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Kira Marie Cahlen

0 · 196 views · located in Lycanian

a character in “Lycanian”, as played by DangerGirlPaige


Name: Kira MArie Cahlen
Age: 19
Likes: hunting, training, reading, but she has a great interest in humans themselves and likes studying their actions and lives
Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, losing her hunt to another, she takes a big dislike to those who believe just because she is female she cannot inflict any more damage than males
Description:Kira has long pastel blue hair, light blue eyes, and has her nose and lip pierced. She tries to look like a normal human to sneak into their towns and get to know how humans live better. In her beast form her fur is a snowy white and stands out, her eyes are a bright blue and a red scar is clear across her back.
Personality: Kira is a teasing flirty type of girl. She deflects personal questions with humour and only shows a violent or angered side when the comments on her kind or past go too far. In her other form she is ruthless and doesn't hesitate to kill. Her few friends call her scuttlebug. An assasin with a hesitation to kill.
Extra: Kira has a bow, 2 daggers and assasinates humans for some time

So begins...

Kira Marie Cahlen's Story