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Amelia Smith

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a character in “Magia Maledicto”, as played by Saint Crash


Full Name:
Amelia Caitlin Smith, known to friends and family as Amy.



Amelia stands at a rather average five foot six in height, and her build is slightly curvier than average. She does her best to keep fit, but she has never been able to meet the slender, delicate ideal expected of a woman. Like her mother, Amy has long, slightly curly black hair, with bangs cut straight above her eyes; a result of a meeting of her little sister's naughtier streak and a pair of scissors. Amy has also inherited her father's almond shaped grey eyes. She also fair skin, just dark enough to identify her as an ordinary woman. 

Pro-magic rebellion.

Amelia's father insisted on his daughters learning how to defend themselves if threatened. As such, she is perfectly capable of physically fighting with whatever is at hand, even her bare fists if she has to. However, Amy isn't stupid enough to start fights, be they magical or physical. She also has a certain flair for potion brewing and foraging ingredients. Her sleeping draughts are currently the most powerful on the black market. 
It's not really a strength, but Amelia's gifts were well hidden as a child and she grew up as a regular human child in the city. She is free to come and go as she pleases, as long as she keeps her allegiance and her true self secret. 

Amelia lives in the city, and so she is obliged to suppress her culture and pride in her femininity. Have you tried to fight in a dress? Her physical strength is average and her fighting style is rather haphazard. In a fair fight, she would not hold out long against an opponent with any kind of training. 

Amelia is a natural hot head, but over time she has learned the importance of biting her tongue and keeping her cool. She has a tendency to keep grudges, and will wait as long as it takes to viciously exact her revenge.
In order to fit in properly, Amelia has become quite the little actress. It is not beyond her to dumb herself down and titter appropriately when being addressed by a knight or man of similar standing, or to appear to delight in trivial gossip with the other local women. None the less, most of these things make her skin crawl underneath. 

At heart, Amelia is a proper romantic. Her couldn't-care-less attitude hides a woman who secretly is waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet and love her for simply being herself. She has the potential to be a good, perhaps even a great witch, and so is strongly ruled by her morality and sense of right and wrong. If it doesn't sit right with her, then Amelia refuses to do it. It is as simple as that. 

Magic, brewing potions, cakes, cats, strong wills, tall men, old books and scrolls, storytellers

Cowardice, lack of respect for mages, the king, stubborn people, 'action men' that act before that think, and those that constantly tell tall tales of their own exploits. 

Until about a year ago, Amelia was convinced entirely for her family's utter normalcy. Her father is a smith of middling skill, and her mother, who often took ill, remains at home, occasionally running a stall that catered to physicians and other medicine men when in good health. She is the eldest of two daughters, and despite having courted several young men, has no real romantic matters to speak of. 
Her emerging powers were dealt with subtly and quickly by her mother, to the point where even Amelia herself was unaware that she was practicing to be a real witch for several weeks. Breathing techniques, spending hours looking for herbs in the forest, walking instead of riding... All tricks taught by the old Temples to those wishing to control, but not develop gifts. Although suspicious of her mother, she didn't pose any questions. As she grew older, her powers grew with her, and soon Amelia got tired of such repetitive, humdrum tasks. She wanted to push her boundaries, learn new things, put this gift given to her to some use. Alone, she consulted books that had been well-hidden, and traded and bartered for more. 

Amelia returned from her market stall just before her younger sister went to bed. The requested story was told night after night, until one evening, she overheard a small detail that she had previously ignored. Curiosity got the better of her, and by pulling softly at one stitch, the whole garment fell apart. Her mother was Caitlin Thorne, the High Priestess, her father a former advisor to the King. They were betrothed when the fated spell was cast. When it came to fruition,  Eric Fitzwilliam, being of non-magical blood, was pardoned for his part. However, learning that his pregnant wife was to be executed, he turned his back on the court and escaped with her. 

While her parents, despite being on the run, despite having to use magic to disguise themselves, despite having to leave virtually everything behind and start again, hold no ill will toward the king, at least, they don't at the present. Although Amelia's father has little good to say, they both agree that the King's actions are merely that of a bereaved, traumatized husband. Only by letting time heal the wounds, and presenting, in time, the true side of magic could things change. 

Things were not so easy for Amelia to accept. She became angry at her mother for being so passive when her people were being killed and treated like mad dogs. The King tried to kill them all, and she hides in the shadows and does nothing. This is personal now, and Amelia has an aggressive streak that is working it's way into her magic. 

As she is unmarried, and her parents are unwilling to supplement the growing resistance by giving their daughter their money to spend, Amelia runs a small underground potions business. She is clever enough to cover herself with whatever spells she can, and so that only those really looking for her can find her in the forest. 

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So begins...

Amelia Smith's Story