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DJ Arnolds

Now you see me, Now you don't

0 · 224 views · located in The skies and Valdmire

a character in “Madam Midnight and the Sky Pirates”, originally authored by SMinSC, as played by RolePlayGateway


Gender: Female
Full Name: Denise Jordan Arnolds
Nickname: DJ
Age: 16

Occupation: DJ is a street child who has learned quickly that eating that night might require you to do some bad things. She is a thief, and started stealing when she was 9. She is quite good at moving from one place to another without being noticed due to her tiny build. She main goal is to steal enough so she can eat all she wants, but found that gaurds are getting harder to sneak by. She joined the sky pirates when she was 14.

Personality: DJ is a quiet person who mainly keeps to herself, unless it is with a person she trusts. When meeting new people, her first instint is to find out the most valuable piece of clothing they have on, and find a way to steal it. Around her fellow crew mates, however, she is less reserved and even will laugh when someone has done something stupid. She is not comfortable around royalty because they are high class, and they annoy her to no end. Always whining, as she would say. She isn't a drunk, but will drink when offered something. When drunk, she becomes very friendly, and starts talking, well more slurring, a lot. She doesn't care what gender you are as long as you don't annoy her.

Appearance: ... n-girl.jpg DJ is 5'3", has dark brown eyes and hair. She usually wears whatever she finds, and doesn't have a preference on clothing. However, she only wears lower class clothing, because high class clothing can be sold off. She does, however, wear a necklace made out of silver, as she found it when she broke into a house, but though it was too pretty to see off. Her hair is a mess, tangled and shoulder length.

Equipment: Dj keeps bobby pins with her, because she uses them to break into homes and a small knife for pretection when she is discovered. She also has a lagre black shirt that she uses when breaking into places or robbing places.

History: DJ was born and raised on the streets, allways having to look after herself. She did, however, have a 'family' of fellow homeless people, until they got arrested for robbing a lord's manor. Only DJ escaped, leaving her without a family and a hatered for royalty. She quickly learned the patterns of people, that she used to see when they were not home, and then she would rob them. At the age of 14, more and more gaurds were walking the streets making hard to rob anyone. So, she figured out how to find the sky pirates ship, hoping to either join or rob, inorder to avoid working for Madam Midnight. After she snuck onto the boat, the captain found her and said instead of throwing her off, he would give her a position on the boat for being able to get on unnoticed.

So begins...

DJ Arnolds's Story

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Madam Midnight's request to the Respectful Captain Ravensdale.

To whom it may concern I, Madam Midnight offer thirteen thousand in gold for the capture of the Princess Elizabeth Grey of Valdmire. I offer a further twelve thousand for her safe journey to me.

On entering this agreement you will be entering a contract. This will ensure that you, your crew and ship will be under my orders until the Princess is delivered to me. Only then will we exchange flesh for gold. If you in anyway divert from the agreement I assure you no one will bargain, trade or deal with you again.

Whilst she is in your care I expect you to restrain from spoiling her so that future profit will not be compensated. Any attempt to sell the Princess for self gain will be prevented by my sources by any means necessary.

I do hope you consider my request. Looking at the numbers I'm sure you'll agree it's an offer you simply...cannot refuse. Once you have completed the said mission all records of our dealings will be destroyed.

Yours Sincerely,

Madam Midnight

Life was a web and the Madam was a rather large spider. She placed down her feather quill and smiled smugly with those rich red lips she used to seduce so many poor souls with. With this letter presented to all the under-scum of Valdmire she would have the Princess soon enough and then...her wicked way.