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Rosalie Petrov

Don't bother talking to me, your two low in intelligence

0 · 301 views · located in Japan

a character in “Mafia Protection”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Rosalie Petrov
Alias: Silent Panther
Age: 23
Gender: Female



Rosalie carries a cold uncaring aura around her, she is hard to talk too as she usually just point blankly ignores people. She comes across as a cold blunt person saying what’s obvious even if others try to look away from reality. She likes to get something done and over with on a short term basis making her a very impatient person who isn’t afraid to mention how tired she is of waiting. She likes to do a job right and to perfection and she refuses to settle for any mishaps taking advantage of any unexpected circumstances with her large IQ. Rosalie has always been a very intelligent person more so than most others which is why she probably finds talking to others a pain since she has a greater understanding than them.

However this coarse attitude she has towards people is because she knows never to trusts anyone especially if they are your ally as even a cat could betray you from the crumb of dirt under their paws.
The only person she has ever trusting is Dimecurio simply because he rescued her as an orphan and practically provided for her as he raised her to be in the Mafia and survive on her own.

Secretly though Rosalie has a weak spot for cats, if she see’s one she instantly wants to pet it though she will resist if around others. She likes cute girly things despite her job and admires little things like phone charms in shop windows never having the luxury to buy one since she wants her affection for such things to be a secret since it is very unprofessional of her job.

She can also become VERY pissed off if something ever happens to her things such as someone breaking them especially when it involves her car, she is very protective of her car and would probably shoot a person dead if they even scratched it. Not that she would let anyone else ever drive it.
She also has a motorbike with an outfit to ride it with which she tenderly cares for and uses on the more dangerous jobs as she doesn't want to risk getting bullet holes in her car.


  • Cute things (secret)
  • Cats (secret)
  • Sports cars – She owns(stole) a Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Her Suzuki Motorbike which she wears a cat eared helmet for.
  • Smoking Richmond Menthol’s
  • Getting to the point
  • Doing a job quickly
  • Coffee with milk and two sugars in the morning
  • Malibu and Lemonade in the evening
  • Not being hassled by people younger than her or older.

  • Being kept waiting
  • Moaning
  • Unnecessary loud noise.
  • Idiots
  • Spicy food
  • Her Lamborghini Gallardo being marked.
  • Her things messed around with.

Finding good secluded pubs to relax and smoke in
Looking a peoples files to find out everything about a person
Admiring cute things through shop windows

She gets easily annoyed if someone touches or even threatens to hurt her car.
Taps her index finger when restraining anger or impatience
Bites her lip when bored

Description: Standing at 5ft 5" and weighing 9 stone along with a tender toned waist and legs, Rosalie has long black wavy hair from her mothers Italian blood with a button nose and hazel eyes which flicker from brown to green depending on the light they show in.
Rosalie normally wears a full length leather suit when riding her motorbike it is kept in a compartment under the seat along with her cat eared helmet. Otherwise on a job she wears what is most comfortable and easy to move around in which normally varies from loose sleevless tops so her knifes can be got to easily to fitting trousers for flexibility. However she almost always wears black if not sometimes a flash of red when not on a job on her lips and boots.

A set of Daggers is kept strapped to her chest under clothing
2 S&W M629 Revolver guns
A silencer
One whip at her waist
A Knuckle buster.

She was born in Russia, her father Russian and her mother Italian. However her mother died during childbirth and her father from illness when she was ten. Before he died he took her to Italy on the intention of finding her mother’s family to leave Rosalie with for when he died. However he died before finding them leaving her stranded and scared in Italy. That was when Dimecurio found her and brought her into his Mafia family.
This has made her forever indebted to him and loyal to the family.

So begins...

Rosalie Petrov's Story