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Assane Imakui


0 · 606 views · located in LUSG (Lunar University for Supernatural Girls

a character in “Lunar University for Supernatural Girls”, as played by Mineczka


Name: Assane Imakui


"Female. This is a girls academy correct?"

A mixed race.
Half Vampire, half Undine

English 815-900
Biology 915-1000
Field Practice 1015-1200
Lunch 1215-1300
Study 1300-1400
Major (Natural Environment studies) 1415-1500
Chemistry 1515-1600
Theatre 1615-1700
End day.

+ The English Language
+ The rain
+ Her home country
+ Being in a river
+ The moon
+ Wetlands and most areas dealing with water

- Those whom destroy wetlands
- Anything dealing with Fire
- The sun (Which she can be in, though burns very easily)
- What her race forces her to do.


Assane is rather average size, being about 175cm tall and weighing about 61 Kg. Though with her average size, her vampire genes tend to kick in, in which, she's much stronger than she looks, and much, much tougher. Topping it off, with her long blue hair and crystal eyes, she's usually in a short whiteish-blue dress with knee-high boots. Though she can't have it on campus, she still reaches to her side for her sword that isn't there. Her physical attributes though, favour more running and movement rather than combat.

All in all, Assane isn't really someone that likes being near many people. She's cynical, sarcastic, and usually gives very deathly gazes to those whom she has no care for. Though, she is very like her home, in that she has a very thick Irish accent, though her voice is a bit lower than most female voices, and much quieter. She isn't afraid to step out and raise her voice in disapproval of someone or something. Yet if you somehow manage to befriend Assane, she's a kind and loyal friend whom would gladly lay her life on the line to protect them. Please note, she's the last one people want to anger, and she can't stay in dry environments for too long, which would drive the bookworm Assane towards the first body of water without any care that she runs through people. {More to be added when Assane Develops}

So begins...

Assane Imakui's Story

Assane had gotten to the school grounds the night before, preferring to travel such a great distance at night rather than be in the sun where she'll burn, dry up, or end up with another case of spontaneous combustion. Needless to say, her heredity as a vampire had some quirks to them. Moving on, she had walked to the entrance and sighed, an attendant looked at her and smiled. Asking what race she was. There was one problem though, she was a half breed between two unlike creatures. A response from Assane sounded sharp, though had some truth,

"I'm a half-breed. Between two races that have no sort of relations other than me." That sounded real friendly. Since she had no idea where the mixed breeds would go. Thus she had to find Ms. Beth. Great. Which is what she did, walking to her office, before knocking on the door gently, hoping she didn't interrupt anything.

#, as written by Krazy13
Miss Beth

Miss Beth heard a knock at the door. "Excuse me Mathew." she said as she opened the door. A student with bright blue hair stood before her. "Hello, I'm the headmisstress here at LUSG." she said to the girl.

Mathew nodded and look at the girl and wave with his hand to her "I'm Mathew a teacher around here"

Assane nodded, and nodded to the male teacher before speaking, "I hope I'm not interrupting anything. But I'm not sure where my dorm would be." she said in her thick Celtic accent. She understood it fine, others had issues though, "I'm a mixed race, between a Vampire and Undine. Thus if I recall that would put me in two dorms... Do you know which one I should be in...?" she asked with an honest tone, she had no idea where to go.

Assane thought for a second before speaking again, "Equally. Both affect my appearance, where I am best in, and what I'm good at..." she replied, sounding as if perplexed by her own situation as well. Thus she sighed in her thoughts, her Undine genes kept her with the water, and Vampire genes made it hard for her to be in the sun. They affected equally and quite honestly, she felt a bit strange though, an early affect of being out of water for too long.

Assane looked at Miss Beth, "Dangerous how? To me or others?" she asked, since her Undine part slowly killed her if she was out of water for too long. Unless she married, which wasn't going to happen. But being classified as a Vampire would be dangerous since she was only half, and would probably have to deal with the pure vampires. Needless to say, Assane was in between a rock and a hard place in a sense of things. Assane looked at Miss Beth and nodded, "Both are equally dangerous, mainly to me though. I say just put me where you think I'd be best in."

Mathew listened and thought about what they have said "how long hasit been since you came out of the water?" he asked and softly pet Rinku "cause if you have been for a long time i would advice you to go to the pool" He said and watch miss beth "and my question? then i could leave and lead miss........what is your name actually?" Mathew asked not having heard Assane name yet

#, as written by Krazy13
Miss Beth began muttering things to herself and making hand motions. "Well lets'.... in the... Dorm.... pick on her... Undine Dorm... still may..." Miss Beth suddenly stopped in the middle of her muttering. "AHHA!!!! I've got it! You may get picked on in either of the dorms that represent your races, NOT in one that houses neither! According to your file, the Undine is a sort of water nymph, and we have a dorm with mermaids in it! You'll fit right in! Infact, we have someone who is missing a roomate in that dorm. I belive her name is Aqua Seas. She sounds like a nice girl. Go to the pool, then get set up in the MA (Mermaid Angel) Dorm." said Miss Beth.

Assane nodded, "O-okay? Though Undines and Mermaids are different, one exists in the seas, with salt water, and my kind is more freshwater. But okay." she responded, showing off her intelligence, before looking at the teacher, "Assane Imakui. And I'm fine weather you join me or not. I won't make you chose one or the other." Assane then bowed to Miss Beth, to show respect before turning and walking out. With the effects of her absence of water taking hold, she had a slight issue holding her balance fully. It wasn't noticeable, but she felt it in her legs and feet. Soon Assane thought of the dorm she was in, Mermaids and Angels. So the Vampire-Undine mix was going to be with angels. Lovely. She also thought of the girl she was paired with in the room, Aqua Seas, she thought, who names their child Aqua Seas? Brushing off the thought, she paused and leaned against the wall, in case Matthew was tailing her, that, and she was probably going to get lost.

Mathew watch miss Beth "well about my question, can i stay with Rinku? i think it would be an good idea since she as learned to know me quite well"

"thank you and don't forget to read her file the doctor send you" Mathew sad and walked into the hall with Rinku in his arms and saw Assane "okay follow me i will lead you to the pool" he said and took the lead

Assane nodded silently, she wasn't much for the talking on her own type. Yet she still did think of what the teacher taught, and secondly why and how he had a puppy. She didn't much like dogs, more preferring cats, but none the less. It was a dog in his arms, though she remembered something that she got picked on for, and something that wasn't common here either, her pointed and almost fin-like ears. Thinking of the pool and water reminded her of the ears she had. Humans loved poking fun at them since they weren't rounded like theirs, one even called her a vampire because of those ears, not too far off, though she did speak to Matthew, "So. You said you were a teacher, may I ask what you teach?"

"yes i did, i give class in chemistry, physics and woodwork, do you have any of these three? Rinku here has Chemistry" he said and walked to the large building "the building in front of us is the pool, i also do the life guard part there a bit when things go wrong i usually am there around 8 AM till 10 then give physics till 11 then till 1 PM i have some free time, i can be found around the university or in the lab if no one is there, or if i have a little project in the wood shop and from 1 pm till 5 pm i give chemistry"

Assane nodded, "I do have chemistry, but my class begins at 3:15 pm. So I most likely don't have you." she said before looking at the pool, it was very deep as she saw. The pool was large and looked like it was bottomless. There was no hesitation of Assane to jump into the pool, she was starting to get more dizzy as she jumped in, dropping her bags at the last second, leaving them a matter of decimeters from the pool's edge. Though Assane didn't mind, they could keep out the water. Though there was a blur in the water, as Assane sunk, which she had no care of, water was her element. She didn't need to breathe, yet there was a mermaid going to the surface to greet other people. Assane would have greeted her, but was in her own euphoric state as she relaxed herself back to watch the water's surface as her skin rehydrated along with the rest of her body. She took out her phone, thankfully it was waterproof and checked a few things, it wasn't horribly late, but it was getting to be around supper time. That could be sustained by food, but in all honesty more fit her to be blood.

#, as written by Krazy13

As Aqua was headed up, she saw someone diving under, at first she thought the girl couldn't swim, but she noticed how calm she looked and realized her element was probably water. She spent a few minuets above water, but got bored. She swam back down to see who that other girl was. She found her sitting on the bottom playing on her phone. "Hi! I'm Aqua!" she said.

Mathew put Rinku gently on a table then grab a chair and sit by the pool as he pulled Assane's bags back "well a Mermaid, i hope this one won't be to much trouble" he said and watch her dive under again "well she didn't notice me, okay"

Assane looked past her phone to the Mermaid, she seemed actually kinda hyper, bubbly, and overall someone Assane wouldn't really associate with back in Ireland, but in this academy, she needed to make a new friend, and this Aqua person was assumed to be her roommate, she slowly blinked and spoke, "Aqua Seas? Nice to meet you, I'm Assane Imakui." she said, internally hoping her thick Irish accent didn't affect her communication. It did with those whom weren't quite expecting the Irish voice to be hers. Assane had no issues understanding it, but others did, and thus in other continents she had issues communicating.

#, as written by Krazy13
The girl didn't answer so Aqua swam back to the surface where she saw a teacher with a puppy. She dried off her amulet and got out. Her legs instantly came back. "Hello. Mr... uhh..." she said, prying for a name.
((OOC: Sorry didn't realize u answered...))

Assane stood before stretching and yawned a little, "Well. Being exact with me, I'm a Hybrid. A cross between an Undine and Vampire. I do believe I am your roommate." she responded, she could do things at night, but quite honestly couldn't run a 24+ hour day. Yet she still could remain awake, she still had to deal with the tiredness part. The water helped, but she knew that she'd probably fall asleep in the water. Yet Assane kept her ice-blue eyes on Aqua as she spoke, "I just needed to come in here to not end up asphyxiating and most likely dying. I'm not sure about mermaids, but we Undine can't live away from water." Assane paused, she wanted to continue, but rather just stopped so Aqua could speak. Though she stayed firmly on the bottom of the pool, almost as if the weightlessness of her body in the water was nullified.

Assane nodded, "Thank you. I might as well change an-" she said before cutting herself off. She now realized her clothes are now soaked quite thoroughly. She had gotten up and looked at Aqua, "So... Where are the changing rooms? I now realized my error..." she asked as her mind flashed back to being in regular human schools, she was good in the swimming and running sports, though many times when Assane was underwater, people thought she was going to drown. Well, humans don't understand Undine like her. Yet her light clothes didn't really sit well with the water. Needless to say, they might be a little revealing. (But not nude revealing.)