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Aqua Seas

Beautiful mermaid student

0 · 265 views · located in LUSG (Lunar University for Supernatural Girls

a character in “Lunar University for Supernatural Girls”, as played by Krazy13




Female (Why did I add this part *facepalm*)


Classes (I just put her whole schedule):
Math 8:15-9:00
Swim team 9:15-10:00
Free Time 10:15-12:00
Lunch 12:15-1:00
Major (Marine Biology) 1:15-2:15
Study 2:20-3:00
French 3:15-4:00
Art 4:15-5:00
Curfew- 9:30
Lights Out- 10:30




Description: She has pink hair and blue eyes with a gold bikini top and a light pink tail. She has a special amulet that lets her go on land, and she wears sea-themed clothes when she is on land. Alot of times she wears no shoes.

Personality: She is a spunky girl who adores the sea and everything in it. She loves pink and is described as bubbly by her friends. She is super excited for college and is ready to party and show her wild side!!! She is acctually a bit of a bad girl...

So begins...

Aqua Seas's Story

Assane nodded, "I do have chemistry, but my class begins at 3:15 pm. So I most likely don't have you." she said before looking at the pool, it was very deep as she saw. The pool was large and looked like it was bottomless. There was no hesitation of Assane to jump into the pool, she was starting to get more dizzy as she jumped in, dropping her bags at the last second, leaving them a matter of decimeters from the pool's edge. Though Assane didn't mind, they could keep out the water. Though there was a blur in the water, as Assane sunk, which she had no care of, water was her element. She didn't need to breathe, yet there was a mermaid going to the surface to greet other people. Assane would have greeted her, but was in her own euphoric state as she relaxed herself back to watch the water's surface as her skin rehydrated along with the rest of her body. She took out her phone, thankfully it was waterproof and checked a few things, it wasn't horribly late, but it was getting to be around supper time. That could be sustained by food, but in all honesty more fit her to be blood.

#, as written by Krazy13

As Aqua was headed up, she saw someone diving under, at first she thought the girl couldn't swim, but she noticed how calm she looked and realized her element was probably water. She spent a few minuets above water, but got bored. She swam back down to see who that other girl was. She found her sitting on the bottom playing on her phone. "Hi! I'm Aqua!" she said.

Mathew put Rinku gently on a table then grab a chair and sit by the pool as he pulled Assane's bags back "well a Mermaid, i hope this one won't be to much trouble" he said and watch her dive under again "well she didn't notice me, okay"

Assane looked past her phone to the Mermaid, she seemed actually kinda hyper, bubbly, and overall someone Assane wouldn't really associate with back in Ireland, but in this academy, she needed to make a new friend, and this Aqua person was assumed to be her roommate, she slowly blinked and spoke, "Aqua Seas? Nice to meet you, I'm Assane Imakui." she said, internally hoping her thick Irish accent didn't affect her communication. It did with those whom weren't quite expecting the Irish voice to be hers. Assane had no issues understanding it, but others did, and thus in other continents she had issues communicating.

#, as written by Krazy13
The girl didn't answer so Aqua swam back to the surface where she saw a teacher with a puppy. She dried off her amulet and got out. Her legs instantly came back. "Hello. Mr... uhh..." she said, prying for a name.
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Assane stood before stretching and yawned a little, "Well. Being exact with me, I'm a Hybrid. A cross between an Undine and Vampire. I do believe I am your roommate." she responded, she could do things at night, but quite honestly couldn't run a 24+ hour day. Yet she still could remain awake, she still had to deal with the tiredness part. The water helped, but she knew that she'd probably fall asleep in the water. Yet Assane kept her ice-blue eyes on Aqua as she spoke, "I just needed to come in here to not end up asphyxiating and most likely dying. I'm not sure about mermaids, but we Undine can't live away from water." Assane paused, she wanted to continue, but rather just stopped so Aqua could speak. Though she stayed firmly on the bottom of the pool, almost as if the weightlessness of her body in the water was nullified.

Assane nodded, "Thank you. I might as well change an-" she said before cutting herself off. She now realized her clothes are now soaked quite thoroughly. She had gotten up and looked at Aqua, "So... Where are the changing rooms? I now realized my error..." she asked as her mind flashed back to being in regular human schools, she was good in the swimming and running sports, though many times when Assane was underwater, people thought she was going to drown. Well, humans don't understand Undine like her. Yet her light clothes didn't really sit well with the water. Needless to say, they might be a little revealing. (But not nude revealing.)

#, as written by Krazy13

"Oh! You'll probably just need to go to the dorm. I'll walk with you, I'm going there too. You might need my towel though..." She said, looking at Assane's clothes, "Mermaids tend to dry off quickly, so I don't really need it. C'mon. I'll show you the way." She swam up to the surface.

Mathew smiled and waved to Aqua "hi" he said and smiled "so you are new here as well i presume?" He said and pick up the bag then Rinku "well i'm Mathew a teacher around here"

Assane looked at Matthew before taking her bags, then wrapping the towel around herself, "Thank you Aqua. Undine don't really dry what we're wearing immediately. We slowly sap the water away." she responded before looking at her bags, which were about as dry as when she left them when she jumped in. Though looking back at Aqua, Assane tilted her head, "Are you fine wearing your swim suit around the dorms?" she asked, looking at the mermaid known as Aqua.

#, as written by Krazy13

"Oh yes. Hi!" she said to Mathew with a smile, "what do you teach?" she looked over to Assane "Oh, I'm fine. I walked down here in it." she said as she slipped on her shoes, "thanks for asking."

"physics, woodwork and chemistry but let's head to you two's dorn first" he said and hold his hand out as he stood by the pool side

#, as written by Krazy13

"Ok!" she said, still wondering about the puppy. She waited for Assane to come.

Assane followed with a rather hasty pace, "You sound like you're coming along with us Mr. Matthew, you do know I won't allow you in right?" she asked in a cold manner, even with her being soaked, she still was cold, and willing to defend herself and her new acquaintance if need be. Yet she walked next to Aqua, since she had no idea where her dorm was.

"hey! Easy I'm just a teacher and I'm carrying your bag so I have to come in for a moment and, you do get class from me you have at 3 pm chemistry when I give it from 1 to 5 pm so yeah errors can happen" he said and reposition rinku "this is rinku, aqua also a student, she is a werewolf"

#, as written by Krazy13
"Awwww! She's cute!" says Aqua smiling. She gently rubs the wolf's exposed belly so she doesn't wake her up. Aqua leads Assane to thier dorm and shows her the bathrooms. "Here we are!" she says, "go on and change. I'll be in the room."

Mathew steps in the room and sits on the bed "aqua can you hold rinku for a moment? Then I can put the bag down and leave you two alone, while I go with rinku to our Dorn, yes we have a dorn and no we are not a couple and don't be surprised that she is so light cause she is Severely malnourished and I'm helping her to get a healthy weight again"

Assane nodded before taking the bag she had into the restroom. It never takes her long to change, about five or so minutes to change from her wet clothes, which she put on a hangar to dry, and put on a different set of clothes on, a deep blue dress ending just above her knees with a paler blue stripe going down her right flank, taking off her boots and just moving barefoot into the hallway and into her room. Matthew had her bag with everything else. She walked into the simple dorm and looked at the side Aqua had decorated, "I see you've decorated the place, Aqua." she commented, knowing that she won't have as many decorations on her wall, but her bland desk will look amazing in her mind. She smirked at the thought of her desk being changed a bit.

#, as written by Krazy13
"Ok... Sure..." she said, a little creeped out by the fact that a teacher and a student were sharing a room. She took Rinku in her arms. "She's so soft!" she said.

#, as written by Krazy13
"Yes I have, thanks for noticing!" she said, looking up at her decorations, "I know your not from the sea, but i hope you like it."
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"he nothing odd has happen between us so calm down, I'm just helping her" he said and put the bag on the bed and smiled as aqua said rinku was soft "yeah she is but be careful with her, she is bare bone nearly" he said and took rinku back "well I wish you both best of luck" he said and walk to the door with rinku

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Assane nodded, before looking at the puppy, and then the teacher, hearing what had happened, "Who would have thought. My chemistry teacher is a sexual predator." she said, sounding rather cynical, but it was filled with a sarcastic joke. How she messed with people, be sarcastic and a little more cynical. Though she soon opened the bag he held, containing a few things that didn't belong, some DVD's, a couple of figurines, a large scroll, and so on. Assane didn't pack too many acessories, but just enough to get through the days where she was bored, "Hope you don't mind. I'm a bit of an Anime person." she said to her roommate as she placed a sticky hook on the wall, and unrolled the scroll over her desk, revealing an anime cover art. She then handled the DVDs and figurines, and finally placed her laptop on her desk. Taking a step back, Assane smiled, 'Good enough for now' she thought before sitting on her bed, she forgot sheets of her own...

#, as written by Krazy13
"Ok. Bye Matthew!" she says as she turns to Assane. "You like Anime? I love anime!" she said happily as she looked at the decorations.

Assane looked at Aqua with a rather curious look, her roommate liked anime too? Well. That makes Assane a little more comfortable, going into the closet, she hung up her wet clothes and then the rest of what little she brought with her. She finally realized, travelling at night was really difficult for her to do sometimes. Even if she had her own motorbike to boot, it still made it an exhausting trip. Moving on, Assane looked at her bed and shook her head, "Bloody hell... I forgot to buy sheets..." she said amiss a sigh, she had to run out to grab some sheets, which would end up in a very tired Assane.

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Assane nodded, though not really knowing where the school store was, she did know where some other small stores are. Though she looked at Aqua and spoke, "Didn't you say you were hungry? Let's get some food before I go find the school store." As she spoke, she released her very long hair, though to keep it controlled, she put it in a very long ponytail. It'd at least keep the ends down with where she put the tie. It won't save the people behind her if she was moving very fast, but it'd keep her hair at the least from being everywhere. Assane spoke again, realizing the second part to the dorm, "Oh, I just remembered who else is in the dorm house..." she muttered hearing a few angel families shuffling about the halls and talking about a Hybrid in the dorm with them. Though they don't know where she was, she knew where they were.