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Joshua Emmett Woodbury

Professor Woodbury | Josh


Human Animagus (He has the ability to transform into a Fox)




Germanic Indo-European

September 15th



Half Blood


180 lb.

Josh takes great pride in his appearance and he often spends a great amount of time getting ready in the morning. He enjoys wearing the classic university professor outfit with bow ties and long robes. He often mixes patterns and takes risks with the clothes that he wears. He spots a pair of thick rimmed glasses and a lot of unruly hair. His hair tends to stand up on end from the potion fumes and incense that he uses in his classrooms. It's become such a hassle to flatten it that he has just embraced the look. Overall one might call his style a bit of a dapper mess.





Joshua is a free spirit, he likes making his own way in the world and discovering things on his own. He's an independent but also enjoys being sociable. He's charismatic when it comes to his classes and tries his best to make his classes as interactive and interesting as possible. He's always hated taking notes and tries not to give too many of those either. He had this idea that he's the cool teacher of the school but no one has ever validated that thought. He's a little vain and takes care to feel awesome or confidant in what ever situation he is in.

He is a bit of a poor influence on students when it comes to abiding by the rules and he often gets a slap on the wrist for putting students in situations they should not be in. He's smart and he knows it but occasionally the call for fun outweighs his over average smarts and he ends up doing something rather stupid. He believes that no answers are unacceptable and when he doesn't understand something that he is interested in he will do just about anything to make sure he learns about it. Joshua isn't afraid to speak his mind to his fellow co-workers and his students and if he thinks something is wrong he will do his best to fix it. He's kind and patient when a student has issues understanding a certain topic and tries his best to mark everyone as fairly as he can.


Joshua Blackwood has been a teacher at Remington's for 4 years, he's greatly enjoyed his time at the school and does not wish to leave it. He feels the school is currently the safest place to be and enjoys enlightening young minds on the powers they posses. Before Remington however Joshua made his living in New Orleans as an assistant to a well known Voodoo Woman named Odie Gray. She taught him everything he knows about Voodoo and he still keeps in touch with her to this day should he ever have a question or if a student brought up something interesting in class. In New Orleans he helped Odie run a small shop where people would come in asking for charms and trinkets to help ward away bad luck or for a potion that would help someone ailing from sickness.

According to Odie he made the best damn assistant in the state and that of course made him glow with pleasure. Josh came to work for Odie after she found him sneaking through her ingredients as he hoped to make a potion for himself. Even as a child Josh had been interested in Voodoo. It was his favorite class in school and in mandatory children's magic school he remembered reading manuscript after manuscript of old rituals and deities. The subject interested him so that he almost failed graduation as his other marks were severely lacking.

When Odie took him in she helped him realize his potential as a Voodoo artist and even helped him when he chose to become an Animagus. It took him a few long years but finally he was able to transform into a fox at will. This of course helped when the two of them were searching for ingredients out in the woods and his nose could sniff out particular plants and mushrooms. When Joshua was offered the job at Remington's he almost didn't accept it as he wished to stay with Odie, but she changed his mind on the matter and told him he was a stupid child for even considering turning down. Joshua truly considers a part of his family and views her as a mother.


      Addicted to Cashews Josh can always be found with Cashews on hands. He has no problem sharing them with students or co-workers.
      Hand GesturesWhen Josh teaches his actions tend to be very animated and over the top.
      Gullible Josh tends to be a little overly trusting and so students can usually get away with late homework should they have a reasonable excuse.
      Deep Voice Many have commented on the low baritone of Joshua's voice and it often helps when he is coaxing students into meditative states.

      ButterBeer | The smell of citrus | Clear Blue Skies | Meandering | Transforming into a Fox and being a part of nature | Voodoo | Talisman making | Star Gazing | Watching looks of horror as homework is given | Helping a student understand something | The Colour Gold

      Food Wasters | The colour Pink | Mondays | The Feeling of Hunger | Windy Weather | Being Upside down | Sand | The Dark Lord | Close minded folks | Getting Lost | Strong Floral Perfumes | Violence | Unnecessary cruelty |






11 1/2" | Rigid | Ash Wood | Dragon Heartstring


Papa Ghede (Come to take him to the afterlife)

Voodoo By far this is the best subject for Joshua. It has been his passion since he was a young child.
Potions As there is some potion making in Voodoo Joshua made sure he knew most of the ins and outs of this ancient practice.
Divination Voodoo has helped Joshua with his inner eye and with his constant meditation the often frowned upon art does hold his interest.

Transfiguration Wand work in general is not Joshua's forte. He can preform a few basic spells but prefers to not even try.
History of Magic What else canhe say about that one... yawn...
Charms and Hexes Again wand work is not Joshua's strongest ability.

Joshua is a major advocate for a free society from the Dark Lord's clutches. He hates the idea of innocent bystanders being harmed and has spoken out against in the school grounds. He's careful however about who he voices his opinions to as he would rather not die.

Odie Grey | Surrogate Mother
(Joshua refuses to acknowledge the rest of his family for reasons he keeps to himself)

He is an Animagus and can transform into a small red fox.

Daniel Bederov


So begins...

Joshua Woodbury's Story

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#, as written by mjolnir
00000...Remington's academic year is in full swing. The leaves began to turn deep shades of red and rusted oranges. Students study for their OWLs or practice Quodpot out in the quad. And when the free time comes they prepare for the All Hollows Eve Ball that will commence in a weeks time. A celebratory dance to celebrate the new world order, Remington and her students. Now starts another week of classes bright and early an autumn Monday morning.


Ramsey Blackwood
[ Laveau ] [ #600A4B ] [ Outfit ]

Moira Castillon
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Chase "Blue" Beckett
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Being the morning bird she was, Moira was up long before the sound of her alarm or the starting of the chirps outside her window. She was to the baths and back before another student even stirred in their beds. She'd be lying if she denied the fact that she spent more than what was necessary on her appearance. But it seemed to be one of the few things she had control over in her life so she insisted on doing it regardless of time.

Unlike his sister, Ramsey hated the bloody morning and would much rather spend the remainder of the day in bed. He detested going to class nearly as much as he hated the school and practically everyone in it. He growled at the annoying noise that was his alarm clock blaring in his ears. He tried to roll over and smother his head in the pillow but to no avail. With a growl he yanked the clock from the wall then chucked it across the room at Drachen's head. "Oy! Asshole!"

He stumbled out of his bed, cursing as he stumbled over the mess of shit they left strewn upon the floor. Ramsey shuffled his way around the room in just his boxers, scratching his abdomen while yawning. He looked back over to Drachen, rolling his eyes. "Get up you lazy ass!" He ripped the blanket from him and chucked it across the room.

It didn't take long for him to get dressed in his far too expensive uniform. He snatched up his books and let Lenox, his quite large and hairy tarantula climb its way up onto his shoulder. "I'm going to go get Moira. You coming?" He slid on a pair of sunglasses while looking back towards Drachen.

Moira had finally finished getting ready just on schedule like every other day. She scooped up her books and slid them into her backpack. When she went to reach for her wand her hand started to feel around but came up empty handed. "Where in the world..." She whispered to herself as she looked around. Her eyes locked on her mischievous kitty, "Jinx?" Moira smiled as she walked over to her cat, carefully scooping her up into her arms finding her wand beneath her. "Stinker."

After finishing to collect her things, she headed out of her room only to be stopped running straight into a wall of a chest. She slowly glances up with a smile on her facing. But it quickly fades when she locked eyes with a hairy spider. She thought that maybe it was someone else and instead it was her brother. "A smile for me? You're too kind."

She scoffed, "I thought you... Were someone else." She held the door open waiting for her cat to prance out after her.

"Might I ask who you were expecting then?" He put his hand against the wall, blocking her in the doorway.

"No one." She slammed the door behind her and ducked under his arm.

Ramsey clenched his jaw as he shifted to offer his arm to his sister, "Come Moira, time for Divination."

Moira picked up Jinx and began to stroke her ears as she paced around the common room. "I do know how to get there brother." She had no desire to walk there with her brother because that not only meant him but most likely Drachen as well. Instead she continued to doddle around the common room hoping that someone else would walk past and save her from having to accompany her brother.

Ramsey slammed his fist against a near by table which made Moira jump and Jinx just about jump from her arms. She held her breath waiting for the price of denying him, but thankfully before he could do something a couple Laveau students walked through the common room waving towards her, "Hi Moira!" She waved back with a smile.

He angrily pushed off the table, "Don't be late for class or Father will hear about it." Without another word he adjusted his blazer and made his way to class, leaving Moira waiting in the common room.

Ramsey got to class with plenty of time to spare. He took his usual seat towards the back in the darkest corner of the room. He kicked the chair in front of it, spinning it around so he had a foot rest. He then leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest and waited, staring at the door.

Chase was sound asleep for far too long and would have remained so if it weren't for the sounds of already loud and rambunctious Fawkes kids weren't running around the common room. His blanket had long abandoned him somewhere in the middle of the night, along with an arm and leg both dangling over the edge of the bed. When the scream of a first year echoed outside his door he startled awake and fell to the ground. "What did I miss?" He wiped drool from his cheek as he looked around lethargically.

It 3 yawns and a good couple dozen of rubs to his eyes before he was able to actually open them enough to look at the clock. When he was able to read what it said he was up faster than he thought was possible, "Shit!!" He darted around the room, stubbing his toe on something new every second or two. "God dammit..."

Somehow he managed to get dressed in 2 minutes flat. His shirt tail was untucked, tie untied just dangling around his neck and a vest loosely draped on his shoulders. He ran out of his room shutting the door behind him. After a second or two he ran back, "Fritz!"" The dark ferret scurried out from under the blanket on the floor. Chase quickly snatched him up and placed him in his backpack. He grabbed a beanie that laid on the ground and then sprinted for class.

He was nearly to class, tugging the hat onto his head to cover his messy bed head. But then he was stopped dead in his steps when he nearly slammed in Professor Blackwood. "Professor."

He nodded his head before going to run around him. He was almost in the clear when the teacher grabbed him by his backpack and spun him around. "Not so fast."

Chase sighed, "What is it this time?" He said while sloppily tucking in half of his shirt.

"Get that uniform tidied up before class or you'll get another detention. Unless you'd fancy cleaning the owlery... Again." Professor Blackwood smiled slightly before nodding his head for Chase to hurry off.

He smiled towards the teacher, "Thanks!" He then continued towards class while finishing tucking in his shirt and tying his necktie.

Chase entered the class room not a moment after he finally got his uniform in order. He let out a relieved sigh before making his way to a table somewhere in the middle of the classroom. Once he sat down, Fritz wasted no time in running out of the backpack and moving to curl up into a ball in his lap.

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#, as written by Emmyz
Another monday morning had appeared out of nowhere - just like the weekend just passed by on a firebold broomstick. Another week with classes and probably even more homework was ahead of them. And not to mention the All Hollows Eve Ball taking place in just a weeks time! Making most of the girls giggle in expectation, and most of the boys just walk around mumbling and being nervous.

The season was getting darker, and autumn was showing clearly. The leaves turning in to different shades of yellow, orange and red. Giving the illusion of the tree's being on fire. Rain season had begun. And whenever it happened to rain, the drops where smattering softly against the leaves creating a calming sound very fitting to the beautiful season. As the weather was getting harsher - so was the waves further down at the gulf of Maine. Smashing against the cliffs as a result of the winds and the currents.

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XX T I M O T H Y ⚜ C O H E N .x â•Ē x.L E I Y O N A ⚜ M C F L E I R N
‡ Fawkes ‡ # 264D00 ‡ Outfit ‡ XXXXXXXXX ‡ Orenda ‡ # CC6600 ‡ Outfit ‡

For a change, the sky was clear today. Making a stream of sunlight finding its way between the red velvet curtains in Tim's room. He was already awake. Not that he was a "morning person", but rather not sleeping much at all - resulting in a slight shade of dark bags under his black eyes. Instead of studying or spending time on his appearance, he was killing the time with push ups.

In the corner of his eyes he could catch a glimpse of his black rat Nightmare, who was climbing up his bed and making hissing noises.
"Don't give me that look Mary! Just a couple more!" he gasped as the sweat trickled down his face. Doing a couple more push-ups, he then stood up and grinned. "200!" he said and wiped his forehead. Being topless, he did not have to worry about any tshirt getting sweaty. But he did have to freshen up, shower, before classes. So he headed for the baths, but stopped on the way like he'd forgotten something. "Oh right!" he said as he went back to the desk, pulling out a drawer and finding half of a meatball he'd snuck out from dinner yesterday. "Here you go my lady" he said in a joking "noble" tone as he gave the food to the black rat sitting on his bed. She grabbed it from his hand and immediately started to munch on it, making her whiskers twitch up and down as she was chewing.

Timothy was not the guy to care for his appearance. After washing away all the sweat and now smelling "presentable". He just took some quick strokes with the toothbrush, putting on some deo and perfume and slipped on a pair of black pants (tight around his ankles and a bit baggy around the bum), a white shirt and a grey knitted cardigan. The neck tie was one of his "things" always wearing ones with chaotic patterns on. Today wearing a checked one.

His hair was still wet (almost dripping) when he left the dormitory and headed for the divination classroom. He let his fingers slide through the blond locks, almost making his hair even more messy.That rule with "hair should be coiffed" was not a possibility for Tim. His hair was just naturally a curly chaos, making even the teachers realize the fact and start to give up.
Being a "night person", Yona hated mornings.. especially monday mornings. She was still asleep, her leg wrapped around the blanket "embracing it" as she sleep like a log. Her golden hair was spread out on the pillow, almost looking like some kind of gloria around her peaceful face.

"Thats not how you brew a wiggenweld potion... " she mumbled and turned around in her bed. Leiyona was quite famous for talking in her sleep, whether she liked it or not. Her biggest fear was probably blurting out something brutally honest (hurting someone) or talking during the nightmares she sometimes had about her fathers death. Not that she thought her roomie, Ophelia, would judge her. But Yona was not ready to open up quite yet. Instead, she was always putting on that "brave" facade.

Her beauty sleep was interrupted by the sound of the alarm, making Yona wrinkle her nose and yawn. She fumbled for the clock and was eager to turn off the terrible noise giving her headache. She stood up on wobbly legs and dragged herself out in to the little living room she shared with Fee. Scratching her leg and heading for Ophelias room, almost in a zombie-like state. Instead of bursting in, she just knocked on her door, letting out another yawn."Rise and shine beautiful" she said before heading to the bathroom. Only wearing panties and an ugly oversize tshirt - she started to get ready for the day. Yona was not the girl to "spend hours" on her appearance. She was like a robot in the morning, and did what she had to do. To be able to sleep for as long as possible, she compromised it by being very efficient.

Getting cleaned up, brushing her teeth, putting on her make up. Mainly being a pitch black dip-liner giving her the "cat eye" look. Back to her room - putting on her school uniform. White button up shirt with a big black neck bow, brown cardigan with black buttons, black short pleated skirt. Nude pantyhoses and beige over knee socks with 2 white stripes on. The over knee socks being her attribute to the otherwise boring dress code.

She combed her hair and styled it in two braids before feeling "satisfied". Before leaving for divination class, she went for her bed to pick up her backpack with books. Giving Gulliwer, her beautiful orange bengal cat, a few strokes- making him purr.
"Im leaving for class Fee!" she announced before walking out from the dormitory and steering her steps towards the classroom.

On his way to class, Tim recognized the familiar backside of Leiyona. The two golden braids and the over knee socks giving her away. Since she still had the "upper hand" on their pranking games, he decided to get revenge. A bright smile appeared on his face as he sneaked up behind her, putting his fingers to each side of her tiny waist.

"Iiiiiiiiihh" a loud squeak sounded as she half jumped while turning around. Not that she was surprised, looking up and facing the tall and goofy figure of Timothy Cohen. Sighting when seeing the spark in his black eyes and the smug smile on his lips, flashing his distinct smile dimples. Yona just gave him her famous "furious look", almost having flames in her pupils.

"You will pay for this! Remember the worms in your spaghetti? I can do much worse. Just wait and see" she said with a serious, steady and sharp voice. Exposing a slight tone of her Scottish accent. Put together, meaning she meant business. She corrected her cardigan, rolling her eyes while turning around tripping off for class not waiting for Tim at all. She sat down at the back of the classroom, close to the windows and sank down. Leaning her face forward, almost lying down on the desk - not much different from a melted puddle. Divination was not one of her strengths. It was however something she believed in, even so- still being her precious "nap time" and making her yawn.

Tim on the other hand, was taking a seat close to Chase. "Blue" he greeted him just nodding short. Then leaning forward and letting the dark eyes gaze down in Chase's lap - seeing the little black ferret curled up in a ball.
"Hello there little friend" he said, looking down. Reaching forward with his arm to stroke the extremely soft fur - just 2 soft strokes before leaning back on his chair again.

The whole thing probably looked extremely wrong/comical to the ones not knowing Fritz was lying in Chase's lap. But that was just typical Tim. Not respecting personal space, not thinking of his surroundings and very often doing awkward things / saying something that could be misinterpreted. He pulled out the books, dropping them on the desk with a muted thud. Before gazing over his shoulder (looking at the door) to see who else would show up...