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Rinku "link" ysond

A quiet student

0 · 268 views · located in LUSG (Lunar University for Supernatural Girls

a character in “Lunar University for Supernatural Girls”, as played by player character


Age: 19
Gender: female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 pounds
Race: Werewolf
Picture: sorry, I still can't figure out how to do pictures yet.
Clothes: wears a green long sleeve shirt with skinny jeans. Rugged leather boots clad her feet as well
Appearance: she has pale skin with a slightly athletic build. Her eyes are a deep blue and her hair a dirty blond. She has a bite on her upper thigh, marking where the...well, she keeps that a secret. She has pointed wolf ears on her head and a tail coming out a hole in her jeans.
Likes: she enjoys food and cooking, as well as having a good time and making others happy.
Dislikes: spiders, the dark(like pitch black dark), and feeling alone.
Classes: French, advanced algebra, chemistry, literature, phsycology, the college's performing arts
Personnallity: she is rather quiet, however not much by choice. She loves making others happy and will work restlessly to help. She does not drink often, but if she does, she was either really pressured to, she is really happy, or something is seriously wrong. She tends to hide her negative emotions and becomes everyone's emotional support. She seems to be somewhat afraid of men. Its nothing personal, and she cannot explain why. She is not exactly the brightest, but she has her moments.
Anything else: ask and I will gladly edit. Again, sorry for there being no pictures. I'm still trying to figure out private messaging too.

So begins...

Rinku "link" ysond's Story

Mathew walked in to the main building as he checked the new students and saw one standing by the desk as her tail waved quite quickly and nervously, Mathew slowly walked up to her and stood by her side "he relax, there is no need to be nervous okay?" he asked and smiled friendly to her "so is this your first year?"

Mathew watch the girl step back and sigh "scared of man i guess or just me for walking up to you so silently?" he asks and watch her 'well good impression, not' he thought to himself

Mathew smiled and pat her back softly "can i help you carry something? oh where are my manners i'm Mathew, Mathew Hinggovitch a teacher here on the university" he said and hold his hand out to shake hers

'she is so tense' Mathew thought and watch her "it's men right? what happened that you are so nevous and tense around men? you don't have to tell me Rinku if your not comfortable with it i can understand that"

Mathew watch her and sigh "Rinku, don't lie to me i have had other students who had problems and are your race, and your tail is all i need to see your lying and your ears so please, let me help you, otherwise you will stay tense when you get class from me and maybe won't ask questions during class, it's my job to help you and other students out, okay?" he asked worried about her and just wanted to help her

Mathew gently hug Rinku and pet her back "that is horrible and yes most humans act out of fear but i wouldn't i would fear at first but later on let my curiosity roam and ask how it's to be like you, i hope this can ease your mind a bit and that you won't get nervous around me, i don't mind if you do but just don't hide it Rinku, i became a teacher to help my students what ever their problem maybe" he said and pat her back softly "and sorry about the hug i just felt so sad for you i just did it automaticly to give some comfort"

Mathew smiled as he saw her tail wag calmly and keep softly pet her back "i do, i was bullied for a long time, so i kind of know how it's, i bet you had a beautiful voice" he said and smiled faintly "so still want help finding your dorn and carry some of your stuff around? and just so you know i give chemistry physics and woodworking class

Mathew snickered a bit but was also worried as she said sleep outside "oh no you don't have to sleep outside...and why do you say that?" he asked and slowly let her go but wanted to hold her as his worry grew bigger

Mathew was shocked and watch her "is it okay if we first we go to the nurse with you cause....have you always slept outside, it really worries me no one should have experienced that" he said feeling deeply worried about her and wanted to help her now more then ever

"no, i'm just worried about you and a nurse is included if you go here, he he, i nearly see you as my own child" he said as an joke and smiled broadly "so what do you know about chemistry?"

"i pay for it this time, the nurse doesn't send you straight to the canteen for no reason and i think it will be free this time until you have a healthy weight" Mathew said and walked through the doors into the canteen "well go get what you want and don't hold back" he said and and pick a table for them as Rinku got her food

"well this time i do and it's true" Mathew said and smiled as he sits on the seat by the table

Mathew snickered and pat her back "be careful you might chock" he said and laughed at Rinku as she ate

"oh f*ck" Mathew said and quickly got behind her and prefomed the heimlich grip on her so she could breath again "i told you so to be careful"

"yeah, i hope you will remember that from now on" he said and sit by her as he gently pet her back 'he he, i really start seeing her as my own daughter but come on, she sin't and won't be, no, that is not for me to decide' he thought and kept gently petting her back

Mathew smiled and keep softly petting "you like this don't you? well i can't do this all day but IF you don't have a roomie i might be able to do so when ever the school day is done"

Mathew blushed and pat her arm softly then continue petting her "well you seem to really enjoy this" he said and smiled softly 'oh man i think she likes me and more then just liking'

"he he we speak in private?" Mathew asked and sigh letting his nerves go 'better be straight out with it'

Mathew sit on the bed and sigh "i was just wondering if you....liked me.....well...more then just like, more in the way of loving"

Mathew nodded and smiled a bit in relief "okay, that is good for now and look at us now we are having fun and doing things together in peace right? so don't worry about that okay? and how would you describe that feeling?"

Mathew nodded and pat her knee "that is good very good, so do you still want me to be your roomie? after what just happened?" he asked hopping she would actually so he could care for her

Mathew picked up the dog food and watch it "did you eat this?" he asked with a slight hint of worry "well untill you have an healthy weight you don't have to anymore and he you might be able to find some work on the University or around it so when you do have a healthy weight you can keep eating here, and sure i will come here i just have to check with the headmistress" he said and put the bag down

mathew watched the text in the book and only got confused by it "what is that book? ad what langue is it?"

Mathew hold her gently and stood up while walking to the head mistress not wanting to leave her alone "well i'm gonna ask it then"

(okay later)

Mathew smiled and knock on the headmistress's door "it's Mathew" he said and re adjusted Rinku in his arms