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Eitan Havouvi

"You know, this is a terrible idea. I know it doesn't change anything, and we are still doing this, but just wanted to put that out there."

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a character in “Made For the History Books”, as played by Taunbon



{"It is I, the zippy fast man of the Centuries. The trainer of legendary warriors, the bringer of all the goods! You have my permission to bask in my presence, bask in it, I say!.. Too much?” }
- E
Move - Thousand Foot Krutch || Paralyzer - Finger Eleven || Black Betty - Spiderbait || Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins || Hell Yeah - Rev Theory || You Really Got Me - Van Halen


|{Full Name}|
Eitan Morhei Havouvi

Not including lazy nicknames based on his power (Speedy/Speedster) most refer to him simply as 'E'. Although, there are plenty less than flattering names out there that E has earned one way or the other.


November 3rd, 2075



Super Speed


{"Want to know if you are on the right side or not? Look at your retirement plan... Wait... I don't think we have a retirement plan, ah, that is a depressing realization. Do you think anyone is hiring for a devilishly handsome speedster and his valiant beard? No? Yeah, I didn't think so. At least we have a decent dental plan. I think?” }
- E



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
✬ Loves to ramble on, nigh-incomprehensibly so at times.
✬ When thinking, he tends to curl his hair around his finger or stroke his beard.
✬ Has a tendency to flick people on the forehead when they annoy him or when he is feeling affectionate. He does, often, catch himself if he is about to flick someone who will tear into him for it... Well, he tries to... Most of the time. Sometimes.
✬ Red/Green color blind.
✬ Likes to 'phase out' when listening to someone talk, especially, if they start into a long winded speech.
✬ Enjoys mixing his food as he eats.
✬ Grips a silver Star of David necklace when he is distraught by something. Sometimes puts it in his mouth and gnaws on it when thinking.
✬ Shies away, or stiffens, from affectionate actions such as hugs.

♦ Super Speed
♦ Accelerated Healing
♦ Lightning Reflexes
♦ Accelerated Comprehension
♦ Advanced Perception


E is a speedster, granted the gift of Super Speed. He can, easily, achieve speeds exceeding three hundred mph and can even go beyond that. This massive speed allows him to run up buildings and sheer cliffs, run on water, catch thrown knives, dodge bullets and, if he is going fast enough, even catch them. E's super speed is an incredible, and very potent, power with very, very few people being able to match him in combat once he is at his best. His power does give him a supernatural resistance to G-Force and Inertia, but not immunity. He cannot go zero to one hundred at the blink of an eye, if he did so, he would crush his own organs. He has to gradually increase his speed so his body can build its tolerance to it, as such, a smart foe will look for that moment when he is starting up to bring him down. He can also use his power to accelerate certain parts of his body such as by quickly vibrating his arm, he can allow it to 'phase' through matter, his favorite way of attacking, to impale people. He cannot vibrate his entire body, only his hands (or whatever is in his hands such as a blade).

E doesn't just move faster than everyone else, he 'lives' faster. His cells regenerate at a far superior speed then normal humans, as such, he can heal far quicker than most people. He, of course, cannot regrow limbs or heal from something that would be impossible to heal on its own, but his accelerated healing allows things such as cuts and gunshot wounds to quickly heal. While he is not immune to disease or infections, they 'go through' his system far faster then most people. A '24 hour' bug would last little more than an hour for E. Of course, it isn't a miracle healing ability and it does tend to bite him such as with broken bones that, often, require the bone to have to be rebroken to set correctly. It is incredibly useful as E can easily harm himself with his own power. If he were to hit something, he would shatter his bones from the force of the impact (and likely, shatter whatever he was hitting too) and even tripping, whilst he is going, can be fatal.

Due to his incredible speed and mind, E has equally incredible reflexes. He can react to outside stimuli near instantaneously making 'tagging' him an incredibly difficult process. Of course, he has to be aware of it to react, if he didn't see, or hear, it then he wouldn't know to dodge. Thanks to how fast he is, and how fast his mind has to be to keep up, E can quickly absorb information, far faster then most people. He can thumb through books that would take days for people in hours to mere minutes depending on the subject. This isn't without cost though as doing so as quickly as he can cause his brain to 'overload' from exertion which can result in blackouts or, at worst, brain hemorrhaging. Both reflexes and his ability to absorb information are connected to his advanced perception. E truly does 'live' faster than everyone else. To him, the world is moving in slow motion (going even slower the more he accelerates), as such, he has more time to examine his surroundings, ponder his options and make his move.

|{Power Weaknesses}|
♢ Advanced Aging
♢ Energy Bleed
♢ Heightened Metabolism
♢ Cognitive Shut Down
♢ Advanced Perception


E's incredible power has a price. A terrible price. E is aging faster than other people. While it does not look like it on the outside thanks to his skin regenerating as quickly as it does to deny things like sun damage, internally, his organs and tissue are suffering. While he is only 23 (turning 24), he has the organs of a forty-seven year old man. The more he uses his power, the harder he pushes himself, the faster he ages, and at the rate he is going, he likely won't live to see forty. Given the conflict is only going to escalate, that he is going to have to draw on more of his power, to push himself closer to his limit... He will be lucky to see his thirtieth birthday. This price is a secret of his that he refuses to tell anyone, especially other members of the century.

Due to the extreme amount of energy his body uses to move that fast, E pumps out energy which is often to referred to as his 'Energy Bleed'. This energy is harmless, and at slower speeds, unnoticeable to the naked eye, but even the crudest sensory tech will spot his thermal and electrical output making it very easy to track him down. At higher speeds, the air will seem to 'shimmer' around him due to the heat coming from his body and, coupled with his clothes, will create a silver blur whilst long streaks of electricity will spark across his body. This 'Energy Bleed' makes it risky for him to meet up with the Century for a protracted amount of time, and he often has to move around for fear of someone catching on to his signature. He cannot wear thermal gear to hide his signature as his body will quickly overheat and bake itself if he were to try and contain it. He has to let it bleed out.

This high energy output has to be constantly refueled, as such, E has an extreme metabolism needing to eat five to six times the amount of food of a normal person and do so numerous times during the day. If he doesn't eat, his body starts to tear itself apart in its desperate plea for energy. The more he uses the power, the greater the need for a 'refill'.

His incredible mind and perception pay a heavy price on his brain. At the end of the day, his mind is still just a mind. He is not a 'super genius' or anything akin to that, as such, his mind becomes exhausted and taxed very easily by just his 'normal' day to day actions as it has to struggle to handle the extreme amount of information being poured into it at the rapid pace especially when he is using his super speed as it has to process the world around him fast enough to ensure he knows what is going on. This strain is brutal and, if pushed too hard, his brain will shut down. He will collapse into a comatose state for hours until his mind has 'repaired' itself enough to awaken. To avoid this, E needs to sleep often and for long periods of time. On average, E sleeps 14 hours a day. The harder he pushes himself, the longer he will need to sleep. The worst he has ever pushed himself caused him to 'shut down' for two days. This is extremely risky especially when coupled with his high metabolism as if he doesn't have someone nearby to take care of him, his body can destroy itself in its quest for energy whilst his mind has shut down.

E's advanced perception is just as much a curse as a blessing. He doesn't just see bullets and knives moving slower, he sees people moving slower, hears music at a slower pace as he may be 'living' faster, the world around him, is going its normal pace. This shows itself prominently in music, where he cannot stand most due to how painfully slow and drawn out every lyric and note is, and conversations where he has to struggle to not finish sentences or interrupt people with the answer as they are speaking. It is hard to fathom, but despite his rambling, seemingly absentminded drivel, E is an extremely patient man because he has no choice. He is alone in his 'existence' living minutes before everyone else always waiting for the world to catch up.

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Skilled Fighter and Combat Instructor- Not only is E fast, he is very skilled in combat, well, he has to be as he is the Centuries trainer. He is not the greatest in Century, but he is very adept. His power helps greatly in this, allowing other members to 'test' their powers on him knowing he can likely dodge, or at worst, heal from the injuries, his heightened perception allows him to view their form and actions even in combat to better see where they need to improve and his speed allows them to better hone their reflexes and accuracy.
Underworld Contacts - Because Century cannot get their supplies through... normal channels, they need to look for other sources and that is where E comes in handy having built a large underworld network that allows him to 'acquire' the supplies they need even if he has to do less than honorable means to get them.
Sleight of Hand - Having grown up on the streets, E has picked up some unique skills that require a quick hand and no one has hands as quick as E.
Brews Mean Coffee - Not incredibly useful, but E is very proud of his ability to make good coffee. He uses a percolator and sees any other method of brewing coffee as nigh-heretical.
Can Totally Tie a Cherry Stem With His Tongue - Requires a bit of teeth work, but he can do it. Something he is quite proud of.

Not about their power

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
☁ Tends to be a bit abrasive... Purposely abrasive.
☁ Refuses to rely on others, and secretly, doesn't trust others.
☁ Can't handle displays of personal affection.
☁ Has a desire to dominate others.
☁ Afraid of his own abilities.

Not About their power

Ⅰ Coffee Sampling
Ⅱ Reading
Ⅲ Whittling
Ⅳ Crochet (Although he would never admit that to anyone).

✗ The Barrier
✗ Cognitive Shut Down
✗ Mind Control/Telepathy
✗ A Still World


Ever since E could remember the 'Barrier' has existed, the subconscious limiter he has placed upon his own power that keeps his speed under a certain level. As he runs and accelerates faster and faster, he can feel the Barrier and, to his dread, he swears he can hear something calling to him from the other side. Beckoning him to go faster, to shatter the barrier, to cross the point of no return and join it, and it terrifies him. A part of him, deep down, knows that should he ever break that barrier, if he were to cross that threshold.. there would be no coming back. He has never told a soul about the 'Barrier' or the voice that beckons him to join it.

Along with the Barrier, E's cognitive shut down is certainly not on his list of favorites. He hates being helpless and weak which is exactly what that does to him, forces him to rely on others even in a small way, but most of all, he is afraid of his mind shutting down and never awakening again. To fall into the darkness of his mind and never again open his eyes. To simply fade away. Every time the darkness comes, a small part of him screams that this is it. The final fall of the curtain.

His mind is his sanctuary and prison. It keeps him living 'faster' then everyone else, separated and alone, but at the same time, it is the one place he can be honest with himself, with his desires, with his fears, with his secrets... the idea that someone can easily breach it, bare his thoughts and very soul to the world is a unimaginable horror to consider. But even more then that is the idea that someone else can control his mind and his actions, to use him like a puppet or doll and be unable to stop it... unable to fight it is the stuff of nightmares. It isn't easy being on the same side with someone who can control minds and should he ever use that power on him, or any other member in the group, and E found out about it? He would wash his hands of the group (assuming he didn't try to kill him in a blind fury).

A fear that makes frequent trips in his nightmare is the idea that, one day, he will go so fast that he will never be able to slow down. It isn't that he won't be able to stop himself from running, but that he will have moved so fast as to put himself onto another 'plane'. Where he cannot slow his molecules down and where the world around him has frozen, to truly, and forever, be alone.

In his life, and line of work, E has had his fair share of regrets. The most prominent are:
☢ Abandoning his childhood best friend and letting him die.
☢ Turning a blind eye to the sexual assault of a woman coming home from work.
☢ That he will, likely, never have children and even if he did, he would die long before he got to see them grow up.

✤ Advaned Aging The knowledge that his power is rushing him towards death's doorstep is a burden E must bear alone as he would not place that weight on the Century when the whole world is already on their shoulders.
✤ The Barrier His limiter and safety harness is something he keeps to himself. He would rather not have people know his weakness and fear of his power, and more than that, have people notice how insane he is to have a voice whispering in his head.
✤ Himself E keeps most knowledge of his past and personal details secret from everyone else, in fact, he has developed a unique way of doing so. He is extremely talkative and often rambles about small details about himself such as his favorite food, places to go and other such minor details, this creates the illusion that they know more about him than they really do and so most never notice how very little they really know about E.


{"I am, by far, the least interesting person in this room, which, in a way, makes me the most interesting, no?” }
- E

Abrasive/Witty || Optimistic || Enthusiastic || Resourceful || Independent/Maverick || Stoic

E's 'outgoing' and 'talkative' nature tends to come off one of two ways, extremely abrasive or rather witty... sometimes a little of both. E has never been afraid to speak his mind or share his thoughts with everyone around them, even if he doesn't know them, nor does he have any issue with telling someone how silly they are acting or how mindbogglingly stupid their ideas may be. His ramblings, inappropriate timed musing and jokes often rub off wrongly on many people especially those of a sensitive disposition. Those with thicker skin, or a forgiving nature, can find him rather witty and amusing with his nature of poking fun at terrible situations, his strong optimism and his habit of laughing in the face of morbidity. This 'abrasive' coating is not only his normal state of being, but also his safety harness. The world is easier to deal with if he laughs at it, and more then that, being abrasive keeps most people at arms length which is the distance he prefers people keep away from him, physically and emotionally. It has been his defensive mechanism ever since he was a child and this defensive 'coating' has only grown larger and thicker as he has gotten older and, truth be told, even if he wanted, E isn't sure he would know how to stop it.

The eternal optimist, E is, generally, the voice of lightheartedness in any group he is apart of. He is always willing to look at the brighter side (and poke fun at said brighter side) of any situation. It started when he was younger because he needed something to believe, he needed to believe it would all get better because he couldn't bear the idea that his life was shit and always would be. He would have collapsed under the weight of his own self-pity and doubt. While that reason still exist currently, his need to see a better future to cling onto the small shreds of hope that get him out of bed, but it serves the dual purpose of aggravating some which he finds to be 'good fun'. This optimist goes rather well with E's natural enthusiastic nature. He is always willing to lend a hand, always happy to liven up a situation and brings a certain unbridled energy with him that, often, excites and invigorates others. He has a certain 'life' about him that many find enjoyable to be around such as his excited fidgeting when a tasty treat is in order or his love of a good game and willingness to partake in rather silly endeavors.

This enthusiasm is well placed as E is an incredibly resourceful human being. Having lived the majority of his life with little to nothing, E knows how to stretch out supplies, how to scavenge useful odds and ends from trash and how to rough it when necessary. He is incredibly good at making 'connections', very profitable connections with those who are always happy to lend a hand, or a nice discount, for a favor. This ability, and trait, of his has come in handy in keeping himself alive and the Centuries supplied, but this resourceful nature feeds his strong independent streak. There is little E hates more than having to rely on other people, especially, if he has to rely on them emotionally. It makes him feel weak and vulnerable, easily exploited by others, and in his mind despite his optimism, people tend to strike when they see vulnerability even if that is not their conscious intentions. He loves to handle things on his own and hates being told what to do or how to do it. He expects, and will demand, a high level of operational freedom in his life and on his assignments and will chaff under restrictions. This independent streak borders on rebellious. He will often flaunt rules and restrictions simply to flaunt them making him a bit of a Maverick even in the 'outcast' group he is already in. This need to flout rules comes from his deep desire to be able to stand on his own, to not need other people. Stoicism is something he has always striven for, he doesn't need a shoulder to lean on, he doesn't need arms to hold him, he doesn't need other people. He can handle himself, he can control his emotions, he can handle the pain on his own, as he has always done. More than that, he has no idea how one would even go about asking for such assistance and he cannot imagine other people giving it out without demanding something in return or expecting a level of reciprocation. He refuses to be so weak or so vulnerable, he cannot afford to be. If he were to unravel and shatter like that, E doubts he could ever put himself back together. This strong desire for independence and stoicism makes him emotionally distant from other people and if they try to get close, he tends to rebuke their advances, even among the Centuries. He has already sworn to himself that if the day came where he needed them more then they needed him, he would quit and walk away.

{"I think I deserve a pay raise. Do you have any idea how many shoes I go through in a week? I don't think it is unreasonable to demand my pay be more then a whopping grand total of zero. Really makes me feel unappreciated. Also, totally unrelated, does anyone know a good Cobbler?” }
- E

▲Coffee ▲Cats ▲Beards ▲Children ▲Crocheting ▲Sunrises ▲Sweets ▲Reading ▲'Messing' With Other People ▲Rain
▲Earthy Scents ▲Games ▲Puzzles ▲Star Gazing ▲Red Heads ▲Bad Jokes ▲The Ocean ▲Red Meat ▲Blueberry Anything ▲Bubble Baths

{"You know what I hate? When people tell me what I hate or when I am upset. I think I know my emotions a little better than you. Unless you are a mind reader, in which case, I am upset that you are reading my mind to find out why I am upset. I think every mind reader out there needs to give you a signal when they are scrounging around in your head, just a little heads up that they are about to bend our memories, feelings and dreams over the nearby table, hands up in agreement? No one? Really? Fine.” }
- E


▼Mind Reading/Control ▼Personal Questions ▼Pointless Rules/Restrictions ▼Sweaters ▼Snow/Ice ▼Coffee Creamer/Decaf ▼Loud Sharp Noises (Whistles/Snapping) ▼Southern Accents ▼Angsty 'Teens' ▼False Platitudes ▼Soda ▼Oversensitiveness ▼Purple ▼Clowns ▼Tomatoes/Onions/Celery ▼Spiders ▼The Word 'Moist' ▼Green Tea ▼Rice Burners ▼Speeches ▼Flying

{"Want to know my deepest, darkest secret of which I am forbidden to speak of else I be struck down by whatever happens to be at hand at the time? You can't tell anyone, my very life depends on it, and I can only trust you with this knowledge, are you ready?.. I am rather fond of cats.” }
- E




|{Place of Origin}|
Modi'in Illit, Israel



Adara and Oren had never intended to make the arduous journey to North America, but children have a way of changing priorities. The land that was once Israel was little more than a large war zone as not even the comet could remove centuries of religious tension. With the Israeli government, and the rest of the world scrambling, they was little they could do in the face of new aggression from their neighbors, and worse, the sudden influx of radical extremist with powers. Suffice to say, decades of such conflict had left the land in terrible shape and while they loved their homes, they didn't want to raise a child in such a place, so, gathering what money they had; they purchased transport to the west hoping for a better life.

What they found was, indeed, better then the place they left. While tension and conflict still waged between various groups with inhuman powers, at least, it wasn't to the scale it was back home, but they did face a new problem, a lack of opportunity for poor immigrants. They had to make do with what they had, but the stress quickly got to Oren, especially, with another baby on the way. What little money he could scrap together started to disappear to feed his newly discovered drinking habit. It was a vicious cycle. When he sobered up, the shame of his addiction and not being able to provide for his family drove him to drink using what little money should have been going to his family. It all came to a head when, desperate for cash, he attempted to mug someone only to find out said someone had powers. There wasn't much of the body left which, in retrospect, could have been a blessing in disguise as they could not have afforded a funeral.

Adara faced with a young boy and a baby girl, a dead husband and a rundown shack, she did the only thing she could do. Sold her body. Few were willing to hire an immigrant man, much less, a single immigrant mother of two.


E doesn't remember a lot of his childhood, a mental block to protect himself from some of the things he had to witness. He can still remember men coming and going from the small shack they lived in, of the late nights she would stumble back home, her face covered in bruises. Adara had 'acquired' a 'protector'. A rough dockworker, Aaron, who took large cuts from the money Adara earned in exchange for protection, of course, it was more protection from his fist then anyone else. To ensure she stayed loyal, he introduced her to drugs, keeping her 'supplied' kept her docile, and soon enough, she couldn't reject him even if she wanted to, the craving was far too strong.

In her moments of clarity, and with E's help, they did their best to take care of Ranica, but they could do little more than watch as Ranica struggled to breath before finally succumbing to pneumonia. It was at this time, when he was just a child running through the streets, his small hand clasped around what money he had looking for help that he discovered his power, but even Super Speed can't bring back the dead.

Rancia's death was the tipping point for Adara, it broke her spirit. She was never the same, finally succumbing to her new life living only for her next fix and willing to do anything to get it. At only seven years old, E was left to fend for himself. He tried to make do stealing what food he could from his own mother and trying to avoid Aaron's gaze as the large man had taken to beating him to avoid 'damaging the merchandise'. Often thrown for the house while she was 'entertaining', he found new friends in the slums, children, like him, who, for some reason or another, found themselves spending the majority of their time in streets barely fit for packs of rabid dogs. He learned how to scavenge for edible food from trashcans and dumpsters behind restaurants, how to slip his hand into a distracted person's pocket and relieve them of their wallets and, most of all, how to avoid the larger gangs who would want to 'indoctrinate' them especially E thanks to his Super Speed which had quickly become the lifeline of their small group.

It didn't take long for E to leave his mother's house after Aaron threatened to call the Immortals about E and his power, eager to turn him in for a reward. Life with his small group of friends moving in and out of abandoned buildings became home. Despite being one of the youngest members, E became the lifeblood of the group, his power letting him break into buildings, scavenge money and food, and leave before the authorities knew any better. As the years went on, E grew used to this life, to him, it was normal, and despite being a rather... hard person to get along with due to his immense impatience and arrogance over his power, he was happy... well, reasonably happy. When he was 12, he took new boy, Richard, under his wing. Despite being a year younger, Richard did not know how things 'worked' in their part of the city. The boys quickly became friends and, while E still struggled with cooping with his power, Richard had extreme patience for his age, always eager to please and quick with a laugh. But their time together was not to last.

Eventually, a much larger and stronger gang took notice of them and started to demand a percentage of their take. At first, they agreed, but E's ego refused to let them benefit from his work. Using his influence in the group, he convinced them to stop paying, to fight, because how could they beat them when they had the super fast powerhouse E on their side? He was a hero, in his own mind, a valiant knight standing up for his friends, and what had become, his family. When goons came to collect their cut, the gang of preteens jumped them beating them down with 2x4s, shovels and whatever else they could get their hands on, a message to their bosses that they would not be bullied.

They were young and incredibly, incredibly stupid. The gang retaliated with gusto, two of their younger members, just kids, were gunned down in the street, another had his ring finger removed. In a desperate retaliation, E raided their warehouse, burning what supplies he could find, they couldn't catch him, right? Even if they could, he didn't care as he was blinded by rage and bruised ego. In response, the gang launched a raid on the small rundown gas station they had been sleeping in. E fought back, using the small pocket knife he had to wound a few of them, but it was a day of learning because their leader also had powers. He could turn his skin into solid stone, and in that moment, E fled. His power had made him special, invincible. Yes, it had its downfalls, and he was, at times, terrified of it, but he was unbeatable, a god among mortals... But he was nothing more then an arrogant brat.

They took the 'valuable' kids prisoner, the girls who would grow up to turn tricks and the boys old enough to join, and Richard was among them. It didn't take much to get them to rat out who was closest to E. They left a note on the counter, a simple exchange, E for Richard. With E, they could turn him into the Immortals, or, keep him and beat him into submission... E ran. He was young, but above all, he was a coward. He ran until his legs couldn't move anymore. Finally, after years, he did what most kids do, he ran to his mom. He hadn't seen her in years, but he had no where left to go, but as it turns out, she had been dead for months. With nothing left, he fled the city and didn't look back, his legs beating a furious trail as he tried to outrun his own guilt and shame. Richard's broken body was found, throat slit, a week later in a ditch. To the rest of the world, he was just another gutter rat that died in the slums.


E wandered for a long time, moving from city to city, using his power to take what he needed to survive, blind to the world and everyone in it as weeks melted into months and months melted away to years. In his travels, he saw much of the same. The world was broken and not a damn thing was changing. He lived for himself know, he couldn't disappoint anyone if he only had himself, he couldn't be let down if he didn't have anyone around to do it. It was better if he was alone, easier... safer. After turning a blind eye to so many things he wished he hadn't, he still doesn't know why he went out of his way to help that woman get away from the authorities, and even more so, why he agreed to her offer to join her group. His mind screamed no, but for some reason, he had agreed with some silly remark, and just like that, he was apart of a group again. This time, a group of people with powers... they had a goal, a dream... E had nothing. It was easy to get swept along in their pace, to watch as they fought and bleed for a better future, even now, he isn't sure he is as stern or staunch a supporter as the other members, but it is the closest thing to home he has found in years and while he will never admit it, he is fond of them... Most of them. But he won't make the same mistakes as before, he would keep himself at a distance because, sooner or later, they were going to die, they were going to slip up, and he couldn't afford to lose any more people then he already has.

|{Family Tree}|

Adara Havouvi - Mother - Passed away February 23rd, 2086, at the age of 38.
Oren Havouvi - Father - Passed away June 16th, 2078, at the age of 32.
Ranica Havouvi - Younger Sister - Passed away September 6th, 2082, at the age of 4.

|{Happiest Memory}|
His sister's third birthday. His mother had been sober for the first time in weeks, they had managed to scrounge together enough cash to get a small roast, and E had been given his father's old necklace from his mom for looking after Ranica. It is the only happy memory E really has of his family, and he could still remember the childish hope that their lives were going to turn around, that his mother was recovering and maybe, just maybe, tomorrow would be a better day.

|{Saddest Memory}|
Running through the streets, begging anyone he could find to help him save his baby sister waving what pitiful money he had to try and get help. It was at this time, as he was sprinting to the hospital, his small legs pumping as fast as he could that he discovered his power, but even with it, he still wasn't fast enough to save Ranica.

{"I wonder if we are doing the right thing. Don't get me wrong, we could be worse. Far, far worse. Like those one guys. You know, dudes in suits, but we could do better... couldn't we? Or are we doomed to fail if we try to be better? Either way, I can't help but feel that, at the end of all of this, all we will have left is blood and dust.... Hey, on the bright side, we won't have to wait in lines anymore..” }
- E

“I spoke to God today, and she said that she's ashamed.
What have I become, what have I done?
I spoke to the Devil today, and he swears he's not to blame.
And I understood, cause I feel the same.

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, righteous side of hell.

I heard from God today, and she sounded just like me.
What have I done, and who have I become.
I saw the Devil today, and he looked a lot like me.
I looked away, I turned away!

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, the righteous side of hell.

I'm not defending, downward descending,
Falling further and further away!
Getting closer every day!

I'm getting closer every day, to the end.
To the end, the end, the end,
I'm getting closer every day!

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, the righteous side of hell.”

{"Never underestimate the power of blind optimism. It has served me very well. Hell, I don't think I could get out of bed if it wasn't for how utterly annoying most people find it.” }
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