Magic and the Mundane

Magic and the Mundane


To normal everyday people life in the city of LA, Nevada is quite ordinary, for they are the Mundane. Those who can't tap into magic. For others though they are given a glimpse into the magical world and will be opened to a world of amazing opportunties.

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With the city of Los Angeles, California growing so big the Coven of Witches who govern all magic knew it was time to move on. Out of the desert in Nevada a new city arose complete with a giant lake. No one knew where it come from and for the Mundane it just always has been there. A veil surrounds the city and it's people and when one comes through the veil one of two things can happen. Life stays the same for the being is a mundane. Otherss though will be given the gift of magic. And for them their lives will never be the same again.

Some are pureblood and for these folks magica cities are the only ones they can visit. Mundane towns just wouldn't understand their ways. Also at the age of 13 a pureblood must decide whether to keep their gifts or live as a Mundane. IT's a decision not to be taken lightly as it has a consequence. For those who choose mundane they may never return home. They will grow to adulthood and be cast out. For magical folks they can never step foot in a purely mundane community.

For those gifted if they leave the veil their powers will leave till they return. This is to protect magica from the mundane. The coven enjoys the stage magic of the mundane as it helps protect all magica. None will see the truth for they would believe it to be nothing more than a mundane parlour trick.

In LA, Nevada life is nice as the Coven established a few laws that govern the magica folks.

One) Magic can never be used for personal gain. This is to prevent folks from misusing their talent for things such as gambling. Any attempt to do so will fail to work.

Two) magic can never be used to kill. You can never kill someone with magic. It will fail everytime. Now there are vanquishing spells but these only work on beings of pure evil. Those with a trace of good in them will be handled by the Magica Tribunal.

Those who try to often to break these rules will be cast out forever. Never able to return to a magica city again. Purebloods can sense the magica energies within and the amount. From a Acolyte to a fullblown Mage. This helps in their occult shops where a special section is kept. When you become magica your power level will discern your magica type.

Acolytes-know only one school usually connected to their occupation or personality.
Practicioners-know multiple schools and are the most abundant of magica users
Mages-These folks are rare but can call up spells from any school.
Purebloods-can wield magic like no other. Mages can never match them and a Pureblood can strip one of magica.

Now ask yourself. Are you ready to step beyond the veil into the world of Magica.

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