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Samantha Holt

Unavailable Character

0 · 418 views · located in Magnus Grex School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Magnus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, originally authored by Emmie_Hoeller, as played by RolePlayGateway



This character is no longer in use.

So begins...

Samantha Holt's Story



It was a new year at Magnus, for both Aberforth and his students. He studied looking out of the window observing the meadow tree's. These students would know him for half of their lives, and he was intent to lead them away from the darkness he himself had fought. His brother,mother and his sister all died fighting..And one day so would he.

He began to walk back and forth in his office as the letter from the ministry of magic floated, in the air. The letter written on a piece of parchment paper stated : "Dear Mr. Aberforth Dumbledore. After the death of your brother Albus, one who was considered to be one of greatest wizards of all time has left you Hogwarts..In is dept to takeover as headmaster."He picked up the letter and threw it into the burning fire.

Aberforth looked as the burning ashes erupted from red to green sparks. It was so beautiful yet misunderstanding. He pulled out his wand and stepped back waiting for whatever would happen. In such error the dear Ms. Hermione Granger jumped from the flames.

He looked at her disarmed his wand."Hermione..I was hoping for Harry to come. Although you have the smart of no other..always the outstanding of the bunch you are."She smiled at Aberforth and gave him a slight hug. Without any hesitation she handed Aberforth a small elixir and smiled lightly."The ministry..believes they've found something. Something dark."She smiled at Aberforth and looked with great honesty and integrity.

You-Know-Who...I hate to say it but there is something, someone rising up against us. And they believe hogwarts is no longer a priority. A man who was questioned believed he met death itself who granted him immortality."Aberforth looked at hermione and smiled."Its rubbish. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade is no longer my home. Today is the arrival of the first years..remember your first year ?"

She nodded."Yes. But america is no battleground..Hogwarts was nearly destroyed by Lord Voldemort. And we can't let an imposter or worse death eater ruin the wizarding world. I will speak with the order and we will decide what our next move is."She walked back into the fire and left Aberforth with even more to decide. Was hogwarts safe ? And was Magnus safe ? Time would soon tell..


"Come on mum, we've talked about this" Sam said to her endearing mother, who like every other previous year, complained to Sam about allowing her go to Magnus Grex. Since the beginning, she was strongly opposed to her attending a magical school, which according to her was a 'prominent and constant threat'. Sam would have probably believed her had she not been always so overprotective; truth was that to Sam, it was simply another way for her to nag. She knew she couldn't blame her though, with everything that had happened; it was a miracle that Samantha was still able to attend.

Sam was thankful to her father, who often encouraged her ways when it came to magic. He worked for the ministry and wanted for her to know about the magical world and for her o become prepared. It was a shame that she was the only one in their family who could do magic, besides her mother and father, which was more of a reason why she wanted to take advantage of her abilities. Ever since she had found out about magic and what she could do, magic had become her world.

It took her about half and hour to calm her mother down and her father took care of the second half. Sam was already late for her train, no surprise there, she didn't even have her supplies yet but she was sure ready to leave home and head to school. Sam missed her friends, and missed being able to use magic; after all she wanted to learn everything she could when it came to spells, charms and all the actual practice of magic, she'd deal with the theory later... much later only if she absolutely needed it.

She was already part of every group and association she knew of, she couldn't wait to see Anna, who surely must have had interesting stories about the time they had been apart. Sam couldn't hide her wide smile as she entered the train and sat down with a group of students, by the look of their faces in awe, surprise and a mix of nervousness; all freshmen. "Hey there, children" she said teasingly, she couldn't be but a few years older but the thought made her giggle, "I'm guessing all of you are first timers?" she asked with a friendly smile.

As soon as she teased the freshmen for a while and scared them about how supposedly the sorting hat every now and them took a bite at student's hair if he as much noticed nervousness in their voices she headed outside. Finally after having a good laugh, she was on her way looking for Annabeth who surely must have been accompanied with by Sebastian. They were a strange trio, that much was obvious, Anna was a Vulpes, Sebastian was an Arietem and Sam was a Cervus but somehow they got along. The train was already on the move, which made Sam's steps a bit sloppy and made her almost fell, finally after not too much struggle she heard her voice not too far from where she was standing. She opened the door of the wagon almost falling and with a playful smile, "I guess it's going to be a bumpy ride." To Sam, it seemed like it had taken forever to reach their next destination, she was never one to stay still in one place and wanted to get to school as soon as possible.

Not too later on, students arrived at the dock; it took only a few minutes before they moved some of the students to one of the many boats where students would soon enough would be officially in their first day back in school. Sam was already anxious to see what they would give at the banquets, her stomach was angry and ready to growl. It would only be a matter of minutes before her juvile and playful mood changed as it always did when she was hungry. "Damn, I had almost forgotten about the sorting hat..." she whispered remembering the freshmen from before. "Why can't they give us our food before they choose houses" she said disappointed before her mood started sulking.




"I swear, your grandmother hates me," Sebastian complained as Annabeth continued to laugh at his expense. It wasn't really hilarious in his eyes and if not for the fact that he loved her laugh, he would have totally done some kind of spell or something on her - rules be damned.

"Oh, sweetie! That was your fault!" Annabeth chided between her giggles, recalling the way her grandmother pretty much murdered her best friend with one single glare. Truthfully, it had been more than one glare. After a of begging and pleading to both parental parties, Sebastian spent the entire summer with Anna. She showed him her village and the nearby castles. They swam, sampled wine, attended festivals, and actually stayed in each other's presence the entire time.

And her grandmother hated it.

Of course, Sebastian had tried to be his charming self, grinning at the elderly woman and trying to be as respectful as he could in her presence. But his constant flirting with village girls, his lewd comment about the dancers at one of the festivals - a traditional festival honoring former witches and warlocks, mind you - and just his presence angered the older Heiman. She saw him as nothing more than a troublemaker seeking to corrupt her precious granddaughter. And she wasn't shy about letting him know it. Even as they said their goodbyes at the train stop, her grandmother politely pulled him into an uncomfortably tight embrace and warned him that if he so much as made Anna cry, it would be the last thing he saw. Sebastian wasn't scared, but then again, who wasn't threatened by a sixty-year old woman who didn't have to use magic to kick your ass?

"But seriously, she's just incredibly protective," Anna decided to say after a minute, smirking at the small pout Bass gave her. It still astonished her that not a lot of people saw this playful side of him. He was childish when he wanted to be and it was adorable. Speaking of childish and adorable, where was Sam? "We're kind of all we both have left - the richer family members provide money, but nothing more. She' grandma. I wouldn't be here without here." The serious look on her face and the cloud of emotion in her now green eyes caused Sebastian to feel uncomfortable and he rubbed the back of his neck to avoid eye contact.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah; I know. Don't get all sentimental on me." Anna fixed him with a look as Sebastian waved off the moment and punched his arm only for them to somehow start a tickle fight that he was definitely winning. It must have been her laughter at him touching the underside of her ribs that got her female best friend's attention because before she knew it, Sam was entering the wagon. The girl struggled to stand straight and Anna reached over to pull her into the seat opposite of her and Sebastian. Without fail, though, she hugged the girl.

"Hey, beautiful!" Finally, Anna settled into her seat and nudged Sebastian's side, prompting him to greet Sam with more than just a simple nod of acknowledgement. He offered a subtle, "Hey," before nudging Anna, smirking victoriously that he won another bout between the two of them. She glowered before turning back to Sam. "Can't wait to start this year, though. I got bored some time during the summer." Anna ignored him when Sebastian cut his eyes at her, fighting the urge to smirk.

Annabeth: 1
Sebastian: 1

When they finally arrived, Sam commented about the sorting hat and eating. Anna smirked and linked arms with her friend, letting Sebastian carry her heavier bag and opting to grab the rest of her things.

"Oh come on, be fair. How do you think the other upperclassmen felt having to wait for the rest of us to get sorted?' She reminded her and kept walking. Sebastian smirked.

"Besides, what's better than seeing a kid sitting in that chair ready to piss his pants at the talking hat?" Sebastian added, recalling one of the freshman members of Arietem last year. The idiot literally had a mental breakdown simply because the hat couldn't decide for the longest and he actually had to beg. Anna remembered that fairly well and shot him a dirty look. Sebastian only smirked and winked at Sam.

Good times.

#, as written by Jynxii
Rae Ki Bae

Rae shifted just slightly in the dirt, glancing up to push a piece of her hair away from her face. She had come to school a week prior to everyone else to help prep the Herbology garden for the First years. She sat in a mound of dirt and herbs, with gritty sediment plastered up both of her arms to her elbows. To her right sat Ra, cozy inside her discarded cloak. He was too much of a dainty fellow to bother getting his paws dirty.

Rae turned back to her work, ignoring the soft mews of her companion. It wasn't until her alarm went off, said alarm being an enchanted note set to explode into sparkles, that she realized the other students would be arriving soon. With a small squeak she quickly finished her current project; filling in the last of the snapdragon's bed. "Better hurry, or we'll be late," she sighed in soft Korean as she scooped up Ra and made her way back to the dormitory. Luckily, she managed to shower and get dressed just in time for the first couple of carriages to start pulling into the gates. She was late.

As though a fire had started behind her, Rae dashed about her room and scooped up Ra excitedly. Her friends were back. Unable to contain her joy, she bounded through the soon-to-be-filled hallways and bounced nearly all the way down to the gate When she finally arrived, she was breathless but grinning. Instantly her face scanned the vessels for her friends. Where are you, James? Ronnie, you're usually one of the first ones here... where.. Is that? No...

Her brown orbs dashed across the many faces of the students. A nervous hand gently stroked Ra's skin as she looked around. Maybe they were inside already? Rae chewed on her bottom lip just lightly, wondering where they could have gone. Maybe they had decided to take on guiding the First years in this year? Frowning, Rae hoofed it back across the grounds to the docks. When she arrived she was met with a sea of little witches and wizards. She tried to stand toward the edge of the large groups, scanning the faces of the older students to try and see if one of them belonged to any of her friends.

It was then that her black robe was tugged on by one of the First years. A young blonde girl who looked lost. Rae smiled warmly to the child and took her hand, nodding in the direction of the school. On the way to the banquet hall, Rae did her best to ease the girl's fears. Apparenlty someone had told her that the Sorting Hat would bite a bit of your hair off if you sounded too nervous. Although it was a little funny, Rae quickly put the girl's fears to rest.

The young one seemed to feel a little better, but then looked stricken as Rae stopped by the large dinning room doors. "Aren't you coming?" "I have to sit with my house," Rae explained with a smile patting the girl on the shoulder. "You'll be fine, don't worry about a thing. The hat will put you in the right place." With that, Rae left the First year to find her seat with the other First years, and made her way over to the Cervus table. She was starving. From the inside of her cloak came a quiet purring as Ra fell asleep. Spoiled cat, Rae thought to herself with an amused smile. She sat down with the other members of her house and strained to see over the heads over the other tables.

With no sign of her friends, Rae let out a gentle sigh and turned her attention to the front of the hall to watch the sorting ceremony.




No sooner had they reached the Great Hall had Sebastian been ready to leave Anna's side. He nodded at a few of his house members in acknowledgement before yanking Anna in the air, twirling her in a circle while embracing her before walking away with a smirk on his face. She squealed when he did it. Anna stared dazedly, trying to get her wits together.

"I'll get back to you later," he called over his shoulder and proceeded to greet his house members. Anna only smiled, turning around just as she felt fingers ghost of her sides. Another squeal escaped her followed by a fit of giggles as she came face-to-face with her good friend Ronnie.

"Hey, love! I'm heading over now!" Anna shot an apologetic look Sam's way and hugged her quickly as she saw the headmaster get ready to speak. "We'll hang out after this, Sam, promise!" With that promise in the air, Anna scurried over to the Vulpes House table, greeting a few members and taking the seat beside Veronica.


Sam wasn't surprised as Sebastian left with his house members without telling her a thing, she let out a smile as she too was trying to see if she could recognize anyone from her house. As soon Sebastian did the dramatic twirling to her best friend, Sam could spot someone else in the crowd, Veronica. Sam smiled at Vic as soon as she approached, she had seen her before with Anna; after all they were both in the same house, and though she wasn't exactly on close-terms with her, any friend of Anna was a friend of hers. Sam said nothing when Anna reassured Vic she was leaving to sit with her in the dinning hall, but as soon as she hugged her and gave her the 'I'm sorry'-look, Sam shrugged her noise in disapproval of her betrayal and gave pouted her lips like a child being left behind.

As soon as her friend was out if sight, she too moved closer to her own house hoping she could at least find someone to sit by with. It was then when she spotted not another Cervus but an Arietem, Harvey, Harvey Sparshott. They had barely said but a few words when they were barely in their second year at school, but he had left quite an impression on her. They would have probably never talked had Sam not found his cat Maine roaming around nearby her dormitory.

Sam was grateful that the cat had a beautiful name tag with Harvey's name, which made it that much easier to return her. They barely shared a few words other than him thanking him and her teasing him about losing his pussy, but Sam couldn't help but to feel drawn to Harvey. So as soon as she spot him nearby other Arietem, she couldn't help but to smile before she too sat down in the first Cervus seat available; after all it was only a matter of minutes before Aberforth began his entrance speech. Besides, the sooner they got over with all the spectacles the sooner Sam would be eating her delicious pizza.



Aberforth looked over to the 1st years and welcomed them all with a toast of butterbeer in his cup. He walked down the platform steps and watched as the 1st years began to be sorted. They were all so young to Aberforth, all going through what he went through at Hogwarts, And even Aberforth couldn't resist the temptations of being headmaster.

He looked at all the students and smiled."Now..To all the students that couldn't make it we understand the delays. Here at Magnus Grex we take care of our own as if we were all family. And that's where the magic begins. As classes begin tomorrow we will expect all students to be on time, no later than 9:10 a.m. We have four houses. Ferre,Vulpes,Cervus and Arietem all competing for the house cup that is won every year.

I must say however that to the older students, set an example for our younger students and also follow the school rules. These rules are updated every year. No sneaking about the corridors and dormitories losing your trousers."
They all laughed.No unforgivable spells are to be taught or learned either. I trust all of you, so much that I believe in your talents.Your skills.Your charms. The path to success is the goal, and the goal is the key to everything."

Now, to the exciting parts. We will be having multiple clubs this year. Herbology,Dueling,Potions,Charms, and the most popular one among the students, the four quidditch teams."
The students all jumped up in excitement as Aberforth laughed again, almost falling over his cloak.

"Now..unless I'm boring you all to your immense death I shall say it once, not twice. Let the Magic..BEGIN !!"


#, as written by Ankti

Harvey slumped back in his chair, staring absently at the ceiling, trying to decide how much trouble he would get in if he skipped his whole first day of classes to go surfing. It would mean detention for sure, from each of his teachers, but that might just be worth it to start out the year right.

He decided to start a list of all the things he would not miss about this place. First thing - the old man’s self important speeches. He couldn’t even look at the old man without picturing their meeting at the end of last year, when the Headmaster had laid out just how much of a failure Harvey really was.

Oh sure, he hadn’t used those words, no one ever did, but that’s what they meant. A tragic waste. Yeah, well, this year would be a tragic waste if Harvey had to spend it listening to more of Aberforth Dumbledore’s speeches.

Of course he might also need to start a list of the things he would miss. That would mostly be a list of names. His eyes drifted across the room to Ronnie at the Vulpus table. Now she was great. Always up for some fun, always looking for a new adventure. Yet somehow she never seemed to catch trouble for it like Harvey did. She’d be on the list.

Then there was Sam and the Cervus table. Seeing her smiling at her friends, Harvey remembered the day in his second year, after he’d looked high and low for Paris, his maine coon who’d run off. He sat dejected in the courtyard, about to cry in front of most of the school. Sam had walked up, grin on her face, the huge orange cat balanced on her shoulders like a fur boa. She’d found Paris hiding roaming around the Cervus dormitory.

Yeah, he liked Sam, she’d go on the list.

Then there were the boys, his fellow Arietems, his dorm mates. People who’d explored the castle with him, who’d shared jokes and excitement. They were a cocky bunch, and if you asked Harvey, with good cause. Maybe he would put up with more hot air from Dumbledore if it meant more time with the boys.

“Hey Bass,” he leaned over to Sebastian Queen, who was trading flirty looks with a couple of his friends, “help me think of a harmless prank to pull on the first years before Quinton decides to boil them in oil.”


Veronica smiles over at Anna when the sixth year takes a seat beside her- it doesn't really cross her mind that she kind of ignored Sam back there, partially because the two aren't extremely close. To be honest, there are several respects in which they might be a bit too alike to be friends- they'd likely butt heads. Anna, on the other hand, is someone with whom Ronnie gets on very well, despite the aforementioned dislike for one of the girl's closest friends. She's not going to judge based on who one's friends are, so long as they don't start picking up nastier habits. "Ready for the new year, then? It's your last," Ronnie comments, but regrets it almost instantly. Not because she thinks that it will dampen Anna's mood, but because the thought of this year ending sours her own very slightly. She's never been the sort to focus on the future, but lacking a magical background, is concerned about what she will do following her graduation from Magnus Grex. It's a bit of a touchy subject for the otherwise quite relaxed, or at least carefree, girl.

As Aberforth begins his speech, it is soon clear that Ronnie isn't overly interested in what he is saying. That is, until he mentions that elder students should follow the rules, in order to set an example for the younger ones. This puts a guilty smile on her face, one that's contradictory to the daring gleam in her eyes. And, of course, as he begins to mention Quidditch, she is one of those who jump up. The girl is a beater for the Vulpes team, and a rather big fan of Quidditch in the general. It's only natural, for she grew up among muggles exclusively, and so up until she came to Magnus Grex, the idea of such a fantastical sport would have been a distant dream for her. "Vulpes!" she calls out, grinning and cupping her hands around her mouth as she does so. For all of her rule-breaking and the like, she's got a good deal of school spirit, especially when it comes to competition among the houses. She's always been a very competitive young woman, after all.

After the speech ends, Ronnie notices Harvey out of the corner of her eye, and turns to give him a wave and a wicked sort of grin that says Ready for another year of shenanigans? Of course, between the two of them, Harvey seems a lot more likely to wind up in detention. While Ronnie has spent quite a few afternoons in a teacher's office, she's got a gift for sneaking away at the last minute. While her head is turned in that direction, Ronnie notices something rather strange. The sorting hasn't begun, and yet there is an unfamiliar face sitting at the Vulpes table. Perpetually curious, and always too nosy for her own good, Ronnie immediately reaches over and taps him on the shoulder, only just getting a glimpse of a toad, and hearing him mutter something.

"Is he a good conversationalist, then? I've been toad that they are- there's just the concern of them croaking on you," she can't hold back a grin at her own cleverness, though her puns are actually quite poor. Ronnie's got quite a weakness for puns, all the same.

#, as written by Jynxii
Image Rae Ki Bae

Rae waved back at James just before the headmaster began his speech. Now, to the exciting parts. We will be having multiple clubs this year. Herbology,Dueling,Potions,Charms, and the most popular one among the students, the four Quidditch teams." Rae glanced to her side, noticing Sam had made her way to the table at last. "You made it! Did you hear? My Herbology club was approved!" Rae grinned broadly to her friend, her voice vibrating with excitement. The headmaster announced that the feast had started, and instantly food materialized in front of them.

Knowing that Sam's attention would be quickly, if not immediately stolen, Rae added lightly, "You know I helped a first year in here earlier. She seemed terrified of the sorting ceremony. Something about an older student told her the Sorting Hat would take a bit of her hair if she was nervous.." Rae tried to look upset, but it was too great of an effort to keep from smiling. "Can't imagine who put that into her head..."

The feast was as grand and delightful as it was every year. True to form, Ra had woken up midway through to poke his head out of her cloak and settle into her lap; accepting the meat scraps Rae secretly fed to him. As dessert took the place of the main course, Rae glanced over to see if James was almost done eating. She couldn't see him very well from where she sat, so she pulled out a scrap of magical paper and sent a hummingbird origami fluttering over the tops of the other students. The tiny bird landed gently in front of him and unfolded itself.

Hey, did you hear that my Herbology club got approved? You're joining, right?! How was your break?

Rae glanced over to Sam as the other Cervus' enjoyed their desert. "I'm going to head back to the dorm. Want me to claim our bunks again?" Rae considered Sam one of, if not her only, best female friend. Veronica was more like her older, smarter, sister and James was a guy so he didn't count. There was something special about having that one person in your house that you could talk to and do everything with. Over the summer, Rae hadn't been able to visit Sam due to her internship with her mother and then volunteering with the muggles and coming back to school early for Herbology.

Rae waiting for Sam to answer and then stood, holding Ra in her arms. She made her way out of the hall, as a few people had started to leave. On her way out, she caught sight of Lucius- the boy she had been asked to tutor in Herbology this year. He was talking to someone, but she couldn't see the male's face because his back was to her. At the same table would be Sebastian, so Rae quickly directed her attention elsewhere. In no particular hurry, Rae headed out of the Great Hall.

The halls were alive with chatter once again. It was refreshing and comforting. Rae gently put Ra on the floor to walk along side her as she made her way towards the dorm tower.



Lucius smiled over as Aberforth finished his long dreadful speech."Herbology ? Her-Herbology ? Are you serious ?" He laughed and began to eat his food knowing Harvey would follow in lead."If anything what we need is a long's night rest from his hairy beard." Lucius chuckled as the students sitting next to him laughed, some dropping bits and pieces over their robes.

After he finished eating he watched the 1st years being escorted to their rooms all by one. Lucius ate the last piece of his blueberry muffin and whispered to one of the Arietem students."Death Eater meeting by 9. Bring all of your youngest recruits by the quidditch post. I believe we are going into the tunnels tonight."

Lucius walked out of the corridors and spat on the ground by the mudblood girl, Veronica. He smirked and jogged outside of the corridors making sure he was unseen.

He ran until he could no longer breathe. He suddenly walked up to the group of boys all cloaked as Lucius smirked to himself."And what is this ? 1st years ? You brought children into the group ? He pushed one of the 1st years onto the ground and looked upon his face."Agriplio." He shouted as the boys memories invaded Lucius's mind. He stood up and looked down upon the small boy."Joane' Flutnick. A half-blood."He sighed and looked towards the rest of the group.

And now, do you see squirrels ? These 1st years are tempted. Not all can be trusted. The poor boy stood on his weak legs and yelled at Lucius."You can't hurt me...I-i-..i'm going to tell Dumbledore about your club you jerk !!" Lucius stood back and ran upon the boy, smacking him hard, his hand hitting the boys cheeks with anger."How dare you ? Oh but I had forgotten...Lucius looked towards his other members.

"Tell your mother..and your father I said welcome to Magnus, Obliviate !! A green spark of light hit the boys face and caused him to fall asleep. Lucius began to walk back into the school, hoping he wouldn't be detected. He smiled the whole way muttering the same word over, and over."Forget..Forget..Forget.."


As soon as Aberforth started talking Sam's head started trailing off, it was a habit of hers; she got distracted far too easily. Yet, her ears were wide open as soon as he mentioned the clubs they would have for the year. As always, Sam had signed up for most if not all of the clubs, she genuinely loved every and each one of them; though she couldn't quite hide Quidditch and Dueling were one of her favorite ones. The rush she felt at chasing the golden snitch was a rush she'd never felt before, it had been years now that she had been the Seeker and she loved every year of it.

It seemed she wasn't the only one who was excited when she noticed Rae grinning like a child happy that they had approved the Herbology club that year. Sam would have teased her friend about the Herbology club but her attention was immersed into the delicious banquet that has magically appeared in front of her eyes. As if she had been starving for ages, she immediately grabbed a delicious looking pizza that she had to reach from Rae's side. She immediately stopped when Rae spoke softly, "You know I helped a first year in here earlier. She seemed terrified of the sorting ceremony. Something about an older student told her the Sorting Hat would take a bit of her hair if she was nervous.." Sam let out a huge proud grin at her friend's attempt to hide her own and felt overjoyed that someone had found her little mischief. "Can't imagine who put that into her head..." Rae continued and Sam let out a small giggle, "Preposterous, these seniors are getting worse with the years" Sam said trying to sound most posh faking a British accent and raising her pinky finger as she grabbed the small teacup with chocolate that had been placed in front of her.

Sam started eating as if there would be no tomorrow, she made sure not to eat much of a single thing so that she could try most of the delicious feast she had before her eyes. She had to stop to take a five when her stomach was already too full and almost in pain; strange as it was, no matter how much she ate she never gained a pound. It was then she noticed Rae getting ready to leave, so as soon as she asked if she wanted to be in bunk beds she immediately nodded with a wide smile. "What would I do without you Rae" she said endearingly. In truth Sam loved Rae, she was the living impersonation of what a Cervus should be, kindness, compassion and everything that is good. They had been friends ever since she could remember, almost if not for the same amount Anna and Sam had been friends.

Sam loved both Anna and Rae, though it was obvious they were very different, but they both were part of her life and Sam loved them both equally as if they were of her own blood, the sisters she never had. Sam only wished that Rae could have visited her in the Summer, things were always boring without her or Anna, even when her five brothers were a handful, having a sister was a whole different story.

It would take her more than five for recover from the immense feast she had given herself, so she just sat back and waited for more students to leave the Great Hall before she too headed towards their dorm.


Alessa listened to Aberforth as he informed everyone of the rules, classes would start no later than 9:10am, she'd be there at 7:30am sharp. After all she hated being late to class, or anything for that matter, and if there was anything to avoid the crowds she'd do it. As soon as he had finished his speech the delicious food magically appeared as it did every year. Alessa couldn't say she had not missed it, she had never really gotten a meal cooked from her aunt, other than the cheap microwave food she always seemed to love; the food at Magnus was the closest thing she had ever gotten to a homemade meal.

She began by eating the pumpkin pie and ate slowly, enjoying every flavor identifying every ingredient. She had a habit of always eating desert first, a habit which she would definitely not quit under her own determination. As soon as she had finished eating but two slices she had enough, she wanted to exit before everyone did so the two slices would have to suffice until the next morning.

She stood up swiftly, moving carefully as she exited the Great Hall. She wondered who'd be her roommate for the year as her past roommate had already graduated the year before. She hoped that she would have to do but a simply introduction and that would be enough socialization... for as much as possible. With disdain she started walking towards the Ferre's girls dormitory, she didn't get too far ahead before she noticed a familiar face. "Lucius" she said acknowledging the young Arietem. They had taken classes together before and had talked but a few times; Alessa was not one to begin a conversation, let alone socialize, but if there was something Alessa could acknowledge was potential and power, he had both.

#, as written by Jynxii

Boats? Fuck that. The seventh year glided over the waters separating the school from the world with ease. Her shoes were inches from the surface of the water as her broom zipped her across the body of churning liquid. As her hair whipped around her face, Katarina let her mind drift away. This would be her last year in school. Now that she was seventeen she was free to use magic as she pleased, on or off the grounds. It was beyond thrilling, but something inside her felt twisted. Was it her heart? Her gut, maybe? What was the nagging feeling inside her telling her that something terrible was happening. She was graduating. How could that be anything other than wonderful? She'd finally be free! She'd never have to see another filthy mudblood ever again if she played her cards right and only associated with the classiest of purebloods.

She arrived at the school and landed quietly on the grounds. With a twist of her wrist, her wand sent her bags flying to her room- along with her broom. Another flick and her hair was once again pristine. Can't walk into the school for the first and last day back with broomhair, now can she? Pocketing her wand, Kat strolled into the dinning hall and slipped onto the end of her table just as the headmaster started to speak. She was greated by Kindle and Kimberly, twins in her year, who she tolerated for company's sake. After all, just because she was a bitch didn't mean she wasn't popular. "If you two keep stuffing your face like that you're going to get fat," Katarina sighed, poking at her own plate with the end of her fork. The twins looked up, faces stuffed to the brim with the delectable food of the feast. Kat flicked her eyes up to their faces, and grinned. She was just kidding, of course, so they went back to eating. Kat turned her eyes back to her own plate. It wouldn't be terrible of they got fat. It would make her look even skinnier.

Katarina let her eyes scan down the length of what she thought of as her table. All the other members of her house seemed to be one of two things; chatting away with friends or looking incredibly broody. There was Lucius, a sixth year who had started some sort of 'secret' club; though everyone in the house knew about it. Her nose wrinkled just slightly. He had a lot of growing up to do, but his heart was in the right place. Then there was a fifth year sitting further down. Her name was slipping Kat's mind, but she was pretty sure it started with an A. Anna, or something like that [Anneliese]. Kat rarely associated with underclassman, so the girl was of no real interest- especially because she was a halfblood.

Looking further down the long table Kat could see another student whose face she couldn't see. She didn't have to see his front. She'd know those golden curls anywhere. Harvey. Her dark hues watched him from across the table. His eyes were scanning the crowd, like a bee sampling the nectar of every flower. A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips, but she resisted as she watched him. The smile slowly began to turn as she noticed his eyes had stopped and he had a certain look on his face. A look she didn't appreciate. He was staring at someone. Her eyes followed his line of sight, landing on the Cervus table- landing on Samantha. Her left hand grabbed the bench she sat on as she attempted to keep her gaze cool and aloof. What was that feeling? Jealousy? Of that little nobody?

If her eyes could have set Samantha on fire- they might have. When she forced herself to turn away, Harvey had already moved on to scanning their own table. Possibly looking for her? Instantly the clenched tightness on her chest lifted. She shouldn't be so stupid. Harvey would never sink that low. Smiling, Kat slipped out of the bench- receiving concerned looks from the twins. "One sec. I'll be back."

Kat slipped down the row between her house and another and slipped her way between Harvey and one of his boys- Quin. She liked Quin, he had a similar mind to hers. Harvey was just finishing a question, “ me think of a harmless prank to pull on the first years before Quinton decides to boil them in oil.” "I'd say Quin's a genius. Did he actually suggest that for this year? Though only for the mudbloods, of course. I have something else in mind for the pures, as I do every yea- Oh, Harvey don't look at me like that," Kat trailed off with a sigh, placing her elbow on the table and her chin on her palm. "I was joking, and my prank is harmless. It's the moonlight walk, like we do every year. Are you boys joining us?" Her eyes cut over to Sebastian and Quinton, a grin lifting her cheeks. "Anyway, you boys think about it. You know where we'll be. We're meeting in the tunnels after for some butterbeers to celebrate the first day back. Seventh years only. Quin, please tell me you made it through the gates with my surprise? Bass, you have to go. If you don't, Harvey will have to drink alone, and well.. we all know how that goes.."

She was teasing, of course. As she stood she let a hand rest comfortably on Harvey's shoulder if allowed, and looked over the boys once more. "See you tonight. Bring something fun." With a smile, Kat walked back to her seat. Hopefully the boys would come. Sure, getting a little tipsy with the girls was always fun, but the more mischief makers around the better in her book. Besides, she could really use the distraction.

When the meal was over the trio, often called the KKK behind their backs, stood and headed towards the beach. It was a tradition. On their first night back the three, and sometimes selected invited guests, would go down to the water and jump naked off the docks. It had been a dare their first year- by a seventh year then. A girl named Miranda. Pureblood and extremely cruel. She had told the girls that if they truly wanted to be accepted into house- they would have to jump into the water off the dock.

Katarina led the way, trailed by the twins and four first years they had stolen away from the group to take with them for the plunge. It was a cruel joke. This year the seventh years wouldn't be jumping in. They'd wait for the first years to disrobe and then steal their robes and force them to walk, or run, back to the dorms naked. The memory of how cold the air was on her body during her own initiation made her smile all the more as Kat led the group of unsuspecting first years down to the docks. Kat crossed her arms in front of her, struggling to hold her patience together as she waited for a herd of Vulpus to pass by. "Where are we going?" The question was from a shy blonde girl, who twisted her robes in front of her nervously. Pureblooded, but a coward. For now. She had the promise of being great- Katarina could feel it. The little dove had nearly cried when she sat under the hat. The first year had not let go of her pale hair for even a moment- as if she were afraid the hat would eat it. Stupid girl.

"You'll see."

#, as written by Jynxii
Rae Ki Bae

Rae made her way to the dorm room and found the bunk in the corner. With quick ease she moved the belongings of the other students to the beds that would have been hers and Sams. If they other students wouldn't know, it wouldn't hurt them right? Once she had settled their stuff in their bunks, Rae made her way back out into the hall to wait for Sam. After all, Sam might not have heard the new password- it's happened before. As Rae stood there she noticed a second year Vulpes in near tears. "Hey.. Hey, what's wrong? Are you alright?" The young girl explained that she was lost. The red in her cheeks turned Rae's stomach over. She had felt that way before, in her second year. You're too proud to follow the first years, but too unfamiliar to find your way back to the dorm alone.

Rae smiled warmly at the younger girl and took her hand, leading her to the Vulpes painting. "Do you remember your password?" The younger girl nodded and wiped at her cheeks. "Thank you.." Rae smiled and told her she was welcome. As she was walking back toward her own dorm her pocket suddenly came to life and out jumped Ra. "What are you doing," she laughed, watching the curious creature prowl around the unfamiliar hallway. With a sudden exuberance the feline pounced at a display cabinet. "Ra! Ra, get back here! You're going to knock something over!"

Afraid that her pet would ruin one of the displays, Rae rushed over and knelt by the tiny opening under the cabinet. "Ra, get back he- AHH!!" What came to her was certainly not her feline. A toad [Odin] had sprung at her, jumping into the folds of her robes and balling itself up. In a flash Ra was out of the cabinet, eyes wide with excitement. "Ohhh no. No you don't, little trouble maker!" Rae stood, cupping the toad in her hands. "No, Sir. Hey little guy, are you alright?" She peeked open her hands to look at the toad. He seemed unharmed, thank goodness. No doubt he was someone's pet. The house elves didn't let in just any amphibian.

Rae carried the toad back to her dorm with Ra following behind in a now grumpy demeanor. She showed the toad to Sam that night, but neither of them knew who it could belong to. None of the girls claimed to own it in her dorm, and none of the males passing through the common room claimed it either. Figuring he must belong to another house, Rae put him in a box for safe keeping and put Ra in his cage- for extra safe keeping of the toad who she had named Lemongrass.

She woke up early that morning, as she did every morning. Maybe it was programmed in her blood, or maybe she was simply a morning person. Either way, she was dressed and ready for the day early as always. Knowing how Sam likes to sleep, she didn't bother to wake her up. Instead she grabbed her box with Lemongrass[Odin] inside it and released Ra from his cage. He looked extremely annoyed with her, but he would get over it at breakfast. Speaking of which, that's where she was headed. Rae made her way down to the great hall for some morning eggs and sausage. Since barely anyone was there that early she didn't see the harm in letting Lemongrass[Odin] sit on the table, in the box of course. Ra curled up in her lap after accepting a piece of apology bacon. Bacon was better than toad anyway. Rae ate quietly, wondering who the toad might belong to. She found it between the Vuples and the Cervus dorms, but none of the Cervus she had talked to had claimed it. What a terrible way to start the year, she thought to herself, loosing your pet.. I think I'd freak out if I ever lost you, Ra..


Sam waited before she headed towards their dorm where Rae must have surely waiting for her. As soon as the crowd had calmed down she was on her way. She took her sweet time; after all she was in no rush and she wasn't planning on unpacking until the next day. Once she found Rae she noticed her distracted by something, Sam was a bit distracted trying to figure out exactly what when her friend moved back to their dorm. She was thankful that she had not forgotten the password when the painting almost stopped her.

She followed Rae tapping her playfully on her shoulder before asking her what she was hiding. Sam was most excited to find it was none other than a toad, surely someone's pet and little friend. She helped her ever-helpful friend to find it's owner but it was useless, both of them giving up finally deemed it best that they took care of him until someone got him back. Sam laughed when her adorable friend had named the toad, "come on Rae, Lemongrass? Now you've really gotten him mad" she joked around eyeing at the toad who did not seemed pleased. Before she said anything else she turned to her small cat Snowy, who she had made sure arrived safely before she did. Sam had asked Rae to take care of him before she even got to school.

Image"Don't you ever leave me whitey!" she asked while hugging the beautiful small cat. Finally, as she felt her eyes giving out she sent a wink to Rae, stuck her tongue out the grumpy toad and gave a kiss to lovely Snowy before she said goodnight and fell almost dead in slumber.

As always Sam had woken up late, "not again!" she half-screamed looking at the hour. As if in a flash she remembered what Alberforth had said about being early to class and she let out a sigh. She looked around to see if she could see Rae but it was obvious that she would have never gotten late, unless someone was in some sort of trouble and she'd stay to help out or something of the sort. She got ready as soon as she possibly could, her hair was still wet; not having time to do anything else she urged Snowy to follow her to class.

She was about to head out before she remembered the toad, looking for the box where Rae had placed him but couldn't find anything. She knew Rae must have taken him to keep on looking for the owner. Having missed breakfast made her grumpy but that didn't meant she wouldn't enjoy her transfiguration class. She rushed to class, picking up Snowy knowing he would not be able to keep up her pace. Finally she reached the class, almost out of breath; hoping that the teacher was not there yet.

#, as written by Jynxii

Rae Ki Bae

Rae had just finished giving Ra the last bit of bacon from her plate when Ronnie walked up. Rae was instantly glad to see her- she had missed her last night and hadn't had a chance to talk to her big-sister figure. "Ronnie! Hey!" Rae stepped out from the table to stand, slipping Ra into her robes and picking up Lemongrass' box. "Hey, Rae- where'd you find that frog? I know someone who is looking for one," Ronnie said calmly as she took a bite out of a pear. "Oh, who is it? I found it last night, I've been looking for the owner." "New kid- don't know his name. He should be in our first period, though, so you can see if it is his then." First period.... what time was it? Rae glanced to her watch and gave a little squeak. "We're going to be late!"

Not one for being late, Rae closed the box on her guest pet and offered Ronnie a smile. "See you in class!" With that, she rushed off to the classroom. She couldn't start the year off like this- being late to her first class. She had to work hard at her grades as it was. She wasn't lucky like Ronnie was. Ronnie was just naturally gifted at being brilliant- it was what drew Rae to her when she first met the beautiful blonde.

Rae made it into class with a couple minutes to spare. She figured Sam would be sitting with Anna and her evil sidekick Sebastian, so Rae took a seat further to the back. Admittedly she was a little embarrassed that she never knew any of the questions the professor asked. She would have her quill write them all down so that she could make note to answer them later or come back to them. In the empty seat next to her, she sat the box containing Lemongrass. He had behaved pretty well at the breakfast table, so she opened the lid so he could look out. She muttered a binding spell under her breath, putting a breathable, see-through shield over the lid of the box- just in case he got any squirrelie ideas about jumping out and taking a tour of this part of the castle.

As the students poured in, Rae tried to take notice of everyone. Did any of them look new? Had she not noticed one before? Surely it wasn't a first year. Ronnie would have called him a first year. A pale looking boy with stunning blue eyes walked in, looking lost and perhaps even a little flustered. She had never seen him before. She bit her lower lip and tried to remember if she had actually never seen him before, or if she had just never noticed him. From the box, the toad had started to croak and hop around- almost as though he were excited about something. Rae looked to the box with an arched brow, and then back to the dark haired boy who looked like he didn't know where he could sit. "There's a free seat by me," she called with what she hoped sounded like a friendly voice. "You, ah... you aren't missing a toad by any chance, are you?" She'd go out on a limb. The worst he could say was no, and she'd just look like a weird pet-rescuer. She'd been called worse.



The Professor was walking down the steps, eating the last chocolate frog from his collection. He began to wonder about his new class. One in which, was different every year. He had taught some of the best in America. With even his own children becoming fantastic wizards and witches throughout the wizarding world.

As he made his way to the classroom most of the students he had encountered on his long walk were greeted with care. He smiled and glared at them, with some obviously showing off or trying to hard to impress the professor. As soon as he had walked in he used his wand and started laughing."Seats ? Quills ? Paper ?...oh students..have you already forgotten who I am ?" He dropped both of his books on a desk and started to write on the green board with charcoal.

As he was writing he began to sound out the words."Defense..Against..The..Dark...Arts." He dropped the charcoal and moved his desk against the wall. Argus hated having to reintroduce himself to the classes every year, but he couldn't reform himself from announcing his own name.

"I am Professor Argus the Fourth and I..will be your teacher, friend, and hopefully your best chance of becoming an auror." He tugged onto his shirt with his right hand and pulled out his wand. He waved it over the blinds, watching as they all closed, darkening the room with an overshadowing shade of black. He looked at the students, now changing his facial expression to that of a living statue.

"Move the desks against both of the walls.."


Lucius woke up, sliding out of his bed. He began to put on his school clothes and looked into the mirror, smirking at his fuzzed hair. He fixed it in a few places, even though his hair always seemed to be in the same shape he could always curve it. Always. Lucius grabbed a few books for his first class of the day and began to walk towards the classroom.

He bumped into his buddies from the pureblood group. Mills and Keenan they were. Both were a year ahead of him, something Lucius did enjoy knowing. Lucius looked over at them as all three of them entered the classroom, seeing all the other students until Lucius could spot the one girl he despised more than anything. Lucius whispered to Keenan and Mills.

"Just a warning..the mudblood could make you smell like rotten shit." They all laughed and sat together in the front row..looking back as the girl were all marooning over the new boy. Lucius chuckled at all of the girls and sighed towards the boy."Hey out for the girls..they sure do know how to steal your little frog these days." He rolled his eyes and began to move his desk over to the wall following the other students moves.

Lucius already hated Mr Argus within seconds. Doing something productive was just something Lucius hated. Probably because of his lazy tactics he almost always had someone work or do something for him. Something Lucius might as well be known for these days in Magnus.


She hurried through the hallways, once she finally reached class she hurried inside. She crossed her fingers in hoping the professor wasn't there but as soon as she entered she saw a professor already introducing himself to class. "Move the desks against both of the walls.." he said, Samantha was somewhat grateful everyone was standing up to move their desk and hoped the professor wouldn't quite notice her tardiness. She helped an underclassmen with her desk and smiled at the young girl, she seemed like an Arietem from Sam was standing. Sam then noticed Rae was sitting down with a new student and Veronica, she noticed that the frog was now on the new student's hand and smile knowing that Rae would make sure to find the owner.

Finally, Sam looked for Anna and Sebastian to join them, but before doing so she headed towards Rae where she smiled and waved her, finally when she was close enough she whispered "good morning!" hoping her friend could understand what she had said.