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Maeve Winterborn

"People care not what cruelty is involved in their comfort."

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a character in “Magefire”, as played by VitaminHeart



Maeve, as pictured in a formal portrait at age twenty-one, a few years before the dissolution of the Order of the Dragon.

Full Name: Maeve Fiachra Winterborn

Nicknames/Aliases: Mae-mae (Affectionate) Maeve of the Mists (During her time as a rider.)

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Human, though the Winterborn family is thought to have had some elvish blood at some point far down the line. For that reason they have quite sharp features and pale hair.

Occupation: Former Member of the Imperial Order of the Dragon.

Description: Maeve was described in some records of the Order as being a beautiful lady rider, though the writings may seem somewhat exaggerated, beholding the woman as she stands today. Maeve is a distinctive, if not particularly beautiful individual. Her features are sharp and generally 'elfin' in appearance. She has high, prominent cheekbones, a narrow nose, deep-set eyes and thin, pale lips. Her hair is a very pale blond hue, though at this point it appears dull, loosely tied, back, and in need of a thorough wash. It appears that she has been neglecting herself to some degree....though no longer having any money officially does not help. Her clothes appear old and frayed, made up of a rather haphazard assortment of items.

Personality: Maeve is an individual who has been through a very difficult few years psychologically, and this is quite clear upon much interaction with her. Born into a background of soldiering and military she learned to be a stoic and unshakable individual, not one to be ruled by their emotions. She also learned the importance of maintaining her dignity, even in the face of terrible occurrences.

During her career as a member of the Order of the Dragon, Maeve was known as one of the more diplomatic individuals among them. She had been raised to be comfortable around others, even those of high status, and so was often used in the interests of politicking and keeping on the good side of various powerful individuals. She tended to be quite at home negotiating and discussing matters. It was possibly this tendency that led her to her own fate.

Despite this, cracks have appeared in Miss Winterborn's normally rock solid composure at the treatment of her dragon by the empire. As one of the Order of the dragon she was magically bound to her dragon counterpart Rah'von, and along with that she gained a deep and personal, almost sisterly affection for the creature. The years of being unable to do anything to prevent the abuse inflicted upon him by the empire and VEGA has effected her deeply and she feels enormous personal guilt for her own involvement, as well as a personal obligation to protect Rah'von in any way she possibly can.

Maeve feels a deep resentment both toward esoteric technologists, especially VEGA for what they had done in pursuit of advancement, and also toward the other dragon riders for the perceived abandonment of her and Rah'von. She feels betrayed by the Order, and no longer considers herself part of it.

Skills: As a former Dragon Rider, Maeve was trained throughout her childhood to be a fighter. She is quite adept with weapons and can give quite an informed opinion on tactics and fighting styles. She is also very knowledgeable on magical creatures and their behaviour. She is quite athletic and completely undeterred by heights, able to climb and take actions that would make the normal man weak at the knees. She is far tougher than her appearance would let on, and appears to be able to shrug off minor injury without much complaint.

Weaknesses: Maeve is very much out of practise in the field of combat, or indeed any of the activities she's trained in. She has been stuck inside the depths of the palace for the best part of five years, refusing to abandon Rah'von. As a result she's not retained the same level of fitness she'd kept as a rider. Beyond that, while it is not as immediately obvious on her, what has happened to her dragon has taken a toll on Maeve's health, and she is prone to sickness. Her link with Rah'von means that his death, or near death causes a psychic shockwave to hit her, something that it potentially lethal. Maeve expects that she may die when Rah'von dies.

Brief History: Maeve Fiachra Winterborn came into the Winterborn line, a dynasty of well-known dragon riders, the post being handed down the line for centuries. Her father, grandmother, and uncle were all well-known riders, and her mother was of noble bloodline, meaning that Maeve was born into considerable status, and gained a great confidence from it.

From early age she trained for her destiny, learning from the rest of her clan the rules of combat, or persuasion, and etiquette, so she might be as at home at a formal banquet as driving a sword through the head of an ogre. As she grew into her teenage years she travelled with her father into the mountains in order to meet with the dragons and discover her partner. There, she met her dragon Rah'von, a young mist dragon, and they stuck up an immediate bond.

For some years they trained together, learned about one another, before they were bonded, their destinies intertwined with one another for life. It was from there that Maeve became a fully initiated member of the Order, and began her work. Her first years in the order proved something of a baptism of fire, as a terrible war flared in the northern territories, beast-creatures pushing south and invading outposts there. It was a hard-fought campaign that claimed the life of Maeve's father and his dragon Therir, but proved her mettle as a soldier who could keep her calm, even in the face of a considerable loss. Maeve considered it to be a matter of duty.Her father had met his end doing what he was born to do, and such was the life of the Order. All knew being slain was a risk that came with their status.

The death of the emperor occurred a few years later, and with it the crowning of the young empress and the 'Magefire Revolution'. Soon enough the importance of the Order of the Dragon began to diminish as war machines and magefire weaponry became common in their usage, promising the safety of the borders without the need of reliance upon beasts of the air.

With the encroachment of VEGA into the palace and disturbing rumours surfacing about their activities in Witchfell, many in the Order of the Dragon began to talk of leaving the capital for more remote parts, away from the influence of the organization. Maeve, still young and optimistic, announced her intentions to remain in the palace. She thought that her skills in negotiation would allow her to talk the young empress into forsaking VEGA and their technologies. She thought that by leaving they would only leave themselves with no voice in the city to counter them. As the others left, the rider remained, confident that all this was simply a fad that would quickly blow over as soon as the novelty wore off in the eyes of the empress.

Sadly, she was terribly wrong, and as the demand in the city began to rise, one of the esoteric technologists proposed something to the empress in secret.

One night, Maeve found her sleep to be unnaturally heavy, and continuing long into the day. She awoke sometime in early evening, a pain gripping her ribs. From below pitiful screams and cries issued. The rider stumbled out and down into the lower levels, following the noise, though she struggled to stand. Down in a large chamber below the palace she found the source of the pitiful sounds, her dear Rah'von, chained down, crowds of esoteric technologists swarming around him, cutting into his chest and grating in some vile metallic device. Maeve had screamed at them, shouted, searched for a weapon, anything to drive them away, but guards had gotten hold of her, dragged her away and locked her back in her upstairs room, where she listened, agonized, to the cries and pleas of her closest friend.

Five years passed. Maeve remained in the palace, the bond to her partner keeping her there, if her loyalty did not. Soon, as it became apparent that the creature would be incapable of escape anyway, she was allowed back down to him, and there she remained, regarded as little more than an annoyance by the staff, be it one necessary. Her 'co-operation' was recorded officially as being approval on her dragon's treatment, but in reality it was down to utter powerlessness in the situation. She remained with Rah'von to try and protect and care for him as much as she could, but struggled with the guilt at what her naivety had resulted in.


So begins...

Maeve Winterborn's Story


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Today was going to be horrible. Most days, the Guard Captain awoke much closer to noon than to dawn, relishing in the slight abuse of power magic and status had given her, but today... today was special, and required her to arise before even the sun. It was all due to this ridiculous event the Empress had planned, giving the rabble a sight of the inside of their betters' venerate home and forcing a major security and logistical nightmare upon those who would have to keep this rabble in line. The day before had seen most of the actual planning for where each guard would be stationed, what their patrols would be, when they were to be relieved, and what would happen to them if they deviated from this plan and something happened in their absence.

And so, there, in the main hall, where thousands would soon be gathering in dangerous proximity to the Empress, she stood, wearing the outdated armor she had worn for decades, with all its dents, scratches, weight, and faded colors, watching her subordinates get into their position and evaluating how effective it all seemed. When each of the guards who would be tasked with overseeing this floor were in their positions, their captain dismissed them so they could be attentive for the event. With the main floor secured, and other officers tending to most of the other major areas that were collectively being known as the greatest security risk the Empire has ever known, Meryl set to making sure that the less obvious areas were properly tended to.

There was checking each of the hallways that were to be used by the servants, each of which had a golem or a guard to ensure any harassment ended either peacefully or with a dead commoner, and the paths to the palace's depths. This is where the most annoying of orders were to be found, as the unsightly source of all this technological greatness that Meryl could outmatch over a century ago was being left open to the public. Now, she understood the concept behind today's events; the Empress wanted the people to see her as magnanimous and her governance transparent, but there were precautions that could easily be taken that no one would be bothered by. The most important of which was access to that disheveled dragon girl and her indisposed pet, something no one needs to see and something that could easily be kept out of the public mind with nothing but a locked door and any number of excuses as to why it was so. As she walked down the corridor to the place she rarely visited–for why would anyone who wasn't one of those incredibly odd Technologists ever want to see what was down there–she passed by several golems, placed there to look intimidating and indirectly keep the people away.

When she came within sight of the chamber door, she hesitated to go further; the dragon girl would be inside and the dragon girl was never one to be quiet, agreeable, and stress free. Still it wasn't like it wasn't easily understandable why she was such, what with her great beast reduced to a battery and her revered order scattered like the fools they were. And, with a heavy sigh and her hesitation overcome, Meryl took those extra few steps necessary to notice that the dark outline of the chamber doors was slightly askew. Someone, most likely one of the Technologists with his mind too consumed by thoughts of Magefire to worry about common courtesies, seemed to have left the doors open. As she moved closer to shut them so as to not attract the curious eyes that weren't discouraged by the hallway full of staring, eyeless golems, she noticed something of a more fleshy shape and color. She stopped and squinted to see who it was peering out into the empty corridor, only to see the distinctly ragged looks of the one who spent the most time in that dreary place.

She resumed her march towards the door, but slowed the pace in an attempt to not make the girl adjust her temperament to her appearance and go rabid. "What are you doing, girl?"


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Maeve Winterborn was snapped out of her reverie as she heard someone's voice addressing her. Her attention was pulled to the individual who'd approached. The clunky old armour, the strange inhuman eyes, the impression of irritation upon seeing Maeve. It was Meryl Stormsong. The woman could not say she had any love for the woman, but then that was less out of any personal vendetta and more due to the fact that in her eyes all those who served the empire in complete knowledge of what they had done to her companion was as good as showing their approval of the Empress and VEGA ruining her life, and the Winterborn heir treated them accordingly..

"I am allowed to stand here, am I not?" the woman responded icily.

"Or is that another right I am to be denied? I have already been stripped of my status, my career, my property and any say in what becomes of my dragon. Am I to perhaps be locked in here as well?

Maeve could be an imperious creature. Possibly it came down to having been raised to consider herself to be a person of status. Some attributed it to inherent elven arrogance (though such topics were rarely brought up within earshot of Meryl Stormsong, in fear of reprisal). For the most part however, Maeve was seen as being self-important due to being a member of the Order. Many had regarded them to be a somewhat self-superior folks during their period of influence, though it appeared that old habits died hard in the case of Winterborn, who while as she was she better resembled a vagrant that had wandered in from the gutter she still carried herself like a noble woman.

"No sanctions have been placed upon me that I'm aware of though people scarcely see fit to even speak to me now." the former rider added. She had little exchange with the staff of the palace. Most of those who worked there had little reason to enter the magefire chamber, and those that did were the Esoteric Technologists who ran the project. Those were people whom Maeve resented and held unmasked contempt for. They were always the same. They would stride in, push her to one side and start doing things to her Rah'von as if he were some piece of machinery. How she loathed them.

She was about to speak again when a low groaning noise caused her gaze to snap round, breaking the eye contact she'd maintained with the woman since the conversation had begun to look to the enormous form of the dragon. The drake shook and struggled to lift its head up, tail sweeping across the tiled floor.

"Rah'von!" Maeve called, rushing over to the great beast and wrapping her arms around its head, speaking to the creature in some sort of dialect long forgotten by the majority of people, and most likely dismissed as useless anyway. This seemed to have completely stolen her attention away from attempting to argue with the Guard Captain, as it was wont to do. In regards to her dragon the woman appeared to had a one track mind.


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Adion stood, watching Maeve Winterborn and Meryl Stormsong talk. Adion simply stood absolutely still in a shadow, the only differences between him and the shadow was his eyes and the shininess of his scales and armor. When the dragon made the low groan, Adion had to hold back from rushing to help. If this were a mammal, Adion would not have shown so much care. That was a trait about mammals, they had a nice, cut-throat society.

Adion stood still until Meryl left, only then approaching the great beast in the chamber, rubbing his hand across the dragon's scales.