. Bahahhaa. Oh, and that right there. That part where Splinter's like, "No. WTF STFU I'M TRYING TO MEDITATE." Totally Michael.

OKAY. I don't watch any of those, but they have some awesome soundtracks. If I'm ever in the mood to find some new tunes, I usually pop "Vampire Diaries" or "True Blood" into Youtube. And sha-bam--there you have it. Awesome tunes. Awesome broody Fallon and Michael tunes. Oh god. I think they'd get along, though. So much broodiness, it'd make anyone cry.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He is a bag of dicks. But, but, but. Yes, he's an irresistible hot pie. Is this your fourteenth playthrough, too? I still love Fenris and Isabella the most, though. I wonder what their gonna do for Dragon Age III.

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Bwaaa, that is a shame, but! GOOD LUCK WITH THE REMATCH! <3 (And then I was going to say something along the lines of how I'd drop kick the referee in the head if it looks like you're gonna lose so that you get another round, but I don't think that's how boxing works exactly).

My god I love those bastards. Yeah, I was gonna say, I wouldn't put it past the ninja turtles to dance in a burlesque show. xD
Actually... Michael might be take off to "smite demons," while he's actually being a bum in some library seeing movies--?! Who knows with this guy? He's defo' the love child of Raph and Leo though. ... Ewww.

HAHAAA, I KNOW "WEIGHT OF US" FROM VAMPIRE DIARIES! Also, it seems a very Fallony tune as well. The sheer emanation of broody of Mike and Fallon being in the same room would implode many things, come to think of it. Aiee.

Oh, and I've been rivalmancing Anders, finally. You're right, he's sort of hot and irresistible for a bag of dicks. :'(

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Hey there, friends!

Bawh. I actually lost the bout due to a split decision. Everyone thought I won, but I got a bad feeling when we were lining up in the middle of the ring. Fah-ha-ha, then I was told that two out of the three judges were from Saint John, as well as the Referee. Later on, the third judge came up to me and said I lost because of "amateur boxing politics." And that the girl I fought wasn't fighting her first fight like everyone told me, it was actually her fourth fight. So much shenanigans. Ah well, I'm getting a rematch set up.

End of boxing rant. I wanted to say that I'm not actually dead and I'm glad ya'll got yer' papers done and I hope you guys get some beautiful A++'s and encouraging back-pats. Those are always nice. I've been training like one of those really sweaty guys wearing those really sweaty grey sweatshirt-sweat pants mixtures. Except not really. It's been work-training-work-training-sleep-eat-eat-eat-eat-eat-sleep. Recycle. Reuse. Archangel highfives.

I'm back, though. I finally ordered my laptop and its' a'coming on the 14th. I'll definitely be a butt load more active when it comes. I also posted on Grey&Spectral and currently working on a Bad Hands post so that I stop holding everyone up because I suck. OH THE LAND OF ASPIRIN. Burlesque dancing Ninja Turtles sounds... this. Except sexier. And Raphael would totally be Michael taking off to see a "movie." While he's actually kickin' demon butt.

Here's some theme songs I've been recently listening to (because, seriously, those Archangel's invade my iPod):
Undone by FFH (Remiel to the Archangels; to God)
Times by Tenth Avenue North (Remiel)
By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North (Raphael to Humanity; to the Archangel's)
Somebody I Used to Know (The Archangel's to Lucifer)
The Weight of Us by Sanders Bohlke (Michael)
Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine (Gabby)

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I've got to put my head back together after the fact, but I am officially finished with papers and ready to come back and lounge about until the roleplay begins.

There's no such thing as a bad time to talk about tiny Roman generals in nipple tassels, I always say. Or even archangels!

...Though, I'm glad no one's yet thought of actual Ninja Turtles and burlesque dancing yet.

>.> And with that thought planted, I flee to the land of the living once again! Or maybe the land of aspirin.

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Ohh, Yons, you sound like Hugh Laurie or something. u_u YOU'LL DO FIIIINE~ Just be sure to hit the nice man.

Yes, we'll make Mike have a split personality. One half sort of.... doofier than the other... but only slightly... I think Avs is Master Splinter (because soap operas), and Tricksy is Venus de Milo. Or Casey Jones. Fuck yeah Casey Jones.

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YES. Go kick ass, Yonny!

Or, you know, get 'em with a good left hook. Not actually sure if kicking is allowed. Is it kickboxing or the regular kind? EITHER WAY YOU WILL BE AWESOME AND I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Also, I don't. I don't even. This conversation confuses me.

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Cassius. Nipple tassels. Yes, yes.

My favorite Ninja Turtle was always Mikey. Because he was goofy. And I was a goofy-looking kid. Also, I agree. I kinna' figured that your favorite Ninja Turtle was Donatello and it's adorable. I think you're secretly Donatello. Wudge and I can share Mikey. Raphael can be Nappy, because she's bawse. Average can be Leonardo because she's a leader. Leader of the pack. Or Master Splinter.

Oh yeah, I might not be able to finish Raph tonight because his information is on another computer and I'm crashing at my dad's 'cause I've got a boxing match tomorrow.

YOU GUYS BETT'R ROOT FER' ME. Because I'm scared.

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That would be. The best tagline.

Niiiiiiipple tassels. No, Cassius should never wear tassels, but I'd love to see him dressed up as a little girl with baggy little panties. BETTER ALTERNATIVE THAN BLOWING DEMONS, I'D SAY--! Plus it would be my idea of a good time, especially if I ever..... somehow meet Dante or something.

Went to look for loosely RP-related funny nonsense of my own.... found Supernatural-verse Lucifer/Michael fic. Mild success...?! (I still haven't gotten past the first season of that silly show, ahaaahaha).

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I think I'm as finished with Cassius as I'm ever going to be, aside from the final look-over. YAY.

Oh, and a playlist, which he'll have eventually.

It took everything I had not to make "You have no idea how many demons I had to blow to get out of Hell." as his tagline. I didn't think I had that much self control.