Ivan Fuhrman

"People weigh things by benefits and losses. Those who say otherwise are lying."

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"It's very simple. No nicknames, either."
Ivan Gregory Fuhrman

"In a normal school, I'd be a freshmen or sophomore."
Fifteen [15]

"I feel no need to respond to this."

"Ambition has been getting a bad reputation for too long."
Arietem House

"I'm not really the pet sort."

Foxnot, a hidden magical village in Germany."

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11" Canary Wood, Veela Hair Core
"My grandmother was a Veela, you see."

Ivan is an ambitious fellow. That should be obvious, given his house placement into Arietem, whose students are infamous for their desire for recognition and efforts to make it to the top. He is of the opinion, popular among his housemates, that ambition gets a rather bad reputation from people, though there isn't much of a problem with it at all, so long as it is not holding hands with cruelty. As far as Ivan goes, he'd like to think that he stands apart from such cruelty. He is ambitious, certainly, and is willing to put in a great deal of effort so that he might find himself surrounded by great success in the future. Much of what he does comes across as somewhat calculated, and that's because it is. He weighs everything's pros and cons, much of his decisions being chosen because he decided that they would ultimately benefit him, even if this did not happen directly. He is not an impulsive sort of person at all, and can occasionally seem insincere, though he is not inherently deceitful. He simply knows how to make choices efficiently, and how to twist situations in his favor. Some would call him a calculating sort of person, indeed, but he considers it to be shrewdness above all else. Both are right, though the words hold slightly different connotations. Regardless of the label, it cannot be denied that he knows how to twist things to work for him.

He is not necessary academically intelligent, after all, not like a Vulpes student. Rather, he is cunning, able to see the opportunities in everything and act rather accordingly. Life, to him, is a series of strings to be pulled and chords to be played, serving as an accessible world. He has been known to use his magic for his benefit, though he is very rarely caught, not the sort to be openly disobedient. Ivan is the type who might be made a prefect, while everyone knows that it would be rather hypocritical for him to enforce any sort of rules about using magic outside of class and other such things. Only the Ministry's supervision prevents him from using a few tricks outside of school, but they can't stop him from brewing potions or using magical plants and the like. His mind is best applied to causes and effect, to actions and consequences. While his grades aren't always stellar, if planning and understanding catalysts were a class, he'd be top of his year. He's charismatic, besides this, which only makes his cunning all the more effective. He has a way of speaking and acting that can make people see him as having some authority, even if they loathe him. He simply seems to know what he is talking about, regardless of whether that is actually the case. People from his house, especially his year, are more than willing to be with him, because he radiates the aura of a person who will succeed, and people are naturally, psychology has proven, drawn to those who give the impression of success and financial stability, both of which he shows. People like him- unless he doesn't want them to. The young is good with people.

It must be considered that Ivan does not succeed purely by working well with others. He is, by nature, an incredibly focused person who is very good at zeroing on what he wants, and able to keep working toward it until there is no other possibility but victory. The wizard has never been the easily distracted sort, and has the good characteristic of of remaining true to his goal, even if he at some point begins to falter. If he decides that something is for the best, he will go through with it, capable of seeing the long term benefits over all else. As a general rule, his patience is surprisingly good for one who often seems to be impatient, and it is very easy for him to avoid temptation in regards to opting for a small, instant reward over a large reward which requires a bit more work and effort. He is hardworking at what he desires, though lazy in things he doesn't care for or deem necessary. If something can reap benefits, or has some other plus for him, he is not above putting in the time and elbow grease to achieve it, though he might put in the effort only when others are not looking, because it is shrewd to make it look as though things come easily- it makes others believe you more affluent than you are, and therefore more likely to be successful.

While he may be focused, that doesn't mean that the young man is completely immune to some of the norms of his age, such as fun and flirtation and the like. In fact, quite the opposite. Due to his charisma, he's accustomed to having people around him, and he is rather fond of social events and the like. And, perhaps this is the Veela traces in him, he is also a bit flirtatious at times. Ivan doesn't see much gain in things such as love and the like, but he certainly sees no problem with flirting and teasing and other things on such a path. For one thing, they can be an effective way of forging new connections. For another, it's fun. It isn't uncommon for him to flirt a bit without need, though he's quite capable of not doing so if the situation calls for complete platonic interactions. Still, he can usually be seen at events, or anywhere really, flirting with other students, and occasionally stealing away with them. When it comes down to it, however, he values other bonds far more than things of romance, and when he forges a friendship or alliance of some sort, he is almost surprisingly loyal for someone who might be viewed as so calculating and ambitious. To him, friends are one of the greatest weapons one can have, and besides, are a crucial part of life. He doesn't really feel the need for monogamous romantic relations, because he sees loyalty as best placed in friendship. To be his friend is a much higher compliment than to flirt frequently with him, and he'd have trouble being romantically committed to someone he respects or likes.

Ambitious || Calculating || Cunning || Charismatic || Focused || Hardworking || Flirtatious || Loyal

Ivan was born to Christian and Juliet Fuhrman in a small magical village backing the Black Forest in Germany. The village is a very old one, in fact, and is likely the reason for the forest's reputation as a source of great fairy tales and mythical creatures. The village was once known for being great caretakers of the creatures of the forest, but over time, it modernized just as the rest of the world did. Christian grew up in this place, not often leaving it. He knew that he would grow up, go to Durmstrang to study magic, and from there find his path. Perhaps it would lead him back to the village, perhaps not. He was rather willing for either path, at least as a child, for he was not really a particularly ambitious young man. His parents cared for Thestrals, and had for generations, meaning that they were seen as somewhat creepy.

With good reason, for part of their tradition was to have children rushed to the scene if there was a death happening nearby, so that they might witness it and thus more easily learn the family's trade of caring for Thestrals. Yes, Christian grew up with a very small world, and even then, was a bit isolated from the others. For him, attending Durmstrang was a great chance to go further. Indeed, it was at Durmstrang that he changed from a rather small and quiet boy to one of stature, of ambition. It was also there that he met Juliet, a girl who was half-veela, and therefore considered the most sought after girl in the school, as well as one of the very few- Durmstrang isn't considered entirely female friendly, unfortunately.

However he managed it, Christian began dating Juliet fifth year, and continued to do so throughout the rest of his school career, until he graduated. He managed to get a degree with the local magical government, but wanted to live in the village where he was raged. Juliet lived in a city nearby, where she worked in a magical shop. Eventually, he introduced her to his family, who were pleased to find that, other than the veela aspect, she was from an ancestry of pureblooded wizards. The two married a few years later, while Christian advanced in the ranks, and later had a child, Ivan. Ivan was raised in the small village for the first four years of his life, but unlike his isolated father, he was exposed more to others, for he lived in the more populated part of the town, and in a large house.

When he was six years old, Ivan witnessed the death of his father when he was attacked by an enraged creature while the two were in the forest. This would be how he came to move away from his hometown, for his mother, not wanting him to join his father's family as thestral breeders, joining much of the wizarding community in her belief of them to be bad omens, to America. California, in fact, for it was a simple task for his Half-Veela mother to be discovered and rapidly spiral into success as a model and actress, the latter starting later on.

Thus, Ivan came to be raised in an environment of calculations, public relations, and the need to be socially gifted and charismatic. It shaped much of the personality that he has today, those next four years, as well as the summers he spent when he came home from school. And, of course, it was completely expected when he was sorted into Arietem as soon as he began to attend Magnus Grex. During his first year, his mother remarried, to a muggle actor, and by his second year had given birth to his younger sister, Anna. Honestly, the young boy had been accustomed to being the only child in a life of opulence, and wasn't fond of the little child- or her father, for that matter, least of all because he was a muggle. After that, he became a bit colder towards his mother for a while, though she had been his most treasured person throughout his childhood. In fact, he had thought that she could do no wrong, and put his mother on a pedestal of sorts- until he perceived, still young at 12, that she had betrayed his father by marrying to a muggle.

He had forged more of a life for himself in Magnus Grex, anyway, showing himself to be worthy of the Arietem house- Ivan was ambitious and clever, charismatic to boot, and therefore seemed to poster boy for the house. Besides this, he knew how to change the way he acted for each situation, and therefore was a favorite for many of his teachers, while still being able to forge friendships and other bonds with other people. And of course, he was quarter-veela, which certainly helped in his charisma, especially later, as he began to become more interested in people in a less platonic manner. It is now his fifth year, and he fully intends to go into business once he is out of school, well-suited for being a businessman, certainly. He has a gift for cause and effect, afterwards, that allows him to balance his actions very shrewdly.


Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?: I've read all the books several times over; same for the movies.
How often do you get online?: Usually every day or every other day.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: With the exception of maybe holidays and such, typically no less than once every two days- but it depends on whether other people are posting as well, of course.
Password: Copper Cauldron

So begins...

Ivan Fuhrman's Story

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It was a new year at Magnus, for both Aberforth and his students. He studied looking out of the window observing the meadow tree's. These students would know him for half of their lives, and he was intent to lead them away from the darkness he himself had fought. His brother,mother and his sister all died fighting..And one day so would he.

He began to walk back and forth in his office as the letter from the ministry of magic floated, in the air. The letter written on a piece of parchment paper stated : "Dear Mr. Aberforth Dumbledore. After the death of your brother Albus, one who was considered to be one of greatest wizards of all time has left you Hogwarts..In is dept to takeover as headmaster."He picked up the letter and threw it into the burning fire.

Aberforth looked as the burning ashes erupted from red to green sparks. It was so beautiful yet misunderstanding. He pulled out his wand and stepped back waiting for whatever would happen. In such error the dear Ms. Hermione Granger jumped from the flames.

He looked at her disarmed his wand."Hermione..I was hoping for Harry to come. Although you have the smart of no other..always the outstanding of the bunch you are."She smiled at Aberforth and gave him a slight hug. Without any hesitation she handed Aberforth a small elixir and smiled lightly."The ministry..believes they've found something. Something dark."She smiled at Aberforth and looked with great honesty and integrity.

You-Know-Who...I hate to say it but there is something, someone rising up against us. And they believe hogwarts is no longer a priority. A man who was questioned believed he met death itself who granted him immortality."Aberforth looked at hermione and smiled."Its rubbish. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade is no longer my home. Today is the arrival of the first years..remember your first year ?"

She nodded."Yes. But america is no battleground..Hogwarts was nearly destroyed by Lord Voldemort. And we can't let an imposter or worse death eater ruin the wizarding world. I will speak with the order and we will decide what our next move is."She walked back into the fire and left Aberforth with even more to decide. Was hogwarts safe ? And was Magnus safe ? Time would soon tell..

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The plane ride to California from New York had seemed, to Veronica Smith, a lifetime and a half, at least. As usual, the girl has taken the trip alone, while her father stayed back to care for her mother. She has often thought that a rather good, if a bit depressing, movie could be made about her parents, who went to having it all to being in an almost entirely one-sided relationship within a matter of weeks due to a bacterial infection. Of course, the only time she thinks of such things are when she is alone, and is trying to distract herself from something- in this case, the person who sat next to her, a snob whose skin still clung to the scent of his skin. Typically she'd describe it the other way around, scents clinging to skin, but in this situation it seemed more appropriate to flip the norm. It did well to distract her as he prattled on about something supposedly fascinating, ignoring every sarcastic remark she made in regards to it.

Yes, the plane ride had been excruciatingly slow. However, everything lurched back to real time the moment she had set foot on the boat to return to what she had come to considered home in the truest sense of the word: Magnus Grex, School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is the girl's sixth year at the school, the sixth year in a legacy of mischief and midnight adventures. And, of course, she is very close to finally reuniting with the dearest of her friends, and a few who are less dear and yet associated enough with Magnus Grex that she can like them well enough. She remains inside for most of the boattrip, doing a poor job of hiding her great dread for boats and the splashing of waves against the ship. Because of this, she fails to see any of her friends at first, too unfortunately preoccupied with keeping down the contents of her stomach: two cans of sprite and a bag of pretzels.

Finally, her feet are able to touch solid, and magical, land. Being muggleborn, Veronica doesn't really get a good deal of exposure to magic during the holidays. Sure, there are places in New York where magic runs thickly, often disguised as eclectic apartment buildings or strange little shops, but they can hardly satisfy her near insatiable thirst for all things magical. The thing about not growing up in a magical family is that one never takes it for granted- Veronica surely doesn't. Were she religious, she'd thank god every day for her powers. As it stands, she is merely grateful to whatever happened that gave her the magic gene.

Her good mood is shut a little bit when she hears the word mudblood being muttered somewhere in her vicinity, but just as Veronica turns, she misses whoever murmered that accursed slur. A good thing for them, as she would have not hesitated to cast some rather nasty curses for them- and plenty of the teachers, given the explanation, might have softened their penalty for such rulebreaking. It isn't as though the school is staffed exclusively with purebloods, after all.

Picking herself back up quite easily, for she never has been the sort to sulk extensively over things, Ronnie heads to the Great Hall, cutting through throngs of underclassmen, every now and then going up on her toes to try and find a familiar face. Eventually, she finds Sebastian and Anna, two people that, unfortunately enough, always seem to be together. Despite her fondness for Anna, she can only just tolerate Sebastian, and even then makes little effort to hide her dislike for the fellow.

"Anna! Hey!" she calls out, ticking the girl's sides from behind before swinging around to face her. "Heading to Vulpes?"

Then, seeing that Aberforth is about to begin, "I'm going to go grab a seat," before leaving to sit at the Vulpes table with the others.


Ivan, as it happens, is something of a fan of boats. But then, he's been living in California since he was young, and on the coast, meaning that he has no problem with waves. In fact, he lives on a part of the coast that isn't too far a distance from Magnus Grex, and could probably pitch in for Christmas at home and then come back the next day if he wanted to- it can't be more than a few hours' trip, really, made only faster should he go by floo powder or, perhaps, broom. The latter is incredibly unlikely, of course, because the wizard boy has no fondness for heights whatsoever- in fact, it's a phobia of his, and the reason that he has, despite loving the stars, always dreaded Astronomy class. When it is in the tower, anyway. Classes in the grass below are much more tolerable, really, though of course he would never admit this to a soul. It simply wouldn't be prudent, and Ivan is, if nothing else, a very calculating young man. It's simply in his blood to be.

It is also in his blood, as the grandson of a Veela perhaps, to be an extroverted sort of fellow, and he thus spends the majority of the boat ride chatting with other people- mostly other 5th year Arietem students, though there are a few others with whom he speaks for a bit. Small talk, which is dull, but a very effective way to invest minimally in relationship investment and get more out of it. Relationship investment makes it sound a lot colder than he is, for being an Arietem does not automatically equate cold-bloodedness, but it is a term that he uses, though only privately. It wouldn't do to make it seem as though he only views things based on what he can gain or lose- though this is, in many cases, a quite accurate description of his decision making process.

When the boat comes to a halt, he takes his time getting off, still enjoying the sea breeze. Wind is, more often than not, the closest thing to cold weather he can get in a place where people take out gloves to wear if the temperature drops below 70. He hasn't visited Germany in at least two years, but a bitter comparison between it and California, weather-wise, continues to persist in his mind. He far prefers the snow to the sun, as one might clearly have guessed by now.

He walks around for a bit, making conversation here and there, before finally making his way towards the great hall. Ivan isn't the sort to plot pranks against first years, but not because he doesn't find it amusing at times; he just isn't really the sort to dirty his hands in such a manner. Shrewd, after all. He can still be allowed a smile when he sees a first year's face turn white as snow after an elder student mentions something to them, a wicked glint in their eye. It's a third year from Arietem- he believes her name is Hollis, but can't be certain, and doesn't care enough to verify at the moment. Instead, he continues forward, knowing that the sorting ceremony should begin soon.

He takes a seat next to a student a year above him, Lucius Todd. "Evening," Ivan greets him.

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Aberforth looked over to the 1st years and welcomed them all with a toast of butterbeer in his cup. He walked down the platform steps and watched as the 1st years began to be sorted. They were all so young to Aberforth, all going through what he went through at Hogwarts, And even Aberforth couldn't resist the temptations of being headmaster.

He looked at all the students and smiled."Now..To all the students that couldn't make it we understand the delays. Here at Magnus Grex we take care of our own as if we were all family. And that's where the magic begins. As classes begin tomorrow we will expect all students to be on time, no later than 9:10 a.m. We have four houses. Ferre,Vulpes,Cervus and Arietem all competing for the house cup that is won every year.

I must say however that to the older students, set an example for our younger students and also follow the school rules. These rules are updated every year. No sneaking about the corridors and dormitories losing your trousers."
They all laughed.No unforgivable spells are to be taught or learned either. I trust all of you, so much that I believe in your talents.Your skills.Your charms. The path to success is the goal, and the goal is the key to everything."

Now, to the exciting parts. We will be having multiple clubs this year. Herbology,Dueling,Potions,Charms, and the most popular one among the students, the four quidditch teams."
The students all jumped up in excitement as Aberforth laughed again, almost falling over his cloak.

"Now..unless I'm boring you all to your immense death I shall say it once, not twice. Let the Magic..BEGIN !!"


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#, as written by Jynxii
Image Rae Ki Bae

Rae waved back at James just before the headmaster began his speech. Now, to the exciting parts. We will be having multiple clubs this year. Herbology,Dueling,Potions,Charms, and the most popular one among the students, the four Quidditch teams." Rae glanced to her side, noticing Sam had made her way to the table at last. "You made it! Did you hear? My Herbology club was approved!" Rae grinned broadly to her friend, her voice vibrating with excitement. The headmaster announced that the feast had started, and instantly food materialized in front of them.

Knowing that Sam's attention would be quickly, if not immediately stolen, Rae added lightly, "You know I helped a first year in here earlier. She seemed terrified of the sorting ceremony. Something about an older student told her the Sorting Hat would take a bit of her hair if she was nervous.." Rae tried to look upset, but it was too great of an effort to keep from smiling. "Can't imagine who put that into her head..."

The feast was as grand and delightful as it was every year. True to form, Ra had woken up midway through to poke his head out of her cloak and settle into her lap; accepting the meat scraps Rae secretly fed to him. As dessert took the place of the main course, Rae glanced over to see if James was almost done eating. She couldn't see him very well from where she sat, so she pulled out a scrap of magical paper and sent a hummingbird origami fluttering over the tops of the other students. The tiny bird landed gently in front of him and unfolded itself.

Hey, did you hear that my Herbology club got approved? You're joining, right?! How was your break?

Rae glanced over to Sam as the other Cervus' enjoyed their desert. "I'm going to head back to the dorm. Want me to claim our bunks again?" Rae considered Sam one of, if not her only, best female friend. Veronica was more like her older, smarter, sister and James was a guy so he didn't count. There was something special about having that one person in your house that you could talk to and do everything with. Over the summer, Rae hadn't been able to visit Sam due to her internship with her mother and then volunteering with the muggles and coming back to school early for Herbology.

Rae waiting for Sam to answer and then stood, holding Ra in her arms. She made her way out of the hall, as a few people had started to leave. On her way out, she caught sight of Lucius- the boy she had been asked to tutor in Herbology this year. He was talking to someone, but she couldn't see the male's face because his back was to her. At the same table would be Sebastian, so Rae quickly directed her attention elsewhere. In no particular hurry, Rae headed out of the Great Hall.

The halls were alive with chatter once again. It was refreshing and comforting. Rae gently put Ra on the floor to walk along side her as she made her way towards the dorm tower.

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Anneliese was tapping her fingers lightly on the seat next to her in tune to the music blasting from her headphones. With her head resting on the train window, she watched the scenery zoom by in a blur of color. Her cabin was slowly starting to fill up with students, a few of them familiar faces she'd seen in her previous years at the school. The rest were the first years, fumbling about with their things in confusion.

Anne would usually have been more talkative, but for some reason, she just wasn't in the mood. Her stomach was a pit of anxiousness and excitement. Although she had been attending Magnus for a many number of years, she still couldn't help but be nervous. Her thoughts drifted to what the coming year would be like.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a tentative tap on her shoulder. Taking the earphone out of her left ear, she looked up at the person who had called her attention. It was a young girl who looked to be another first year. "W-Would you mind if I sat here?" she inquired quietly. "No, not at all," Anneliese replied with a smile. The girl gratefully sat down, but seemed to be wary of the while ball of feathers sitting in Anneliese's lap. Callidus turned his glittering eyes towards the girl and let out a piercing screech. The poor girl almost jumped out of her seat. "Don't worry, he's harmless," said Anneliese. "Aren't you now?" She playfully poked Callidus on his beak, to which he ruffled his snow white wings and turned away.

When the train arrived at its destination, Callidus perched on her shoulder as she got her stuff and headed towards the boats. She settled in a boat with some others and it headed over the water to the school grounds. Callidus hopped onto the edge of the boat and carefully inspected the water. By now, the stream of students entering the school had thinned out, as the ceremony had probably already begun. Her train must've been late. She walked into the great hall and quickly found a seat at the Arietem table with Harvey, Lucius, Ivan and Sebastian.

As quickly as she had come, the ceremony ended, and everyone started herding the first years to their respective dorm towers. With a sigh, Anneliese got up and joined the mob of people surging out of the grand hall.

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#, as written by Jynxii

Boats? Fuck that. The seventh year glided over the waters separating the school from the world with ease. Her shoes were inches from the surface of the water as her broom zipped her across the body of churning liquid. As her hair whipped around her face, Katarina let her mind drift away. This would be her last year in school. Now that she was seventeen she was free to use magic as she pleased, on or off the grounds. It was beyond thrilling, but something inside her felt twisted. Was it her heart? Her gut, maybe? What was the nagging feeling inside her telling her that something terrible was happening. She was graduating. How could that be anything other than wonderful? She'd finally be free! She'd never have to see another filthy mudblood ever again if she played her cards right and only associated with the classiest of purebloods.

She arrived at the school and landed quietly on the grounds. With a twist of her wrist, her wand sent her bags flying to her room- along with her broom. Another flick and her hair was once again pristine. Can't walk into the school for the first and last day back with broomhair, now can she? Pocketing her wand, Kat strolled into the dinning hall and slipped onto the end of her table just as the headmaster started to speak. She was greated by Kindle and Kimberly, twins in her year, who she tolerated for company's sake. After all, just because she was a bitch didn't mean she wasn't popular. "If you two keep stuffing your face like that you're going to get fat," Katarina sighed, poking at her own plate with the end of her fork. The twins looked up, faces stuffed to the brim with the delectable food of the feast. Kat flicked her eyes up to their faces, and grinned. She was just kidding, of course, so they went back to eating. Kat turned her eyes back to her own plate. It wouldn't be terrible of they got fat. It would make her look even skinnier.

Katarina let her eyes scan down the length of what she thought of as her table. All the other members of her house seemed to be one of two things; chatting away with friends or looking incredibly broody. There was Lucius, a sixth year who had started some sort of 'secret' club; though everyone in the house knew about it. Her nose wrinkled just slightly. He had a lot of growing up to do, but his heart was in the right place. Then there was a fifth year sitting further down. Her name was slipping Kat's mind, but she was pretty sure it started with an A. Anna, or something like that [Anneliese]. Kat rarely associated with underclassman, so the girl was of no real interest- especially because she was a halfblood.

Looking further down the long table Kat could see another student whose face she couldn't see. She didn't have to see his front. She'd know those golden curls anywhere. Harvey. Her dark hues watched him from across the table. His eyes were scanning the crowd, like a bee sampling the nectar of every flower. A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips, but she resisted as she watched him. The smile slowly began to turn as she noticed his eyes had stopped and he had a certain look on his face. A look she didn't appreciate. He was staring at someone. Her eyes followed his line of sight, landing on the Cervus table- landing on Samantha. Her left hand grabbed the bench she sat on as she attempted to keep her gaze cool and aloof. What was that feeling? Jealousy? Of that little nobody?

If her eyes could have set Samantha on fire- they might have. When she forced herself to turn away, Harvey had already moved on to scanning their own table. Possibly looking for her? Instantly the clenched tightness on her chest lifted. She shouldn't be so stupid. Harvey would never sink that low. Smiling, Kat slipped out of the bench- receiving concerned looks from the twins. "One sec. I'll be back."

Kat slipped down the row between her house and another and slipped her way between Harvey and one of his boys- Quin. She liked Quin, he had a similar mind to hers. Harvey was just finishing a question, “..help me think of a harmless prank to pull on the first years before Quinton decides to boil them in oil.” "I'd say Quin's a genius. Did he actually suggest that for this year? Though only for the mudbloods, of course. I have something else in mind for the pures, as I do every yea- Oh, Harvey don't look at me like that," Kat trailed off with a sigh, placing her elbow on the table and her chin on her palm. "I was joking, and my prank is harmless. It's the moonlight walk, like we do every year. Are you boys joining us?" Her eyes cut over to Sebastian and Quinton, a grin lifting her cheeks. "Anyway, you boys think about it. You know where we'll be. We're meeting in the tunnels after for some butterbeers to celebrate the first day back. Seventh years only. Quin, please tell me you made it through the gates with my surprise? Bass, you have to go. If you don't, Harvey will have to drink alone, and well.. we all know how that goes.."

She was teasing, of course. As she stood she let a hand rest comfortably on Harvey's shoulder if allowed, and looked over the boys once more. "See you tonight. Bring something fun." With a smile, Kat walked back to her seat. Hopefully the boys would come. Sure, getting a little tipsy with the girls was always fun, but the more mischief makers around the better in her book. Besides, she could really use the distraction.

When the meal was over the trio, often called the KKK behind their backs, stood and headed towards the beach. It was a tradition. On their first night back the three, and sometimes selected invited guests, would go down to the water and jump naked off the docks. It had been a dare their first year- by a seventh year then. A girl named Miranda. Pureblood and extremely cruel. She had told the girls that if they truly wanted to be accepted into house- they would have to jump into the water off the dock.

Katarina led the way, trailed by the twins and four first years they had stolen away from the group to take with them for the plunge. It was a cruel joke. This year the seventh years wouldn't be jumping in. They'd wait for the first years to disrobe and then steal their robes and force them to walk, or run, back to the dorms naked. The memory of how cold the air was on her body during her own initiation made her smile all the more as Kat led the group of unsuspecting first years down to the docks. Kat crossed her arms in front of her, struggling to hold her patience together as she waited for a herd of Vulpus to pass by. "Where are we going?" The question was from a shy blonde girl, who twisted her robes in front of her nervously. Pureblooded, but a coward. For now. She had the promise of being great- Katarina could feel it. The little dove had nearly cried when she sat under the hat. The first year had not let go of her pale hair for even a moment- as if she were afraid the hat would eat it. Stupid girl.

"You'll see."

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Veronica's would-be conversation with this new person, who has a british accent that makes her think of the famed school for Wizardry in England, Hogwarts, is cut short by Aberforth's speeches and general grandeur. Afterwards, it isn't long before all of the houses are shuffled along by their prefects. Needless to say, this was not an honor granted upon Ronnie, for the professors hardly want someone known for sneaking about to have the passwords to all of the dorms, and knowledge of special passageways. Of course, the girl already knows quite a few passageways that she's stumbled upon without aid- an advantageous side effect of frequent wanderings.

The night would have ended on a relatively pleasant note, if it weren't fore one of those nasty pureblood supremacists spitting on the ground by her feet, making it very clear what he thinks of her. She knows who he is, of course- Lucius, perhaps the most foul member of the upperclassmen, and certainly the worst sixth year, as far as she is concerned. The only thing Ronnie dreads is the knowledge that she'll have to see his face in classes everyday. She can only hope that they are placed on the opposite sides of the classroom this year, because otherwise, she can't be held accountable for her actions. Even as it stands, she's concocting some sort of trick to play on the despicable boy. "Scumbag," she mutters under her breath, thinking about it just before she goes to sleep that night. Hopefully he'll contract a terrible stomach virus- this is something which she can arrange, in fact. Thus, it is with revenge in mind that she sleeps.

Veronica wakes up in the morning, but hardly does it as early as some of her other housemates. While some others have already dressed and such, she yawns loudly and rolls out of bed, dressed in shorts and a tank top. If the girl were allowed, she'd wear her pajamas to breakfast. Unfortunately, she instead has to get dressed, and along the way brushes her teeth, brushes her hair, and pulls on a pair of shoes. As the tasks pass by, she becomes a bit more alert, the excitement of the first day of classes building, after months of having to abstain from magic entirely. The young woman finishes getting ready and darts down the stairs, hungry for breakfast. She finds another person in the commonroom, and begins to think that she might have woken up earlier than expected. It's the boy from last night.

"Ah- Boy with the toad! Morning," she greets him warmly enough, though her eyes still hold traces of sleepiness in them, as does a half-sheepish smile.


The sorting feast had been rather uneventful for Ivan, partially because he was uninterested in the sorting, and partially because he was not taking part in the pranks that the seventh years apparently had in mind for the new first years. He is manipulative, that much is true, but Ivan isn't actually the sort to find delight in pranking- he'd rather laugh from a distance, but keep his hands clean, so to speak. Everything is weighed practically in the calculating young man's mind, and he doesn't feel it most beneficial to take part in the pranks, when he can observe them without being punished for doing so. He listens to Katarina, one of the seventh years, talk about mudbloods and such, and looks away, able to hide it by feigning preoccupation with grabbing another apple to eat. He may be purely-magical in blood, but he does have a younger sibling now who is a half-blood in the most basic sense of the word. While he doesn't like his new stepfather, growing up around muggles for the latter part of his pre-Magnus childhood does mean that he's not likely to be nearly as harsh on them as some of the other Arietem students are.

Had he remained in Germany, there is no doubt that he would have been, however- and a member of Durmstrang, to boot, where they have always been far more accepting of the dark arts and other such things that follow the pattern. His paternal grandparents aren't exactly known, at least not in their home village, for being inviting towards muggles. They had even resisted against their son marrying a girl who was half-Veela, though they were eventually won over. In that respect, perhaps Ivan doesn't really count as a pureblood- he is a quarter Veela, after all. It isn't something that he spends a good deal of time dwelling on. Anyway, he went to bed after the unexciting night.

Forever punctual, Ivan wakes up relatively early that morning, showering and dressing fairly quickly before making his way down to the great hall for breakfast. There are only a few handfuls of students there at the moment, mostly clustered together but for the occasional stray student eating here or there. A few first years are speaking to each other very quickly, eyes wide. The sight makes Ivan chuckle, if just a little bit. He then sits down to eat his own breakfast, thinking of what class he has first today- Defense Against the Dark Arts. It isn't typically the strong suit of the Arietem house in general, not based on the description, but he does passingly well in the class, at the very least.

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Anneliese made her way up to the dorm tower and found her room. Her cumbersome bags were dropped clumsily on the bed. With a sigh, she stared at the luggage, dreaded the task of unpacking. But, it must be done. She spent a good two hours unpacking and organizing all her clothes and belongings. She ended with setting a photographed picture of six year old her with her parents on her nightstand. She stared at it for a moment, reminiscing. Those were much simpler times.

Anne spent another half hour reading a book, as she wasn't yet sleepy. It might have been the excitement of coming back to the academy. Finally, when her eyes started to droop, she turned off the lights and got into bed. "Goodnight Cally," she whispered as she stroked his head. Then she fell asleep. It was good to be back.

The annoying blare of her alarm clock woke Anneliese from her deep slumber. She squirmed under the covers, and sighed. Slowly, she reached a hand out and tapped her nightstand until she hit the snooze button on the clock, which took a few tries. Satisfied by the silence, she tried to fall back asleep. But someone wouldn't have it. Callidus landed on her bed frame and started squeaking really loud. Anne groaned and reached out to shut him up. After some more incessant noise from the pale bird, she gave up. Sitting up in bed, she unsuccessfully tried rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She checked the time and ran a hand through her bedraggled hair.

Anneliese eyed the floor as she slid out of bed and tentatively set her feet down. The floor was very cold, and the morning air chilled the room. As quickly as she could, she darted into the bathroom, and quickly turned on the water. Then she did her daily routine; she brushed her teeth and took a scalding hot shower. They say hot water isn't good for your skin, but Anne preferred her showers really hot. By the time she got out, fog covered the windows and most curled around the room. She got dressed and ran a comb through her hair before leaving her chambers.

Anne was hurrying down the stairs, headed towards the common room. Cally trailed behind her, gliding down gently. When she got their, Ivan was the only one in there eating breakfast. "Morning Ivan," she greeted with a smile. She grabbed a granola bar and an apple to eat. It wasn't much, but then again, she wasn't that hungry. Unwrapping the bar, she took a bite, and headed towards her first class. She would've stayed to chat a little longer, but she didn't want to be late to her first class of the year.

Anne reached the classroom and walked in. Her sapphire eyes scanned the room to see who was already there. Near the back, she saw some people she was familiar with, and one she had never seen before. He was a pale boy with dark hair and brilliant blue eyes. He certainly didn't look like a first year to her. All the same, he seemed nice, and what better way to start off the new school year with a new friend? Callidus flew into the room and perched on her shoulder, ruffling his feathers as if already bored with the class. She walked up to the empty seat in front of the new boy, and pointed at it. "Mind if I sit here?" she inquired with a soft smile.

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Breakfast passes easily for Ivan, as he had arrived early enough to eat at a rather leisurely pace, luckily enough. The young man scans the hall, and watches as familiar places enter and exit, some eating breakfast and others only popping in for a moment to say hello to someone before leaving, so that they may get an early start on getting to class. Ivan considers doing the same, and is disposing of his breakfast dishes when Annelise, a fellow Arietem student, stops by the table and bids him a good morning.

"Morning to you, as well," he responds, tossing out the last of his dish while she grabs an apple and leaves, apparently not wanting to remain behind for small talk. He can hardly blame her- chatting has never been his favorite activity, really. It's, as a general rule, very vapid, after all, and accomplishes little. That is important, of course, because when it comes to Ivan, everything is weighed based upon how much it benefits him. Small talk only invests in a very meager amount of relationship capital, and the effort is very rarely worth it, with the exception of speaking to people such as teachers or other authorities of sort.

Finally, Ivan leaves the dining hall, finding himself a few steps behind a cluster of younger students, whom he believes are Ferres. It soon becomes clear that they are heading to the same class, though he doesn't think too much of it, really- why should he? When he enters the classroom, Ivan sees a few recognizable faces. Annelise has arrived already, of course, and is sitting near an unfamiliar boy. Katarina, a seventh year and someone of some notoriety, is sitting towards the front of the class, along with the twins who act like puppies and never leave her side, and a blond first year who looks a bit anxious- with good reason, if she's been chosen as Katarina's latest toy. Ultimately, Ivan opts to sit towards the middle, where he can engage either of the mentioned Arietems, or neither, depending on his mood.

"Good morning," he greets Katarina and her minions politely before taking a seat and scanning the board at the front of the room for a hint at what they might be doing in this class today. One fortunate thing about classes here is that they tend to jump right into things, unlike muggle schools, that drag about for the first week. Or so he's come to think, based upon his younger sibling- Ivan never attended one himself, as it would be strange for it to be present in a magical village, of course.


Ronnie doesn't mother to hide her laughter when Rae squeaks about them nearly being late- she can afford this laugh only because she doesn't care much about tardiness and the like. If the young woman is typically punctual, it is because she enjoys most of her classes very much, all of them being so outside the realm of what she had been put through until attending this school for witchcraft and wizardry. Ronnie watches as Rae scurries off, casually taking another bite of her pear before walking in that direction at a far less urgent pace. She tosses out the pear as she walks, into a waste bin at the end of the hall, and continues on with a smile on her face. Seeing someone a bit behind her, she murmurs something and winks, making the person a bit confused- just before one of the suits of armor, donated by one of the European schools, sticks its leg out and trips them. Ronnie grins at her own little trick, harmless enough, and continues down the hallway quite cheerily.

When Ronnie enters the classroom, she experiences mixed emotions. Gladness, as it seems that Rae has located toad boy and returned his frog, but also disdain, as she sees Katarina and her clones, all pureblood supremacists and all nasty business, sitting at the front of the classroom. It will be a very foul year indeed if she is part of the same schedule as Ronnie, that much the blonde Vulpes student is very certain of. Of course, Ronnie has a couple of spells with Katarina's name on them- but she'll save those for after class.

"Wicked Witch of the West's in our class this year, I see," Ronnie comments as she takes the seat behind Rae, from which she likely intends to whisper little commentaries throughout the class. Of course, this first observation is not said particularly quietly- Ronnie only ever does things quietly out of politeness, and she feels no obligation to act thusly at the moment.

"Good morning," she adds brightly, directing this at Annelise, as she's already greeted everyone else. Of course, she's not entirely sure who this girl is, really, but says it all the same. Then she adds back to Rae, "This year would've been a lot lovelier without having supremacists in our class."

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The Professor was walking down the steps, eating the last chocolate frog from his collection. He began to wonder about his new class. One in which, was different every year. He had taught some of the best in America. With even his own children becoming fantastic wizards and witches throughout the wizarding world.

As he made his way to the classroom most of the students he had encountered on his long walk were greeted with care. He smiled and glared at them, with some obviously showing off or trying to hard to impress the professor. As soon as he had walked in he used his wand and started laughing."Seats ? Quills ? Paper ?...oh students..have you already forgotten who I am ?" He dropped both of his books on a desk and started to write on the green board with charcoal.

As he was writing he began to sound out the words."Defense..Against..The..Dark...Arts." He dropped the charcoal and moved his desk against the wall. Argus hated having to reintroduce himself to the classes every year, but he couldn't reform himself from announcing his own name.

"I am Professor Argus the Fourth and I..will be your teacher, friend, and hopefully your best chance of becoming an auror." He tugged onto his shirt with his right hand and pulled out his wand. He waved it over the blinds, watching as they all closed, darkening the room with an overshadowing shade of black. He looked at the students, now changing his facial expression to that of a living statue.

"Move the desks against both of the walls.."


Lucius woke up, sliding out of his bed. He began to put on his school clothes and looked into the mirror, smirking at his fuzzed hair. He fixed it in a few places, even though his hair always seemed to be in the same shape he could always curve it. Always. Lucius grabbed a few books for his first class of the day and began to walk towards the classroom.

He bumped into his buddies from the pureblood group. Mills and Keenan they were. Both were a year ahead of him, something Lucius did enjoy knowing. Lucius looked over at them as all three of them entered the classroom, seeing all the other students until Lucius could spot the one girl he despised more than anything. Lucius whispered to Keenan and Mills.

"Just a warning..the mudblood could make you smell like rotten shit." They all laughed and sat together in the front row..looking back as the girl were all marooning over the new boy. Lucius chuckled at all of the girls and sighed towards the boy."Hey kid..watch out for the girls..they sure do know how to steal your little frog these days." He rolled his eyes and began to move his desk over to the wall following the other students moves.

Lucius already hated Mr Argus within seconds. Doing something productive was just something Lucius hated. Probably because of his lazy tactics he almost always had someone work or do something for him. Something Lucius might as well be known for these days in Magnus.

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Cassius shyly smiled at the girl next to him, trying to stifle his joy at having his toad returned to him. He flicked his attention quickly from Odin's saviour to Odin himself with large thankful eyes. It was simple to distract him, however and the flapping of wings and a soft voice pulled Cassius' attention forward, "Mind if I sit here?" the voice said.

The girl, who had large, blue eyes, was smiling and looked very friendly but nonetheless Cassius began to panic, 'Why is she asking me? I'm not in charge.' Embarrassed and returning to his usual shade of scarlet, Cassius exhaled into a pained looking smile. "Sure," he managed to get out, recoiling slightly and looking the new girl in the eyes before flicking back to Odin and keeping his head down.

Cassius focused on calming his nerves as he looked at the toad, he hadn't expected more than one person to approach him in class. 'Maybe it will be good for me,' he thought in between short breaths. It may be good for him but it felt a lot like anxiety.

Soon after, a third voice came from behind him, but this one Cassius knew. The blonde Vulpes girl was there, obviously just returning from breakfast. She glanced at him and Odin before taking her attention to the other two girls, not that Cassius minded, he was happy recovering from being surrounded by people. He heard the blonde girl mention supremacists but ignored it, worried it would only lead to more trouble.

"It's good to have you back, buddy," he whispered to Odin, who stretched his legs in response and croaked.

The three girls who were talking around him were all very different looking, but emphasized one of his beliefs about America and how it differed from back home. Everyone was beautiful no matter what. Taking quick glances at each of the girls before focusing back on Odin, Cassius felt like an extra in a film and it only made him more nervous.

It wasn't long before the classroom had filled up and the teacher marched in and flicked his wand. Cassius watched wide-eyed like a child in awe as the room went dark, even letting out an audible "wow."

A blonde boy from the front of the class turned and sighed at the girls, making a comment, Cassius assumed it was a joke. He let out a friendly yet embarrassed I don't know if I should joke about them yet laugh and began to help move the desks, making sure the box with Odin in didn't fall.