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With New obstacles to face, his only nack is war,guns,fighting,and death but at what cost of lives will that come to ?

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a character in “Lunar Grace”, as played by Ashtonwolf


Real Name- Eddie Willson
Gender- Male
Age- 24

Personality-Ares is immature, and dedicated his life to making wars, fights, and making people want strength, muscles, and hard hotheadedness.He, Like other gods is the most pure hearted,most cockiest god off all and is one cocky son of a dog.He likes to pick on Athena because his personality is warlike with fighting and Athena is Strategy and Peace.He also is The guy that brags and is always making mean comments about people and is hyper-like God that is Inspicable and Devilous.

Powers-Has brute Strength,Force and War infliction also he can change his weapon into any weapon in the world; Teleportation sounds like this~
Weapon eventualy~ Long Axe
History-Eddie grew up a rich town schoolboy and eventually became wealthy and Infamous while being a hated yet childful person,he was someone who loved to fight and eventually became a UFC Fighter for two years being known as Eddie " The Scorpion" Wilson while he was undisputed champion he soon left to be a Marine soldier at the Age of 22. After a year later he returned home to be Hated,beaten down , and shot for being involved in Mafia buisness at the Age of 23. A year later he was at home on his laptop and he got a message only to be suprised what was inside.

So begins...

Ares's Story


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#, as written by Mela

As Zeus put Athena to sleep, her body readily, almost eagerly advanced into slumber, and following the help of Poseidon, her body relaxed, her muscles unclenched, and her hands fell onto the floor. A peaceful smile now lightened up her delicate pixieface, her entire demeanor more relaxed than ever, single strands of blonde, straight hair falling onto her cheeks.

After a couple of peaceful moments, Athena opened her eyes, blinking against the harsh light of the ceilinglamps. She still felt a subtle throbbing in her head after the agonizing moments that had felt like days. Being the first of the gods to really begin her transformation, she was also the first to awaken. Earlier events forgotten for the span of a millisecond, Athena looked perplexed, before a look of calm, both in her face, her eyes, and her demeanor overtook her. Knowledge had swamped her entire being during her transformation, and as she just now found out... her thoughts weren't slow and time-consuming. Actually, they passed by at the speed of light, though she easily managed them. Sitting up, her gaze found Zeus, and she smiled, a knowing, relaxed smile. She even knew how all of her powers worked. Just like that. Without thinking or trying, Athena had complete control.

She then stood up, looking at everyone else who were still in the process of changing. The beautiful Aphrodite, Ares who was looking more or less monstrous, Artemis (her mind gave her the names matching everyone), Apollo and then sweet Persephone. She even knew their real, human names... how, she wasn't clear on just yet, but she suspected it had to do with Athena being the Goddess of Wisdom. She just hadn't known the true extent of her knowledge until now. Glancing at Zeus once more, she asked the question that had been on her mind for a while, though she'd had trouble sorting it out properly. And I was considered a genious among humans. How... interesting.

"How did you know how to find us? I know who you are... all of you, which is a little weird. Knowing the names of people I have no memory of meeting." She smiled, casting glances at both Poseidon and Hades before returning her gaze to Zeus. "And I have a pretty decent idea of the why. But what I fail to comprehend, is the how." Though her eyes were pretty much sparkling with intelligence, she hadn't lost her curious glint. The whole foundation of the human she'd been a couple of minutes ago.

(Guess she'll be waking up AFTER Poseidon and Zeus comes back inside. xD I just saw Poseidon's post. Woopsy.)