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Tamiran Everly

A simple waitress at the Magic Brew Cafe

0 · 655 views · located in Earth

a character in “Magic Brew Cafè”, as played by CrimsonFox



Tamiran Everly

"Tami" or sometimes "Evers"




She's quite short for a satyr, only about 5' 5" with long wavy dark brown hair that reaches all the way down her back. Her horns (though can be filed down into different shapes) naturally grow backwards and curl around her ears. Aside from this from her waist up she looks human with olive-tone skin and eyes as green as the forest. From her waist down however she has the legs of a goat with soft dark brown fur much like the hair on her head and two black, cloven hooves as well as a short fluffy goat tail.

Most clothes are designed for human legs, so unfortunately Tami is forced to wear skirts and dresses so she can be comfortable. Luckily she doesn't really mind them, though she is also unable to wear shoes. Occasionally she'll wear a bow or small hair piece but her horns tend to get in the way of her having any cute hair styles or accessories. She dreams of designing clothes for herself as a satyr, as well as designing clothes for the many other humanoid creatures who wish to pass as humans.

A Quiet / Peaceful Atmosphere
Sketching New Designs
Being Outside

Loud Noises (yelling, slamming, etc)
Others Taking / Seeing her Notebook
Meat (satyrs are generally vegetarians by nature)
Bullying / Fighting

Tami is rather timid in the face of strangers, so she is often alone or in the company of a few people. She generally tries to avoid large crowds as she prefers the peace and quiet over lots of noise. When she is in a comfortable setting (such as the cafe), she's very friendly. If you get to know her you'll find she is very intelligent, observant, a deep thinker and tender-hearted. Though easily intimidated, if someone else is in danger she'll stand up for them. She'd prefer to flee rather than fight, but if she must fight - beware! Her legs can pack a powerful kick, easily able to break bone, and she can charge at speeds of 40mph. Additionally, thanks to her legs, she's extremely agile and can make leaps normal men can only dream of.

Born into a Satyr clan, she was raised in the forest where she learned to sing, dance, play the reed pipes (as all satyrs are taught to do), use some very basic magic and use weapons for self defense (primarily bows and arrows, a staff, and/or a dagger) in addition to her horns and legs. Over time a fascination with humans developed, however unlike her fellows who wanted to trick/tease people, she wanted to learn more about them. She admired how they could change their appearance by simply putting on new articles of "clothing". It seemed much easier than magic, there was more variety, there was rarely any permanence or consequence associated with changing clothes (unlike if a changing spell went wrong), and frankly in most cases it produced more beautiful results than magic did. So in her pass time she began to study and design her own styles, eventually getting her hands on a sewing kit and fabric (don't ask her how, she's not proud of it). However her clan did not approve of this "unhealthy fascination" with humans' ways and teased her relentlessly. This went on until the spring of her 17 year of age.

Spring served as the Mating season. Young satyrs who'd reached 17 years of age were partnered with another of the opposite gender (either by their choice or by Elder's decision) and ritually deemed "Mating Pair"s - which in a sense was like marriage, though most pairs agreed to an open relationship in addition to their Pairing. Tamiran, though was considered odd, was undeniably beautiful. Slender body and flawless skin, dark brown wavy hair tumbling over her shoulders and down her back, horns curled under her ears, and eyes green enough to make a nymph envious. There were many young males vying for her hand, however she wanted none of them. She'd finished her human-costume-clothing days before the ceremony and in the dead of night she gathered her things and vanished, fleeing in the direction of the nearest human city. It took her many days, but eventually she reached the concrete forest.

From there is was easier. She found what the humans called a "hotel" that had long since been abandoned and went up to one of the upper floors, selecting a room for herself. Using a little bit of magic she fixed the room up to her taste (example), so that should would feel slightly more at home. Then, in the rooms around hers she began a garden, bringing to life a variety of other plants she'd use as a food source for as long as she was here - then, so as not to draw any suspicion, cast a spell over the entire hotel so that from the outside the hotel would remain as desolate as it had been before. From there she put her things away, washed herself thoroughly (especially her legs - they take a lot of special attention); then as the sun rose she went to the window and watched the concrete forest's inhabitants wake up to being their daily lives. She spent a few days observing them, learning how to blend in with society. After about a week she decided to try it for real and, to her great delight, all went well for a time. She found she was extremely timid in the face of the hundreds of strangers she passed on the streets, but her costume served it's purpose well and she was able to blend in with them. However, after about a week without incident, she ran into a problem:


While resting on a park bench one early afternoon, watching the people pass and taking notes of clothing she liked in her sketch pad, there was suddenly a loud barking noise that made her jump. Looking up she could see a "dog" (the offspring of wolves that'd been domesticated by humans) snarling and pulling at the rope that bound it to it's owner. The owner, a man who was talking to his "cell phone" (a small device that humans use to communicate with each other while not near each other) obviously was caught off-guard by this, judging by the surprised look on his face when the rope was yanked out of his hand. Seeing the dog sprinting at Tami caused her to panic and she leap up, going into fight-or-flight mode, and took off - bounding down the road with the dog hot on her hooves. Willing herself to go faster and dodging people as she fled, she suddenly took a sharp turn into an alley as a desperate attempt to shake the dog, and ducked inside a small cafe.

The dog ran past the alley, having lost her scent, and she gave a sigh of relief before giving a weak apology to the patrons for disturbing their meals. However, as she looked around, she noticed that all the patrons were.... not humans? Each and every one of them were.... other supernatural creatures! The realization hit her like a waterfall and she quickly took a seat on one of the open couch chairs so she wouldn't collapse. It's never occurred to her that there'd be so may other creatures like her in a human place as she'd assumed they all avoided humans as she's been told to do as a child. She remained in the cafe for a few hours until closing time, enjoying the quiet company of strangers and the generally welcoming atmosphere of the cafe. When it can time to close she went to the owner and asked if there was any way she'd be able to work here, and she was offered a job as a waitress which she gladly accepted. Now she's been living in the city and working at the Magic Brew Cafe for nearly a year and is very happy. Someday she hopes to have her own designer store for supernaturals so that they can more easily (and more comfortably) blend in with society, however until then she's content working her designs and sewing clothes in her free time.

As a Child

Full Body


So begins...

Tamiran Everly's Story