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Magical Powerful Girls

Magical Powerful Girls


A bunch of girls with super identities go to an all girls school. They are just longing for some drama and action in this boring little town. ((two male spots open))

1,171 readers have visited Magical Powerful Girls since Sonohra created it.



These six girls with special powers have been friends since the beginning of time. They have their own secret identities that allow them to go out into the dangerous world and protect it with their powers. The six of them each represent some element. Fire, earth, wind, water, light, and darkness. In this way, they can pull together to keep the world safe. But these superheroes are girls. And these girls are bored. In search of their need for fun, they have left their school and visited a co-ed school. There they meet three boys, and learn that they also have magical abilities (electricity, ice, and sound). They are instantly friends. What they didn't know was that they were actually fighting against each other. At first, the boys had no idea, but as time progressed, the quickly learned of the girl's real identities as the heroes. And yet... They still wanted to remain friends. But what will happen when the girl's find out? .

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[b]Weakness [/b]{in terms of fighting}

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Character Portrait: Avery Everlong
Character Portrait: Leanne Gaea Roche
Character Portrait: Epiphany Clare


Character Portrait: Epiphany Clare
Epiphany Clare

"Hmm. That's quite strange, but I like it."

Character Portrait: Avery Everlong
Avery Everlong

"It could matter less to me..."


Character Portrait: Epiphany Clare
Epiphany Clare

"Hmm. That's quite strange, but I like it."

Character Portrait: Avery Everlong
Avery Everlong

"It could matter less to me..."

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Character Portrait: Avery Everlong
Avery Everlong

"It could matter less to me..."

Character Portrait: Epiphany Clare
Epiphany Clare

"Hmm. That's quite strange, but I like it."

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Most recent OOC posts in Magical Powerful Girls

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

I'd rather not have more than one character. If school work gets in my way so I can't post (final 2 months of school, so guess what's probably gonna happen), having more than one character to run would be bad for me.

~Assuming this comes back to life, message me.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

we need just one more guy to start. Do any of you want to make one?

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Another mystery of the universe, it seems. :/

Assuming that nobody else want's to join this RP, we can start at anytime so at least this won't die before it gets started.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Why do people always choose girls over guys..?

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

on it. Just two more boys.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Sonoh, you should message the other reservation holders to make sure they're still wanting to be in the RP. If not, update your RP intro so it shows open and taken spots (which will also throw the RP into the top of the RP list so more people will join).

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

So sorry that I have been gone for a couple of days guys. I was bombarded with end of the term work, but now I'm back and will be posting my characters soon enough. We need just 2 more boys.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Thx Lav, now I can enjoy reading another char bio. :) I see that our characters may work well together, since Flare can create fire at will, producing light that Pip can use. Now we just need our other characters up and accepted. Spring break for me starts tomorrow! :D I'll be able to post at all hours of the day for a full week. <3

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Wish I could see your character sooner, Lav, Sonoh needs to have it accepted by now. :s If anything, he's lazy for not checking in more than once a day (as far as I can tell, at least). XD

In other news, lets get the other characters up and posted please! Otherwise this RP will die before it starts!

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Lol, I do see many trust issues >_< Hope they can work it out! ^u^

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Whew! That was a lot of work! (Or maybe I'm just lazy)
I submitted my charrieeeee! I hope you like her!
I might change her personality though, because her appearance does not match how she acts. o-o

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Nice character, Star, I see Brooke and Flare will be having problems with each other right away. XD I'll be constantly tweaking my character profile over time, since a character isn't truly complete so early (and when she was made so late at night... >_<), also because she'll learn new powers deep in the RP.

Two characters down, five to go (seven if we fill those two extra :D)!

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Submitted my charrie, though I'm still working on her costume and persona when in magic form.

Brooke Saldana

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

@Starlight77; Aww :C That's why I save my progress on MS Word. Learned that a LONG time ago when my computer crashed with an unsaved 1000 word essay. It sucked, but it happens.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

There are no words to describe the anger I am feeling right now. And now I have to get off the computer. I hate technology.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Ok, now I'm pissed. I was halfway done with my character, and the internet crashed. And I have to go to bed soon because I have state testing tomorrow. I'm f**ked.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

@Sonohra; So the boys are to be generally evil in this RP? That was a bit left out in the introduction... I read it more as a relationship kind of thing where we (could, though it's still unclear since half my answer wasn't answered,) hunt witches but have to make sacrifices in distributing Grief Seeds because there wouldn't be enough for everyone (not enough witches to go around), leading to the girls/boys to fighting eachother despite being friends since forever... Blablabla...

What I'm trying to say is, giant misunderstanding on my part or giant plot hole on your part. :L You also misspelled my username. ^.^

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

all spots reserved.

@ElevenEllis Good question. I was thinking that it was part of a long bloodline in their families. Their family holds the powers of a certain element. The boys get small time criminals to do their bidding, so their evil identities are secret.

Re: Based of a Stupid Song

Well..I think I'll reserve Earth please! :)