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Assane Imakui


0 · 294 views · located in LUSG (Lunar University for Supernatural Girls

a character in “Lunar University for Supernatural Girls”, as played by Mineczka


Name: Assane Imakui


"Female. This is a girls academy correct?"

A mixed race.
Half Vampire, half Undine

English 815-900
Biology 915-1000
Field Practice 1015-1200
Lunch 1215-1300
Study 1300-1400
Major (Natural Environment studies) 1415-1500
Chemistry 1515-1600
Theatre 1615-1700
End day.

+ The English Language
+ The rain
+ Her home country
+ Being in a river
+ The moon
+ Wetlands and most areas dealing with water

- Those whom destroy wetlands
- Anything dealing with Fire
- The sun (Which she can be in, though burns very easily)
- What her race forces her to do.


Assane is rather average size, being about 175cm tall and weighing about 61 Kg. Though with her average size, her vampire genes tend to kick in, in which, she's much stronger than she looks, and much, much tougher. Topping it off, with her long blue hair and crystal eyes, she's usually in a short whiteish-blue dress with knee-high boots. Though she can't have it on campus, she still reaches to her side for her sword that isn't there. Her physical attributes though, favour more running and movement rather than combat.

All in all, Assane isn't really someone that likes being near many people. She's cynical, sarcastic, and usually gives very deathly gazes to those whom she has no care for. Though, she is very like her home, in that she has a very thick Irish accent, though her voice is a bit lower than most female voices, and much quieter. She isn't afraid to step out and raise her voice in disapproval of someone or something. Yet if you somehow manage to befriend Assane, she's a kind and loyal friend whom would gladly lay her life on the line to protect them. Please note, she's the last one people want to anger, and she can't stay in dry environments for too long, which would drive the bookworm Assane towards the first body of water without any care that she runs through people. {More to be added when Assane Develops}

So begins...

Assane Imakui's Story

Mathew was heading to his woodworkng class but first he got his little helper 'someone' to help around in class cause he couldn't help everyone at the same time but with his little helper he could just gice the students the right amount of attention.

As mathew entered his room his little puppet jumped him and hold his arm "why hello their excited for the new year i see?" he asked as he got his tools and gear for the class "well i hope you won't be to excited in class cause you know serious i am when machines are running" he said and pick the little wooden mu of hi amr and put it on his shoulder "well on to a new day of school"

#, as written by Krazy13
"Ey Aqua, what class do you have first?"

"Ummm... I think it's math. Here let me check." Aqua pulled out her schedule and looked at her first ever class for the year. "Yep, math." she folded the paper back up and put it in her pocket. She and Assane began walking toward the section of campus where classes were held. "What do you have now?" she asked Assane curiously. The girls walked into the elevator that was in the dorm. Aqua pushed the button and rode down, marveling at this box the whole way down. This was only the second time she'd ridden one, the first time was when she first arrived.

Assane had nodded before speaking, "English." she replied to Aqua's question to her first class, Assane was a theatre person. Though the elevator ride was not fun for her, Assane hated elevators, and topping it off she was crammed into an elevator filled with angels, something was bound to happen with her. Though as soon as the elevator was at her floor, she was the first one out and away from the crowd and elevator.

(Sorry, not much I could really write...)

#, as written by Krazy13
Aqua stepped out of the elevator and found Assane. "To many angels?" she asked quietly. They walked out of the building and stepped in the shady part in front of the dorm. "Well, I think Math and English are in the same building, but I'm not sure." Aqua said. The girls began walking toward the part of campus where all the classes were.

(Long posts are hard to do when you're with another character so it's good.)

(Sorry, got caught up in Band Camp... Yay Marching Band?)

Assane nodded, "In the General education building, just with two different wings, the Math and science wing, and the Language arts wing." she said not looking up from her book, "[color=skyblue]And no, it wasn't too many angels, I hate elevators in general, little known fact. Thought the hostility feeling from the angels didn't help" she stopped, noticing some people scampering to get to class, though one student in particular was strange, a Vampire in the sun, she was mostly covered, but it confused the half-breed, how can a vampire be in the sun?

#, as written by Krazy13
"Thought so." Aqua replied. "Ohhh. Alrighty then, the angels weren't the whole problem this time." Aqua noticed several student rushing off to class. 'They must have early classes.' she thought. The girls eventually made it to the General Education Building and saw students all over the place. Some were hanging around in groups and others were digging through through their bags. "Wow." Aqua said, slightly stunned. All her schools had been tiny and quiet, certainly not like this. It was LOUD in the hallway too, the noise of the early classes and the students preparing for the classes that were about to start. "Well, THAT was unexpected." Aqua said quietly, her voice lost over the roar of the crowd.

(I know exactly what you mean. :P Haha)

Assane raised an eyebrow at the noise, which was strange to her. Her previous schools were a few hundred people tops. But this, was much more different. She shook her head and spoke with telepathy, joyous vampire abilities to her, "Yeah. This is awkward to me too. I was in schools with only a few hundred people maximum" she replied to Aqua's mind as she looked up at the signs, "I think Mathematics is at the left, English is... Somewhere else" she continued, though looked at Aqua, in telepathy her Irish accent dropped and her voice sounded normal to the person, it was all how they hear the voice in their mind.

#, as written by Krazy13
((sorry I wasn't able to get to a computer sooner.))

Aqua jumped a little when she heard Assane's voice, minus the accent, in her mind. She hadn't known Assane had telepathy. Aqua signed 'thanks, see you later' to Assane before the two girls split off in different directions. She hoped her friend knew sign language and could figure out what was just said. Aqua headed down the hall toward her next class. She almost got knocked over by a boy who slipped and fell, but she dodged just in time. The bell rang right as she got in the classroom and she sat down in an empty desk in the back corner of the room.

(Shiiiiiiiiit! <insert other obscenities here> Totally forgot about this!!)

Assane blankly looked at Aqua, not knowing sign language and quite honestly not seeing all the movements. Though she soon moved on to her class and sat where she felt comfortable. Normal procedures ensued with roll call and soon enough, books were handed out for reading, rather, to gauge the skills of the people in the class, there was a little reading out loud to do. Of course, one of the angel students decided to throw Assane under the bus, thus Assane rose, and read with her accent showing it's colours,

"Since I'm a Shakespeare fan, I shall read from one of his best plays: Hamlet, Prince of the Danes" she said before proceeding to read, with her accent somewhat in the way for people to understand as the teacher nodded and eventually stopped Assane from going further. Assane then sit as the rest of the students snickered and laughed at the accent.

(Time skipping for Assane. LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!)

After a few classes, Assane walked into chemistry to see Matthew having a few rules written and looked at him hearing him talking about water, Assane laughed before speaking, "Oh no! Anything but water! Whatever am I to do with water Mr. Higgovitch!" she said sarcastically to Matthew, knowing he knew Assane was half-Undine and needed Water to survive. Though instead of walking over to the station she decided to work at, just taking the vials with her. The task was easy to her as she just took her control of the water and desalinated one of the vials, removed the other vial's water completely from the now bone-dry sand. Looking at the sheet she nodded noticing the water freeze in the vial, though without breaking it. Assane looked at Matthew and spoke again, "Done. I even Deionized the blasted water in Vial one. You should have given me something different." crossing her arms under her chest she leaned back on the lab counter she worked on and kept her icy-blue eyes on the teacher of said class.

Mathew sigh and watch Assane "yes you did do the 3 tasks but this was about to see how skilled you were at chemistry and now I don't know that since you didn't use any of the materials, so next time think about that" Mathew said as he was finishing the first set up again and poor the water in the Funnel with a filter "I can't see how you work with the equipment which you are gone use a lot in this class, I'm sorry to say this but you have to do it again this time with the equipment provided in the room"

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