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Adion Volf

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a character in “Magefire”, as played by unseenshadow2



Full Name: Adion Volf

Nicknames/Aliases: The Black Helmet, DarkSpear

Age: 20

Gender: M

Species: Raptorus - The raptorus are a humanoid race of reptiles that very rarely goes into the cities. This is because they act as magical energy conduits, and if they cast or lose even a bit of magical energy, they begin to pull it out of the nearby area. This can lead to several violent forms of magefire backfire.

A raptorus looks like a raptor, but about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. In reality, the total length of their body and legs comes out to about 7 feet tall, due to the fact that raptorus do not stand straight up. The reason for this is their tail, which is usually about 2 to 3 feet long, giving them the support to lean over. The raptorus are scaled and have no form of hair, but can be told apart by their various coloration and patterns. A raptorus's arms are portioned similarly to a human, helping to give the humanoid look.

The raptorus are also known for their surprisingly bestial civilized culture. The raptorus live in extremely tight night tribes of 5 to 50 raptorus. Very rarely are there battles between tribes, as they move to where they are needed. An example would be that a particular plot of land is home to a farming tribe, but is also hunted by a hunting tribe. Both benefit, the hunting tribe gets food and the farming tribe gets more uneaten crops. Then comes the smiting and building tribe, which gets enough food to live off of from both of the other tribes, supplying them both with weapons, tools, and buildings. This specialized tribe concept has led to heavy trading among tribes and other species, while allowing the raptorus to do as they please without worrying about intruding on other tribes.

When angered, the raptorus will attack using poisons that they can spew over 30 feet, spears and shields, and magic. A lone raptorus, thanks to their speed, strength, and endurance, can take about 4 humans out at a time. A tribe of just 5 raptorus can take out nearly 2 battalions at one time. As the size of the tribe grows, their military strength does so exponentially. This is thanks to the raptorus's closeness to its tribe, causing an extremely efficient military unit from an extremely small group. This makes raptorus assassins and mercenaries almost as valuable as magefire.

Occupation: Hunter

Adion is a pure black raptorus. The only part of his body that is not black is a strip of red going from the tip of his nose, between his eyes, and down his spine to the end of his tail. Adion's eyes are a piercing yellow with a small black pupil. His head is longish and sharper shaped than that of most of his kind.

Adion often wears a black metal plate vest as armor, a black metal helmet that covers the top of his head, and a pair of black leather shorts, to cover up his mating zones.

Adion is a lone raptorus. He wanders around hunting and doing 'odd jobs' for a living. Adion can be both cold and welcoming, but has a distinct hate for elves, the race that killed his tribe. In honor of his tribe, which was a well known hunting tribe, Adion refuses to part with his family helmet and spear, both of which are made of black metal.

Skills: Teleportation, tracking, spearmanship, poison spew

Weaknesses: Poor skill with non-spear weapons, elves send him into a rage, fear of bees

Brief History:
Adion was born to a well known hunting tribe within the forests that make up the homelands of the raptorus. These forests were often attacked by elves looking to expand their power, and they almost always failed to kill even one raptorus.

During the time that his tribe was still alive, they trained Adion in the fine art of hunting. The use of stealth, quickly killing targets, and how to get the edible parts out of the animal. Of course, the also trained Adion to hunt intelligent pray. Such things are not uncommon for raptorus tribes, but Adion in particular excelled at this. Through this training, Adion learned both his teleportation magic and how to use a spear.

Only 2 years ago, an elven raid hit Adion's tribe. The elves' tactic? Burn the forest to drive the raptorus into a nervous frenzy to remove their advantage of organization. Well, this didn't work quite like the elves planned, as the tribe quickly organized a system to put out the fire. During that time, the elves launched an absolute surprise attack on the tribe, leaving only Adion alive, as he was out hunting. He was returning from the hunt when he saw all the evidence. The bodies on the ground in a line with water pales spread out among them, elven soldiers poking each body with a sword, and half the village burned down.

Since that time, Adion has wondered trying to find a young tribe to merge into.

(Anything else you think everyone needs to know about your character.)

So begins...

Adion Volf's Story


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Adion sat in the trees with his spear on his back. The day was calm and the sky a good blue, but that was not what concerned the raptorus. A shipment of recently confiscated magefire testing equipment, which was heading for Witchfell and coming from the capital, where Adion was paid to return it to.

The carriage flew by with the horses at full speed, the valuable cargo they carried was wanted by many, seeing as it was even more advanced than the best stuff that VEGA had. Little did they know that they had a raptorus following them in the trees. On the ground Adion would have never been able to keep up, but in the trees, Adion found his true speed. This carriage was no challenge for the lizard flying silently through the trees.

The 2 guards that sat upon the driving seat of the carriage didn't notice that Adion teleported onto the carriage, until the device they were using to store magefire exploded. This killed the passenger, alerting the driver to the fact that an oversized lizard was stabbing a spear through his chest.

After a moment, the horses stopped and began to graze. Adion threw both of the bodies off of the carriage, and headed straight for the capital, reaching it in around 20 minutes. He pulled up to the gate to the poor district where his client was waiting. Hopping down from the carriage, Adion said, "1 pound." With that the client handed over a pound and a half of gold saying, "Your pay, and a little time bonus."


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Character Portrait: Adion Volf
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Adion slowly walked across the city. A customer told him to go to the castle during a party that was happening today, then free the dragon. Adion had already found a healer, who may be bound and in a bag, to redirect his magic through as a way to turn the dragon's magic into healing. That was the beauty of the raptorus, their natural ability to control magic flows. Of course, it took quite a bit of focus.

Adion made his way to the castle. It was the nicest building he had ever been. Adion also noticed that no one had run into him, which he figured out why when he looked back down. The commoners were giving Adion a good sized birth.

Adion walked through the halls to the dragon battery. If anything got in his way he would stop it, whether it was making golems magefire cores explode or knocking out the guards. This was actually pretty light to him, seeing as he did work as an assassin. Once he reached the doors to the dragon chamber, Adion stopped to take a look at it.


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Adion stood, watching Maeve Winterborn and Meryl Stormsong talk. Adion simply stood absolutely still in a shadow, the only differences between him and the shadow was his eyes and the shininess of his scales and armor. When the dragon made the low groan, Adion had to hold back from rushing to help. If this were a mammal, Adion would not have shown so much care. That was a trait about mammals, they had a nice, cut-throat society.

Adion stood still until Meryl left, only then approaching the great beast in the chamber, rubbing his hand across the dragon's scales.