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Katarina West

"Maybe I have daddy issues?"

0 · 482 views · located in Magnus Grex School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Magnus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Jynxii



Basic Info

Name: Katarina Lillian West.

Age: Seventeen.

Gender: Female.

House: Arietem.

Pet: Little Sister her short haired Siamese. Purebred, of course.

Birthplace: Brunswick, Georgia.

  • Kickboxing.
  • Purebloods.
  • Magic.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Flying.

  • Mudbloods. "Half-bloods are tolerable... sometimes."
  • Boats.
  • Rap music.
  • Authority.
  • Being held against her will.

Kat is a unique young woman, and complicated to say the least. She's not exactly friendly, but she seems to have a lot of friends. If I could compare her to someone, it would very possibly be to Hitler. Why? Because although he did some terrible things, he was able to get a large mass of people to agree with him and follow him blindly. Like Hitler, Katarina has a special gift of manipulation. She is silvertongued and can turn you against your very best friend with just a few well-woven lies. Among other social aspects of the female, she is both demanding and judgmental. Demanding in that she has a spoil brat-like attitude about having her way. Judgmental in that she believes that the only students who should learn magic are purebloods- and possibly a select few halfbloods. Only the truly gifted, anyway.

Because she spends a lot of time weaving lies around herself, you might gather that she's quite guarded. Not many people get past her hard outer shell and those that do might not actually be on the other side. They might just think they are. Maybe she has trust issues, or maybe she really is just that damn hardhearted. Despite her obvious flaws, it can not be said that Katarina is not exceptionally intelligent and driven. After all- you'd have to be some sort of a genius to bend people to your will. There's just something about her that draws people in. Despite knowing she's a complete bitch- people want to be her friend. I suppose you could say that people who are powerful draw in people. She has the makings of a wonderful leader, though where she would lead people is quite questionable.

No doubt, Kat is out for herself and herself only. She desires knowledge, power, and wealth above all other things- especially over relationships. 'What about love,' you say? The closest thing Kat has ever come to loving is her cat, Little Sister.... and even they have a love-hate relationship. There may be a sweet girl in her somewhere, but if there is-- she's buried pretty deeply... If she's in there at all.

Demanding | Bitchy | Judgmental | Charming | Manipulative | Guarded | Driven | Intelligent | Born Leader

" So, you want to know about my history, huh? Well, Muggle, where should we begin? I hope you're paying attention, cause I'm not going to repeat myself. So listen closely and try to learn a thing or two, if that is at all possible for your muggle brain...

I was born into a long line of purebreds. Naturally. My mother left my father when I was four. No idea where she is now, and frankly I don't care. Anyway, who needs a mother when your father is the CEO of a company? I had plenty of underlings to entertain myself with. When I was nine my father gave me a pet dog. A doberman. His name was Zeus and he was magnificent. I spent hours training him. Countless hours. I showed my father how well trained he was one day. My father's reaction was a pointed wand and a forbidden curse. Zeus broke two of my ribs and left my face split open. I woke up with a nurse beside my bed, and watched from my window as they buried Zeus under my swing in the back yard. 'To understand loss,' my father told me.

After my first year in school, I spent my break in Alaska by myself in a cabin. No contact with the outside world until my father's helicopter came to get me at the end of break. I must have looked like a wild animal when they found me. 'To understand emptiness,' my father told me. It was my second summer that I killed someone for the first time. She was a little red head girl. A mudblood. The more I cried, the more father beat me. 'To know my place,' he told me.

I'm a seventh year now. I still have nightmares about the red headed girl, but I've grown numb. I hate mudbloods. I hate them because I'm supposed to hate them. Because it's unnatural. It's disgusting. I'll kill as many as I have to. Why should I give a damn about them, or anyone else? No one ever gave a shit about me."


Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?: I've read all the books and seen all the movies. ^^
How often do you get online?: Every day.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: Every day to every other day.
Password: Copper Cauldron

So begins...

Katarina West's Story

#, as written by Jynxii

Boats? Fuck that. The seventh year glided over the waters separating the school from the world with ease. Her shoes were inches from the surface of the water as her broom zipped her across the body of churning liquid. As her hair whipped around her face, Katarina let her mind drift away. This would be her last year in school. Now that she was seventeen she was free to use magic as she pleased, on or off the grounds. It was beyond thrilling, but something inside her felt twisted. Was it her heart? Her gut, maybe? What was the nagging feeling inside her telling her that something terrible was happening. She was graduating. How could that be anything other than wonderful? She'd finally be free! She'd never have to see another filthy mudblood ever again if she played her cards right and only associated with the classiest of purebloods.

She arrived at the school and landed quietly on the grounds. With a twist of her wrist, her wand sent her bags flying to her room- along with her broom. Another flick and her hair was once again pristine. Can't walk into the school for the first and last day back with broomhair, now can she? Pocketing her wand, Kat strolled into the dinning hall and slipped onto the end of her table just as the headmaster started to speak. She was greated by Kindle and Kimberly, twins in her year, who she tolerated for company's sake. After all, just because she was a bitch didn't mean she wasn't popular. "If you two keep stuffing your face like that you're going to get fat," Katarina sighed, poking at her own plate with the end of her fork. The twins looked up, faces stuffed to the brim with the delectable food of the feast. Kat flicked her eyes up to their faces, and grinned. She was just kidding, of course, so they went back to eating. Kat turned her eyes back to her own plate. It wouldn't be terrible of they got fat. It would make her look even skinnier.

Katarina let her eyes scan down the length of what she thought of as her table. All the other members of her house seemed to be one of two things; chatting away with friends or looking incredibly broody. There was Lucius, a sixth year who had started some sort of 'secret' club; though everyone in the house knew about it. Her nose wrinkled just slightly. He had a lot of growing up to do, but his heart was in the right place. Then there was a fifth year sitting further down. Her name was slipping Kat's mind, but she was pretty sure it started with an A. Anna, or something like that [Anneliese]. Kat rarely associated with underclassman, so the girl was of no real interest- especially because she was a halfblood.

Looking further down the long table Kat could see another student whose face she couldn't see. She didn't have to see his front. She'd know those golden curls anywhere. Harvey. Her dark hues watched him from across the table. His eyes were scanning the crowd, like a bee sampling the nectar of every flower. A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips, but she resisted as she watched him. The smile slowly began to turn as she noticed his eyes had stopped and he had a certain look on his face. A look she didn't appreciate. He was staring at someone. Her eyes followed his line of sight, landing on the Cervus table- landing on Samantha. Her left hand grabbed the bench she sat on as she attempted to keep her gaze cool and aloof. What was that feeling? Jealousy? Of that little nobody?

If her eyes could have set Samantha on fire- they might have. When she forced herself to turn away, Harvey had already moved on to scanning their own table. Possibly looking for her? Instantly the clenched tightness on her chest lifted. She shouldn't be so stupid. Harvey would never sink that low. Smiling, Kat slipped out of the bench- receiving concerned looks from the twins. "One sec. I'll be back."

Kat slipped down the row between her house and another and slipped her way between Harvey and one of his boys- Quin. She liked Quin, he had a similar mind to hers. Harvey was just finishing a question, “ me think of a harmless prank to pull on the first years before Quinton decides to boil them in oil.” "I'd say Quin's a genius. Did he actually suggest that for this year? Though only for the mudbloods, of course. I have something else in mind for the pures, as I do every yea- Oh, Harvey don't look at me like that," Kat trailed off with a sigh, placing her elbow on the table and her chin on her palm. "I was joking, and my prank is harmless. It's the moonlight walk, like we do every year. Are you boys joining us?" Her eyes cut over to Sebastian and Quinton, a grin lifting her cheeks. "Anyway, you boys think about it. You know where we'll be. We're meeting in the tunnels after for some butterbeers to celebrate the first day back. Seventh years only. Quin, please tell me you made it through the gates with my surprise? Bass, you have to go. If you don't, Harvey will have to drink alone, and well.. we all know how that goes.."

She was teasing, of course. As she stood she let a hand rest comfortably on Harvey's shoulder if allowed, and looked over the boys once more. "See you tonight. Bring something fun." With a smile, Kat walked back to her seat. Hopefully the boys would come. Sure, getting a little tipsy with the girls was always fun, but the more mischief makers around the better in her book. Besides, she could really use the distraction.

When the meal was over the trio, often called the KKK behind their backs, stood and headed towards the beach. It was a tradition. On their first night back the three, and sometimes selected invited guests, would go down to the water and jump naked off the docks. It had been a dare their first year- by a seventh year then. A girl named Miranda. Pureblood and extremely cruel. She had told the girls that if they truly wanted to be accepted into house- they would have to jump into the water off the dock.

Katarina led the way, trailed by the twins and four first years they had stolen away from the group to take with them for the plunge. It was a cruel joke. This year the seventh years wouldn't be jumping in. They'd wait for the first years to disrobe and then steal their robes and force them to walk, or run, back to the dorms naked. The memory of how cold the air was on her body during her own initiation made her smile all the more as Kat led the group of unsuspecting first years down to the docks. Kat crossed her arms in front of her, struggling to hold her patience together as she waited for a herd of Vulpus to pass by. "Where are we going?" The question was from a shy blonde girl, who twisted her robes in front of her nervously. Pureblooded, but a coward. For now. She had the promise of being great- Katarina could feel it. The little dove had nearly cried when she sat under the hat. The first year had not let go of her pale hair for even a moment- as if she were afraid the hat would eat it. Stupid girl.

"You'll see."

#, as written by Ankti

“Butterbeer on a beach sounds like a perfect night to me, Kat. In fact, I’d like to try and spend as many days and nights as possible out on that beach rather than in this place,” he gestured to the cavernous ceiling and stone walls.

Kat looked good, better than she had this summer. Her smile seemed to be real, not forced as it so often was. He hadn’t seen her much over the school break, but it was enough to wish she could have spent it with his family instead of with her controlling father. Kat wouldn’t easily tolerate the Sparshott family formalities, hell, Harvey could hardly tolerate them, but at least she would be out of the reach of that assshole who didn’t deserve to be anyone’s father.

“What do you say, Quinton, will making a bunch of eleven year old run naked through the castle satisfy your sadistic impulse?”

“I guess it will do.” Quinton shrugged in resignation.

The first years finished off their feast, most looking regretful at how much they’d eaten. Before the Arietem prefects could stand, Harvey jumped to his feet and used his best ‘authoritative big brother’ voice.

“Alright first years, follow me, let’s head out.” He gave the prefects a reassuring wink.

Looking for all the world like lambs, slightly nervous about their new shepard, the first years followed him in a tightly packed clump. He lead them first down the halls toward the common room, then turned when he was sure no faculty followed, heading for the beach.

The pale, white half-circle of the moon hung low in the sky. A field of stars, astoundingly bright without the harsh lights of human habitation to block them, painted the whole sky in dizzying light. The ocean was a black stain spread before them, and the sound of waves filled the air. He wanted to stop and just appreciate the sight, but he had his little flock to mind.

Kat stood on the beach, winged by her frequent companions, the KKK, they were called. It struck Harvey that nickname might delight Kat just as much as it annoyed her.

It seemed Kat had selected the first years worth her time; four little things stood before her, obviously embarrassed but at the same time worried about staying brave in front of the older girls.

A blonde one had the bottom of her robe in tightly balled fists, looking at once about to straighten them, or pull them over her head. He didn’t envy the little girl, he’d been on the other end of Katarina West trying to get you do something you didn’t want to do. She was hard to resist.

He decided to set an example so the first years would go a little more willingly into the drink. He walked passed Kat and turned, walking backward while addressing the first years.

“Alright everyone, it’s time,” he pulled his robe over his head and threw it to the sand, “those Ferre might brag about how brave they are, but if you ask me we Arietems are ten times braver. How about you prove me right.” He pulled his tee-shirt off, and turned to the water. “I’ll see you in there.”

He kicked his shoes off and pulled down his pants as he reached the water. His skin pulled back at the cold water, but he was used to it. He’d spent as much time in that water as he had in any classroom at Grex. He waded in and did a few big strokes to get into deeper waters.

Without a doubt he would suffer the same fate as the first years, but that was what he intended. Everyone could have their fun, the first years would get a great story to tell, and the upperclassmen could feel like the new kids had earned their place, but no one would have to spend their first night at Grex crying naked in the halls, trying to find their way to the common room. He’d be there for them.

Escorting them back would make him late for the meetup later, but the others could wait. They’d all get a big laugh out of it.

“Come on,” he wave back to shore, “What are you waiting for.”

Slowly at first, they started to join him. He grabbed at one of the braver boys, wrestling with him like he would his own brother. Soon they were all in the water splashing, laughing, dunking each other under, completely oblivious to what Kat and the others did do their clothes.

#, as written by Jynxii

Katarina grinned as she watched Harvey lead the way- unashamed to be blatantly staring at him. Even if none of the first years went, he would have made this whole prank worth it just then. Even better, though, the first years did join in. Slowly, they took off their robes and made their way into the water. Eventually they were all splashing around and having a grand time. She would have loved to stay and watch, but... she had other things to do. Nodding to the twins, they gathered up all the clothes and wands and took off for the dorm with grins plastered on their faces. It was thrilling, and hilarious, and worth it. They piled all the clothes in the common room- wands and all, and left them there to go to their 'after party'. She sent the twins on ahead of her and waited by the dorm with Harvey's clothes and wand.

When the large group of bodies finally showed up she flicked her wand- snapping a picture, and then allowed them into the dorm. She handed Harvey his clothes as she grinned at him. "Someone's been working out. Come on. They're waiting for us." After he was dressed she led the way back to where the seventh years were- the twins had already started drinking and Quinton had not disappointed. He had managed to sneak in something a bit stronger than butterbeer.

How long it had been, she didn't know. She was thoroughly intoxicated and grinning as she lay in the sand, hair sprawled all around her because she had fallen during her dancing. Giggles bubbled out of her throat as she watched the twins fall all over themselves as they tried in vain to dance against the buzz in their system. Kat looked over to Harvey and smiled pointing to him as he melted in and out of focus. "You! You have to make sure I make it into the dorm tonight." Her words were only slightly slurred, but certainly slower than normal.

When the twins started to puke she knew the party was over. She reached out for Harvey to help her up and followed the group back to the dorm. Kat fell in against the curly blonde male and looked up at him, trying to figure out which one was actually him- the one on the left or the one on the right. "D-don't ever change.... mmm... mmkay?" She smiled and gave the side of his cheek a pat, then made her way up the stairs to the girl's side of the dorm.


"DON'T!" Katarina snapped awake, breathing heavily and clutching the sides of her bed. Heart pounding, she slowly let herself sink back down into the bed, closing her eyes and letting out a long sigh. It was just a dream. Just another dream. The red headed girl still stared at her, every time she closed her eyes. Refusing to cry, Kat rolled over and hugged her pillow- looking out at the light coming in the window. It was just a dream. Just a dream..

She allowed herself to stay that way for about ten minutes, but then the twins were up and getting dressed. She joined them, following them down into the common room to watch everyone go to breakfast or head out to class early. After last night, Katarina didn't figure breakfast would sit very well with her, so instead she did something completely out of character- she scooped up her pet and headed to class early. Transfiguration. At least it's a fun class, she mused to herself as she strolled lazily down the hall with her book in her arms and her cat following behind her lazily.


Sam waited before she headed towards their dorm where Rae must have surely waiting for her. As soon as the crowd had calmed down she was on her way. She took her sweet time; after all she was in no rush and she wasn't planning on unpacking until the next day. Once she found Rae she noticed her distracted by something, Sam was a bit distracted trying to figure out exactly what when her friend moved back to their dorm. She was thankful that she had not forgotten the password when the painting almost stopped her.

She followed Rae tapping her playfully on her shoulder before asking her what she was hiding. Sam was most excited to find it was none other than a toad, surely someone's pet and little friend. She helped her ever-helpful friend to find it's owner but it was useless, both of them giving up finally deemed it best that they took care of him until someone got him back. Sam laughed when her adorable friend had named the toad, "come on Rae, Lemongrass? Now you've really gotten him mad" she joked around eyeing at the toad who did not seemed pleased. Before she said anything else she turned to her small cat Snowy, who she had made sure arrived safely before she did. Sam had asked Rae to take care of him before she even got to school.

Image"Don't you ever leave me whitey!" she asked while hugging the beautiful small cat. Finally, as she felt her eyes giving out she sent a wink to Rae, stuck her tongue out the grumpy toad and gave a kiss to lovely Snowy before she said goodnight and fell almost dead in slumber.

As always Sam had woken up late, "not again!" she half-screamed looking at the hour. As if in a flash she remembered what Alberforth had said about being early to class and she let out a sigh. She looked around to see if she could see Rae but it was obvious that she would have never gotten late, unless someone was in some sort of trouble and she'd stay to help out or something of the sort. She got ready as soon as she possibly could, her hair was still wet; not having time to do anything else she urged Snowy to follow her to class.

She was about to head out before she remembered the toad, looking for the box where Rae had placed him but couldn't find anything. She knew Rae must have taken him to keep on looking for the owner. Having missed breakfast made her grumpy but that didn't meant she wouldn't enjoy her transfiguration class. She rushed to class, picking up Snowy knowing he would not be able to keep up her pace. Finally she reached the class, almost out of breath; hoping that the teacher was not there yet.

#, as written by Ankti

Darting through the castle, a clump of naked first year boys before him, another clump of girls after him, Harvey could not help but think the year had started off fantastically.

They reached the gloomy Arietem portrait where Quinton waited with the password and mocking words for the kids. Inside Kat waited with more mockery and his clothes.

”Someone’s been working out. Come on. They’re waiting for us.”

Harvey blushed and pulled on his clothes. The changed he’d notice earlier in Kat was even more pronounced now.

It was a proven fact that Harvey Sparshott was horrible at reading people. He’d tried to hug friends, only to receive a hard punch in return, and could never, ever tell if girls were flirting with him or just being nice. But he was sure now, that something was different with Kat, or at least, she was treating him differently.

Hostility and disdain created a distance around her, kept everyone, even those people who called her friend, a step away. Despite their long friendship, Harvey had been effected by that too, keeping her at an emotional distance, even if he didn’t understand why. But whatever barrier had been between them wasn’t there anymore, and as she laughed, tugging his arm along the hallways to meet the other seventh years, she looked different to him.

She looked almost as she had as a child, a little girl who had suffered so many formal occasions with him, who first pulled him away from those stuffy parties to sneak bottles of expensive liquor away from the adults.

Harvey was a cheap drunk, having significantly less than the others, he still managing to make a fool of himself. He danced with everyone, ran back into the water for quite a long time, then finally sat on the beach next to the others who’d become too drunk to stand.

As the evening went on things slowed down, and like all good parties, it ended with an air of fatigue. They had overindulged and overspent their energy, but were able to stagger back into the castle before things became too morose.

Kat leaned heavily on him on the way back to the dorms, so heavily, in fact, that he was afraid he might have to scoop her up at any moment. He was mostly afraid that in his current state he’d bump her head on a wall or slip going down a staircase and drop her, but thankfully they made it all the way to the Arietem dorms with everyone on their feet.

“D-don’t ever change... mmm...mmkay?” She pressed her hand against his face, harder than she’d probably intended, smooshing his cheek and mouth.

He was about to say goodbye when Quinton tugged him toward the boy’s dorm, nearly yanking him off his feet.

Most of his bed was taken up by Paris. The huge cat stretched out, leaving Harvey only a sliver of mattress. He collapsed onto it, still wearing wet, sandy clothes.

The sour task in his mouth woke him, the sun already so high in the sky that Paris had left the bed to chase it from windowsill to windowsill through the common room. Harvey still clung to the edge of the bed and was badly cramped from the posture.

After a minute of stretching and itching (the sand had badly irritated his skin in the night) he realized he was the only person left in the dorms. Judging by the sunlight, he’d missed first period, maybe second. His dorm mates had long since learned not to bother waking him if he slept through class.

He stumbled to the shower, washing off the residue of the night before, grinning at his memories of the evening. As the hot water ran his grin faded. That night, the chance to have more like it, was yet another addition on the list of things he would miss. Sure, he would always have his friends, but when they left Grex it wouldn’t be the same.

Everyone would move on, go to other school like Quinton, find jobs, and Harvey would do what? Keep getting drunk on beaches? Find some job even more dull than school? Beg money from his parents?

He shut of the water and walked back to the bedroom.

The sight of his dufflebag propped up against the bed cheered him. It was, green, ugly, and full of holes. The name ‘Sparshott’ was stitched on a patch along the side.

In last night’s excitement he’d not been able to indulge in his usual unpacking ritual. He twitched his wand and the strings pulled open, revealing a cavernous storage space, at least three times larger than the outside of the bag. An old fashioned record player flew out and landed softly on the table beside Harvey’s bed.

Harvey was quite proud at how good he was an non-verbal spell casting. And he hadn’t learned it from a class or a teacher. In his fourth year he got tired of mumbling spells like and idiot, chanting along with the class. He found a couple of books in the library on non-verbal spell casting and had figured it out in just one night.

That was the kind of magic he liked, the stuff that came easily, without having to slave over books and cauldrons for hours on end.

When his sister, who had still been at Grex at the time, heard about it she was ecstatic. She thought it might mean he had finally dedicated himself to his studies. When it became obvious he only intended to use his new talent to try even less in class, flicking his wand absently at his targets, not bothering to master any spells, she returned to her usual habit of acting very disappointed in him.

Harvey reached in the bag and pulled out an old record, not willing to trust such a prize possession to his imprecise magic. It was an original LP of the White Album. It and the dufflebag had belonged to his uncle Greg. He placed it on the record player and thought about the first time he’d listened to it with his uncle.

Greg had been a Mar, a person born into a wizarding family who was unable to perform magic. At eighteen he signed up for the military and was sent overseas. His brother, Harvey’s father, had enchanted the bag for him, the only magical object Greg had in a very un-magical world.

He placed the record on the player and set the needle in the grove. It was the only way to listen to music at Grex, aside from summoning a personal magical band, and Harvey didn’t feel like learning how to do that.

Stretching back out on the materice, he decided to listen to the whole album and wait until dinner to leave the dorm.

#, as written by Jynxii

Rae Ki Bae

Rae had just finished giving Ra the last bit of bacon from her plate when Ronnie walked up. Rae was instantly glad to see her- she had missed her last night and hadn't had a chance to talk to her big-sister figure. "Ronnie! Hey!" Rae stepped out from the table to stand, slipping Ra into her robes and picking up Lemongrass' box. "Hey, Rae- where'd you find that frog? I know someone who is looking for one," Ronnie said calmly as she took a bite out of a pear. "Oh, who is it? I found it last night, I've been looking for the owner." "New kid- don't know his name. He should be in our first period, though, so you can see if it is his then." First period.... what time was it? Rae glanced to her watch and gave a little squeak. "We're going to be late!"

Not one for being late, Rae closed the box on her guest pet and offered Ronnie a smile. "See you in class!" With that, she rushed off to the classroom. She couldn't start the year off like this- being late to her first class. She had to work hard at her grades as it was. She wasn't lucky like Ronnie was. Ronnie was just naturally gifted at being brilliant- it was what drew Rae to her when she first met the beautiful blonde.

Rae made it into class with a couple minutes to spare. She figured Sam would be sitting with Anna and her evil sidekick Sebastian, so Rae took a seat further to the back. Admittedly she was a little embarrassed that she never knew any of the questions the professor asked. She would have her quill write them all down so that she could make note to answer them later or come back to them. In the empty seat next to her, she sat the box containing Lemongrass. He had behaved pretty well at the breakfast table, so she opened the lid so he could look out. She muttered a binding spell under her breath, putting a breathable, see-through shield over the lid of the box- just in case he got any squirrelie ideas about jumping out and taking a tour of this part of the castle.

As the students poured in, Rae tried to take notice of everyone. Did any of them look new? Had she not noticed one before? Surely it wasn't a first year. Ronnie would have called him a first year. A pale looking boy with stunning blue eyes walked in, looking lost and perhaps even a little flustered. She had never seen him before. She bit her lower lip and tried to remember if she had actually never seen him before, or if she had just never noticed him. From the box, the toad had started to croak and hop around- almost as though he were excited about something. Rae looked to the box with an arched brow, and then back to the dark haired boy who looked like he didn't know where he could sit. "There's a free seat by me," she called with what she hoped sounded like a friendly voice. "You, ah... you aren't missing a toad by any chance, are you?" She'd go out on a limb. The worst he could say was no, and she'd just look like a weird pet-rescuer. She'd been called worse.

#, as written by Jynxii

Kat wasn't surprised at all to see all the little fifth and sixth years rushing into the door when she got onto hall that would lead to her classroom. As she came in, she noticed a couple girls waving over and gushing over the new boy. Her dark hues scanned him over once, then glanced to the girl in her own house who's bird came flying in from God-knows-where to perch on the girl's shoulder. "If that bird shits on that half-blood just once, it will have made coming to class worth it," she commented to one of the twins who had just come up beside her. The two smirked and took their places in the middle of the room. Kat enjoyed watching the teacher up close. Some of her professors were actually pretty attractive- for those, she liked to sit close to the front of the room.

Kat coolly crossed her legs and relaxed in her chair, ignoring Rae and the new boy who was attracting a bunch of attention. She tried her best to ignore the conversation about a toad- as it was boring and uninteresting. Instead, she turned her attention to one of the twins. "You owe me a new sweater, by the way," she said calmly, "You vomited on mine last night." She grinned, and the twins laughed- but promised to buy her a new one. This was nice. If she could get over the fact that she was back in this hellhole another year, she might actually be able to enjoy herself.

A first year made the mistake of trying to sit in front of her. "Excuse you, mudblood, I don't need your head blocking my view of the board," Kat snapped. The twins snickered at her sides as the first year blushed and picked up her things- moving them a few seats down. As if on cue, her new little pet- a blonde first year girl- came into the classroom. "Nessie," Kat called. It might have sounded like a call from a loving big sister, had it come from anyone else. Coming from Kat, it sounded more like a sadistic purr, as though she were pulling strings to make the girl move. "Sit here, love," she chirped, tapping the seat in front of her with her foot. "So we can look out for you." The blonde, Vanessa (aka-Nessie), shyly walked over and placed her books down on the table in front of Kat. She had been one of the few who were forced to run naked back to the dorm last night. "Sleep well?"

The professor walked in, and Kat grinned broadly. "We'll chat later, little dove," Kat whispered as she sat back in her chair, watching the professor set up their things on the desk at the front of the room. Glancing around the room, Kat took note of those present- only really looking for people that were purebloods or in her house. After her second glance through the front of the room, she noticed Harvey wasn't among the students. What a lightweight. Is he really that hung over? She glanced to the front of the room, noticing a blonde girl who had perched herself in the very front row. Another half-blood. By the Gods. They'll let anyone into this school now-a-days... Annoyed with the lack of witchblood in the room, Kat opened her book and commenced doodling across the margins. If she was lucky- the class would be over quickly.


Breakfast passes easily for Ivan, as he had arrived early enough to eat at a rather leisurely pace, luckily enough. The young man scans the hall, and watches as familiar places enter and exit, some eating breakfast and others only popping in for a moment to say hello to someone before leaving, so that they may get an early start on getting to class. Ivan considers doing the same, and is disposing of his breakfast dishes when Annelise, a fellow Arietem student, stops by the table and bids him a good morning.

"Morning to you, as well," he responds, tossing out the last of his dish while she grabs an apple and leaves, apparently not wanting to remain behind for small talk. He can hardly blame her- chatting has never been his favorite activity, really. It's, as a general rule, very vapid, after all, and accomplishes little. That is important, of course, because when it comes to Ivan, everything is weighed based upon how much it benefits him. Small talk only invests in a very meager amount of relationship capital, and the effort is very rarely worth it, with the exception of speaking to people such as teachers or other authorities of sort.

Finally, Ivan leaves the dining hall, finding himself a few steps behind a cluster of younger students, whom he believes are Ferres. It soon becomes clear that they are heading to the same class, though he doesn't think too much of it, really- why should he? When he enters the classroom, Ivan sees a few recognizable faces. Annelise has arrived already, of course, and is sitting near an unfamiliar boy. Katarina, a seventh year and someone of some notoriety, is sitting towards the front of the class, along with the twins who act like puppies and never leave her side, and a blond first year who looks a bit anxious- with good reason, if she's been chosen as Katarina's latest toy. Ultimately, Ivan opts to sit towards the middle, where he can engage either of the mentioned Arietems, or neither, depending on his mood.

"Good morning," he greets Katarina and her minions politely before taking a seat and scanning the board at the front of the room for a hint at what they might be doing in this class today. One fortunate thing about classes here is that they tend to jump right into things, unlike muggle schools, that drag about for the first week. Or so he's come to think, based upon his younger sibling- Ivan never attended one himself, as it would be strange for it to be present in a magical village, of course.


Ronnie doesn't mother to hide her laughter when Rae squeaks about them nearly being late- she can afford this laugh only because she doesn't care much about tardiness and the like. If the young woman is typically punctual, it is because she enjoys most of her classes very much, all of them being so outside the realm of what she had been put through until attending this school for witchcraft and wizardry. Ronnie watches as Rae scurries off, casually taking another bite of her pear before walking in that direction at a far less urgent pace. She tosses out the pear as she walks, into a waste bin at the end of the hall, and continues on with a smile on her face. Seeing someone a bit behind her, she murmurs something and winks, making the person a bit confused- just before one of the suits of armor, donated by one of the European schools, sticks its leg out and trips them. Ronnie grins at her own little trick, harmless enough, and continues down the hallway quite cheerily.

When Ronnie enters the classroom, she experiences mixed emotions. Gladness, as it seems that Rae has located toad boy and returned his frog, but also disdain, as she sees Katarina and her clones, all pureblood supremacists and all nasty business, sitting at the front of the classroom. It will be a very foul year indeed if she is part of the same schedule as Ronnie, that much the blonde Vulpes student is very certain of. Of course, Ronnie has a couple of spells with Katarina's name on them- but she'll save those for after class.

"Wicked Witch of the West's in our class this year, I see," Ronnie comments as she takes the seat behind Rae, from which she likely intends to whisper little commentaries throughout the class. Of course, this first observation is not said particularly quietly- Ronnie only ever does things quietly out of politeness, and she feels no obligation to act thusly at the moment.

"Good morning," she adds brightly, directing this at Annelise, as she's already greeted everyone else. Of course, she's not entirely sure who this girl is, really, but says it all the same. Then she adds back to Rae, "This year would've been a lot lovelier without having supremacists in our class."



The Professor was walking down the steps, eating the last chocolate frog from his collection. He began to wonder about his new class. One in which, was different every year. He had taught some of the best in America. With even his own children becoming fantastic wizards and witches throughout the wizarding world.

As he made his way to the classroom most of the students he had encountered on his long walk were greeted with care. He smiled and glared at them, with some obviously showing off or trying to hard to impress the professor. As soon as he had walked in he used his wand and started laughing."Seats ? Quills ? Paper ?...oh students..have you already forgotten who I am ?" He dropped both of his books on a desk and started to write on the green board with charcoal.

As he was writing he began to sound out the words."Defense..Against..The..Dark...Arts." He dropped the charcoal and moved his desk against the wall. Argus hated having to reintroduce himself to the classes every year, but he couldn't reform himself from announcing his own name.

"I am Professor Argus the Fourth and I..will be your teacher, friend, and hopefully your best chance of becoming an auror." He tugged onto his shirt with his right hand and pulled out his wand. He waved it over the blinds, watching as they all closed, darkening the room with an overshadowing shade of black. He looked at the students, now changing his facial expression to that of a living statue.

"Move the desks against both of the walls.."


Lucius woke up, sliding out of his bed. He began to put on his school clothes and looked into the mirror, smirking at his fuzzed hair. He fixed it in a few places, even though his hair always seemed to be in the same shape he could always curve it. Always. Lucius grabbed a few books for his first class of the day and began to walk towards the classroom.

He bumped into his buddies from the pureblood group. Mills and Keenan they were. Both were a year ahead of him, something Lucius did enjoy knowing. Lucius looked over at them as all three of them entered the classroom, seeing all the other students until Lucius could spot the one girl he despised more than anything. Lucius whispered to Keenan and Mills.

"Just a warning..the mudblood could make you smell like rotten shit." They all laughed and sat together in the front row..looking back as the girl were all marooning over the new boy. Lucius chuckled at all of the girls and sighed towards the boy."Hey out for the girls..they sure do know how to steal your little frog these days." He rolled his eyes and began to move his desk over to the wall following the other students moves.

Lucius already hated Mr Argus within seconds. Doing something productive was just something Lucius hated. Probably because of his lazy tactics he almost always had someone work or do something for him. Something Lucius might as well be known for these days in Magnus.


"Rae, you'd tell me that Hitler and Voldemort had some good in them, if asked," Ronnie responds, but she smiles affectionately at Rae, whom she views as a younger sister of sorts- one she never had, being an only child.

As soon as Lucius and his brood entered the room, Veronica's eyes narrowed slightly. If she were a cat, the girl's hair would probably be standing on edge and she would have hissed, no doubt about that. The pureblood supremacists of this school are all rotten scum to her, but none so personify this hateful bigotry so much as Lucius Todd. She had heard of a death eater in the war against Voldemort named Lucius- it wouldn't surprise her if he was the foul Arietem boy's namesake. It would suit him well enough. She has no doubt that the boy would kill every muggleborn, or worse, if he had the choice- and the scheming look in his eye hints that he's trying to gain enough power to hold say over that. Looking at him doesn't give her chills- it just makes her feel like something slimy and stinky just slunk by. And as far as she's concerned, it did. Overhearing his comment about her scent, her blood boils. Unlike Rae, she isn't as kind towards those that insult her.

"They would know, wouldn't they Todd- having their noses so far up your boney ass," Ronnie retorts, giving him a dirty look just before the instructor enters and quickly makes it clear how this class will be going for the rest of the year. The fact that toad boy had laughed, even awkwardly, at their pitiful remark irritates her slightly, but she dismisses it on the fact that he's new here. Still, there must have been these sorts at Hogwarts as well, right? She overhears Rae's whisper and twists to face her, "Definitely not. Are we short on staff? Budget cuts?" Before the conversation can be continued, the teacher instructs them to push the desks against the wall. She likes him already.

Ronnie moves her desk to the edge of the wall along with everybody else and then returns to be standing by Rae. Hearing her reassurances to Cassius, the blonde girl frowns. "Sugarcoating it a bit, aren't you, Rae?" she whispers so that only her friend beside her can hear. "Let's just hope that the year goes without necessitating a few. . .revenges," Ronnie adds, but a grin makes it clear that she is hoping quite the opposite. It simply isn't a year here, not really, without messing with a few of Lucius and Katarina's brood.

Now focused more on the instructor, Veronica pulls out her wand -12" mahogany with a dragonstring core. She loves it dearly, and has since it first chose her, for that is how things go after all, at the American equivalent of Olivander's. It's flexible, loyal, and can work very well for transfiguration. By her second year, Veronica had named her wand: Gordon. The name may or may not have derived from Babs Gordon, and by some extension Police Commissioner Gordon, but she doesn't openly advertise the fact hat she named the wand.

#, as written by Ankti
Fiona Brand

At the front of the class, Fiona was not noticed by most of her friends. Before their eyes fell on her, they would fall on someone closer to the door, missing her completely.

This did not last forever. Some of her Ferre friends finally noticed her, making fun of how she’d pulled out paper and quill before they even figured out which class they’d been sitting through.

“I can’t remember a thing if I don’t write it down,” she said.

They fell into a casual conversation as the room filled. Fiona spat out responses robotically, filling in the conversational gaps as they arose, but not really hearing or listening to her friends. Her disinterest did not show on the outside, she seemed to anyone looking, to be the same old Fiona, just chatting away.

The word mudblood pulled her away, and she focused her attention for the first time since people started filling in the room.

"I don't need your head blocking my view of the board," West. Ugh.

The poor first year almost spilled her bag on the ground in her hurry to move. The small red head was one of Fiona’s first year Ferre.

“Sit here,” Fiona called, pointing to the desk right behind her, smiling then casting a scowl at West.

She wanted to use her authority as a prefect to reprimand West, but West was a seventh year, and a spoiled rich kid. It was better to let it alone.

“Arietem house is mostly full of jerks,” she said to the first year, “Everyone hates them.”

The little girl blushed again.

As if proof of her point, another Arietem jerk, Lucius Todd, sat down only a few seats from her along with his cronies.

The moment the professor strode into the room all chatter stopped. He was a tall man, and though he wasn’t burley, there was a strength to him. He held himself with a confidence that was hard to ignore.

Fiona sighed and felt a acidic pang of anxiety in her stomach when he ordered the desks aside. She’d been hoping for a simple lesson to start the year. Some theory, maybe a discussion, not any practical spell work that demanded and on the spot performance.


"Don't let him know you're muggle-born, okay?" the girl beside him had said. He hated the word muggle, it just caused trouble. It was in part to the use of muggle and mudblood that Cassius was so withdrawn in the wizarding world, just hearing it made him feel uncomfortable. Why wizards cared so much about blood always confused him, he could work as hard as he liked but still wouldn't be good enough. He knew as much about magic as anyone (except the practicalities that often escaped him) but it didn't matter to them.

'Wait...' Cassius thought, 'How did she know my parents aren't magical? Has everyone already started talking about me? The young wizard started fidgeting with his hands by his stomach and shot his eyes to his feet, baring his teeth anxiously. He flicked his eyes between the standing students to see if any were talking about him or laughing, fortunately they were not. The two next to him were whispering about something, but the blonde girl was grinning and occasionally glanced at one of the other boys, so Cassius ruled himself out of that one.

In his first few years at Hogwarts, Cassius had considered not telling anyone about his parents, 'Tell everyone they are wizards and no one will wonder anything,' he had thought, afterall, he was clever enough to appear to have a magical background at school. He had scrapped the idea almost immediately, however, because he felt like he was betraying them by pretending they were something they were not, he certainly wasn't ashamed of his parents and shouldn't lie. It seemed however, that at Magnus he had no choice in the matter, word had seemingly already gotten around.

'Maybe it isn't all bad though, the girls seem friendly.' They obviously didn't care about his blood, or were doing an excellent job at hiding it. Breathing in slightly Cassius summoned what courage he could get and whispered quietly to the girl who had returned Odin, "My name is Cassius by the way."

She had clearly heard about him before, as she knew about his parents, but Cassius had no idea if she knew his name. Not that it mattered; it was the act of introducing himself that sped his heart, dampened his palms and curled his lips into a small, proud smile.


She hurried through the hallways, once she finally reached class she hurried inside. She crossed her fingers in hoping the professor wasn't there but as soon as she entered she saw a professor already introducing himself to class. "Move the desks against both of the walls.." he said, Samantha was somewhat grateful everyone was standing up to move their desk and hoped the professor wouldn't quite notice her tardiness. She helped an underclassmen with her desk and smiled at the young girl, she seemed like an Arietem from Sam was standing. Sam then noticed Rae was sitting down with a new student and Veronica, she noticed that the frog was now on the new student's hand and smile knowing that Rae would make sure to find the owner.

Finally, Sam looked for Anna and Sebastian to join them, but before doing so she headed towards Rae where she smiled and waved her, finally when she was close enough she whispered "good morning!" hoping her friend could understand what she had said.