Lithium "Lume" Ashier

"I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment, You Don't Really Wanna Mess With Me Tonight."

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a character in “Lucror Metus University for Monsters”, as played by Annalysa Jones


Name: Lithium Ashier
Nickname: Lume
Age: Young Immortal
Sexuality: Bisexual
Role: Student
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Ignore the horns and tail in the picture) Lithium purposely makes himself look as if to be a demon, with his black wings and clawed nails.
Personality: He is a rather strange angel, by means that he doesn't really act like an angel in the way that others would expect an angel too. The Rest To Be Revealed IC
Likes: Furs, Silks, Demonic Creatures, Dark & Gothic Like Settings & Clothes, Flowers, Rubies, Silver
Dislikes: Fake Fur, The Color Yellow, Girls With Short Hair, Diamonds, Gold, Other Dominate People, Being Alone For Long Periods Of Time
Abilities: As all angels can, he is able to fly at high levels and high levels of speed with his wings. He can create any type of flower, both stem cut or ground rooted. He is quite good with hand-to-hand combat, he is much stronger than a human, obviously. Along with these three abilities, he can also create a copy of himself, but there is one difference, the copy of himself is a white angelic type wolf, it has the powers that he has, but in an animal body.
Love Interest: TBA
Theme Song: (Hold My Hand -by- Micheal Jackson Ft. Akon) & (Savior -by- Skillet)
History: He was dropped at the home of humans at birth and they adopted him as their own child. When they realized he was an angel, they started waiting on him hand-and-foot as if he was some kind of treasure. Though he liked the treatment at times, he found it rather annoying and idiotic. He had, many times, tried to make them stop their foolish ways of basically worshiping him, as they did not listen to him, he became angered and started treating them poorly, and they grew to do the same. Once this happened, his human parents and himself would constantly get into physical and verbal fights, to the point that they could not stand each other anymore. When he received the letter, accepting him to the University, himself and his parents were more than thrilled to send him away.
Other: He keeps his claw like nails painted a dark blue color at all times.


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