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Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}


The supernatural is being stirred up, and it's up to this high school club to cool it down.

671 readers have visited Magik Arts Club {The Protectors} since Allan Walker created it.


At a modern high school, Henry Jefferson High, there is a club. But it’s not an average club. It’s a high-class, exclusive magical arts club, where only those with real magikal skills are aloud. This is where they train the protectors of the world. The kids who stop the supernatural and not let it be known to the outside world. But now, all their training is put to an early test, as the students are sent out into the world, to protect it from the beasts that lie beneath the surface and above it.

Lately, disappearances and strange events, or phenomena, have been occurring through out the world. The worlds great leader’s have concluded that they must call on the help of the young students of Henry Jefferson High’s Magikal Arts Club to control, destroy, or capture the beast’s roaming on the earth. With innocent lives at stake, they cannot refuse. Now these teenagers have to use their abilities to keep their friends, family and their secret safe.

Your Demons

Every kid in the Magik Arts Club has a demon. They have had their demon ever since they were little. Only those with magikal abilities can see demons. The demons aren't bigger than their owners until they gradute highschool. You demon must be smallish in size.

School Rules
1. Girls and boys aren’t aloud in each others dorms. (I.e. girls in girls dorm, boys in boys dorm)
2. Must attend breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3. Cannot be outside of school grounds after 8:00 p.m.
4. Must be in bed by 9:00 p.m.
5. Fighting. Bullying, drugs, alcohol or anything related to these is prohibited.
6. Don’t wander down forbidden halls or rooms, they are forbidden for a reason.

Magikal Club Rules

1. No magic outside of classroom, unless supervised.
2. You must never speak of what the real club does. (Cover up is the Medieval Club.)
3. Must stay with your group or partner at all times if on a mission or just on field trip.
4. Who you really are and what you do is not to be made known to outsider’s.
5. You must obey direct orders from higher ranks than you.
6. Never, under any circumstances, should you flirt back with Mr. Bekenfield. Results could make you faint. Just ignore his flirtation nature.

Character Sheet

Picture: (anime please)

Demon Picture:
Demon's name:
Demon's personality:
Demons Likes:
Demon's Dislikes:

Toggle Rules

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Krystal had finished her homework and was now pacing the length of her room. Finn was sat on her bed, watching her. Suddenly, Krystal let out a surprised squeak as something seemed to appear in front of her. It was an image of her Dad, drunken and covered in her blood. She staggered backwards as in her mind the image of her Dad stalked towards her. She held her arms up in front of her face, as if trying to block the image, but it was still there.

She whimpered a little. "Please, Dad... No..."

Finn jumped off of her bed and walked to her side, unable to see what she was. "Krys? What's wrong?"

Krystal didn't answer him and started scratching her arms, deep enough to draw blood. Finn whimpered and bolted from the room to Mr Beckenfield's class.

When he got there he ran over to him and whimpered. "Please help... Krys is hurting... I don't know what to do..." And without checking to see if anyone was following him, he ran from the room back towards Krystal's where she sat against the wall with blood dripping down her arms as she continued to see things.

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Character Portrait: Krystal Thorne
0 sightings Krystal Thorne played by DaughterOfTheNight
"Krys, there is a door there." "Too late to tell me now..."
Character Portrait: Avery Lynn Sophia Blackwell
0 sightings Avery Lynn Sophia Blackwell played by breathebabyx
"...I don't get it..."

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Character Portrait: Adrial Haze
Character Portrait: Stephen Wilder
Character Portrait: Kortni Shane


Character Portrait: Kortni Shane
Kortni Shane

"Underestimating me would be a huge mistake on your part."

Character Portrait: Stephen Wilder
Stephen Wilder

Ego cum loquar, pluribus linguis.

Character Portrait: Adrial Haze
Adrial Haze



Character Portrait: Kortni Shane
Kortni Shane

"Underestimating me would be a huge mistake on your part."

Character Portrait: Adrial Haze
Adrial Haze


Character Portrait: Stephen Wilder
Stephen Wilder

Ego cum loquar, pluribus linguis.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Kortni Shane
Kortni Shane

"Underestimating me would be a huge mistake on your part."

Character Portrait: Adrial Haze
Adrial Haze


Character Portrait: Stephen Wilder
Stephen Wilder

Ego cum loquar, pluribus linguis.

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Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

I'm finally back home, I really hate going to my dad's. Anyway, I'll try to post as often as I can

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

I'm finally back home, the only problem is that I go to my Dad's in a couple of days. I hate summer holidays... Anyway, I'll try to post when I have free time from my homework

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Hello everyone. I will be away for about a week and will not be able to post at all. If anyone would like to take over my character, Kortni, they may. Just please stay true to her character.

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

I've got to go away for a few weeks but I'll try to get on a computer to post. Someone else can control my character (Krystal) for now if they want.

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

I'm all for time skipping... but we should do the students with problems meet with Mr. Beckenfield after dinner thing first. right?

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Hey people after me and Nasia's dinner scene we should time-skip to the feildtrip....

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Hey guys sorry for the lateness some things came up BUT I WILL POST NOW!!!!!!!!

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Sorry for the wait you guys. But once Nasia gets another male character up, we'll start with Nasia posting first, since she is the teacher.

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

You know, I'm alwats available ladies ;D
bahahaha XD jk

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

I could totally see that happening! I mean, I doubt my character could handle the stress.... XD

But the girls outnumber the boys now, so that might actually happen! O.o

Perhaps I could double as a boy? I can make me a mean guy when it comes down to it! ^^

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Tee hee xP

My pictures worked! :D But sucks for you. xD Do you have the [IMG] [IMG] At the end of your "direct links" to the pic? :O

I think I will enjoy playing the little demon more than the girl. O__O I hope there isn't going to be a all out war over males. -eye twitch- In one role play I was in, three people were fighting over "who got who," xDD It was weird, but gave me a good laugh! :D

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Haha true... my pic wasn't working, so I tried replacing it with a few other versions of it, BUT IT STILL DIDN'T WORK!!! So I just gave up and put a link there instead, lol.

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

Teacher lover! ;O lmfao x3

Can't see 'em either, but I don't really care. :P

Re: [OOC] Magik Arts Club {The Protectors}

But hay... why can't I access Mr. Robert Bekenfeild's pictures!? Could someone post me a link over OCC, it's not working for me for some reason... :c