Magiko Academy

Magiko Academy


A Academy to turn weak wizards into Tough and strong but in its own way. Of course the diologe cant be made till people contribute to this so i hope this becomes big.

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[b]-0000-A New Revolution
In 0000, was a time before magic existed, technically it was a myth, life was normal, science and magic tricks were the only magic than, to be honest, oh and don't forget songs, best magic of them all, i still think that to this day, but at this time technology was the only thing most cared about, texting or gaming, calling and getting a girlfriend when your lonely, but that was then until meteors rained from the sky, there were 7 as they all collided onto the earth near a village called Voki that is now called today Nicole Village. They say people surround what they believed was a Meteor but it was 7 orbs of sort colors one was yellow, the others were red, orange, blue, black, white, green. They also say that it made all the townsfolk curious by it shiny lights as they took a closer look at once they touch the orbs, light flew from them while they opened as magic flew into the sky and through the air, nothing had happened until the next day, people started to wake up with magic and later became a living society as it grew. We called this Period, A New Revolution.
-0001-0500- A Changing Period
During this period, lots had changed ever since the event that happened in 0000 where magic became born, for once others started doing research, tons that it wasn't easy to learn at first but had a grip on it like if my hand was glued somewhere, about 10-20 years into this period, people began getting a hand on it as farmers began to used the Nature Magic to Quickly plant seeds and pick them faster, same for others like a cook shop who has a cook with Flame magic, cooking up fish. but sadly most others didn't get magic threw the experience which was named as the "NonEnchanted" who were mocked at for being weaker. This later lead to the village making most Nonenchanted slaves for themselves, thinking that they should put them to use, others had been ran out of town. in 0240 the Magic Council was born to solve with Meny problem that the town could run into or has been running into. in 0247 the council had announced a way of teaching our children magic that they inherit from there parents by putting up Magic Schools and Academy for them to learn, the first Academy was built in 0249 called "Ashin Academy." In 0450 Many Years later the Nonenchanted were tired of being outcasts and unable to go to school or academy that they justified against the council which led to the Argument Case called "The NE Court Case" (NE-NonEnchanted) Eventually lead to an argument that leads to a solution that there would be separate Academy, one for the NonEnchanted and one for the Enchanted, the council mostly excepted the statement cause they didn't wanna deal with it and thought that I would be fair in a way. It wasn't as the Nonenchanted academy was called, "Nozil Academy" as it was really built cheap, that it was a pretty small school with only one classroom. This later lead to events that were in 475 was most nonenchanted tried to revolt but failed miserly as the enchanted had magic that killed a quarter of them in self-defense, they decided as a punishment they would make most nonenchanted work in the fields for there entire lives.
more than one schools were built in the 1000s as soon enough was build Magiko Academy, Nonenchanted still work in the fields as farmers and workers, as its the present day as more in this history shall be added in the futer.

Toggle Rules

1. Nothing overpowered like you open a black hole that kills people or something like that.
2. Add some Drama if you want but plz try to get straight to the point, don't be like talking about it for 5 minutes.
3. ERP is not allowed what so ever, Keep things PG 13, not 18 or above, kissing is allowed.
4. Yes, comedy is aloud, deffinently yes.
5. NO Swearing, yah plz don't swear, keep things okay in this Universe.
6. No spamming
7. Do not overkill teachers or students maybe if a villain kills a villager or two but don't be like killing everyone.
(rules will be added in future.)

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