Star Panda Lima

BookWorm, Shy, Lovely.

0 · 64 views · located in A Fantasy world called Shirian,Magiko Academ

a character in “Magiko Academy”, as played by chainsawdragon


This character is a guy but looks a lot like a girl with soft skins as he has a cute shine to himself. Always wear a robe that can look a lot like a dress.
Reads a toon of books, Fantasy, Magic, Kind, has others back, shy, stubborn
This character realizes on two lightning daggers as his blades are actually regular blades, its just she infuses her magic, Lightning into the Blades. Can be Quick when holding her daggers too.
Was born from a family of Nonenchanted but became an enchanted anyways, but had been an outcast to his family as he bumped into a Magic Knight of the village who taught him everything he knew to this day.

So begins...

Star Panda Lima's Story