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Layla Elizabeth Tyner

Professor Tyner | L






African American

July 6th



Muggle Born


130 lb.

Layla takes great pride in her appearance and appearing as happy and bright as she can. She's often seen wearing perfectly pressed robes and usually wears colours of bright orange or yellow as she feels they are very positive colours. Her hair is often in a large curly mess but she tries her best to not disturb the beat too much. She usually lets it run wild and thinks that it adds character. She'd got dark brown eyes and enjoys wearing small amounts of make up to enhance her already dark long lashes. She's of a lighter skin tone and usually she glows a little with a small touch of magic. Layla is quite short of because she's a little self conscious about her height she tries to add a little by wearing outrageously high heels for most of her classes.

Layla usually doesn't wear much in terms of jewelry but she does carry around with her a pendant around her neck. This was given to her by her mother when she was a small child and she has treasured it the rest of her life. If Layla is especially happy it can be seen twinkling merrily.




Layla is what one might call a bit of an eccentric, she doesn’t entirely care what others think of her and will do what she thinks is best for her. She enjoys dressing up in bright colours and decorating her classroom in the same happy colours. She tries her best to make classes as interactive as possible and has a deep passion for what she has devoted a good part of her life to. She's very intelligent and has a great head for memorizing dates and names.

Layla while she may not give a damn about what others think of her is rather gullible and she gives her heart easily. She's fallen in and out of love numerous times and is very affectionate. She's emotional and doesn't mind stirring up drama, though she does try her best to be as professional as possible in the classroom. She's a fan of the term "Treat your self" And will often over indulge in clothes and other such novelties. Her room at Remington's is full of all sorts of unnecessary items.


Layla grew up in the city of Portland her entire life. Up until recently she was still living with her mother and father in a small tucked away cottage in a residential area. Stable is a term one can use to describe Layla's life, she's lived in the same bedroom since she was born. On the second floor of their quaint little home on the left of the stairs is a wooden door decorated with posters of dancing women leaping across a stage and flowers hot glued to them. Inside her room Layla has a small bed and desk which is all rather messy and unkempt.

She enjoyed her time with her parents and has fond memories of family dinners and vacations, however life was just too quiet for her. Layla found herself bored and tired of stability, and so when she graduated from school and was ready to begin life on her own she took the opportunity to study abroad in Australia's wizarding secondary studies. There she took a massive liking to history and the changes the wizarding world had gone through. She studied the history of magic exclusively for 3 years until she was ready to put her skills to the test.

All History of Magic students in Australia were offered a practical year to go out and help on wizarding arechological sites. Layla jumped at the chance to see even more of the world and while her mother and father were rather uneasy about the idea she went ahead and signed up. Layla's first dig was in Jordan near the site of Petra. Hidden away in the rocky crevasses just a 30 minute walk away from the muggle wonder was yet another built hidden into the rocks. You had to pass through a trick rock to get to it but once you did it was certainly a sight to see . Layla spent many weeks helping other Wizards uncover old artifacts as well as decipher wall carvings.

It was an amazing time which left Layla wanting more and so she signed up for many more digs and travelled to so many interesting places. By the time she was 25 Layla needed some rest however. She was beginning to miss the stability that her home had provided and so she had taken the Job and Remington's and she taught for two very successful years. She hopes to help make other students as passionate about history as she is.


      Shopaholic Layla loves spending money and for every holiday and break she will often buy gifts and things for herself in large masses. She knows she has an addiction but she can't help it.
      Forgetful Layla is always loosing something or another. She's lost her wand on multiple occasions and even had to replace it once as she just could not find it. She's sometimes late for things as well.
      Laugh Layla has a highly unique laugh as its loud and she snorts every few seconds.
      Heights Layla has an issue with heights. She wont ever be seen looking down large staircases or even out windows that are 3 stories or higher.
      Unconvincing Layla is a terrible liar. She can't for the life of her string together a story in her head, she deals mainly with facts and can't seem to comprehend how to tell a convincing lie.


      The Smell of Flowers | History | Travelling | Shopping | Crazy Clothes | Spring | Dancing |Money | Love | Happy Music |

      Strong BO | Plain Colours | Quiet | Rejection | Bugs | Heights | The Cold | The Colour Black | Smell of Smoke | Being Sick |






9 3/4" | Bendy | Apple Wood | Phoenix Feather core

Panda Bear

A Wizard telling her of her expulsion and failure as a history specialist.

History of Magic This is Layla's strongest subject and she is always passionate to learn more.
Charms and Hexes Layla has always enjoyed little house hold charms and will happily give someone warts on their face for disrespecting her.
Astronomy Something about the starts almost intrigues Layla as much as history. She graduated with top marks in this class.

Alchemy Layla isn't overly fond of the exact sciences that are required for this subject and she will usually read a book instead.
Shamanism/ Voodoo Layla has never had a head for summoning or even speaking to deities and she gets freaked out by the idea of it.
Potions Like Alchemy the exact nature of this class has her head spinning. Layla enjoys winging things when it comes to throwing together a potion and on several occasions she's lost her eyebrows in some unfortunate accident.

Layla has no use for the Dark Lord and his ways. She's not fond of the idea that she might potentially be killed or tortured at any second. Remington's is her home and she feels safe there, though she is smart enough to know that it wont last. She is prepared for her freedom.

Gilbert Tyne | Father
Helen Tyne | Mother

Layla has no familiar, but she does enjoy pets and is considering getting one.

Aisha Dee


So begins...

Layla Tyne's Story

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00000...Remington's academic year is in full swing. The leaves began to turn deep shades of red and rusted oranges. Students study for their OWLs or practice Quodpot out in the quad. And when the free time comes they prepare for the All Hollows Eve Ball that will commence in a weeks time. A celebratory dance to celebrate the new world order, Remington and her students. Now starts another week of classes bright and early an autumn Monday morning.


Ramsey Blackwood
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Moira Castillon
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Chase "Blue" Beckett
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Being the morning bird she was, Moira was up long before the sound of her alarm or the starting of the chirps outside her window. She was to the baths and back before another student even stirred in their beds. She'd be lying if she denied the fact that she spent more than what was necessary on her appearance. But it seemed to be one of the few things she had control over in her life so she insisted on doing it regardless of time.

Unlike his sister, Ramsey hated the bloody morning and would much rather spend the remainder of the day in bed. He detested going to class nearly as much as he hated the school and practically everyone in it. He growled at the annoying noise that was his alarm clock blaring in his ears. He tried to roll over and smother his head in the pillow but to no avail. With a growl he yanked the clock from the wall then chucked it across the room at Drachen's head. "Oy! Asshole!"

He stumbled out of his bed, cursing as he stumbled over the mess of shit they left strewn upon the floor. Ramsey shuffled his way around the room in just his boxers, scratching his abdomen while yawning. He looked back over to Drachen, rolling his eyes. "Get up you lazy ass!" He ripped the blanket from him and chucked it across the room.

It didn't take long for him to get dressed in his far too expensive uniform. He snatched up his books and let Lenox, his quite large and hairy tarantula climb its way up onto his shoulder. "I'm going to go get Moira. You coming?" He slid on a pair of sunglasses while looking back towards Drachen.

Moira had finally finished getting ready just on schedule like every other day. She scooped up her books and slid them into her backpack. When she went to reach for her wand her hand started to feel around but came up empty handed. "Where in the world..." She whispered to herself as she looked around. Her eyes locked on her mischievous kitty, "Jinx?" Moira smiled as she walked over to her cat, carefully scooping her up into her arms finding her wand beneath her. "Stinker."

After finishing to collect her things, she headed out of her room only to be stopped running straight into a wall of a chest. She slowly glances up with a smile on her facing. But it quickly fades when she locked eyes with a hairy spider. She thought that maybe it was someone else and instead it was her brother. "A smile for me? You're too kind."

She scoffed, "I thought you... Were someone else." She held the door open waiting for her cat to prance out after her.

"Might I ask who you were expecting then?" He put his hand against the wall, blocking her in the doorway.

"No one." She slammed the door behind her and ducked under his arm.

Ramsey clenched his jaw as he shifted to offer his arm to his sister, "Come Moira, time for Divination."

Moira picked up Jinx and began to stroke her ears as she paced around the common room. "I do know how to get there brother." She had no desire to walk there with her brother because that not only meant him but most likely Drachen as well. Instead she continued to doddle around the common room hoping that someone else would walk past and save her from having to accompany her brother.

Ramsey slammed his fist against a near by table which made Moira jump and Jinx just about jump from her arms. She held her breath waiting for the price of denying him, but thankfully before he could do something a couple Laveau students walked through the common room waving towards her, "Hi Moira!" She waved back with a smile.

He angrily pushed off the table, "Don't be late for class or Father will hear about it." Without another word he adjusted his blazer and made his way to class, leaving Moira waiting in the common room.

Ramsey got to class with plenty of time to spare. He took his usual seat towards the back in the darkest corner of the room. He kicked the chair in front of it, spinning it around so he had a foot rest. He then leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest and waited, staring at the door.

Chase was sound asleep for far too long and would have remained so if it weren't for the sounds of already loud and rambunctious Fawkes kids weren't running around the common room. His blanket had long abandoned him somewhere in the middle of the night, along with an arm and leg both dangling over the edge of the bed. When the scream of a first year echoed outside his door he startled awake and fell to the ground. "What did I miss?" He wiped drool from his cheek as he looked around lethargically.

It 3 yawns and a good couple dozen of rubs to his eyes before he was able to actually open them enough to look at the clock. When he was able to read what it said he was up faster than he thought was possible, "Shit!!" He darted around the room, stubbing his toe on something new every second or two. "God dammit..."

Somehow he managed to get dressed in 2 minutes flat. His shirt tail was untucked, tie untied just dangling around his neck and a vest loosely draped on his shoulders. He ran out of his room shutting the door behind him. After a second or two he ran back, "Fritz!"" The dark ferret scurried out from under the blanket on the floor. Chase quickly snatched him up and placed him in his backpack. He grabbed a beanie that laid on the ground and then sprinted for class.

He was nearly to class, tugging the hat onto his head to cover his messy bed head. But then he was stopped dead in his steps when he nearly slammed in Professor Blackwood. "Professor."

He nodded his head before going to run around him. He was almost in the clear when the teacher grabbed him by his backpack and spun him around. "Not so fast."

Chase sighed, "What is it this time?" He said while sloppily tucking in half of his shirt.

"Get that uniform tidied up before class or you'll get another detention. Unless you'd fancy cleaning the owlery... Again." Professor Blackwood smiled slightly before nodding his head for Chase to hurry off.

He smiled towards the teacher, "Thanks!" He then continued towards class while finishing tucking in his shirt and tying his necktie.

Chase entered the class room not a moment after he finally got his uniform in order. He let out a relieved sigh before making his way to a table somewhere in the middle of the classroom. Once he sat down, Fritz wasted no time in running out of the backpack and moving to curl up into a ball in his lap.