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Lolita Knights

''Uhm, well... Hello.''


Lolita Knights
Female - obviously.
Chemistry, physics, Italian, Math, Biology, Arts in that order every day.
She likes a lot of stuff, books, libraries, poems, art, animals, nature, the night, the stars.
A lot of stuff as well, insects, fruits, learning (sometimes), strangers, loud noises.
Mathew Hinggovitch
She's kind, sweet, caring and enjoys going to school a lot.

So begins...

Lolita Knights's Story

There was definitely something strange about this school, but it would have to do, for now. Standing in front of the entrance she looked towards the building. Sighing, she stepped towards the entrance, carrying a bag with her cloths and belongings. The bag wasn’t that heavy at all, but she’d been carrying it around for the past few days and it was getting heavy to her. She was tired too, she hadn’t slept for three straight days. It was wearing down on Lolita who had been accepted by this school only, hopefully it was fun.

She wandered through the school, looking for a teacher that could point her the way to her dorm. She noticed Mathew with another student and approached, a smile on her face as she hung the bag over her shoulder. “Hello, both. I am new here and I wonder where my room is. Does any of you happen to know this?” she asked. The white-haired vampire hoped so, she wasn’t about ready to get lost in the hope to find the room on her won. She cocked her head slightly to the right, revealing her white teeth as she smiled at both of them. They seemed nice, especially the teacher. He seemed quite handsome, actually. What was his name?

Shaking her head to clear her mind, she awaited an answer. “Oh, for the record, my name is Lolita Knights, if that's any help,” she noted to both of them.

Mathew look up to Lolita and nodded "I'm Mathew, Mathew Hinghovitch I'm a teacher here at the school, I can help you find your room just follow me" he said and took over her bag for her and carry I to the main building and walked to the Reception "Lolita Knights's room number and schedule please?" Mathew asks the miss behind the desk, she nodes and prints out the schedule "you have room 6Q" the lady says and hands Lolita the keys and schedule to Lolita "okay Lolita follow me" he said and start walking to the door "tell me how can you walk in the sunlight?" Mathew asked as he pushed the door open for her

One look from her and this girl's heart melted, if she even had one. She felt flustered, her cheeks turning pink as he looked up at her. She shook her head to make it go away and flashed him a bright smile, if only he hadn't noticed her stupidity. "Mathew is a nice name. It's nice to meet you, Mr. Hinggovitch," she answered as he told her to follow and took her back. She frowned slightly, shrugged and followed the man through the main building and towards the Reception. She cocked her head slightly, she had not noticed the reception yet. She got her room number, key and schedule, checking to make sure that it was correct, then nodding, it was correct.

Then, once more, Lolita followed him as he pushed through the door and held it open for her. She smiled kindly towards him as she walked through the door, reading over her schedule again until she heard his question. She looked at him, cocking her head slightly and thinking for a moment. "My parents got me some kind of medicine to make sure I'd be able to follow all classes and not get burned by the sun. Makes my daily life quite easier,'' she noted. She shrugged quietly and looked up at the ceiling. "I'm not planning on missing any lessons, to be honest. So daylight walking it is."

"you do know there are night classes right? The same as the day by then at night, but it's up to you, I give class at day while my colleges give at night, but it's your choose, I give chemistry, woodworking, enchanting of woodworking's and physics" Mathew said as he pushed open the door to the dorm "we need to be at the 6st floor for your room" Mathew said and put her bag in a service elevator and pressed 6 on the penal then called an normal elevator "tell me why are you late? And what is your first class?

"I figured there were night classes but I didn't really feel like taking those," the vampire spoke, looking at him, still smiling. She nodded at him, yes! She'd have two classes of him every day, that was great. And interesting. She didn't like woodworking so she hadn't chosen to do it, but perhaps she might just do that later. After all, he was a handsome teacher and she wouldn't mind spending a few hours in a classroom with him at all, it would be thrilling. Hopefully he was a good teacher though, not socially awkward but he seemed fine, for now. He was helpful and kind. But then again, quite a few people had been helpful and kind to her even though she was a blood sucker, as they called her by that. [color=#990033]"Day classes seem better. More exciting, I rarely sleep when it's day anyways so it's easier for me."

They pushed through the door into the dorms, going towards the elevator. She watched him use the service elevator for her bag, she didn't know why. Maybe the normal elevator would be too crowded otherwise. She didn't like crowds, coming to think of it, she avoided crowds as if they were her worst enemy. She smiled at that. Rosie watched as he called for a normal elevator.

"Am I late? I'm terribly sorry." Stupid bus driver hadn't even allowed her in so she had to walk the whole end from her house to the school. She had managed to hitch hike along quite a while but she walked the most. "The bus driver didn't let me in so I had to walk the biggest end. There was this man driving me as far as he could but I had to walk the biggest distance. Not that I mind, but that's probably the reason I'm late, sorry for that." Rosie hated the bus driver, next time she would come across him she would make sure he'd pay for that.

"My first two classes are Chemistry and Physics," she said, smiling.[/size]

"well that I nice then you can follow me after we are done" Mathew said as the elevator arrived and a few people left "well our ride is here" he said and got in then pressed the button for the 6th floor "just out of curiosity, when did you last have blood? Sorry if I'm so straight forward with it but I find the word feed so disrespectful" Mathew explained and hope lolita could understand

Follow him she would. It was rather interesting that she had the handsome teacher the first two hours of school every day. She never thought that would happen, but she definitely didn't mind. After all, getting classes from handsome teachers was something every normal student dreamed off, but most never encountered. But she did. The button for the sixth floor was pressed after they got into the elevator, how luxurous, though she preferred the staircase. But she wouldn't complain, for now. There was a mirror, she checked her hair and quickly braided it to make it look less a mess than it was. Then she smiled, happy with the result of not so messy hair. Turning back towards the teacher after hearing his question, she thought for a moment.

"Mhm, not too long ago. Though I'm getting a bit hungry, but nothing that won't bother me." Only that you smell good, she thought, laughing slightly at it. Lolita rubbed her face and shrugged. "Feeding isn't really disrespectful, to be honest. Human beings feed on animals, now that would be disrespectful too." She shrugged and looked around the elevator again, turning back to the mirror and checking her makeup. It was a bit messy but it would have to do, for now.

Mathew nodded and watch the number increase to six then a bell rangs indicating they arrived "well the lift arrived and your right, I will avoid saying it then and just say feed" he said and walk to the service elevator to get Lolita's bag "you are actually inluck the first class today I an hour later as sn introduction to the school and to let people get a bit used to the time" he said and walk with her to room Q "well here we are hope to see you soon" he said and let lolita open the door then he walked I and put the bag on her bed

Silence. The elevator had no music so there was blissful silence except for the sounds of the elevator itself as it went up to the sixth floor of the dorm building. The sixth floor where she would stay for the upcoming school year. Then the ball rang, they were on the sixth floor. The doors opened, Lolita stepped out of the metal box and looked around, making sure she would remember this place so that she could find it back again when she needed. She looked at Mathew as he said something but she wasn't really paying attention, therefor didn't exactly hear what he said. For now, she wanted to get settled in and feed, her hunger was increasing rapidly, faster than she had thought.

The room wasn't too far away, Mathew carried her back again even though she could easily carry it herself. Maybe manners? She shrugged and got the key, opening the door to her own room and letting him in first so he could put her bag on the bed. She walked in, looking around the room with a bright smile. It was quite beautiful, a bit too colourful but she would manage. She turned towards Mathew and watched him for a moment. ''What will you do?'' she asked, opening her bag and quickly filling her closet with the few clothes that she had taken along. Not many, but enough to get through a week and have one day of washing them. Once done, she closed the closet and put the bag beside her bed. ''I can come along, if you want? That would be more fun as being alone. Would you mind if I came along? You could show me the school and tell me about it, if you know anything about it?'' she asked, hoping he wouldn't. Maybe he could show her the school.

Mathew nodded and lean against the door frame "sure I can show you around but I has to be quick maybe after class I can show you around, but do you have money? Cause the food costs money, I can give you some for a few days but I can't support you for a full year" he said and reach for his pocket

Before she forgot, there was something important she had to take otherwise she'd grow mad with thirst, and she was not planning on letting that happen on her first day, or ever anyway. So turning back, she searched her back for the milkshake cup and in there she emptied a bag of blood she had obtained for the journey to the University. She then started sipping, turning back to the male teacher as he asked about money, which she frowned upon. She had not expected anyone to ask her about the coins that made up the major part of your life. Money was important, the more you had the more power you'd get, but greediness came with it. She had noticed that from her parents.

"Uhm, I have my own money, really. Quite a lot too, don't worry. I'll make it through the year easily and probably still have more than half left so money enough," she noted. Lolita didn't want him to support her financially anyway, luckily her parents were quite rich and had been able to give her quite a bit of money. Coins, they meant nothing to her at all, they were unnecessary to her, but she had accepted their offer anyway. So here she was, stuck with more money than she could spend, that was a curse, even more so than being a vampire. "Also, sure. Showing around after the lessons is fine too, I was just wondering." She stretched and went with him outside, locked the door to her room and sipped again from the milkshake cup.

"Are you the only male teacher around here? I know this is an academy for girls, you know? So I hadn't expected male teachers at all? Are there any others or are you truly alone?" If he was alone, there would be quite a few female teachers to hit on if he was single and if they were single. That made her giggle.

"yup I'm the only male teacher, the other teachers have tried to date me but I didn't like it, especially the witch, not that she was ugly just the constant use of spells I mean come on, you need to do things on your own, but let's hurry we are already late

"Ah, well that sucks. I don't like spells myself either, even though I know a few from my dad, I will only use them if absolutely necessary. Spells make me feel uncomfortable." She shrugged and looked at him, sipping on the blood. She nodded at him and followed him to the classroom as she had her first two lessons of him, it would be easier to follow him instead of try to find her own way and get lost. Soon enough the cup was empty, she threw it away and wiped her mouth, applying a quick toothpaste that made her teeth white to avoid any nasty comments. She wasn't fond of nasty comments and she did quite a lot to avoid them. As she followed the only male teacher she made sure to look around and get to know all the details so she would be able to find her way back on her own so she wouldn't have to depend on anyone else, including Mathew. Sadly they were already late so their pace was hurried, not that she minded that much but still. Lolita released a sigh as she sped up to make sure they wouldn't be too late. She hadn't meant to come late, but it had been the bus driver's fault.

Methew walked into the chemistry lab and grabbed a chalk and started writing on the board. First he put down his full name and then the class and lastly the rules:

*No talking when being explained how an experiment works and what the dangers are
*focus on your work
*if something goes wrong call me immediately!
And the Las rule was all in capital letters
*WEAR YOUR SAFETY GEAR!!! no gear = no class

"well as this is your first day it will all be simple no dangerous test with water, they are safe as long you think logical and follow the instructions, this also will be an test of your knowledge and skill so I can determine what tests are good for you, wouldn't want this to get boring right?" Mathew said and gave everyone a sheet of paper with instructions on it, the tests were to extract salt out of water, getting sand out of water and freezing water. As Mathew finished handing out the papers he opened the material closet "go on get what you think you need" he said and went back to his table to build the first set up which could get the done with the first two tasks

Ew, rules, but everyone had to live with it. She took her place on one of the seats behind the table and watched him, taking out a notebook and noting down the rules just in case she'd ever forget. Then she listened to him, in the meanwhile looking on the paper to see what she'd need and what she'd need to do. This would be easy, so she got up, got the stuff, dressed up in safety gear and started doing the first experiment, extracting salt out of water. She followed the instructions to make sure she didn't make a mistake. And she did not, successfully extracting the salt out of the water and moving on to the second which was also fairly easy. But the third one was more difficult, she rarely ever worked with water anyway. After two tries she finally got it right, freezing the water as it should be by the instructions. Lolita shrugged quietly and stretched as she cleaned up the mess she had made and made sure her bench was clean.

Mathew noted from every student down how they were doing and how the used the equipment, as he got everyone's notes down he gathered the sand he had collected in the filters and put it down as an example the put the remaining water in a distelation Vail and put it on a rich so the water would turn I to steam and drop into a small bowl