Valentine James

"Evening, m'lady. I'm sure I can make a carpet float long enough to give you a tour of the building."

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Name: "The name's Valentine. You know, like love."

Age: "Don't worry about age, baby. I can be as old as you want me to be."

Personality: "You want to know my personality, darlin'? Three words; girls, boys, love. I like anything cute, handsome, or muscled. If you've got one of those traits, expect me knocking at your door. Other than that I'm a pretty simple guy. I like you, dancing, you, drawing, you, and music. Oh, and did I mention I like you? I'm a pretty fun guy, from every point of the word. Lots of people like me and I like lots of people, though I only have eyes for you. Did I mention I give magic carpet rides? No, I'm serious. I give real ones. I can probably get a CD player to play 'A Whole New World', too."

Gender: "I'm a lovely guy. Well, I was last time I checked. I hope that isn't a problem, darlin'?

Role: "I'm a telekinetic half demon. Like I said, I give magic carpet rides."

Appearance: "I consider myself pretty damn sexy. I hear my short brown hair is soft and silky and people seem to love touching it. I have lovely blue eyes and pretty pink lips just waiting for yours. I have a pretty slim, tall build and most people consider me 'skinnier than a twig'. I enjoy wearing scarves, trench coats, and blue t-shirts as well as jeans."

Bio: "I don't like talking about my past, but if you insist... I was born to a crappy family and lived a crappy life until I hit puberty, which is when my life got crappier. Things started flying around whenever I got mad. Eventually I started gaining control over it, but I still can't control it when I lose my temper. Actually, since I got my powers, my temper has gotten worse and worse and I've been less able to control when I lose it. Anyway, my parents got tired of me and sent me off to this dump so that I could rot for the rest of my days, just like they've always wanted me to."

Diagnosed with: "I think they called it 'anger fits' or something like that. Labels, labels. We're all crazy here."

Other: "Did I mention I'll flirt with practically anything that moves?"

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