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Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

"Look, just call me Mikey."

0 · 172 views · located in American 1920s

a character in “Lucifer's Speakeasy: The Back Room”, as played by T3XT



His picture's at the top of the page. You must have just missed it.
Name: You just read it.
Nickname: Mikey

Status: Dead

Role: Luci's Crew, psychic
Age: 451
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Race: Demon (Luci's Crew)
Nationality: Italian

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Skin Tone: White
Build: Tall and bulky
Body Markings: A scar across his back; said to be a wound in Hell that somehow got through to his human form.
Voice: Low, coarse
Description: Born in 1475, Michelangelo devoted his life to artwork. Painting, sculpting, Sistine Chapel-ing, working as an architect... But, God didn't really like that. He always thought a few sculptures of Biblical figures and some work at a Church would be enough for God. God thought differently. After a life of humanistic Renaissance artwork, Mikey found himself crying at the gates of Heaven when an archangel swept down to inform him that he didn't meet their Christian criteria. After doing his time in Hades, Mikey emerged out as the team psychic of Luci's crew. Mikey's superior intelligence is his greatest weapon; he can interpret visions that would make the craziest shroom-user shake their heads in confusion. Still, in time's like these, I guess God ordered the messages to get more 'n more cryptic...I suppose the archangels wanna make you work for your prize, mm?

Quirks: Extreme perfectionist and plagued with OCD. Oh, and he hates the number nine. Don't ask why. He just does.
Fears: Having to do his full eternity in Hell like the majority of poor souls he saw.
Likes: Pasta. Mmmm.
Dislikes: Do. NOT. Call. Him. By. His. Full. Name.
Personality: Quirky but bearing remarkable intellect, Michelangelo's best weapon is his mind. His logic can break the most absurd labyrinthian puzzles, and his creativity is perfect for the occasional smartassing. Stay on his good side and he'll do you some favors; he might be on the Devil's side but that doesn't mean he don't have a heart. However, push and pull a few of his berserk buttons and he kick it into insanity. When he's in that kind of mood you won't know if he's having some kind of frustrated outburst or ready to kill you. He's probably ready to kill you. Now start running.

Casual Clothing: Button-up red plaid shirt and black pants.
Carried Items: A pen and pencil.
Weapon: A trusty snub-nosed pistol.

-Absurd logic that can somehow find an answer to everything: He's a thinker, alright. Just make sure to thump him on the head when it's time to snap back to reality.
-Visions: When the time strikes, he's prone to having trippier illusions than an acid addict in a funhouse. This usually leads him back to his aforementioned skill on top of this.
(at least two)

    Weaknesses: (at least two)
    • OCD: Pretty self-explanatory.
    • Arrogance He's usually got the mind to back up the 'tude. But don't let him get too full of it.

Abilities: Philosophic and artistic mind, bizarre logic that can serve as a double-edged sword.

[i]Martial Status: Unmarried
Family: Dead
History: Google it, moron.
Opinions on the Situation: Mikey is almost positive that the apocalypse means humanity's screwed. But hey, we can always try! Despite the near inevitable fate of the predicament, Mikey still thinks that there *might*, just might, be something to set it right.
Relations: Rather new to the whole team, as his age is significantly younger than other legends before him. (Heck, he's only been dead for 400 years! He's practically a baby!) He great respect for Luci for limiting his punishment in Hell greatly.

So begins...

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni's Story