Luka Falcon Bysor

Mysterious and sarcastic loner

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a character in “Lukas torture”, as played by Alphascode


With a father who tortures him. He's a loner. Has many trust issues and well doesn't like to be seen. Usually wears a black hoodie and ripped black jeans. Nothing special but the fact that girls and guys swoon over him.

He's very sarcastic. Has anxiety, crippling depression, is schizophrenic, and ptsd. Never understood love or happiness. But one thing he understands completely is fear and pain.

He has black hair, hazel eyes, 5'8, wears black all the time, and gloves with the tips of th gloves cut off. His sweater has some holes and his jeans are always ripped

So begins...

Luka Falcon Bysor's Story