Tite Higashi


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Role: Male 1
Age: 17
Birthday: July 25th
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Type AB

Personality -
Key Traits: Proud, romantic, charismatic, ambitious, self-assured, idealistic, cruel, conceited, childish.
Key Traits: Cool, controlled, rational, outgoing, popular, emphatic, aloof, critical, unforgiving, indecisive.

Appearance - Describe how you look, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, what you wear, what accessories you have etc. Remember Female 1 you may have two bodies but you look the same in both of them unless you had some problems with your DNA causing you to look like a child which have minor alterations. Female 3.. Your apperance takes some changes when you sing... which a perfect example is on the intro page.. lol


Explain your character's history... give us a few paragraphs. Remember to talk to your partner about your meeting and history before (We should all be communicating with each other it only being 3 people in this RP and all). If not, then at least follow each others history... I will be looking at both profiles for this.. If one of them says different histories I'll make you two talk about it. I don't mean every word has to be exactly the same as another but I do want there to be similarities and understandings.


Career/Occupation: Those under 18 must put School and then career. ThoseΒ  for 18 or over college can be optional.

Position: VSF and Military only. Female 2 is Second Lieutenant in the military ranks. Male 2 – you are Squad 3 Leader. Male 1 is just warrant officer of squad 3 to be simple and male 3 is also a warrant officer of squad 3. Female 1 you are currently under the Zentradi force in the VSF and the position being known as ZF Private. This is also a small squad like Male 2's and only consist of 2 other Zentradi females, which in battle all wear Queadluun-Rhea
Armor. Female 3 skip this...

Skills: This doesn't mean magic or anything be real – this means what your character is good at in the profession they're doing. Do not think your character is good at everything. Also you're in a squad leave some room for everyone. If need be and if asked for.. I will create a whole table of what could be picked but i'd rather see you guys use your imagination.. I understand you may not know what you should be good at and I'm willing to help you. Female 3... you should know the least combat – and as a matter in fact you know absolutely no military combat.

You could be good at hand to hand combat, piloting granted you all have a decent level of piloting (those in VSF and a rather decent level depending on your branch in N.U.N), Hand guns, etc. Know VSF mainly deals with things out in space and around often takes care of ideals out there. As to opposed to N.U.N military that deals with conflicts inside the actual ship strategical strategies of the entire city ship's direction (This lead by commander and chief).

The main reason for taking this path:

So begins...

Tite Higashi's Story