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Elizabeth Grey

Princess of Valdmire

0 · 235 views · located in The skies and Valdmire

a character in “Madam Midnight and the Sky Pirates”, as played by Teeny_Dancer


ImageGENDER: Female
NAME: My name is Elizabeth Grey. Lizzy would be a nickname but it would be completely inappropriate.Image
AGE: 17

OCCUPATION: I am the Princess of Valdmire. I have been the Princess ever since my mother gave birth to me. I tend to spend my days being tutored by various individuals on how to walk, talk, eat and act appropriately. To be a Princess you must be a shining example to those beneath you, you see. I have four meals a day- breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea and a healthy dose of medicine each night. I sleep on only the finest of mattresses and lay my head on pillows stuffed with goose feathers. My dresses are all tailored and I must not be seen without at LEAST a petti-coat, stockings and dressing gown on. These are the things included in being a Princess. I dare not go on it's tiresomes.

PERSONALITY: In general Elizabeth is a well-spoken, well-mannered young girl who can sing intune to the palace piano and dance like an angel. She walks with a straight back and smiles such a pleasant little smile when talking at the dinner table. At least that's how she is around strangers and tutors alike. When you actually look at Elizabeth for who she is...a person and not what she is...a princess you should notice that: She's an enthusiastic reader of adventure tales and the newspaper. She enjoys strawberries a little too much and has never touched liquor in her life other than a small glass of wine at dinner. She finds smoking repulsive but loves the smell of candles after they go out. She likes wearing her bed clothes the most because they're loose and only known to her and her maids she must be chased every morning to get dressed. She doesn't like to sing but loves to dance.

When she comes across a gentleman of old age she finds them funny to watch with their fat tummies and bristley beards. When she comes across little boys she shews them away because all they seem to do is hang from the skirt of your dress and try to crawl under it like a make-shift tent. When she comes across gentlemen of her own age or close she blushes very deeply because she's not sure what to say whether they're ugly or handsome. If they ask her to dance suddenly her feet don't quite work and if they ask her to sing she sounds like a whale in distress.
Elizabeth is yet to become angry but she is very fiery. Yes she does have her tantrums but they're very lady-like and mild over small things. She finds the idea of swimming fantastic but becomes very frightened at the first sight of water because she cannot swim. Elizabeth finds some of the stories in the newspaper frightening but to her they're just stories. She's yet to experience real fear due to being so smothered.

APPEARANCE: Elizabeth has coco coloured hair which falls in loose waves down past her shoulder blades. A large precentage of her hair is tied up in jewels and gold bands. It's inappropriate for her to be seen casually with her hair unkept. Her eyes are a gorgeous emerald green just like her fathers and are surrounded by thick (but fairly short) brown lashes. She has a small, petite bone structure and stands at proximately 5ft 4. She has a small bust, slim waist and a large bum but lucky her body isn't disproportion. Usually Elizabeth is made to wear fitted dresses that extend down over the knee or to the floor. She's very pretty in appearance but could be prettier if allowed to let loose a little.

EQUIPMENT: What equipment could a princess possibly have? A cluster of diamonds in her pocket? Poison in her ring? A book on languages so to show the public she is a worldly young girl?

HISTORY: Elizabeth's mother died 6 years after her birth. She misses her mother very much and despite her fathers love believes that things would not be so strict if her mother were alive. Surely her mother knew the pressures of royalty and so the two of them could of perhaps shared some private time alone together just being...themselves.
Elizabeth may know severall different languages, many ball room dances and the way to appropriately approach a gentleman but she certainly doesn't know how to swim. She's never met a civilian in her life and she doesn't have the foggiest about the common lingo. My if someone slapped her bum or called her baby she wouldn't know what to make of it!!

So begins...

Elizabeth Grey's Story

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Madam Midnight's request to the Respectful Captain Ravensdale.

To whom it may concern I, Madam Midnight offer thirteen thousand in gold for the capture of the Princess Elizabeth Grey of Valdmire. I offer a further twelve thousand for her safe journey to me.

On entering this agreement you will be entering a contract. This will ensure that you, your crew and ship will be under my orders until the Princess is delivered to me. Only then will we exchange flesh for gold. If you in anyway divert from the agreement I assure you no one will bargain, trade or deal with you again.

Whilst she is in your care I expect you to restrain from spoiling her so that future profit will not be compensated. Any attempt to sell the Princess for self gain will be prevented by my sources by any means necessary.

I do hope you consider my request. Looking at the numbers I'm sure you'll agree it's an offer you simply...cannot refuse. Once you have completed the said mission all records of our dealings will be destroyed.

Yours Sincerely,

Madam Midnight

Life was a web and the Madam was a rather large spider. She placed down her feather quill and smiled smugly with those rich red lips she used to seduce so many poor souls with. With this letter presented to all the under-scum of Valdmire she would have the Princess soon enough and then...her wicked way.

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Elizabeth Grey -Princess of Valdmire

Elizabeth sat at her dressing table with eyes of Emerald in the candle light. She stared at her reflection with a vacant expression deep in thought about the past few weeks. After her fathers birthday celebrations he had become distant and strange. Suddenly the Kingdom was being purged of it's dark rotten areas which were beforehand swarmed by bad people and bad business. Suddenly her father cared about the things he'd chosen to ignore for the past One hundred and ten years and it worried her.

Elizabeth was no fool. It was all over the King's wary, wrinkled face. He was a crumbling mountain reaching its end. A cliff face tired of being eroded by the harshness of the sea. He was old and...

She couldn't say it, not even in her head she couldn't be frank with herself and admit that her father was on his last legs. Instead she glanced away from her own reflection uncertainly almost frightened by the realisation she saw in her eyes and moved away from her dresser altogether.

With her candle in hand the Princess made her way over to her bed which could sleep at least Ten others and slipped off her silk Dressing gown. She perched on the edge of the soft mattress and looked down at herself. No one but her maids had seen her this way, with loose hair and night dress...if her father 'left her' that would change. The young girl climbed into bed and snuggled down looking a lot like a dolly in the centre of the puffy quilt.

The world was about to become most strange to her and she wasn't quite sure she was ready. With her slanted eyes drooping the Princess turned to her candle and and blew out the flame.