Jupiter Kuehlem

Alone. It's one of those small words that means entirely too much. Like fear. Or trust.

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"Alone. It's one of those small words that means entirely too much. Like fear. Or trust."




Jupiter Kuehlem

Jupe // Jupiter generally prefers the use of her full name, but accepts this alternative from close friends and/or family
Dog, Monster, Beast, excreta // well… What else can one expect here otherwise?


Werewolf, originally a Human Wizard-born.

Inferus… Beast


Given her affliction, she is extremely motivated and particularly disinterested in getting “that kind of” close to any boy, girl, or nonbinary creature; nor risking procreating something, period.

American-born “Mutt” of British and German descent

October 30th



Half Blood, with a little extra beastie flavor now.


On her “better” weeks she resides at a healthy 108#s or so, but whenever her condition takes its toll 3-5 days before and then after additional to the actual ‘change’ – it is not surprising to note that she drops under 100#s easily, and really looks much too thin more often than not.

Her build is skinny, hardly any shape, and particularly lanky, all torso and legs and arms.

Her skin is often pale, enough so that she does spend an extraordinary amount of time attempting to cover-up with makeups varied from the mundane to the magically; and it is often marred with a varied collection of bruises, cuts, and scrapes – caused more than likely from self-harm during the full moon. The worst of them all however has to be the large chunk taken out of her throat / collar-bone area, from the original attack and bite that infected her.

Her hair is of medium length, well-kept most days, and of a fair, rich hue of sunlight; and has become, over the years since her condition first manifested, has become more heavily streaked and speckled with silver. Her eyes are a washed-out gray-blue color, and often reflect a sense of being impossibly old or rather one that has seen so much (and dealt with so much) that they are simply tired of a sort.




Varying between short bursts of sunshine and daisies, and some form of death warmed over, death slightly chilled, death at room temperature, or some combination of all three; it is more than obvious to the public-eye to note that not only does Jupiter’s physical appearance fluxuate with every blue-moon but her personality often jumps about too. For the most days not “run-over” by the moon, she gives off the immediate portrayal of a person that is very confident in taking charge in any situation; from meeting new people and socializing with others in general really does not cause her to bat an eyelash – no, not even when her condition is known of, and the typical cold-shoulder is given, she doesn’t seem to mind much at all. Before, During, and After an event, Jupiter experiences strong feelings, more so than the average person, of anxiety, anger, envy, guilt, and generally depressed mood; while she does not mean to be sharp or nasty to anyone, and tries to apologize for it (if she remembers doing something awful), it is well known that the best course of action is to avoid her or riling up the wolf within her.


It was not only a surprise, but a shock, when Jupiter received her letter right on time like the rest of her siblings to attend Remington’s Academy. After being bitten when she was seven, living on the outskirts of a small magical community in New York after going outside alone to investigate some suspicious noises and being a far more adventurous sort that her siblings hiding in their rooms; she was lucky (or unlucky as some might put it) to survive the attack, due to her father’s intervention that cursed him in turn. She had fully accepted the fact by the age of 15, after watching her father and family struggle to make ends meet, the constant moves that followed, and the job searching for things far below her father’s ability level, that there was not much of a life for one of the supernaturally cursed – there would be no point in school or learning, if she couldn’t attend anything more than home-school… Jupiter is unaware of what distant family relation her parents whisper of that may have helped, or a pity party far more likely she readily assumes, who got her admitted to the school of Remington despite her condition. But she is extremely grateful for the opportunity given to her, that most of the Beast class don't get a chance too. Enough that she does not mind as much anymore about chugging down the awful-tasting Wolfsbane potion that makes her stomach weak and sour just to keep her sanity during a change, and she attempts to keep up on the fast-paced school work to the best of her ability and health.



* Doesn’t eat green things.
* Is a habitual sniffler even when she is healthy.
* Silently mouths the words when she’s reading or writing.
* Has several parts of her body that are double jointed, and bend or flex in an unnatural or uncanny manner.
* Has a tendency to do weird things with her hands while lost in thought; drumming fingers erratically, making weird gestures, or sometimes just freezing her hands wherever they are to stare at them without seeing them.



Fawkes || 11th

10” | Springy | Birch | Phoenix Feather

Given her ill-health at certain time(s) of the month, Jupiter has shown little interest or will in learning and playing the sport, but does seem to rather enjoy watching the official matches and free-time games when she’s able and well enough to do so. She proudly supports the Fawkes team as much as she can.


The smell of iron and death on the air.
Blood -- all around her, splattered and pooled.

Standardized Magic
DADA, Dueling
Care of Magical Creatures

Astronomy | Alchemy | Potions | History of Magic | Herbology

Shamanism | Oriental Magic | Voodoo
Light Magic
Ancient Runes
Charms and Hexes

It would be a nice thought to live in a world where the stigma on werewolves (or really anything of the supernatural variety) among the wizarding society could be lifted, but Jupiter does not see such a thing happening in the near future. Especially considering all the current issues of blood status this or that between squabbling wizards and witches from the Purus, Inferus, and Servus classes; and the fact that while those of the Beast class seen as inferior, at the very least they had been afforded the protection of avoiding being cast into the Servile class. But Jupiter counts herself lucky for the time being to be judged under a neutral lens, for now…

Brian Kuehlem [Father, Alive, Half-Blood | Werewolf]
Alexandra-Jayde Kuehlem (nee’ Simmons) [Mother, Alive, Half-Blood]
Olympia Carlton (nee' Kuehlem) [Older Sister by 5yrs, Alive]
Gabriel and Michael Kuehlem [Older Twin Brothers by 2yrs, Alive]

Unless you count the fish that sits on her desk in her room that she fondly named Tiberius. Otherwise Jupiter has not found a familiar that is comfortable and wants to stick around very long as her ‘partner’ with her ailment, no matter how much she might like one.


Juno Temple


So begins...

Jupiter Kuehlem's Story

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||| [ Orenda ] ||| [ Outfit(s) ] ||| [ #AB9694 ] |||

Mind if I join you all?

Maximus blinked at the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, sharply pulling his eyes away from his freshly inked cursive notes of the date and Tasseography Review, his open Divination text-book, and the partially full of tea cup he’d already started sipping on – while the rest of the set remained untouched as of yet by Toric beside him, who last he’d caught out of the corner of his eye had been off-looking to snag a third-partner for the lesson he’d assumed.

Dark eyes met blue, pleasantly polite and hiding well the surprise that Chase had left the group that contained so many of his friends to come over and ask to join the drastically quieter pair of young men – and yet it was infinitely a far safer than some of the other options left available for the Mundane-born, and Max was not of the mindset of inflicting that cruelty on anyone if he could. And Chase was one of the few, far more friendly acquaintances Maximus had than the majority of those of the Mundane birth within the castle walls – regardless, they got along just fine.

Not at all, Max mused lightly, his eyes flicking to Toric briefly to know his thoughts on the matter at hand – only to find the other somewhat grumpy suddenly for whatever reason after Orchid’s loud announcement / arrival and sullenly started flicking through and absorbed into his divination textbook. He returned with an even look to Chase, his shoulders shifting to convey a mixture of apologetic shrug and sit on down gesture all in one towards the other; before flicking his hand towards the set in an idle gesture of will, the tea kettle rattled a moment before steadily rising to fill the last two cups and then settled back down with a gentle clink, the two filled cups gently scooted towards either side of Max, for Torric and Chase respectfully.

||| [ Fawkes ] ||| [ Outfit(s) ] ||| [ #088da5 ] |||

Loneliness is a hard thing to handle. Jupiter felt it far too often at times, and when she did – how she wished for it to all end, but knew that there would not be such an end that was worth still living for. Sometimes it was bearable to be near someone, to touch them on some level that was deeper than the uselessly structured formality of casual civilized interaction, there was a sense of satisfaction in it. Or at least, there was for her. It didn’t even have to be someone particularly nice. She did not have to like them, she did not even have to want to work with them, and hell she might even want to punch them in the nose. But, sometimes just making that connection was its own experience, its own reward… The head-nurse of Remington’s that morning, however, could be an exception as far as Jupe had been concerned!

More than late enough to class from an impromptu check-up to make sure she was healthy enough to return to classes again from the last Moon three days before causing an unfortunate handful of new marks stretched across the skin of both her fore-arms, that had been stitched together with the old needle and thread method because there was only so much magical healing a body could take at any one time. Tired as a puppy, even though the mound of make-up she wore made a good attempt to limit others’ abilities in noticing such, or so she liked to believe; and twice as hungry, having been unable to snag a very much needed breakfast to put the pounds she’d lost back on again.

Jupiter made a reserved entrance into the bustling divination classroom, taking a rough guesstimate of what they were to be working on today (it wasn’t like she had a lick of the sight, to actually be certain) and knowing the apparent need to get into a group of three. With a lazy flick of her wand to send the neatly folded paperwork of her ‘Release’ from the nurse and a pair of make-up essay’s towards Professor Kane’s desk, before making her way to a still open group of two Orenda students she’d spotted towards the back of the classroom - one in particular a Divination wiz!

Morning, Jupe chirped towards Nikolai and Leiyona, attempting to haul forward a genuine smile and squash the flickers of a unnecessary pained grimace that truly wanted to come for. May I?"

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#, as written by Emmyz
-----✦ L E I Y O N A - M C F L E I R N ✦
---Orenda │ #CC6600OutfitSoundtrack

Leiyona finished her cup in no time - she'd always been a fast drinker. After taking the last sip - she passed the cup to Nikolai.

"So what horrors does my future await. Please tell me king of Divination..." Yona said and sighted in boredom, but then she heard a voice. When turning around, she noticed how Jupiter had walked up to join the two of them. "Morning" followed by "May i?". Yona nodded and smiled like an idiot, maybe a bit too enthusiastic. How lovely, they had gotten a 3rd member of the group! She did a hand gesture towards the empty chair and her face was shining like the sun.

"Of course!" she said as she moved the 3rd teacup to Jupiter. A part of her knew that Jupiters reason for joining them probably was the king of divination himself sitting there, but Yona did not mind- she was happy as could be not being alone with him! Now Nikolai would not be able to pester her as much at least...

She leaned back in her chair and raised one eyebrow when looking at Jupi, remembering how it had been fullmoon only 3 days ago. Her sharp expression was asking herself if this 3rd member of the group was in the state of "friend or foe" but she softened when Jupiter sat down. Maybe her "nurse" instinct kicked in and she leaned closer to try and see how bad the damage was this time. But since Jupiter was wearing long sleeves, it was impossible to tell.

"How are you Jupiter? No need to pretend" she said with a soft tone and her worried wrinkles in her forehead had once again appeared. Waiting for Jupis answer, she also waited for them to finish their tea. Leiyona had passed her cup to Nikolai and he was supposed to pass his to Jupiter and Jupi hers to Yona.



---Fawkes │ #264D00OutfitSoundtrack


Timothy just kept smiling, with a silent "i bet you will" as response for Vince's answer. He knew his friend was well capable off taking down the levau assholes without damaging or moving his hat as much as an inch. Timothy on the other hand was the opposite- he would normally just let them beat him up beyond recognition -except for that stubborn grin ofc, which never seemed to go away.. Listening to the second half of Vince's "good morning chit chat" made Timothy tilt his head to the side. He'd always been very transparent in his facial expressions. Right now the slightly open mouth and lingering (thinking hard) dark eyes told the spectators that Tim had no clue what Vince whas talking about.

"Who's Hugo?" Then finally a flash of his perfume bottle was seen while searching his past memories. Timothy grabbed the sleeve of his grey knitted cardigan and sniffed it a few times - like the fragrance would trigger anything. "Ooh right.. thank you.. i guess" a voice that sounded a bit distant as Tim continued his trip down memory lane.

The perfume had actually been a gift from his parents, in one of their many attempts to buy his forgiveness and get rid of the guilt they feel for "abandoning" their son. Normally, Tim never used his parents gifts - most of the time being fancy clothes, expensive watches and so on. But when it came to perfumes, his mother did have a better taste than himself (he was completely lost when it came to that kind of stuff, probably just ending up buying the closest bottle and then smelling like an old Troll)...

When returning to reality Tim noticed how the class was about to start. The graded test was lying in front of him on the desk, and there was also a teapot and some cups. Apparently tasseography was on the schedule. When turning over, Tim confirmed what he already knew. He'd passed with flying colors in some mysterious way - like always. Even tho he wasn't one of the top students - he seemed to have the "gift" of divination. Quite unexpected for a big goofy dude, but then - he did have his head in the clouds most of the time.

The groups started to form and Tim sat in silence and anticipation - watching how Chase left their group and joined Torrence and Max. Tim hated this kind of tasks - forming groups by own choice. Something that often ment he was left out alone because no one wanted to team up with the wierdo. When Dom left for Kieran and Helena - Tim looked down with an apathic expression. Vince, Flowergirl and Ophelia was surely going to group and Tim would be the leftovers. That was what he thought, until her voice sounded.

"I guess that leaves us." Tim watched with big eyes as she took a 4th cup from an empty table and brought it to theirs. "We can just be a four, right?". His shoulders sank probably an inch in relief, but then he felt as how his heart skipped a beat. He was in the same group as Fee and Flowergirl! Ophelia who made him shy and Flowergirl who seemed to avoid him. But then.. She had given him a smile this morning! Maybe Flowergirl was generous today... Even so - thank god Vince was there to protect him from the scary girls.

"Ooh, hot. Hothothothothot..." Tim was fast to look up when hearing the words, and watched as Ophelia winced in pain over the hot teapot. His mouth tensed up in a narrow line and he looked quite annoyed rather than worried. Thinking he should have done it instead of her... it was not like he felt any pain, but even if he did - he would not hesitate to take it upon himself instead of Ophelia. Thankfully Evelyn seemed to tend for her hand at least... "Next time... Just let me do the hot teacup thing" he mumbled quiet. Not that he was angry or anything (even tho he might have sounded like it)..