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Maximus Alderward

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a character in “Magic is Might II”, as played by listentothetimpani






Maximus Icarus Alderward
Tsela Whitefall

Max // typical shortening of his name, generally seems to prefer over his full
Bastard (of Alderward|Whitefall) // you think he likes this one, really?



Purus Sanguins, a precariously tentative position as it is with his family. However, nearing the end of the school year when the new sibling should make it's appearance (and more importantly, gender known): He may well have no family clan or wealth to claim safety, and will only be accepted by the Inferus class; or even worse, He will be shoved into his birth-mother's traitorous families' class of Servus.


Heteroromantic, Demisexual

Romanian, Grecian, Italian // Father
Native American // Mother

June 1st


Pure Blood, on a shred of technicality...



Common Outfits // x||x||x||x||x||x||x
Body Type // Coltish. Strapping. Well-built.
Distinguishing Marks // A trio of ear piercings, two in the left and one in the right, are often worn - usually black or silver in color. His fair, olive-hinted skin has no more than an occasional scar. His most remarkable, and hated, feature is a tattoo on his left fore-arm his own father placed on him -- AW-26261 (A for Alderward, W for Whitefall, and the numbers catalog his records of who he would be in his father's owned Sevrus operation). It thankfully does not have quite the same magical uses of keeping certain Servus in check (at the moment, yet); but it is a constant, bothering reminder of the circumstances of his birth, how easily he could be put into the system, and something he does not like other Pure Bloods (or anyone else, really) know about. He used to keep a potion or spell at the ready to keep it hidden from sight, but found that the magic could eventually be worn off when he doesn't notice; so, he's taken an approach of keeping his fore-arm always wrapped in a skin-tinted bandage or pressure-slip as a precaution.




Maximus often comes off as an aloof character. He does not enjoy being the center of attention, and as such, is rather bland in terms of his behavior, wardrobe, magical displays of power, and general living arrangements, despite being as most Pure Bloods of the Purus Sanguins class - living rather ‘cushioned’ by his family fortunes and/or abilities. He can be harsh to earn respect, love, or loyalty from; but he is not unkind to most people, regardless of class or status. He has a good soul and heart, however, when most only expect his Father’s son and his family’s ill-fame amongst the Servus class – one cannot make all believers drop their beliefs for a new ideal at the drop of a wand.


The Alderward family has never been at the lime-light of Pure Bloods; turning out the very best or most vicious death eaters, nor growing it's fortune on a grand company of wands or brooms or potions or books, etc. But, well before the Dark Lord, they'd been well known for walking in the shadows in certain circles with a talent for buying / selling property and the finer antiques of life of the illegal or simply hard to come by. They were the short of people that were prim, proper, and well mannered, but hidden behind false smiles that would rip you apart should you not pay your bill(s). However, in the current day and age with the Dark Lord's reign, such dark artifacts buyers / sellers are not needed because such items are not sign as unnecessary anymore; so the family changed direction, some-what... The property they were buying and selling was people now, specifically those of the Servus class (though sometimes it was good fun to terrorize a Mundane town or city occasionally, to keep them fearful and in line with the new world order); and they've grown to be one of the largest in such "cattle operations".

Raucus Alderward is no exception to the legacy placed before him; and when he met Maximus' mother (--- Whitefall) as a new acquisition when someone higher up in her line broke the Law and instead of being hauled away to Azkaban alone they chose to haul the rest of the family down into slavery with them, and was as a young man enamored with her exotic beauty. As luck would have it, the young Whitefall girl was of a Pure bloodline, and perfect for assuming the comfortable role of a Birther for the new head of the house-hold. They had twin girls the first-time, but both were of sickly constitutions and did not make the year; the next year brought a single girl, strong and healthy, but a girl that could not be readily accepted to be the future head of the house-hold; and last, was Maximus arrival - which shortly brought an unfortunate end to both his sister he never knew of and the mother he does not remember, both being of no further use to ambitious Raucus who finally had the male heir he'd wanted.

Max grew up in a large, nigh empty house: With fortune at his finger-tips, but will nor want to spend on anything; Without much of a figure of solid warmth or gentle touch for comfort and guidance; and He was ill-liked by the fair chunk of his elitist Pure Blood family that had been jockeying to claim the position out from under Raucus, and even the poorly treated slaves did not care for their Lord's son all that much - they weren't unkind, but despite his efforts in his loneliness of attempting to be a 'friend' was abruptly lost on people who more often than not had lost everything... 5 years ago, Marie Ann Bealls, a Pure Blood of the Sanguine class, stepped into his life with a political proposal, becoming his Step-Mother and Raucus' trophy wife. She was a kind, proper, tolerable woman, and the first to be a true parental figure to him. Such things changed however since his parents have decided to have a child (or children), and his Step-Mother has become extremely protective of her young-one still within the womb; enough that Maximus does not doubt she would eagerly tear him apart, making sure the legitimate child (if it is Male) becomes the true Alderward heir.

* When stressed or worried, he is prone to a loss of appetite.
* Writes with his left hand, but does everything else right-handed.
* Brutally honest person, always telling the truth even to his own detriment.
* Is green-blue colorblind, having trouble telling the difference between shades and tints.
* Always stands with his hands behind his back, sometimes in an “at ease” position with feet apart.
* Plays two musical instruments – the violin, and a Native American branch flute; and prefers the classical genre of music over all others.
* Is a fan of running to keep active and healthy, often waking up early in the mornings before classes to do so; which benefits him later on, in always knowing the exact direction he’s traveling in (which can really annoy others at times).
* Sings well, though hasn’t let most know about his ability willingly because he’s rather secretory about doing so; but he has been ‘caught’ singing – muffled in showers, hidden in study periods alone, or humming a quiet song while eating (because he strongly dislikes the sounds of chewing).

// smiling // laughing // hugs //
// animals // sweaters // winter //
// music // hot chocolate // long walks //
// standing by the tide line of the sea at night and letting the cold waves rush around his ankles //

// drama // the heat // being touched //
// crowded rooms // wasted time and talent // rough textures //
// People with no manners // conformity for the sake of conformity // the smell/taste of vanilla



Orenda || 11th

11 1/2" || Unyielding || Hawthorn
Crystallized Boomslang Venom | Unicorn Hair

Max's thoughts on the school-sport of Quodpot are rather iffy, and it's not that he isn't a good player or flyer, he's actually quite good on his moderate Nimbus broom; but he does tend to prefer the quieter, and thus much friendlier matches, that free-time or back-yard games allows for. That being said, when the Orenda team (or if another house asks, which has happened on occasion) is in need of a Keeper or Seeker during a match, Max will gingerly step up to the task.

Grey Wolf

Himself in despair and pain having "fallen from grace" directly into the Servus class, often sitting down in chains and waiting to be sold off like a Young Bull at a cattle auction - sometimes, a(n) Dementor(s) are involved.

Light Magic // Max has a tremendous gift favoring the brighter side of the magical world, one that had recently been ignored (and consecutively looked down upon) since the second rise of the Dark Lord. He is especially talented in the gentle healing arts, by both wand and shamanic means.
Shamanism // Is something, Max believes he gained from his Mother’s family and their more “primitive” tribal culture and beliefs in magic than anything of his father’s European blood-flavor would grant him. The art brings new physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, wonder to his mind through the influence of a ‘Spirit World’ on natural elements, the creatures of natures, and even dead heroes and ancestors, on a daily basis. While often considered a darker art, he generally prefers to think of it as a gray scale that can easily be manipulated one way or another – and he willingly drags it towards the light more often than not.
DADA // As much ill-meant meaning hides behind the need for preparation of such an event, Max has striven to have a terrifyingly good defense if the need ever arises...
Astronomy// You were a star, my dear. The brightest in all the skies. But stars burn out, my dear. And everything golden dies. You were my dear, the saddest sentence left to say...
// Ancient Runes // Charms and Hexes //

Transfiguration | Divination | Herbology | Care of Magical Creatures

Dark Magic // One must first learn how to kill in order to truly heal… Max certainly has a natural affinity for using such magic’s, if he could stomach doing them -- or living with himself afterward.
Voodoo, Oriental // Both very different magic’s than Shamanism, that require a varied way of thinking that what he prefers using – enough that Max is hesitant to change his beliefs (and thus, current skill-set) to better himself in either field, so he does not bother.
Alchemy, Potions // A lack of fondness for the exactness these arts require, instead of an air of spontaneity, is likely why Max does not like either subject much.
History of Magic // Max listens, learns, and performs well-enough for the class, but finds little enjoyment or will to strive harder because he feels learning about the past to be a pointless endeavor – one’s head is better focused on the present.

Maximus may wish for a world which you cannot just judge someone by looking at them via their blood status, you have to really know them and their earned merits. One in which he does not have to worry about the arrival of a sibling and it's gender possibly knocking him out of the Sanguine class into the Inferus or Sevrus classes; and those of the Sevrus class don't despise him because of his family's dealings in the "people trade". But... He is his father's son and heir of the Alderward family for the mean time, so he is unwilling to challenge the status quo - lest in so doing, tumbles him into slavery or Azkaban.

Raucus Alderward [Father, Alive]
Marie Ann Alderward (nee' Bealls) [Step-Mother, Alive]
--- Whitefall [Mother, Deceased]

The common spotted genet looks part-cat, part-weasel, and its personality is an odd haughty combination of the two more often than not; this one, however, seems to possess some extra villainous monster within that makes slaughtering roomfuls of saints, or murdering hundreds of baby seals, or rubber-room irrational, seem tame in comparison. A “gift” from his father, that luckily Max has been able to tame down enough to keep all his fingers and find an extremely loyal (if viciously mischievous) companion. However, that all being said, he would not recommend anyone else coming into too close of direct contact with the creature, Oscar has gotten better but safer chances should be taken... Blighted Oscar Myer Weasel!

Booboo Stewart


So begins...

Maximus Alderward's Story

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Dialogue Color: #8BA6A0



It was an ungodly hour to be awake, even for people who were early risers, but Vasilia Volkov was already up and about. The young woman quickly made her bed and began her morning routine like any every Monday morning. The young woman wasn't fond of waking up early, being a night-owl, but the truth of the matter was the young redheaded teenager could never get more than four hours of sleep. It wasn't like it bothered her much, in all honesty, she'd much rather tend to her garden at an early hour than to get a couple more hours of shuteye.

Unlike her brother, Vasilia didn't bother to decorate her dormitory with lavishing furniture and adorn it with extravagance. In fact, her side of the dormitory almost appeared to be empty altogether whenever aside from her stack of books that she frequented every day. She took a pause and stared at her roommate sleeping soundly on her bed. The two had barely talked at all other than when it was necessary for the entire period that they had been living together. Vasilia had no doubt it had to do with the fact that the girl was a muggle-born and was fearful of her, aside from the obvious fact, she had a distinctive way in which she occasionally glanced at Vasilia, a mixture of distress and vigilance whenever they were in the same room. The young girl took a quick glance at the long strand of black tape that had been placed in their mutual agreement to make a clear distinction of their living space, to some, it might have appeared to be somewhat comical but the two girls took it with most seriousness in keeping their distance from each other. After all, Vasilia didn't see the need in exposing her to Vladik who surely would have no qualm in harassing her if she were to annoy her in the slightest.

It didn't take her long to get ready before she quickly grabbed her books and notebook before she quickly made her way into the greenhouse as she did every morning. There was hardly a single soul outside of their dormitories, the sun yet to make an appearance. A wide smile was immediately drawn as soon as she made her way into the greenhouse. Vasilia had a smile drawn on her face as soon as she saw her Dracaena looking as lively as ever, its wide leaves had already grown a couple inches since the last time she used her homemade fertilizer.

"You're looking as good as ever Drachy," Vasilia adressed the plant in amusement, baptizing it after Drachen.

The girl made a quick mental note so as to share the recipe to Max, she had no doubt he'd be pleased to hear the fertilizer had been a complete success, after all, he was the only other person Vasilia considered shared her utmost passion when it came to herbology. Only after she finished watering every living thing that required her careful hands did she notice that she would be terribly late for class if she didn't scurry ahead into Divination.

Before too long, the young girl had finally made it outside the classroom. The first thing she noticed was that she had barely made it in time seconds before the professor began the class. Without wasting time with pleasantries the young woman hurried to take a seat next to her brother, Vasilia already feeling Vladik's scornful eyes at her being nearly late.

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{ OUTFIT } || { #AB9694 }

Nestled in the city of Portland, there lies a quiet little street, or at the very least quiet for the time being during the morning hours, removed from the typical hustle and bustle of the Mundane and Magical worlds colliding on Union Pathway. Yes, you could still hear the call of traffic, the constant noise of people making their way from point A to point B or just wandering – whether they be tourists taking in the sights or residents content to be lost. The point remains that the street that would grow more colorful as the day grew longer is relatively quieter, the roar of the city dulled almost to a murmur of background noise. And, on today, if you were to be on that street, you could also hear a green-fire crackling to life as the Floo Station became in use. Inside said fireplace was eighteen-year-old Maximus Alderward, his attention firmly on dusting the soot from his travel coat before stepping out into the shop’s main pallor room.

Unlike most people his age attending Remington, Maximus wasn’t spending his early morning sleeping in, or exercising, or studying, or some manor of careless frivolity, of just doing whatever, consequences be damned. He was traveling from an impromptu weekend trip his father, Raucus, had required of him as a learning experience of the families business venture; returning back to the preferred predictability that his life had gained over the past few years upon attending the school, though he personally doubted the ability that he would arrive on time by this point. But it was safe, it was structured, it was comforting, and, most of all, it was home, a better home…

Dark eyes flickered towards the desk where an elderly wizard waited, and upon catching glances, the man stood from his seat and disappeared into the backroom, while Max strode up to come to an idle halt, feet spread and hands tied loosely behind his back as he waited patiently. It wasn’t long before the gentleman returned carrying an aged, but respectable Nimbus broom that he passed it over the counter to the young man who took it up in a light grip. Thank you, He mused, softly, as he flicked his fingers to spill a few coins unto the top to convey his appreciation further (though he need not, because he’d already paid more than enough for the Broom’s safety in his absence). Turning on his heels, Maximus made his way outdoors, and it wasn't long before he was airborne, flying steady without woe of being seen because such an occurrence was not an uncommon sight for the Mundanes anymore, returning to Remington.

Quite unlike the mundane-born Gypsy’s entrance mere moments before, Maximus’ late arrival into the classroom was a far subtler entrance. His broom and travel coat, minus the ‘fur-lining’ around his neck of Oscar, his familiar, having awoken in a “fine” mood of hackles raised and teeth barred in an unwelcoming snarl as he dutifully trotted at his heels, had been left in his boarding room – the same place a new addition of a messenger bag, full of books and notebooks and self-inking quills, was collected for the day’s use. But his attire was one of a proper member of the Purus class was expected to wear (if somewhat less expensive than most, even though he could’ve afforded more), and was following the school’s dress-code to a ‘T’.

Max flicked a glance down towards Oscar with a pointed look, and the familiar reluctantly obliged (at least this time) to curl into a discontented ball of fluff and righteous anger besides two other familiars, dog-Crup hybrids, to wait for his owners’ return at the end of the lesson. With that taken care of, he slipped into the Divination classroom without a physical word, but managed an apologetic nod to Professor Kang during the midst of her announcements – as he snatched his floating paper out of the air, and he took a seat in one of the few remaining open. Happening beside Torrence, to whom he offered a friendly tilt of his head of a silent ‘Good morning’. The two weren’t necessarily friends, but acquaintances that got on quite well and understood each other on a basic level more or less. The seating arrangement could have been far worse, given how late he’d arrived.

Maximus took a quick, appraising moment at his paper, finding his grading to be adequate yet again, before stuffing it into his bag; in return a book, promptly flipped to the page they would be looking at for the day, notebook, and quill, were removed in turn for the class. As the steaming teapot, three cups appeared, and no immediate offer calling for his attention to join a different group of three - he stayed put where he was with Torrence, reaching for the teapot to pour his own cup before carefully passing it to the other boy so he could serve himself as well. He gingerly sipped the hot liquid, blowing on his occasionally, as his eyes flicked back and forth over the page(s) - reacquainting his knowledge of the old-school tasseography, before reading could commence when the tea had been drunk.

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Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #472f49|| Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #e76879
xxxxTʜᴇᴍᴇ ✧ CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'|| Oᴜᴛғɪᴛ ✧ X

_____Orchid bolted up out of bed at the crack of dawn as Orchid always does; with a hail of blankets and curses. Once you've lived your whole life with it you start not to mind it so much, but the headaches never get any better. She only assumes it's normal, after all extensive use of magic can drain even the most astute wizards and witches, Orchid is no different. Every day as far back as she can remember she wakes with a pain in her frontal lobe. No doubt because of how many metamorphases she'll go through in one day, even the involuntary ones. Then there's class and practicing and all manner of shenanigans that certainly add to the riff raff going on in her little skull. It would be maddening if she wasn't already a bit mad herself.
She sit in bed for a while and rubbed her temples, the sharp pain slowly dulling into a livable ache. After breakfast and a nice hot bath it usually went away until the next morning. With this thought in mind she removed her fluffy blankets with a sigh and moved to the communal bathroom to do normal everyday bathroom things like washing hair, applying makeup, etc. etc. Most would assume Orchid would simply change her face to look as if she had already applied her makeup instead of preforming the teadious action herself. Orchid would be the first to say absolutely not. The mere idea of holding a face all day long is not only tiresome to even fathom but nearly a larger waste of time than doing it herself. Besides, painting the face was fun and Orchid was good at it. She did always take extra time to make sure her hair dark purple locks were curled just right and her clothes were ironed. She even made sure to spritz her favorite perfume, a warm sandalwood scent. She giggled as she drew up her gray stocking over her knee and up her leg. Oh yes, the picture of perfection indeed. The irony was never lost on her and never ceased to amuse her.
Headache, and now toiletries, out of the way, Orchid sat for a moment on her bed and at 2 or 3 granola bars, not feeling especially up to walking clear across campus for normal breakfast when her first class was half the distance. She was anything if not resourceful. They were bland as can be but she wolfed them down quickly and moved to grab her backpack and sweetie bag. As much as she would like to completely replace every facet of her diet with an absolutely comical amount of sugar, a witch needs her nutrients. Not to mention the all manner of ghosts and ghastlies her mother would send to torment her had she gotten wind Orchid wasn't eating her apple a day.
Headache, then toiletries, and not food over and done with, she walked over to Fernando's cage and smiled sweetly at the sleepy little carnivore before softly rasping on it.
"Bon dia Fernando. És el moment de començar el dia , una preciosa."Good morning Fernando. It is time to start the day, Precious One.
He gave the sleepiest little yawn and stretched out his crystal-white wings before blinking tiny, bleary red orbs at her and squeaking softly. She cooed happily and opened his cage slowly and carefully used her finger to wedge under his little toes so he latched onto her rather than his perch. She finally drew him out and held him up so that his upside down face was level with hers. After the gentlest of Eskimo kisses she moved him toward her shoulder. He got the hint after some nudging and, with obvious batty grumpiness, fluttered about for a bit before perching on her shoulder and hiding his face in his wings.
"Res d'això es bat travessa . Vam dir anem a comportar-se més o menys m'ajudi T'estic canviar de nou al carrer rates."None of that you naughty bat. Today we're going to behave or so help me I'm switching you back to street rats.
He gave a small squeak in submission before softly burrowing in her hair and nuzzling her head. She made a kiss noise and placed her backpack on her shoulders before finally setting off to class. It would have probably gotten underway right now, but if she knew Kang, she wouldn't be any good until her second to third cup of tea. She, of course, listened to music on the way and decided to forego mentos for a sucker today since it was morning and she'd already brushed her teeth. This one was strawberry of course since it was her favorite flavor, and she had a good bounce to her step as she made it to class just in time to see Kang handing out papers. At least she didn't miss anything important. Though, when she heard her name in group with the best grades she couldn't resist a small jig before fully entering the class. She knew she was good at Divination and didn't need the validation, but that doesn't mean she's not one to like her ego being stroked every once in a blood moon. She couldn't stay receded in the darkness for much longer though as the blinds were pulled apart with a strong amount of light filling the room. Naturally, Fernando, hissed and screeched before spearing up into the rafters to brood.
"I hope it's nice and dark up there, Nosferatu,"she said under her breath as she rolled her eyes. Cat was out of the bag any way, so she sauntered down the aisle waving at the other students in the class. "Hello everyone!"
Normally this would seem odd, but for almost everyone in the school Orchid could boast, if not neutral, a friendly relationship with and this was the quickest way to make everyone feel included. She was a politician, she was a friend, a judge, or even a confidante. She was what she wanted to be, and she didn't see a point in being nasty to anyone...yet.
She saddled up behind Helena and looked into the air at nothing in particular. The sugary treat made a pop as she pulled it from her now red-stained lips. While she was closest to Helena, she spoke at a volume that at least those surrounding could here. She did give Helena a look before exclaiming dramatically with her hand gracefully befallen her forehead,
"Oh my! Little Lonely me with no partnership to be found! What is a witch to do?"

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Koda looked sullenly resigned, and while it was far from the enthusiastic response she might have liked, Mac had learned to accept that was the best she was likely to receive. At least for now, she assured herself quickly, relentlessly cheerful. Tonight would be a turning point Mac was sure, and she was determined to make certain he enjoyed himself. Then, the next time she dragged him along to explore some new cavern or crevice, maybe he’d even look forward to it. That was a pleasant thought.

Mac noticed the mouse before she saw Collin, who’d been pretty quiet in the corner so far. Koda didn’t seem to react to the small visitor, which was comforting in a way, as Mac might have been more than a little upset if an, albeit cute, rodent could get more of a response from him than she could. Crawling around in tunnels and other abandoned structures had mostly desensitized her to such creatures, so Mac’s indulgent glance at Collin’s familiar was pleasant, if a bit disinterested.

When their paper’s came floating back, Mac wasn’t the least bit surprised she hadn’t made it into the top five, though the fact she’d eked out a passing mark was a pleasant turn. Pity, or a great deal of amusement on Kang’s part, Mac suspected had to the most to do with it, as the young witch hadn’t taken the assignment the least bit seriously. While her reading of the cards were technically in line with the book, Mac had used them to make ridiculously absurd predictions that read more like jokes than actual glimpse into the future. The sight, as far a Mac was concerned, was something you had or you didn’t, and even then she was deeply skeptical. Prophecies had a tendency to be conveniently vague, and with parameters like that, you could twist anything to fit if you wanted it to badly enough.

Turning to Koda, Mac shrugged apologetically as she glimpsed his far superior mark, resolving to at least attempt to take today’s assignment a bit more seriously for his sake. Watching the tea set float to their table, Mac couldn’t help the bemused smile that twisted her lips as she realized she’d ironically predicted their lesson earlier in the morning. ‘Apparently I’ve got more of the gift than I thought!’

Mac accepted the poured cup with good cheer, her eyes glancing sideways at Collin, still without a group, nearby. “We’ve got an open spot.” She called over in clear invitation that was neither pushy, nor grudging. Collin was welcome to join if he needed a group, and if he had better prospects in mind, there would be no hard feelings. Mac suspected he’d accept though, as it was both convenient, and Collin seemed comfortable around Koda, which was nice to see. While Mac enjoyed the times she had the dark brooding boy all to herself, she liked the thought of expanding Koda’s social circle with friendly presences; she’d seen too many people act toward him in pointless cruelty over the years.

Toric barely glanced at his returned assignment, noting the passing mark, and using the parchment as a bookmark with an air of disgruntlement as he was forced to abandon his preferred text. He looked up as Max made his late entry and took a seat in the open space to his right, returning a quick nod in acknowledgment. Max was an alright sort, though they weren’t particularly close. Toric didn’t complain though, there were far worse options in this room he could be stuck with, and as it became apparent they were supposed to pair up into group of three, Toric scanned the room for an additional prospect with a grim stare.

Mac had already situated herself with Koda (of course), and it looked like she was ushering Collin over to be their third. Ramsey’s corner was out of the question, not that Toric thought they’d demean themselves to join his group anyway. Glancing at the Fawkes group just made him feel tired. Toric didn’t really have the energy or extroverted social skills to fit in there, but considering the size of the group, run off from there was probably their best bet.

Toric was contemplating calling out to one, Dom maybe, when he caught sight or Orchid. Always one to make an entrance, Toric proved a dutiful audience to her theatrics. His eyes were transfixed by the candy he knew without being told was strawberry as it passed between her lips, plumping them and leaving a glossy red stain. Toric had the sudden uncharacteristic urge to be bold, call out to Orchid and offer her a seat. Then she saddled up next to Helena, whose arms were already around Kieran, intent clear, and the moment passed. Toric might not have any gift of foresight, but he could see that group all but formed clear as day. Slumping back into his seat, mood soured considerably as he began denying to himself he’d had the urge to begin with as he pulled out his divination book. Max could worry about getting them a third, he’d likely have more luck regardless.

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Ramsey Blackwood
[ Laveau ] [ #600A4B ] [ Outfit ]

Moira Castillon
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Chase "Blue" Beckett
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Moira sat back in her chair, crossing one leg over the other as she pulled her backpack from her shoulders. She sifted through its contents, pulling out a quill and some parchment. She smiled down as Jinx subbed against her shin a couple times for curling up at her feet.

"Alright. I marked your cartomancy externals over the weekend and the results were... varied." Moira leans back in her chair to lean around Vladik so see Professor Kang. "f you remember, I also promised that I would reward the five five students with the highest scores. Helena Eld. Nikolai Romain. Ophelia Hahn. Orchid Grimsbane. Moira Blackwood. Ten house points each."

Moira smiled happily although not totally surprising that she got one of the highest scores. She raised her quill, poking the feather against Vladik's cheek, "Well look at that."

Her gaze went towards the windows when the blinds opened and then back to the table when the tea and cups appeared. Now, with that out the way, get into groups of three. Before we move onto the next topic of oneiromancy, I figured we'd have a bit of a break, and go back to old school tasseography."

It wasn't a second before they were told to get into groups that Vladik moved to his feet. Her brows furrowed as she watched him curiously. Before she knew what to do, his hands were on her chair. A quiet squeal escaped when he shifted her seat, her hands moving to grasp at the chair to keep herself seated.

She parted her lips, about to speak up before he leaned down towards her. She felt his breath on her neck as he spoke, "Three is a crowd, no?" Goose bumps raise on the back of her neck as he spoke. Moira waited a moment as her cheeks slightly flushed before glancing over at him as he sat back down beside her. She didn't say it out loud but if someone else tried to join them she wouldn't tell them no. But Moira knew better, no one was going to sit beside two Laveau students, especially when one was Vladik. "If you wanted to be my tutor to spend more time with me," Her gaze drifts to lock with his, "all you had to do was ask."

Moira chuckled, twirling her quill in her right hand. "Noch, if I'm going to tutor you..." She leaned in slightly towards him. A devious grin crossing her lips as she whispered teasingly, "You're going to ask me... Nicely."

She shifted back into her seat normally as she wrote tasseography on the parchment before her. Moira then pulled a cup towards her and scooted one towards the reluctant Vladik. "I already know what my bloody cup will say." She rolled her eyes at his tone, more than used to the disdain in his tone. "Although you do make tasseography look kind of hot."

Moira's brows shot up as her head quickly turned towards him. Her cheeks quickly flushing at the comment causing her to glance away yet again. "Aren't you the charmer. Do lines like those work on all the girls?" She pursed her lips as she trailed the tip of her finger along the brim of the tea cup before her. "So... What is it that you think your cup will say?" She needed a change of topic so she could focus back on the school work at hand even if he wasn't going to be taking it seriously.

Ramsey paid little to no mind to the conversation between Drachen and Helena. His digits tapped upon the table as his gaze drilled holes into the back of Vladik's head. True, Ramsey hated just about every living soul in this god forsaken place, but something about that Russian rustled his feathers something crazy. One major reason was because the guy was serious bad news and you'd have to be blind not to see that he had eyes for Moira. But he also just saw the guy as competition in just about everything. Maybe in a different life they could have been friends but such isn't the case.

A growl rumbled in the depths of his throat when he saw the redhead physically move Moira's chair so that she sat closer to him. The two were practically on top of each other. Ramsey had half a mind to get up and make a very uncomfortable third in their group but as he went to stand, Drachen's voice stopped him. "You, me, and Helena."

"As if... Find your own victim."

Ramsey snorted as he flopped back down in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest before kicking his feet up on the empty chair. He looked over at Drachen, "You didn't really think either one of our sisters would pair up with us by choice did you?" He looked down as Lenox slowly climbed down his arm, sitting upon the top of his left hand. He had half a mind to let him roam throughout the classroom to scare some of the pansies in class but he didn't want to risk his pet getting killed either.

His gaze drifted towards the entrance when Orchid Grimsbane entered the class made sure to let everyone know of her entrance. He wasn't one to exclaim anything... ever so instead he just sat there and watched as she walked over towards Helena. "Oh my! Little Lonely me with no partnership to be found! What is a witch to do?" Ramsey snorted slightly at the over dramatic antics. But she was smart... And wasn't terrified of him like just about everyone else in the room. So he sat there waiting for her gaze to meet his, and when it did he very slightly nodded his head towards the empty chair at the table with him and Drachen. A silent invitation for her to join their group, that was more than friendly in terms of Ramsey.

Chase's smirk only seemed to grow at Dom's less than impressed expression. But none the less, he sat there with a smile as he held Dom's gaze. He parted his lips to speak but was stopped when he heard another voice.

"Annyeong, Dom. Have a nice sleep yesterday?" Of course that got a smile out of Dom, figured. This caused Blue to tense slightly, his jaw clenching. He gave a sigh, spinning around in his chair, sliding down in it and crossing his arms. Sure he was a flirt and just about everyone knew that too. But nothing is more upsetting to when someone's non flirting can get a better reaction than your flirting.

When they got their grades, Blue glanced at his grade which was a sad attempt at passing. He blew air out of his lips before shoving the paper into his backpack. For having so many friends he found himself sitting there watching everyone else quickly disperse into their groups. His gaze caught onto a quiet Toric and Max.

"Fuck it." He huffed under his breath, standing up and kicking his chair backwards slightly. "Come on Fritz." He scooped up the ferret whom quickly balled up in his arm. Chase crossed the room until he came to a stop at the empty chair at Max's and Toric's table. "Mind if I join you all?" He nodded his head slightly towards the open spot. He may have been an extroverted and outgoing person, but he never imposed. If they didn't want him there... He'd figure out somewhere else to go, maybe bug Mister and Mister Laveau in the corner.

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||| [ Orenda ] ||| [ Outfit(s) ] ||| [ #AB9694 ] |||

Mind if I join you all?

Maximus blinked at the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, sharply pulling his eyes away from his freshly inked cursive notes of the date and Tasseography Review, his open Divination text-book, and the partially full of tea cup he’d already started sipping on – while the rest of the set remained untouched as of yet by Toric beside him, who last he’d caught out of the corner of his eye had been off-looking to snag a third-partner for the lesson he’d assumed.

Dark eyes met blue, pleasantly polite and hiding well the surprise that Chase had left the group that contained so many of his friends to come over and ask to join the drastically quieter pair of young men – and yet it was infinitely a far safer than some of the other options left available for the Mundane-born, and Max was not of the mindset of inflicting that cruelty on anyone if he could. And Chase was one of the few, far more friendly acquaintances Maximus had than the majority of those of the Mundane birth within the castle walls – regardless, they got along just fine.

Not at all, Max mused lightly, his eyes flicking to Toric briefly to know his thoughts on the matter at hand – only to find the other somewhat grumpy suddenly for whatever reason after Orchid’s loud announcement / arrival and sullenly started flicking through and absorbed into his divination textbook. He returned with an even look to Chase, his shoulders shifting to convey a mixture of apologetic shrug and sit on down gesture all in one towards the other; before flicking his hand towards the set in an idle gesture of will, the tea kettle rattled a moment before steadily rising to fill the last two cups and then settled back down with a gentle clink, the two filled cups gently scooted towards either side of Max, for Torric and Chase respectfully.

||| [ Fawkes ] ||| [ Outfit(s) ] ||| [ #088da5 ] |||

Loneliness is a hard thing to handle. Jupiter felt it far too often at times, and when she did – how she wished for it to all end, but knew that there would not be such an end that was worth still living for. Sometimes it was bearable to be near someone, to touch them on some level that was deeper than the uselessly structured formality of casual civilized interaction, there was a sense of satisfaction in it. Or at least, there was for her. It didn’t even have to be someone particularly nice. She did not have to like them, she did not even have to want to work with them, and hell she might even want to punch them in the nose. But, sometimes just making that connection was its own experience, its own reward… The head-nurse of Remington’s that morning, however, could be an exception as far as Jupe had been concerned!

More than late enough to class from an impromptu check-up to make sure she was healthy enough to return to classes again from the last Moon three days before causing an unfortunate handful of new marks stretched across the skin of both her fore-arms, that had been stitched together with the old needle and thread method because there was only so much magical healing a body could take at any one time. Tired as a puppy, even though the mound of make-up she wore made a good attempt to limit others’ abilities in noticing such, or so she liked to believe; and twice as hungry, having been unable to snag a very much needed breakfast to put the pounds she’d lost back on again.

Jupiter made a reserved entrance into the bustling divination classroom, taking a rough guesstimate of what they were to be working on today (it wasn’t like she had a lick of the sight, to actually be certain) and knowing the apparent need to get into a group of three. With a lazy flick of her wand to send the neatly folded paperwork of her ‘Release’ from the nurse and a pair of make-up essay’s towards Professor Kane’s desk, before making her way to a still open group of two Orenda students she’d spotted towards the back of the classroom - one in particular a Divination wiz!

Morning, Jupe chirped towards Nikolai and Leiyona, attempting to haul forward a genuine smile and squash the flickers of a unnecessary pained grimace that truly wanted to come for. May I?"

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Dominic sighed as the teacups materialized on the tables, already prepared to look a complete moron. Such a thing was inevitable for him in a number of subjects, and deciphering tea leaves in divination was no exception. As Chase rose in his seat, Dom looked up, expecting the boy to swerve around to take a seat beside him. Instead, Dom watched as the boy slipped between the tables, and took a seat beside Torrence and Max. He felt his jaw tighten slightly, and found himself examining Torrence and Max's faces.

Neither of them are bad-looking... in fact, they're both quite handsome... For some reason, that bothered him, and he frowned slightly before turning back to his friends. He opened his mouth to suggest them simply making a group of five, only to catch a certain frenemy's gaze.

"So which of you wants to join us?" Dom caught Keiran's look of near-desperation, and once he noted her partner, he understood perfectly. He raised an eyebrow at Keiran in an expression that clearly said, You want me to play cockblocker? Really? Third-wheeling didn't sound like much fun to Dom, and he hesitated a couple of beats before sighing and getting up to join

their group, shooting his own friends an apologetic shrug before he left. He slipped into free seat just in time for Kang to call out over the class.

"You know the drill. Once you've drank your tea, swap cups with the person to your left, and translate the tea leaves. You're welcome to use your tasseography textbook, if you wish to."

Ophelia, meanwhile, chuckled at Dom's misfortune before turning to the leftover members of their little group, "I guess that leaves us." Reaching out behind her, she took a teacup from another, unoccupied table and brought it to theirs. "We can just be a four, right?"

She reached to take the teapot, moving to fill each person's cup as she mumbled quietly under her breath with a slight wince. "Ooh, hot. Hothothothothot..."