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Delilah Noire

I'm gonna raise the stakes, it's now or never.

0 · 608 views · located in Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Korrye




Basic Info

Name: Born Delilah Annamarie Noire, sometimes Noire for short.
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
House: Cervus
Year: Seventh
Pet: Barn Owl - Screech. She really did want a cat but she writes too many letters not to have her own owl.
Wand: Rowan, 11 and 1/4 inches, with the core of a runespoor fang
Patronus: A grant's gazelle, reflecting her agile lithe and ever tempting personality.
Birthplace: Born and raised in Charlottesville Virginia.


  • The smell of an old book
  • Men
  • Winter & Snow
  • DADA & History
  • The Piano, classical pieces
  • Traditional Italian & French cuisine
  • Running & Hiking
  • Muffin tops
  • Traveling
  • Horses and magical creatures
  • The outdoors

  • Perfume
  • Modern music
  • Howling winds
  • Swimming
  • Loneliness
  • Aristocracy
  • Monday mornings
  • Arithmancy
  • Bimbos
  • Snakes
  • Math

Image Image

Independent, self-confident, intuitive, elusive, tolerant, like-able, sensitive to others, charitable to friends, loyal, quiet, attentive, calm, sensual, motherly, and passionate.

She's the one who makes an obvious entrance when she walks into a room, her looks and charm creating an infectious air about her that people hang on, specifically men. She knows how to be husky and at time uses her charm to her own advantage. That said, Delilah doesn't like to take advantage of others unless it's important. She's an expect elusive, knowing her way how to charm away a man as much as turn one off. She's sensual and knows how to be. When it comes to her true personality she's incredibly independent and intuitive, having learned specifically how to read people and their facial expressions. She's like-able, and kind to any stranger. She's sensitive to their causes, their words and their emotions which tend to infect her quicker than the common cold. She's loyal to her friends, she would die for her family, and often worries for strangers. She's confident in her ability to do magic, and passionate for defensive spells and hexes amongst other things which include, cuisine, the piano and reading. She's a bit of an old soul given her life experiences and how quickly she seems to have grown up. Sometimes the immaturity of youth baffles her, and she remains quiet and retreats into herself. Such is her charm, that quiet calm soul who may make a bold entrance but much prefers to sit in the back of a room. With etiquette lessons under her belt she is very refined, not that she critiques others. She doesn't like her heritage and tends to conceal it as best she can. She knows little of her father's family, but has come across negative sentiment. She hates that she can be disliked simply for being the mudblood daughter of her father. She sets out to prove those who think little of her wrong - part of the reason she's so studious comes from her desire to compensate for what she's not, a pureblood.

Being from a state that considers itself the near South, she's fought against her parents conservative traditions for most of her life. It took almost everything for her to submit to a debutante ball. That said, Delilah's a tad bit mischievous, not at all afraid to tap into her bad side if the risk is worth the reward. Games and laughs are all for the best. She loves to smile but can be serious in her own way, especially about what she feels matters and this includes her studies. She's extremely studious and is often teased for being a knowitall.

Delilah spent a lot of time wondering why she was sorted into Cervus house and she's come to conclude that while smart like a Vulpes she suits her housemates in personality. While charming and likeable she is the quiet one in the corner of a room. Her entrances attract attention, more often because she's a clutz and tripping over a threshold. Many times, she'll do something impulsive and without thinking only to find herself seriously regretting her action. While initially brave, she can be quick to back away - much like a child dipping their toes into the ocean only to run away screaming for a few moments before re-approaching.



Delilah was born to a pure blood wizard father, Samson Noire, and muggle mother, Linnea Johnson, both of which had been born and raised in the United States as had multiple generations before her. The Noire family immigrated from France to the United States in the mid to late 1800s. It was not until the turn of the century that some prosperity came to her forefathers. The money and wealth massed with time and when he father inherited it at 25 he wanted nothing to do but settle and take a wife. So he did, and with a muggle, despite some flak from his family about it. The Noire family was prestigious and renowned for their purist sentiments. Delilah's father had a hard time accepting his family's seemingly petty feelings towards mudbloods. He was so much more in favor of equality and fate would have him fall in love with a muggle. Linnea was a rich and wealthy southern woman, born and raised in South Carolina. Despite her wealth and muggle caliber, she was not the woman Samson's parents wished him to marry. He was promptly disowned.

Delilah was born a year after her parents married. They settled in mid Virginia, buying an old estate and working the land as a farm. As a child she grew up outside, lending herself more as a stable hand than to the fields. When she was nine her mother was injured in a car crash and paralyzed from the waist down. With her mother unable to care for herself in many ways, Delilah found herself growing up faster than most girls her age. While her father hired a live in nurse it was a difficult adjustment. Her mother grew depressed with the lack of mobility and Delilah's father was unable to work any magic to fix the situation. Samson loved his wife regardless and his daughter even more. Delilah inherited his compassion and the two took to helping Linnea as best they could.

That said, as she grew up Delilah always knew her father was a wizard. Magic showed up in her life one night when she was ten and upset. She was crying and screaming into a pillow, having stubbed her toe or something along those lines. She shattered a mirror next to her and when she threw her pillows into the wall, the feathers that erupted from them began to float midair. Blessed with magic, her father began to go out of his way to teach her small things, as best he could. He had been an auror initially after graduating from Magus Grex and an adept one at that. His marriage and the accident covered the reasons behind why he left a rather promising career. He recognized his daughter's natural gift. She was a quick study and Samson began to take her to wizarding shops, introducing her to quidditch, quodpot and a secret world. It was all with the understanding that she tell no one, a hard thing to do but just as well. They lived in a conservative community after all.

As she grew up she found herself surrounded by the muggle world, in a muggle town. Her mother's extended family kept Delilah ever close, pressing her to follow the traditional steps of most young southern women. She attended church every Sunday and teas when there was time. She was given formal etiquette classes and expected to be involved in social committees in town. It was demanding and sometimes stifling given how often she wanted to do her own thing. She was hard pressed to become a cookie cutter Southern Belle, especially given that she talked like a Northerner like her father.

When her letter came at eleven she was nothing but thrilled! Magus Grex was her father's alma mater and she fell in love with her studies and the old libraries at once. Delilah was more than content to drop herself at a table with a book, reading more than she needed to and studying harder than her friends. More than anything she fell further in love with nature and quickly became wise in regards to magical creatures. As she continued to study, her father began to care for her mother more and more. Only recently, as Delilah prepares to conclude her years at Hogwarts, has her mother began to resurface from her depression. Social, amicable, and a charmer, Delilah prefers the Wizarding world to her Muggle homestead. She finds it more exciting and adventurous. She wants nothing but for her final year to be a spontaneous and memorable one, especially as she hones her talent and covers the last list of books she wants to cover from the school's library.



Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?: I've read all the books, watched the movies and am a member on Pottermore. [:
How often do you get online?: Multiple times a day, every 5-7 hours for sure.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: For sure once a day, though I have managed up to ten posts (all over 1000 words) if I'm off work and don't have much else to do.
Password: Copper Cauldron

So begins...

Delilah Noire's Story

#, as written by Korrye

Written in collaboration with Elrith.*

If it could happen, it most often did. Or more so, Delilah Noire found herself vexed and contemplating Murphy’s Law – if it could go wrong, it would go wrong. The seventeen year old found herself hauling her trunk, desperately late and far more so than usual. “I missed the feast and sorting! And it’s my final year, would have been the last one!” she thought glumly. Standing at 5”9, the lithe and tanned Virginian found herself quite alone at the docks off shore of Magus Grex. The attendants and staff who typically handled incoming students were nowhere in sight. This was the first year she’d been late and as she waited for one of the boats to come, the blond found it very difficult to handle the lack of chatter and voices. All she had for company was a skiff of leaves being carried along the wooden docks by a cool breeze.

While she wasn’t the most outgoing socialite, there was always a magical fervor in the air around all inbound students. There was the matter of catching up with the people she hadn’t seen all summer as well. She missed the smiles and hugs in that moment, a sentiment that made her heart sink a little. Sighing, Delilah rolled back on her heels, feeling her sneakers sink into the wooden plank behind her. It creaked loudly and rather quickly the teen felt her balance slip as the plank gave more than she thought it would. The rubber heel of her shoe crudely caught between the planks and as she struggled to pull herself forward she found herself falling backwards. Swinging her arms and pushing herself forward, Delilah found herself suddenly freed but with too much momentum. The blond slammed her feet into the ground and tossed her arms out defensively to catch her balance. When she was on her own two feet again she exhaled deeply, turning to look over her shoulder as if someone was there to see. With no witnesses she sighed again in relief, kneeling to re-tie her shoe and shaking her head at her own lack of composure.

As she fingered the laces, pursing her lips as she made a quick bow, the air crackled with a snap and pop. Apparition. Immediately she rose to stand upright, her hand grabbing for her wand defensively. The ivory handle graced her finger tips but was quickly released when the person who’d apparated turned to face her. “Oh, really?” she cursed, looking skyward and nearly whining. “What the hell. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Sorry, kid, looks like we missed- Delilah?!” he said, surprise lacing his tone. She watched his eyebrows rise and fought away the butterflies in her stomach.

Standing before her was none other than Sam Halford, a complicated mess of an asshole in her opinion. Swallowing bitterly, she stood upright, smoothing her hand over her robes and tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She had to admit she was relatively well put together. Miss me? she wondered. Conveniently she did look good that day, having had time to brush out her wild wavy blond hair. It hung loose on her shoulders. She'd also thought to put on some make-up that morning, thankfully. Not once had she thought their first re-encounter would be on the docks.

Last year had become so complicated after Valentine’s Day. Sam had asked her out on a date, boldly so. She’d accepted, pushed by her friends to, and found him charming nonetheless. They had a lot in common and he was friends with Vance, a guy who had caught her eye on occasion. However as the year progressed it had been almost a tug of war to keep his attention. When May rolled around they had been seeing and talking to each other regularly. She’d come to like their conversations and right before the end of classes they’d found an old piano and played together. It had been soft and sweet, something she’d almost deemed romantic. He’d kissed her then and she’d enjoyed it. More than I should have, she thought angrily. That night had turned rather sour and quickly when Sam, so far as she knew, started a fight with Vance. She hadn’t been there to see most of it, only the tail end when the two stood there, sweating and hating one another. They’d been more than ready to take a hack at one another again if it weren’t for the four male professors holding them back one the other’s throats. Delilah had found herself fixated on Vance, the way his hair and body hung after the battle. He looked tired but almost sexy. She recalled thinking he needed practice but that he was charming looking. Don’t like the bad boy. Really. Where is your head? she’d told herself. She reminded herself of that again then.

The violence had turned her off to Sam. He’d shown a different side of himself and not shut it away when the duel was over. When they’d parted ways for the summer, he had promised to make it right again but he’d still been fuming. He’d never sent her so much as one word over the holidays. She’d almost thought him for dead. Close to three months of no conversation at all. He surely hadn’t missed her.

“You’re alive,” she muttered, barely looking him in the eye. There wasn’t a thing wrong with him, aside from looking slightly disheveled from apparating. “I was hoping they’d say they found you in a ditch or something.” Without question she felt slighted. The first guy she’d ever been convinced to spend time with had just dropped her for what? She didn’t know. It hurt regardless and she didn’t hide that from him.

Sam made a grab for her trunk then, as if to help her. Immediately Delilah reached out to catch his hand, not wanting him to even touch her things. When he moved to hug her, she stepped back shaking her hands at him. “What?” he said, at once melting into a defensive stance. Her glare deepened. "Don't," she warned him, half tempted to reach out and flick him away like he was a mosquito flying too close.

“Sorry to disappoint. Usually it seems that most girls would be happy to discover their boyfriend isn’t dead,” he told her. He heard me, she thought. Delilah couldn’t help but roll her eyes at his comment. “Last I checked, a boyfriend actually talked to their girlfriend,” she replied sharply. As she turned back out towards the water she saw that their boat was there, small and singular in existence. A small house elf apparated and tied it to the dock, gesturing for them to board. “Is there only one?” Delilah groaned. The elf nodded, and gestured again that they get in. Normally she was far more courteous but Sam’s presence pushed her closer to an edge that she’d been brought to by her own mother not hours before. Biting her lip to keep herself from saying something rude she clambered across the docks, careful to hold onto her trunk herself before setting it beside the house elf, knowing he would take it and her owl Screech to their appropriate places.

As Delilah settled herself into the boat she was a clutz about it, as usual. Stepping into the boat, she pushed her weight into it too much at first and pushed it further from the dock. When Sam moved to help her she swatted him away. As her legs stretched painfully Delilah grumbled lowly under her breath, cursing her lack of coordination, and pulled the boat back towards them so that she could hop inside and sit down, crossing both her legs and arms. She uptook the silent pose, only for him to take offense to that too.

“Oh, I didn’t talk to you? What is this a one way street?” he asked suddenly. “You never sent me any messages, and I couldn’t talk to anyone, my father took my owl and dragged me off to the UK, didn’t you get my apology Patronous?” Sam looked exasperated and not at all amused with her expression. Delilah closed her eyes, pursing her lips. “No. I got nothing from you. No letters, emails, owls,” she replied curtly.

"Well I'm sorry I missed you but," Sam apologized, or tried to before she cut him off. His words barely registered. “Since when can you muster a Patronus?” she asked with a harsh tone. Had he somehow learned it? Her sass was a tad biting. She knew he had a sore spot for being belittled that way.

It was unlike her to be so curt and short with him or anyone for that matter. Only a few people earned such sassy remarks and Sam had never been one of them. Though the way she addressed him was not entirely his fault, she was unrelenting. The past 24 hours had been rather hard on her.

“Last I saw you, you were beat up and in a violent mood. You disappeared after the boats and I had to go. I wrote you, I emailed you, I called you. Screech came back every time, couldn’t find you. My emails bounced. After awhile your phone was disconnected,” she ranted, bringing a hand to her head to tuck her hair behind her ears. Delilah sighed and turned to look out to the shores of their school. As the boat took to the water, they moved swiftly across it. "I gave up two weeks ago," she added sourly. Her father had thought her a fool for the last month, waiting so pitifully for word from this boy he'd never met, worse yet the son of a man he knew well and wanted nothing to do with. He'd done his best to dissuade her from talking to him but her father’s words meant little. Sam was the first guy to show true interest in her as a person, and not just a pretty face. He must be missing me Daddy, she’d said over and over.

“Oh and times never change? Expecto Patron-” Sam began, but his words were again cut off as Delilah’s eyes widened at the sight of an elegant great eagle patronus. He was trying to prove her wrong with this kind of antic? Really? She looked across from him, nearly snarling, gripping the edge of the boat and moving to stand. Was this some kind of joke? He rolled his eyes and she hummed with exasperation. The boat rocked as the eagle began to talk, proving that he had tried once to contact her. Poorly done, she thought with a swallow. Timed to try and win me back? Bullshit.

Delilah… sorry this is coming to you this way but my prat of a father took Howl form me and I left my computer in Charleston, You wouldn’t believe the views that-” the eagle began to say.

Delilah stared into the patronus as it spoke until Sam swatted it away with his wand. Sinking back into her seat the blond resigned to folding her arms again, swallowing back her discontent. Her mother’s words from yesterday morning rolled into mind, the thought of it making her cringe and put her face into her hands. ”What daughter of mine would stand to be so slighted by some idiot boy?”

“Yeah, thanks for that… better late then, know what, never mind,” Sam muttered to the air, shifting back in his seat as well. Delilah couldn’t even look at him. The closer the shore came to the boat the better. They were only a few minutes away now. Glancing at her watch she recognized that it was nearly time for breakfast. Savant was likely awake by now. She missed her close friend more than anything in that moment. He’d understand.

“Anyway my father forced me to go with him to Britain ‘cause of that ‘incident’, his words not mine, with Abernathy,” Sam explained, his voice laced with residual frustration. It was obvious he was holding a grudge against the Aretiem. Delilah didn’t care for the tone and shook her head, leaning an elbow onto her knee so that she could set her cheek in her hand. “He has a name Sam. And it’s not like you’re guilt free. Holding onto such hate,” she said bitterly. She didn’t know why she was defending Vance at all. She barely knew him and he was often less than courteous. “And besides, a talking patronus? How hard is it to slip a letter in the mail? Even a howler!”

“My Auror keeper/tutor kind of kept me busy all the time,” Sam countered. “Kind of?” she echoed him. What she picked out from his words was selective. Delilah’s eyebrows rose for a moment before she turned away again, scoffing. At that point the boat bumped into the schools main docks and Delilah was ever so quick to stand. As the boat rocked with her sudden movement the witch was smart enough to grab onto the ladder closest to her, hauling herself up it without hesitation. Sam was quick to follow her, keeping behind her as she kept her arms wrapped across her chest. As they walked down the length of the dock he was close to her, so much so that he didn’t have to raise his voice. For awhile she was quiet, stifling her words as she bit harder on her lip. She’d nearly drawn blood when they got to the front gates and were permitted to enter the courtyard. As she stormed and he followed, Delilah found they were surrounded by chattering voices and excited students. She was not one for scenes but one was coming. Minutes ago she’d wished to be surrounded by them all. Now she’d give anything for them to be gone.

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t contact you, but I am a wizard and I still can’t turn back the clock,” Sam said suddenly, his words stopping her. As she pivoted on her heel to face him, he threw his hands in the air as if in defeat. Her lip trembled. “I mean, what do you want me to say?” he asked, exasperated. She was tired of this too, tired of waiting for him to care about her for just a second. He needed to find the words and the gesture. Did he really think she’d brush off the lack of communication? If he was interested in her, wasn’t he supposed to want to talk to her every day?

“We’re done,” she said lowly, her voice harsh and broken in its own way as it cracked with emotion. "I cannot be with a guy who doesn't give a shit about me.”

“Give me a break, that’s not true,” he replied, anger blooming in his tone again. He gestured to her, extending his arm as if to tell her to keep going and she did, not even thinking twice about what she was saying. “You choose violence instead and you choose to hang onto a grudge that means nothing!” The crowds of students were growing now. More people were waking up and heading to breakfast. “You know nothing!" she concluded, enraged. He was so childish like this! Then again, she looked close to throwing a tantrum herself with her face so flushed and her eyes so narrowed on him.

Licking her lips she turned away from him, shaking her head and running a hand through her long hair to push it back out of her face again. As she moved across the courtyard she could feel the stares. She was not one for moments, no, but the outburst was called for in her mind. As she stepped into the greater castle area, Delilah was desperate to escape him but Sam only ran after her, beyond angry with her words.

“Means nothing?!” he roared. Delilah winced, stopping where she stood in front of the open doors to the great hall. Shouldn’t have said that, she thought, cursing herself for her poor choice of words. His voice caught the attention of many and she cursed under her breath, squeezing her eyes shut as if to will him away. "You're making a scene," she muttered, knowing it was useless now that his temper had been sparked.

”You think it meant nothing? That I’d get in a duel with him for nothing? That son of a bitch insulted my mother, my DEAD,” he spat the word at her, ”Mother! But you wouldn't understand that would you!”

Delilah choked on a cry, keeping her back to him as she brought a hand to her forehead, trying to hide the desolation on her face. “My mother has been as good as dead since I was nine,” she thought lowly. “He knows that. Why on earth would he say that if only to hurt me?” The woman had been depressed since being paralyzed from the waist down when Delilah was nine. It had gotten so bad that for the past three years she had gone mute and nearly catatonic. Had he forgotten? He really did know nothing. She held her tongue however, knowing that her sassy mouth had gotten them into this tit for tat yelling fest.

“You know what… you’re right, we are done! If you can’t understand that I did care then it wouldn’t work anyway and I’m not wasting my time,” He concluded. She heard him walk away and she licked her lips and let out half a cry. “I’m a waist of time?”

Her shoulders shuddered and when she opened her eyes she found half a dozen onlookers staring at her like she was half crazy. Was she the victim or the bitch? A little of both.

“Your mother did not choose to leave you, but my mother did for me,” she said lowly, knowing that Sam was well out of earshot. Swallowing her pride, the seventh year Cervus wrapped her arms tightly around her chest again – almost as if to keep herself together. She moved quickly, half choking on air as she went to the girl’s lavatory closest to the great hall, pushing past students who cared to get in her way. As she reached the door she couldn’t hold it in. She sobbed and sniffed, ducking her way into a stall so that she could close the door and fall to her knees on the floor to cry beyond the sight of anyone but herself.

#, as written by Skwidge
Teiver Morn

A small frown formed on her lips for a moment as he answered her question based on his disappearance. So it was his father. Again. She really didn't particularly like the subject on his parents because... well anyway, she just gave him a small nod. "Mh, say no more." Teiver flashed him an almost sympathetic smile, but she always smirked a little into it.

"Well yeah, I ended up saving both of our butts, he's not going to be particularly grateful, because he isn't- well, he's a Ferre, not a Vulpes. They don't get the concept of deeper meanings. So he's bound to go snooping around again." She had simply shrugged off the extra concern written on his face as his rivalry between himself and Finn.

"Pollack didn't do anything stupid, did he?" The girl let out a minuscule laugh. "Well, for one, he ran blindly up one of the stairs, almost ran into one of the few abandoned girl's bathrooms. Which is just such a shame. It would have been a huge laugh if it wasn't abandoned; can't you just picture it? Well anyway, two he also almost ran off the side of Magus Grex. He thought I was kidding about that one. You know there are a couple of... injuries in the castle."

Teiver brought her hands up and shook them lightly. "No, no. That's alright, I'll take care of him myself, thanks." Not to mention that's going to flare up a couple of things. She thought silently to herself, a sheepish grin on her face.

However, before she could actually start eating any food, they were interrupted by a very uncouth voice. ”Morning Boris, Natasha.” She clenched her left fist irritably. By the sound of his voice and the positioning of his eyelids, he was probably drinking last night. She forced a tiny smile onto her face, looking up at him. Her wand was right on the table in front of her.

So tempting.

With that strained, tiny smile, Teiver picked up her wand leisurely. "Hey, Victor, think if I use the jelly-brain jinx on him, he'd sound and act any different?" Her now forced emotion turned into a lazy grinning smirk. Sure, she was a lot more expressive when he was around, it's what you did near- close friends. She flashed that dangerously sweet smile towards Justin, Her wand lowered and in her lap, yet subtly pointing towards him. "Garrison." Her voice was short and a little stiff.

'Yeah, thanks. I don't like him mocking me.' The cat looked up at her for a second before slinking out from under the bench, hopped on top of it, lazily leaned forward towards the other Vulpes boy, leaped up onto his shoulders, balanced for a second before gaining control, and then he slipped down his left arm. The feline then lazily looked up at him once more, then he sank his fangs right into the boy's hand.

"Stupefy." She whispered in an almost undetectable tone, sure that he was focused on her cat instead, and also probably still a little groggy. Garrison's ear twitched, and he immediately hopped off, releasing his hold on the boy as soon as she began the first part of the spell. He returned to his place under the table.

Lloyd Vrancing

Lloyd had just finished her playing, a satisfied smile on her face and her eyes closed, taking in the warmth of the early morning's sun and the fresh air. "G'morning Ladylloyd. Thank you for sharing your lovely music with the world so early. That was wonderful. How's it?" She jumped back, her eyes wide. For a split second she had thought that it was Lyle again. Only a bit of relief replaced the uncertainty as she saw it was only Vin. Even with him, it was still a bit nerve wracking to play in front of him.

"Oh would you stop doing that!? I mean, it's like you guys can't help but bloody embarrass me!!" She said in an almost whining voice. Oops, looks like someone forgot her meds again. She gave him a small smile. "Thanks though. I-I guess." She quickly put her violin back into its case and walked over to him, Dorremoon walking a few feet behind her.

"It's... good, I think?" She gave him a goofy smile, plopping down and sitting right on his feet, looking up at him with a now sweet, cheerful grin, her eyes half-closed for effect. After opening them once more, Lloyd gave him a thoughtful, naive look. "Do you know who the author and singer of the music is?" With a grin, she waited for his answer for a few moments before saying it herself.

"It's Jason Mraz. Gosh, I really love his music. It's so spunky and heart-warming. Great music, great music." She nodded resolutely, placing her hand on his shin lightly to balance herself. Now that she had a little time to think, she did recall a small fight in the Great Hall, didn't she?

She paused in her antics with Melvin's feet, a studious look on her face as she thought in trying to recall what had happened. She put her finger on her bottom lip, her lips slightly parted. Oh yeah, Delilah, wasn't it? And... that other kid. What's his face? She shrugged, but then remembered that it was a fight. Delilah was uncharacteristically violent towards him, which was obviously strange. She must be pretty upset.

Lloyd gave Vin a stray smile, patting his leg. "I gots ta go. I'll catch up with you later, kay?" She pulled herself up from his feet, picking up her case and quickly ran back towards the building. She turned around, waving back at him before returning to face the right way and dashed inside of the castle, heading straight for the bathroom she thought Delilah disappeared into.

She breathed quietly, hearing the small crying coming from one of the stalls. Lloyd felt a pang on sympathy and related a bit. So she leaned down, settling herself on the floor and unlatching her case once more. She smiled just a bit, bringing the violin back to her chin, and readying the bow once again. She played the same song, but a bit more slowly. She also softly sang the actual words in hope that Delilah could relate. Surprisingly, the lyrics were very fitting for the situation.

It helped that she was running on ADHD energy and mentality, otherwise she'd be extremely too shy about this.

Naire Harth

Naire rubbed his forehead a bit groggily, carefully leaning up in bed. He was among one or two who had refused to over-drink last night, but that didn't mean he didn't partake in a little bit. Weren't they supposed to be the smart house? He groaned, slipping out of bed silently and heading to the showers to prepare for the day.

After that bloody refreshing frigid cold shower, he shivered, stepping out and wrapping a towel around himself, dressing in tan cargo shorts and a striped t-shirt. It was like he had to be the one to get the only non-properly-working shower in the whole school for the first morning back. He sighed, running his hand through his wet hair before brushing his teeth and then went to grab his camera.

To find that it wasn't where it was supposed to be.

His eyes immediately narrowed, and before panic could set in, he made a quick assumption that it was none other than Justin who had to have taken it. He grumbled quietly under his breath and left the Vulpes area, quickly heading to the Great Hall. He spotted the guy over by Teiver and that Victor guy. He was watching all three of them like a hawk. He would refrain from going over there at the moment.

His eyebrows suddenly arched in surprise, watching Teiver mouth the words of a spell. He almost laughed, but refrained from doing so quickly. His wand was up in his hand in a moment's notice, subtly pointing towards the group in fight warily.

He spotted Myra, and put a finger up to his lips, hoping she wouldn't draw attention to himself. He put on a fake exhausted look, and slouched forward a bit, his wand leaning downwards, but still in their direction.

#, as written by Korrye

The girl’s lavatories in Magus Grex were cold places to be. The stone brick was as grey as ever, with the old marble stalls chipped and scratched in places from the desperate ones who wished to leave a mark behind. As Delilah sat on the floor, her arms hugging her knees to her chest, her eyes couldn’t help but wander. The corner stall she’d chosen was one of the worst for student graffiti, almost no different than a typical American high school. It seemed tradition to leave the wall be and as a result it was marred with line upon line of desperate pleas for…most anything.

“R and E! Sound’s nice to me,” one girl had written. Delilah swallowed, feeling her cries quiet in her throat as she began to read. Her mind wandered so easily it seemed. “I’m transferring to Hogwarts!” another wrote, the letters etched so crudely. “Kill me now,” a girl wrote next to it. There were swirls and lines through a lot of love confessions and poetic lines. Others had hearts around them and confirmations. “Vance is a GOD!” one pronounced in bold black letters. It was closely surrounded by various hearts and a rather large "EW!" as well. Delilah leaned her head into the wall, bringing a hand to her eyes to wipe the tears from her face. As she tried to regain her composure she heard the doors open again, and feet shuffling as well. She could make out the popping of latches and her lip only trembled, recalling Sam’s gesture to help her with her trunk. “Stupid ass,” she thought rolling her eyes, closing them again as they stung with more tears. “He knows how I hate people helping me. I’m a clutz, just leave me be.”

And then it started, a melancholic violin began to play and slowly Delilah straightened, knowing without question that it was Lloyd playing by the sinks. As the melody began, Lloyd began to sing and Delilah felt her heart sink. “This girl is too nice to me,” she thought lowly, tucking her chin into her knees to listen as her cries quieted and only her shoulders shuddered every so often.

He had made such a scene of it. Did Sam not think of what she’d been through? Delilah knew her mother would pull her by her ear from the bathroom if she could see her there, a mess on the floor, her cheeks so flushed with her own tears. She’d already been slapped the morning before. It had been ridiculous really, and the memory of it hurt. “Of all days for her to come back from where she’s been,” she thought sullenly.

It was clear to her, and haunting even though it had happened only the day before. Her father had pulled her trunk onto the porch early in the morning, readying it for the car. Delilah had tromped down the stairs with screech in her cage. Setting the owl by the door, she’d slipped her shoes on and gone into the library to see her mother. For the past three years the elder blond version of herself had sat in a rocking chair in her favorite room, sitting and rocking but not saying a word. The family nurse Fiona tended to her and fed her, wheeling her in a chair to the bedroom that had become hers on the main floor. The woman hadn’t said a thing to her daughter in three years and even before that, when she had been mobile, she’d said so little it was as if Delilah had never been born or a daughter to her.

As she had for the past three years, Delilah knelt at her mothers feet and took her hands into her own. “I love you so much Mama,” she said, smiling. As she leaned in to kiss the crown of her mother’s hair she felt her mother grip her hands tightly, pushing her away as if repulsed. “What daughter of mine would stand to be so slighted by some idiot boy?” she’d snapped, whirling Delilah’s touch away to draw a hand violently across her cheek. So shocked by her mother’s words and actions, Delilah had stumbled back losing her balance completely until she fell on her butt right in front of the woman who had born her. “W—what?” she’d stuttered, not even knowing if it was real.

“Linnea!” her father had said, moving from the doorway where he’d witnessed the action. He was swiftly at his wife's side, so overjoyed that he seemed to have forgotten his daughter on the floor. “Linnea!”

He was so happy. His wife was not catatonic. Delilah’s lip trembled then, so hurt by what she saw. ”He loves her too much,” she’d thought. As she held a hand to her cheek where her mother had hit her, she couldn’t move, much less speak. While Samson tried to coddle his wife she smacked him away, leaning forward as much as she could move herself in her chair to glare at her daughter, extending her to point a long ringed finger at her.

“You waited for months to hear from this boy? Like a puppy! What good is it to sit around and wait for him Delilah? You have wasted yourself away all this time and for nothing. He does not care for you Delilah and I will not have you moping around like this. I won’t.”

She hadn’t even been able to nod or anything. Delilah watched as her father moved to turn his wife towards him, to hold her shoulders under his hands. She watched them look at each other, him lovestruck and her nearly vehement. “Take me to my mother Samson, after you take this worthless girl away to the boats,” Linnea demanded.

Worthless, she called me worthless. And she was leaving. Leaving them. Actually going though, not just into herself but out of the house. It was like living with a dead woman, having her there and knowing that she was breathing but not herself. This was so hard.

“No, no Linnea,” her father had begged. He had just gotten her back it seemed. The argument began then and Delilah had barely enough sense to stand up and leave. As she entered the kitchen and wet a cloth to hold against the sting of her mother’s slap, she’d been forced to wait nearly two hours before her father walked briskly in to collect his keys. “I’m sorry love. She wants to go and now,” he said sullenly. It took so much for her father to look so upset. “I’ll take you first thing in the morning. I wrote a letter ahead of you to the headmaster. They know you’ll be late, family matter.”

And that’s why she was there. Her mother thought so little of her now because she had been aware of Delilah’s moping around the house for three months, clinging to the hope that she might hear something from Sam. She'd been aware of it all. With the accident she’d become so bitter. There was no give and no sentimental recollection of when she had waited on pins and needles to hear from a boy she’d liked. There was just near verbal abuse and a clear message beneath her words: he’s not good enough for you. Grow up and get over it.

As Lloyd finished the song Delilah could do nothing but sigh. Clambering to her feet, she allowed herself to sniff once more. Wiping her eyes again she pulled open the door, smiling weakly at Lloyd. Positive that she looked like a mess, Delilah adjusted her robes and wiped at her cheeks again. “I’m sorry,” she said weakly, apologizing for the mess that she was and even more so the ridiculous display that had gone on before. “That was so beautiful. Thank-you.”

#, as written by Skwidge
Lloyd Vrancing

Lloyd quietly let her lips return together as she finished her playing, removing the chin rest and setting her instrument back in its case. She then pushed herself up off of the ground, and smiled brightly at the Cervus girl. "Why thank you, milady." She made a sweeping bow, a shy and sheepish grin on her face, even if her actions did speak otherwise.

She then tilted her head back, looking down at her pants. "Yuck, these floors are positively filthy!" She stuck out her tongue, picking up her violin case. "So yeah, wanna go grab some breakfast?" Truth, she had already eaten, but it wouldn't hurt to get another few plates of food. She was running on ADHD energy, after all. And that did make one a bottomless pit.

The girl flashed Delilah a small grin once more, turning on the sink and grabbing a couple of paper towels, running them under the water and then stepping over to her, gently dabbing under her eyes with a cheery, naive smile. "There we go, you look a thousand times better already!" She stepped out her front foot over-exaggeratedly, and stiffly stepped forward, rocking just a tad before walking normally out the door.

Naire Harth

Naire immediately returned his wand back to his pocket, and quickly walked around the other side of the Vulpes table towards Myra. He gave a stunted grimace, sticking his tongue out. "I thought you'd save me a seat! But look at this, you're taking up, like, five bloody seats!" He was overexaggerating, of course, but he settled down next to her, taking the mug of coffee that presented itself gratefully.

He smiled sweetly at her, taking a big gulp of the steaming drink, clenching his eyes shut for a moment before shaking his head. "Much better, eh? What are ya reading?" He pulled back her book gently so she wouldn't lose her page, and scanned over the pages with a grin.

However, his gaze went back over to the fight up the table, and rolled his eyes. But he was soon distracted by a first year tugging on his robes warily. He turned with a big grin. "Yeah, what's up?" The boy looked a bit troubled, continuously eyeing his house mates fighting. "Uhm, won't we get points taken away for this from the prefects?" Naire smirked cheerily, rustling the boy's hair.

"Eh, who really cares about the House cup? Vulpes House may not win a lot, but we definitely have the most fun. Even if there are a few... bumps in the progress." His own gaze fell back to the trio, which had now grown to a... five-o? Whatever. The boy gave a small laugh, and then returned to his own friends.

Teiver Morn

Garrison struggled only a bit when he was caught off guard, but quickly remained standing still so as not to pose a moving barricade for Teiver. Of course, she was caught off guard by the sudden turn of events that Justin threw at her. Man I must be pretty rusty. She thought distractedly, her wand tilting downward of half her own doing. One because she was surprised and shifted a bit for worry of her other set of eyes, and two because it was pretty innocent. And hell, she'd get some sort of laugh from it.

So it ended up pointing towards his shoelaces.

She cut off her previous spell, and instead decided to go with a tongue tying curse. Sure, it was created by an idiot, but it had so many other uses than just for tongues, though retained its initial use.

Thus his shoelaces retied, triple knotting in place. And what with the tongue tying spell preventing a person from talking about a specific subject, why not have shoelaces refuse, or be very almost impossible to untie?

Teiver smiled cheerfully with a laugh. "Well played kind sir, though you should really be more careful with your footwear. Your poor ass might just end up on the floor, and we wouldn't want someone gluing it there, right?" She leaned forward, propping her chin on her wand, sticking her tongue out through another grin.

She then looked over to the two kids from other Houses with a subtly mocking, sympathetic look. "You didn't really think I'd hurt Justin, right? We are somewhat of friends, though some of his antics are a bit questionable. You'd know what I meant easily." She nodded in assumption, turning back to the table and scratching Garrison behind the ear.

#, as written by Korrye

Edited away accidentally. Going to re-write to fill what was lost. ;_;

Sam continued to watch the exchange with interest, noting that the Head Boy Pollock had finally arrived. He saw Triever’s hex was rather ingenious, a tongue tying spell to tie shoelaces? That was rather inventive, not surprising that it came from a Vulpes. Sam was interested by the exchange as much as anyone else but Delilah re-entering the Great Hall. He almost lost face then, but he was a better actor than that most of the time, and he held his smile for his friends who were still celebrating while inwardly he once again felt the sting of his broken fist. Outwardly he gripped his fists harder, feeling the bones ache again as the magic has still only mostly healed the fractures he had a searing pain rush up his nerves. Though this pain was not in anger, but rather self-harm and punishment that seemed aimed at redemption. While most wouldn’t notice a few, like Vance, Delilah, and Lee (those who have known him for a while) may have over the years take notes on some of Sam’s more dark personal quirks the most obvious of which was masochism.

Sam was well aware that their break up was his fault, and while to the others it might have looked mutual or as though he had broken it off as the rumours dictated due to the very public argument. Sam could tell others and himself that he did his best, that he was powerless for the better part of the summer but it was all a lie, to others it might seem true but to him it couldn’t not be more false. The reality was that truly he had little chance for contact though he couldn’t help but feel had he realized he’d place a time lag of two months on the Patronous he would have easily found time to cast another and another until he heard word. However he didn’t and that was entirely on him.

Even as Sam joked with his friends about the situation across the room he was grinning against the pain he was inflicting upon himself through his arm, the veins exposed as he continued to hold tighter to nothing, a small trickle of blood running down his palm. At last he released though he withdrew his hand to his side to hide the damage he felt he rightly deserved. At last he stood and walked over to the Vulpes house and glanced at Triever, “Really, we’ve got to find yall a more constructive out let for all this energy… save the confrontation for the Duelling Club at least.” It was no secret that Sam had been petitioning to start a duelling club since his fifth year, gathering signatures and such, but it seemed he had succeeded at last. Though he spotted one of the teachers passing out schedules to the first years and cleared his throat, patting Finn on the back, “Duty calls, I’ll get the first group.” He offered heading over to go gather the first years at the table to get their schedules, there were no doubt several stragglers in the common room. On the way away he drew his wand and whispered a stitching spell, closing the wound on his hand though it still stung. Good… he thought, it should more than sting…

He aided those who needed to gather their schedules he saw and almost returned to his table to say helot to others he knew such as Felix and Rose (knowing he’d probably get the stink eye from her because of the Delilah incident and knowing he felt he deserved it) but unfortunately he spied some Arietem’s in the corner, and knew Vance wouldn’t be far behind. A group of fifth years who had approached him to question him about how the OWLs felt were instead disappointed as his mood changed instantly and he turned to leave, “Sorry, I’ve got to uh… I’ve got somewhere else to be. Now headed off on his own Sam moved to the message board nearby, a second year there was putting up some flyers for the choirs try-outs. Sam smiled and helped the little girl to put one near an open spot at the top before waving his own wand over a piece of parchment he had. Basic transfiguration spell on the paper that was impregnated with ink to bring it to the surface to create a flyer for the Duelling club and a sign up roster which he also pinned to the board.

Attention all Students!!!

It’s Time to Duel!

The Magus Grex Duelling Club Has Finally Arrived!

Sign-up now for a chance to sharpen your skills with the Wizarding World’s most prestigious and time honoured sport in a safe and encouraging environment then grab your spot now in the first ever
Magus Grex Duelling Club!
Second years and above may register for extra classes to aid in their growth,
Fifth to Seventh years will be able to take part in tournament Duels!

Space is not limited, First meeting to take place one week form start of term at Corridor 5, Room Three, Main Campus.
Please direct all questions or concerns to Samuel J. Halford, Ferre House.

Rosina Garenne

As Felix summoned his earlier plate of "breakfast," Rose wrinkled her nose slightly. They certainly had very different tastes in food, of course she knew it wasn't exactly his fault. That was the wolf side of him. Sometimes, she still found it hard to believe that her best friend was part werewolf. It definitely made him more aggressive at times, and he had an extreme loving of red meat. Otherwise, his differences weren't that noticeable to her. When he had first told her, she'd been frightened. But after really thinking about it, she had decided that he was still the same person he'd been before she knew his secret. And it wasn't like he turned into a complete werewolf every full moon. He really wasn't a danger to her at all. Sometimes, she imagined him as more of a protective guard dog than a werewolf. It always made her smile.

She beamed as he confessed to missing her too, and squeezed his hand back tightly before allowing him to dig in to his breakfast. She grabbed something a little more sensible to eat, a small bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, and a bowl of fruit. She nibbled at her food as he apologized for not being around the night before. She met his eyes and nodded, knowing exactly why Professor Kass had such an interest in him. "It's okay, I somehow managed to survive without you!" she said, leaning over to bump into him slightly. She stayed close to him as he leaned in to her ear, and whispered to her. When he used his special nickname for her, a flush quickly arose in her cheeks, and she looked down at her plate, smiling softly.

After their moment had passed, she straightened back up and returned back to her breakfast. She took a few sips of iced mocha coffee, her favorite thing to drink in the morning, to clear her throat before responding. "Oh, my summer was so boring, really," she said, meeting his eyes for a second. "My parents and I went to visit my aunt up in Washington. It was so dreary, and rained almost everyday." She shrugged her shoulders, plopping a juicy piece of pineapple in her mouth. After swallowing, she continued. "I mean, it was still good to see all the family, but I wouldn't exactly call it fu-"

"Rose!" The voice cut off her sentence, but Rose didn't really mind. She turned towards the noise, seeing Delilah coming up beside her. A smile lit up her face as the other girl sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulders. She wrapped both arms around Delilah's waist, holding on to her tightly for a few seconds before letting go. "It's really good to see you too, Dee," she said, using the shortened nickname she'd come to like for her older friend. Rose's eyes shifting to look at Felix. She hoped he wasn't too upset that her friend had interrupted their conversation.

"Oh, you didn't interrupt much, trust me. I was just telling Felix that I went up to Washington with my parents this summer. Got in a lot of family time. Nothing too exciting." She reached her hand over to grab Felix's quickly, and squeezed it reassuringly, letting him know that she was still very much focused on him. Delilah and her hadn't been friends from the start, like she and Felix had. But once they had found out about their common interest in magical creatures, friendship hadn't been far behind.

I'm sure both of your summers were far more exciting then mine. So you just have to tell me about them!"

Finn Pollack

"Just trying to have breakfast, Pollack." Finn's eyes narrowed at the Vulpes, who he wasn't especially fond of. He couldn't really be friends with someone who had such a blatant disregard for the rules. Of course he always tried to be as friendly as possible to everyone, but since day one he had felt that Victor just despised him. Honestly, he had no idea why. He'd never personally done anything to the guy, but obviously something bugged Victor. Not to mention, he hated being referred to by his last name.

His eyes shifted to Teiver, who was staying pretty silent throughout the whole exchange. He watched her for a few moments, knowing pretty well that she wasn't innocent in this situation. He'd seen first hand the weird and rather close relationship the girl had with her cat. And the cat had practically pounced on Justin, even though it hadn't harmed his somewhat friend in any way. His eyes glanced up to the staff table, and he was disappointed to find it practically empty. The few professors who were present weren't paying attention to the student body at all. He sighed, wishing they were more observant and could take care of this rather than him. He knew he was just going to get crap from almost everyone for doing the right thing.

Finn uncrossed his arms, and gave each student one last look. "Good, just keep it that way, Calza," he japed back, using the same last name method that Victor liked so much. As he walked away, he turned back to glance at Teiver one more time. As he turned his head around, he noticed that Myra was watching him. A smirk lit up his face, and he changed his direction towards her. He was intercepted by Sam before he could even take a step, however, who gave him a stiff pat on the back. He didn't get a chance to respond, since Sam took off so fast towards the Ferre table, aiming for the first years who had questions about their schedules.

The same first year that had questioned him in the common room earlier, Keith was apparently his name, approached him once more, obviously having missed Sam's help. "Finn, man, I have Charms first period. I have no idea where to go."

"It's actually really easy, Keith. Go out the doors and turn left. It's the next building you enter, second floor." He paused, thinking a moment, before he offered up a little more help. "Tell you what, after your morning class, I'll get a map of the castle and let you know where all the classes are. Sound good?"

"Yeah, man, that's great. Thanks!" he exclaimed before scurrying out the doors, most likely attempting to go find his class so he wouldn't be late. Finn chuckled, remembering how terrified he had been his first year. And the Head Boy and Girl hadn't been nearly as helpful as he planned to be. It was part of the reason he wanted to be there for all the first years as much as possible. He wanted to make their experience as positive as possible.

He resumed his walk towards Myra, and thankfully didn't have any more interruptions on the short walk to say hello. When he reached her, he leaned down onto the table, clasping his hands together. He gave her a genuinely warm smile. "Hi Myra, how was your summer?" He looked over to Naire and gave a nod of acknowledgement. "Hello to you too, Naire."

Priscilla Barsotti

Her response to Vance's statement about her fashion sense was to give him a blank stare. Like she really cared what he said about fashion with the way he dressed? She doubted Vance would be able to tell Costco brand from Dior or Prada. He could have come up with something much more original and creative. And his play of words basically dismissing her accusations was laughable as well. If it was so ridiculous, why exactly was he standing outside Lee's door, banging on it like he really needed to get inside? She let that comment go unanswered too, though, since he continued without too long of a pause.

Priscilla was quite surprised when he began discussing what had just gone through her head moments before. She raised an eyebrow, wary of him bringing it up simply out of nowhere. Was he trying to distract her from the fact that he was standing outside of Lee's door? Or was he actually being genuine with her? She walked a few places closer, then turned her back against the wall, letting it support her. "I suppose it would be okay to be civil with each other..." was all she said to him before he spoke more.

”This is a new year, Priscilla. I don’t see why we can’t make an effort to be better to one another, do you?” After that line, she was indeed more wary than before. Even though she had been wondering why they weren't more friendly to each other earlier, the fact that he was saying so out loud in their current situation was more than enough to give her pause. And the line about Neveah? Such bullshit. Priscilla was well aware of how much Neveah hadn't liked her. The feeling had actually been mutual. Neveah hadn't liked her sense of fashion and materialism, but she hadn't liked the girl's tacky split ends or horrendous personality, so they were even. And the fact that Neveah hadn't returned was better than anything. It made Priscilla the top dog in Arietem House.

"I'll forgive the bullshit coming out of your mouth, Vance, only because I agree that we are better allies than enemies." She smirked at him, pushing herself off the wall. "Next time, thou-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence though, since at that moment the door behind them was thrown open, and a loud yell echoed down the stone hallway. "Come on in!” she heard in Lee's adorable southern drawl. Although, what she saw next wasn't so adorable. He had turned away from the open door, and his backside was exposed to both her and Vance's sight. It was covered, though the white boxers were extremely tight and extremely see though. And nothing was left to her imagination, unfortunately. "Oh dear god..." she said out loud, immediately throwing a hand over her eyes. She didn't know if she should be disgusted, or erupt into a fit of laughter.

Lee was going on with his speech, completely unaware that Priscilla was present, apparently. She particularly enjoyed the part about kissing, personally. After he finished, she moved out of sight from the doorway, and uncovered her eyes. "For heaven's sake, Lee, put on some god damn clothes!" she exclaimed, purposefully not looking in the direction of the doorway. She fixed her eyes on Vance, instead. She couldn't help the large smile that appeared on her lips afterward. "Apart from Lee answering the door practically naked, what was that he was saying about a kiss?" she asked, her eyes locked on his. "Care to elaborate?"

#, as written by Skwidge
Lloyd Vrancing

"Ya ya, let us go!" She shrugged lightly, falling into step beside Delilah as they made their way back to the Great Hall. However, she soon fell behind her in following as they both made their way to the Cervus table. Lloyd sat right next to Delilah on her other side as she greeted her friends. Rose was there too, and Lloyd smiled at her, though wasn't recognized. She would have frowned and announced: "Hey, I'm here too!" But that would only make her feel bad, and she wasn't just about to do that to the little Cervus she treasured.

So instead she just smiled and waved, and as Delilah apologized for interrupting, she put in her own rebuttal. "I'm not." She threw Felix W, or at least that's who she thought it was, a cheeky grin, picking up some bacon and chewing into it eagerly. She fell silent as Rose continued to ignore her, but still reassured herself that it was totally fine and she probably just didn't see her, or really... hear her.


However, Dorremoon sauntered into the Great Hall and leaped onto the bench beside her, thus saving her thoughts on the Cervus kids surrounding her. She scratched the cat lightly behind the ear, then wiped her hand on a napkin before returning to eat again.

Naire Harth

He stuck out his tongue. "Well you did promise! Besides, I know only one guy who decided not to join those two idiots in their drink fest. And that's Victor over there. And he wasn't even really in the dormitory anyway!" He threw his hands up in defeat, soon crossing them in defiance.

He then began stifling laughter as she screwed up the kid, not him. "Woow, smooth one there, Myra. And how is this my fault!?" However, he realized that her focus was on someone else, and he turned to see who. Annd it turned out to be none other than Finn Polluck, goody two shoes of Fe- the whole entire frickin' school, really.

He put his elbow up on the table, resting his chin in his hand with a look between boredom and glum despair. However, he realized that she was looking back at him, and he shook his head. "Sorry, the coffee isn't as good as it usually is. But not the house elves' fault, they do have hundreds of mouths to feed anyway." He gave her a smile, then turned his head, as if hearing something.

But instead he subtly mouthed the word baka before turning back. And he found Finn right before them. He gave him a nod of acknowledgement as well, and turned back to his coffee. "Yeah, I'm not too hu- oh hey there's Lloyd, catch ya later!" He managed, quickly getting up and striding right over to the Cervus table where everyone seemed to be gathering today.

He was greeted by a hardy, "Hey Mr. N." And flashed her a smile, settling down next to her and managing a few blueberries and kiwi. I mean, seriously. Who really likes Finn in the Vulpes House? He rolled his eyes, staring down at his food for a minute before tucking into it.

Teiver Morn

Teiver smiled sweetly at Justin, watching his shoes pop out a bit more. "Well, good luck with having loose shoes all day." She nodded towards him, then smirked at Garrison. The cat merely peered up at her, his eyes unwavering. 'Bastard child. I mean, who does that? I hope he screwed some part of him up by doing that little rain dance.' He then turned down, hopping off of the table with a meow.

'So exotic.' He purred, his gaze falling on Dorremoon as she decided to enter the Hall. He was about to go over to her before Teiver whispered his name a bit harshly, demanding he stay. 'But she's so exoticcc....' "Yeah, I got that." She muttered quietly to the cat. Teiver then flashed him a look that spoke, She's not interested, and Garrison almost rolled his eyes. 'Oh, you don't know that for sure. You wouldn't understand us.' "Oh please, I unde-" She suddenly cut herself off, realizing what she'd just ... almost said. And then Finn decided to grace them with his presence as well, and she clutched the wand in her hand irritably.

She let out a silent huff of breath, allowing the wand to slip down her robe sleeve and into its pocket. She glanced down at the French bread before her, and the small dish of oil and ignored it for now. "Good, just keep it that way, Calza," Suddenly, she rose to her feet and stepped out of the bench. She threw Finn a poisonous frown as soon as he turned around, still pretty pissed he had found her tower. Well, at least one of them. Perhaps the other room she valued was far more important than five years of work, but nonetheless.

Teiver sighed, bringing her hand up to her forehead in confusion. "I'm gonna head out." She didn't even mention a bye, and simply left the Great Hall with her cat following behind her, casting a glance back to the Cervus table where Dorremoon was hiding.

She walked a couple of steps away from the doors, and then leaned against the wall, her fingers up to her temple and rubbing quietly. Bloody hell, so confused. Ugh, I managed to piss both of them off, and now I'm not happy with them. She shook her head, putting the problem between the two boys away for now, and started walking to her first class early. She peered down at Garrison. "I want you to go check on that little project of ours, and make sure the room is clean." Garrison froze in mid-step, looking up at her in disbelief. 'You want me to do what!? But, but Teiver, I'm so small, and I can't clea-... yeah, sure whatever....' He finished lamely, disappearing down the halls.

She let out a loud groan of frustration, glad she was the only one around. I'll just eat at lunch, I've done it many times before. She made the rest of her journey silently, quickly ascending the stairs to the third floor of the science building. Looking up, Teiver threw a sidelong glance at the Head of her House who was involved in some writing and preparations. "Morning." She mumbled, and he looked up, nodding his head in greeting as well. "Morning, Miss... Morn."

Walking over to a wooden table, Teiver pulled aside a chair, took out her cauldron and set it up, making preparations herself.

Victor Calza

One by one, they dispersed.

Weyard was practically tackled away by Garenne (he'd remembered the name after some time. He knew he'd had it archived back there somewhere.), Caldwell returned to the Cervus, and Hardy had the good sense to go with him, after slicing his shoelaces apart and getting absolutely no trouble from Pollack. Typical. For a moment Victor thought things were going to get worse again when Halford made his way abruptly to him. “Really, we’ve got to find yall a more constructive out let for all this energy… save the confrontation for the Duelling Club at least.” He spared the time to give the Ferre a brief glare before returning to his toast. Halford had already contributed to his headache by deciding to have that horrid argument with his girlfriend within Victor's hearing. He wasn't exactly in a receptive mood right now.

"Good, just keep it that way, Calza," came Pollack's voice. Of course, heaven forbid I do anything other than eat my breakfast while my friend and I are harassed by my fellow students, he thought, but he kept his mouth shut, as Pollack was leaving, and he didn't want to give him any reason to stay. He noticed the look he gave Teiver on his way out, though. He was sure to be trouble.

And then there was just Teiver, only she too had decided to leave, after giving Pollack a look Victor found pleasing. Perhaps it was better if he was alone for a moment. He doubted his current mood would win anyone over, and well... it seemed as though the toast was the only thing he could count on to not assume he was an enemy.

He gave the toast a piercing glare, just to make sure.

Garrett Flint

So his stomach had won out in the end, and Flint had decided that some amount of sustenance would be in order, if he was going to have any chance of making through the day. Quite oblivious to the tense moment that had just occurred in the Great Hall, and everything else, for that matter. He was dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans under his hastily tossed on robes, and even though he'd clearly just showered, his hair was a bit of a mess today.

Food. Need food.

He put one foot in front of the other until he could slam his ass down on the Vulpes bench. He had just been about to grab a load of pancakes when he found Victor Calza across from him. He felt quite like he'd accidentally woken a sleeping cobra or something, and now it was pissed and coiling to strike.

"Find. Another. Seat."

Flint raised an eyebrow, looked groggily at the seventh year for a moment, and then sighed, getting up. He looked around the bench. Where the hell was everyone? Where was Justin? Where was Summer? Hell, where was Bliss? He'd sit by her right now. Nope, no one at the Vulpes table to sit with. He considered joining Myra and Finn, but thought better of it. Myra had a hard enough time around just one guy. Oh well... time to make some new friends or something.

He dragged himself over to the Cervus table, and found a seat. "I'm joining Cervus House, if that's cool with everyone," he said to no one in particular, sitting down before receiving any kind of permission. He had ended up somewhere in the midst of Delilah, Felix Two, and...

"Wait, wait. Don't say it... it'll come back to me... R-... Ra, no Ro-... Ro-... Rose! Bam, knew I'd get it. Oh, and hey Felix Two, hey Delilah. Cool if I crash here for a bit? I think Ivan the Terrible over there's going to light the table on fire in a bit."

Like many of the students at Magus Grex, Flint knew of Delilah, Felix Two, and Rose, but didn't really know them. It was the result of trying to divide his time between too many people. But he certainly didn't have a bad opinion of any of them.

As Rose described her trip to Washington, Felix tilted his head slightly with a lopsided smile, listening intently to her words. Once Delilah and Lloyd showed up, he had a brief tinge of disappointment that it wasn't only him and Rose anymore, but he liked having Delilah around so it was ok in his mind. "Nice to see you too Fel. Sorry for interrupting." Felix just waved his hand in response. She was a year older than him, but a kind young woman; however, his heart broke for her over the situation with Sam. Having heard about it, he empathized with the feeling of loneliness before clamping down on that thought instantly.

Once he did that, he registered that Lloyd had said something. He didn't exactly hear it over his own thoughts, but the cheeky grin she gave him just brought out a smile of his own for her. "Hey Delilah, it's good to see you. Lloyd." He greeted to the two newcomers as they sat down before he turned his attention to the smiling Rose as she asked, "I'm sure both of your summers were far more exciting then mine. So you just have to tell me about them!" He realized that Rose had grasped his hand and was holding it, and the realization sent off a very pleasant realization through his mind. He then grasped her hand back, and held it until she decided to let go.

"Well, my summer was rather uneventful really. Finished building my house in the mountains out in Alamosa, you'd love the area. There's a small farm, some animals, an outdoors potions area and a training field to practice magic, two story log house that's been furnished with a camping/fishing spot next to it. It's my own little slice of heaven really, especially since it's next to a natural waterfall that drains into a river nearby. I talked to the utilties people in the town and they ran some pipes for indoor plumbing too. Other than that? Not so much happened other than the usual visitation to my family's graves." He's told the ones sitting there before that his family had died in an accident, his grandparents that raised him dying of old age just after the Christmas holidays during fifth year. However, only Rose would know the real story about how his parents died.

He smiled to the three of them, deciding on the fly to include Lloyd. "How would you all like to visit sometime? It's in a lovely spot up in the mountains with a beautiful view." He then muttered to himself, not knowing if they heard him or not. "Would be nice to not be alone..."

The wolf spirit in him then registered another presence sitting nearby and he glances over then grinned to the newcomer. "Hey Flint. Welcome to the Cervus table." He greeted kindly. "What brought you over here?"

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Delilah was not likely to forget Lloyd and when the Ferre girl sat beside her she was more than happy to be surrounded by friends. As she greeted Rose, her friend was quick to do the same. There was a normality to the situation that made her sigh with relief and content.

"It's really good to see you too, Dee," Rose smiled. “Sorry for interrupting,” Delilah apologized, knowing full well she’d caught her friend mid-sentence and while talking to Cervus Felix as well. “I’m not,” Lloyd grinned. Her response made Delilah giggle, shaking her head as she moved to reach for a small tea pot of hot water close to her plate and pour some into the mug in her place setting. The house elves knew her too well. As Cervus Felix told her a hello she nodded in response, more than content to begin filling her rolling gargling pit of a stomach.

"Oh, you didn't interrupt much, trust me. I was just telling Felix that I went up to Washington with my parents this summer. Got in a lot of family time. Nothing too exciting," Rose continued. “I'm sure both of your summers were far more exciting then mine. So you just have to tell me about them!"

She seemed so unphased as she sat close to her friends. Delilah liked to see her so involved in conversation, even with Emerson in relative earshot. She looked over and down the length of table to see her friend, sending him a small wave though he was undoubtedly pre-occupied with his breakfast – as always. As she sighed and moved to dip an orange pekoe tea bag into her mug, Delilah was suddenly inhaling sharply as a rather…disheveled Garrett Flint slid into a seat on the bench opposite her. Just ahead of him was Justin Hardy who slid across from Emerson. “Seems like when anyone wants to jump ship, they all end up here. That tells you something,” Delilah thought with a small smile.

"I'm joining Cervus House, if that's cool with everyone," he announced, his voice slow and loose. Delilah shrugged, looking up to look him in the face before feeling sheepish in front of the Vulpes. His cheeks were flushed and he looked tired, almost all tell tale signs of too much fun the night before one way or another. "Wait, wait. Don't say it... it'll come back to me... R-... Ra, no Ro-... Ro-... Rose! Bam, knew I'd get it. Oh, and hey Felix Two, hey Delilah. Cool if I crash here for a bit? I think Ivan the Terrible over there's going to light the table on fire in a bit."

Delilah knew whom Garrett was referring to but she couldn’t help but shake her head at the nickname he’d given to Victor. Looking over his shoulder she again spotted the dark haired Vulpes still alongside Teiver. And awfully close.

“Just don’t literally crash,” Delilah teased with a chuckle, plucking a sugar bowl from beside the pot of water to begin sweetening her tea. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sam leave his seat and exit the Great Hall again. With him out of the room she felt the pressure ease ten notches and she relaxed, setting aside the sugar to stir the mug with her spoon before pulling it into her hands to blow on it as the steam still rose into her face.

"Well, my summer was rather uneventful really. Finished building my house in the mountains out in Alamosa, you'd love the area. There's a small farm, some animals, an outdoors potions area and a training field to practice magic, two story log house that's been furnished with a camping/fishing spot next to it. It's my own little slice of heaven really, especially since it's next to a natural waterfall that drains into a river nearby. I talked to the utilities people in the town and they ran some pipes for indoor plumbing too. Other than that? Not so much happened other than the usual visitation to my family's graves," Fel explained to Rose. While he was excited as he spoke about his summer, Delilah couldn’t help but feel slight pity for him. After all, there was a very big reason as to why he was now living on his own and in the wilderness. The realization of his situation was a tad sobering given how miserable she still felt inside.

"How would you all like to visit sometime? It's in a lovely spot up in the mountains with a beautiful view," Fel offered, his eyes moving over towards Delilah and Lloyd on top of Rose. Delilah moved to look to her left and right at her two friends before raising an eyebrow. “Would be a nice place to stop during a post-graduation trip,” she smiled, sipping her tea slowly and savoring the sweetness and warmth of it. As she set it down beside her plate she reached her fork to stab two pancakes onto her plate. Delilah was quick to pluck a handful of strawberries from the fruit bowl closest to her as well, slicing them with her knife to coat the top of her breakfast before she bit into them happily, rolling her eyes in content. She swallowed the small bite quickly before reaching for her tea again.

"Hey Flint. Welcome to the Cervus table!" Fel greeted their newcomer. Delilah looked up again at her hungover acquaintance, propping her elbows up on the table so that she could hold the warm mug close to her chin. "What brought you over here?" he asked.

“If you’re running from drama I’ve been at the center of some today. Not exactly safe here either,” she smirked, rolling her eyes with a sigh at the sight of Sam re-entering the hall to plaster a rather large poster on the announcements board. Her eyes widened at the sight of the large print across the room. As he brought the words forward with a flick of his wand Delilah nearly dropped her mug into her pancakes.

Dueling club? What. The. Hell.

Oh Ferre Felix wouldn’t be happy about that, Delilah knew. As she looked across to the Ferre table she didn’t catch sight of her other friend. They had been dueling each other in secret, in their own club of sorts, ever since he’d come to Magus and wanted the practice. The secret of it on top of the insane spells they practiced (and healing magic as well of course) had made it wonderful. They’d only invited a select few others to participate, people they trusted. For a dueling club to go public was something else entirely…something aggravating.

Bliss Turner: finally making an appearance

The night before had ended abruptly when Bliss was sent off to bed by Flint and Justin. As she got ready for bed, she had wondered what the two boys could have possibly been talking about that was so secretive that not even Bliss could know. She had only been in bed for five minutes when she had remembered that she didn't go by the infirmary one last time to check on Braelyn. Her friend wasn't looking too good when she left, so she hoped that Braelyn's health had gotten at least a little better.

Not long after this thought passed, Bliss felt herself drifting off to the world of dreams. The first face she recognized was Felix's as the dream seemed to play through many events of the Summer until shifting into a completely different direction of her own mother. She couldn't even picture the woman's face as she could hear an argument that seemed to be between her parents. Bliss woke up in a sweat as she sat up quickly seeing that all the Vulpes windows had been opened. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes until she could clearly make out the rest of the room. Where is everybody? She had thought to herself before leaning over to see the clock at the far end of the room. "Oh my god, I'm late!"

The next thirty minutes consisted of Bliss getting the quickest shower she had ever taken, followed by the prepping for her first official day at school. As she let her auburn hair dry into the natural waves, she put on little make-up because she hated the stuff. She was pleased by how well she turned out, considering it was all done in record time. With one last glance at herself, she slipped into the Vulpes uniform and headed for the Great Hall. With the way students were coming and going, she realized she had only missed half of breakfast. Approaching the open doors of the hall, she could smell the food that she knew would taste delicious. She stood at the entrance for a moment, so she could spot Justin before trying to maneuver herself through the crowd. Seeing him with Felix, she made her way until she reached where Justin had last been. Seriously, where did he go? Her thought was lost when she saw Rose right in front of her.

"Rose!" Bliss ran towards the girl, pushing past some girl as she hugged her friend. She turned to apologize to the girl when she saw it was Delilah. "Oh my gosh, it's you!" Wrapping her arms around Delilah. "I've missed the two of you." She kept looking for Justin, until she reached over Rose grabbing a bagel from her plate. "I swear I thought I missed breakfast. I couldn't stop dreaming last night. My mind is not rested enough for first day of class." She had practically looked right over Flint when she walked up as she finally saw him in the mixture of people. "Flint! Good morning." She said towards him before looking back towards Delilah and Rose. "You were talking about your summer?" She directed the statement towards Delilah. "How was it?"

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Summer Turner

Summer had been busy all morning trying to get all of her books together before all the students got up, so when she realized she had been asked to meet with Simone Kass early this morning, she felt her whole day being put behind by at least a whole hour. When she touched up on the curls that she had decided to go with for a first day hairstyle, she grabbed her belongings and headed towards the Staff Tower. She let the wind play with the brown curls as she practically bounced towards Ms. Kass' office. When she finally let a soft knock give signal of her presence, she pushed open to see her Head of House smiling with a cup of coffee in hand. "Hello my dear, dear Summer. Please come in and sit." Ms. Kass placed the cup onto the far corner of her desk as she rummaged through pile after pile of paper work before pulling out a piece that had Summer's name across the top.

Her nerves settled in as Ms. Kass read over the paper once more before looking back over towards Summer. "Please don't be nervous, dear. It's just a yearly report on how you've been progressing. I just wanted to call you in here and see how your actually summer had been. I am always suppose to have these meetings with students throughout the year, and your name just happened to be the one that was assigned to my list for Summer check-up." The fact that she was called in so early just to be asked about her summer made her ill. She didn't like that the school now tried to stay as in depth with the students business as they possibly could without forcing them all to stay at school constantly with no breaks. Summer crossed her legs before smiling towards Ms. Kass. "My summer was great." She let her hand rest on the edge of Ms. Kass' desk, running her index finger back and forth as she waited for what else the Head of Cervus would ask.

"Well, that's pretty much it. I'll just add a little more detail of things you might have did with Summer and your friends while you were out of your dad's in Maine.. Little details keep the people higher up a little quieter, if you know what I mean." The way Simone Kass always had a smile on her face made Summer angrier for some reason, so she just got up and left the office without another word. "My god!" She said out of frustration when she slammed through the doors that led to the court yard. She took a deep breath, seeing first years increase their pace towards the Great Hall. Summer's anger had only gotten worse today, but she wasn't going to let that bother her as she made her appearance in the Great Hall; finally.

It took only a few minutes for Summer to find a rather mixed group of students at the Cervus table discussing summer. Seeing her sister in the middle, she stopped herself from rolling her eyes as she put one of her Summer smiles that people always knew her by. "Bliss-" She said as she walked up beside her sister seeing Delilah, Rose, Felix from Cervus, and Flint all within the general area. "-good morning everyone. Sleep good?" She said as she found a spot near the group, digging into the various items on the table. She filled her plate before bringing her attention back towards the people near her.

Zachariah Everett

Zackariah had planned on sleeping in, but the ruckus going on outside his door was starting to annoy him. He could tell it was down the hall near Lee's room, but to him he considered that right outside his door. He laid there until he could make out the two voices speaking; Priscilla and Vance. He knew this must be an interesting conversation, so he jumped out of bed to get ready. He had just looked at his reflection in the mirror when he heard a third voice come into play; Lee. Of all people to be together, this was a great start of the year with all of his favorite people within the same area. Of course, he'd hoped Îrem would maybe pop in soon after Lee's, but never hearing her voice he got into his uniform.

As soon as Zack reached for the door, he heard the conversation take a step up into the range of being more of an argument. He stood there making out every word in the conversation. He didn't know if he should actually be listening to what was happening, but he couldn't step away from the door and the option of opening it was thrown out of the way when Vance made his next comment. But she can’t even get the boy she actually likes to notice her. It’s sad, really. Like a barker at a bazaar who can’t unload even a single vial of snake-oil. And when presented with a chance to make a formidable ally, what does she do? She lashes that serpent’s tongue yet again, makes intimations about the two of us, ludicrous though the thought might be.”

He knew that he was the one that Vance was talking about. It was common knowledge that Priscilla liked Zach, but actually going for Priscilla was something Zackariah didn't believe in. He wanted her to work for him, and he knew that would never happen now with the way Vance had belittled her. He took a deep breath, running his hand through his hair making it seem like he had never actually taken the time to get ready. "Seriously? Can't a guy get some-" He froze like he had planned to do as he swung open his bedroom door, seeing Vance walking into Lee's room, Îrem now comforting Priscilla, and Priscilla on the verge of tear. "Holy fuck. What could have possible happened this time?" He said as he marched down the hall to the group, seeing Lee practically naked in his room. "Did Lee's body really bring you to tears?" He joked trying to lighten the mood.

He didn't know what to do next because to them he didn't know a thing, but a look he shot Vance told his friend he had heard all he needed to. Al though he wasn't made at Vance, he felt for Priscilla because she didn't have the backbone at times to just take in Vance and throw it back into his face until Vance grew uninterested in the fight. "Sorry, I never caught up with the two of you." He said directing it towards Vance and Lee. "We'll talk later." He now brought his attention back to Priscilla. "I thought I apologized for being an ass last night. You can't still be mad at me." He felt like he might be pushing the whole I really didn't hear anything act a little far, but it was all worth it to not let her realize he had.

Rosina Garenne

As she was waiting for her friends to respond, she looked over past Dee and noticed that Lloyd was sitting on the other side. "Oh my gosh, I so didn't see you!" she exclaimed, immediately feeling guilty. But Rose gave her friend a big smile and a wave, hoping she wouldn't be too upset about it. Just then another presence distracted her, as Garrett plopped himself down in the midst of the many students that were sitting around her. "I'm joining Cervus House, if that's cool with everyone," he said, not really seeming to care who he sat by. She giggled quietly, shaking her head a little, before nibbling on her food more.

"Wait, wait. Don't say it... it'll come back to me... R-... Ra, no Ro-... Ro-... Rose! Bam, knew I'd get it. Oh, and hey Felix Two, hey Delilah. Cool if I crash here for a bit? I think Ivan the Terrible over there's going to light the table on fire in a bit." Her cheeks reddened as she realized he was talking to her, and she kept her eyes fixed on her food. Am I really that forgettable? she asked herself, even though she already knew the answer. Of course she was. Someone as popular as Garrett Flint couldn't even remember her name. She sighed, feeling particularly down. Until Felix grasped her hand back, and that brought a smile to her face.

Rose brought her eyes to meet his as he described his summer in Alamosa, and his house sounded wonderful. She liked nature, and figured she would especially love the cool air in the mountains of Colorado. Her heart sagged a little as he talked about visiting his parents graves. He'd been completely truthful with her about what happened, which she appreciated greatly. But it still made her sad every time she thought about it, and she constantly worried about him for multiple reasons. "It sounds really great, Felix! I'd love to visit sometime..." she chimed in. She realized she was still clutching his hand, and gave it one last reassuring squeeze before letting go.

She gracefully ate her oatmeal as she faintly heard Felix address Garrett. It was then that Delilah spoke up. “If you’re running from drama I’ve been at the center of some today. Not exactly safe here either.” She raised her eyebrows at that, staring at Dee in shock. She hadn't heard about anything, so she made a mental note to ask what had happened later. If she had to guess, it was something with Sam. The thought made her anxious. She really liked the both of them, and didn't want them to be angry at each other, forcing her to choose sides. She always preferred to stay neutral when she could. Her thoughts were practically confirmed as she followed Dee's gaze, and found Sam at the other end. Oh boy...

"Rose!" she heard for the second time that morning. She turned to find Bliss as the source, and a bright smile lit up her face. How had she not seen Bliss last night? She was one of Rose's closest friends, and someone she liked to hang out with as much as possible. She made her come out of her shell, which was something everyone was telling her was a good thing. No sooner than Bliss had gotten comfortable, her sister came strolling in as well. "Summer, it's great to see you!" she said as the girl sat down among the random group of students. They had actually drawn quite a large crowd, which made Rose slightly uncomfortable.

What was more important, though, was that she was spending time with all of her friends. Now that they were practically all together, she realized just how much she had missed them over the summer. She couldn't believe that some of them were graduating already, and that after one more year, she would be as well. She made a second mental note of the morning, determined to spend as much time as she could with everyone, since time was running out. Perhaps Bliss could somehow help her be a little more outgoing. Well, there was no time like the present.

Standing up, she murmured her goodbyes, knowing she would see most of them later anyway. She grabbed Bliss' arm and pulled her from the table, dragging her out of the Great Hall entirely. She pulled her to the side of the entryway to an unoccupied corner. "So.. I have a request for you," she said, feeling more nervous than she should. Bliss was one of her best friends, and would help her no matter what, but she felt anxious nonetheless. "I-I was hoping... well, that you could... I mean... could you like, teach me how to be more outgoing?" She tucked her hair behind her ear, staring down at the floor before bringing her eyes up to meet her friends.

Finn Pollack

Myra seemed a little tongue tied... or maybe she had a frog in her throat. Finn wouldn't really be surprised, since it was Magus Grex. Of course, he thought he remembered her being the same way the last time he'd spoken to her. He couldn't exactly remember when it had been, but he did remember her practically choking on something she was eating. He'd patted on her back until she could successfully talk again. He knew she was quiet, but honestly didn't know why she always seemed so nervous around him. He was one of the most personable people in the entire castle. He never turned anyone away, and always tried to be polite to everyone.

“Uh, uhm, it was great. Yeah, great… Just… uh… great,” she said, almost as if she had forgotten how to speak. Regardless, he smiled and nodded. "That's very good to hear." He was still leaning on the table, particularly close to her. “But you? How about you? Your summer, that is. I mean, how was it? Your summer." He couldn't help it, and chuckled at her not being able to speak. "How was your summer?” She seemed to be fighting some kind of internal battle, but he was glad she seemed to finally be able to talk. "It was good, thanks for asking. I actually got to go to the Quodpot finals in Atlanta, so that was the highlight of the summer for me. Otherwise, just spent a lot of time at the beach." He smiled, then stood up, stretching his arms.

Finn's eyes looked over to the Ferre table quickly, and all the students still seemed to be in order. And no first years looked to be in a panic or frightened out of their minds, so he took that as a good sign, and figured he didn't need to be over there right away. "Do you mind if I sit down for a few minutes? I'm starving."

He didn't wait for an answer, and took a seat across from her. He piled a few pancakes on his plate, accompanied with more than a few slices of bacon. He drowned the pancakes in syrup, and took a few bites, moaning at the wonderful taste. "Sorry for my poor etiquette," he said, shrugging his shoulders slightly. "I really like food." That probably sounded stupid, but he didn't care. Because it was extremely true. And he didn't really have a lot of time before he was required to be somewhere else.

"So what are you most excited for this year?" he asked, taking a bite of bacon. He figured he would attempt some sort of conversation for the few minutes he'd be sitting there.

Priscilla Barsotti

She had been rather pleased with herself after her witty retort, since she hadn't expected Lee to open the door practically naked. Priscilla didn't actually think Vance was doing anything with Lee, let alone sleeping with him as she had implied. She had never seen Vance show romantic interest in anyone, boys or girls. So she highly doubted he had anything going with Lee, even though his statement about kissing was particularly interesting to hear. However, she could never have expected Vance's reaction.

She understood half of what he said at first, and was partly confused the rest of the time. Normally Vance wasn't so... honest. He was literally telling her exactly what Lee was up to, and why he had said what he did. That threw her off, as well as the fact that he seemed to be extremely upset with her. Since when did a few little pokes of fun make Vance so angry? It was almost frightening to her.

”But she can’t even get the boy she actually likes to notice her. It’s sad, really. Like a barker at a bazaar who can’t unload even a single vial of snake-oil. And when presented with a chance to make a formidable ally, what does she do? She lashes that serpent’s tongue yet again, makes intimations about the two of us, ludicrous though the thought might be.” That was the sentence that pissed her off. At that moment she didn't care if he was freaking her out, she just wanted to rip his head off. It was scary how much rage could fill her tiny body. She took a step towards him, only to feel a hand grasp her arm softly. It made her pause, and she looked behind her to find it was Îrem.

When Vance was done with his little speech, she questioned his sanity more than anything. But she was still rather pissed off at him for his rather rude comment."You're fucking crazy..." she said, staring at him with narrowed eyes. "I had agreed with you, saying we would make better allies than enemies, and then you go and pull that shit. You have most definitely just made an enemy." She wrenched free of Îrem's arm, and was about to walk away when Zack came striding toward her. Oh great, he probably heard every word... she thought, hating this situation even more. Tears came to her eyes, more out of anger and frustration than actual sadness. This was NOT the way to get Zack to fall for her.

He walked past her at first, saying something to Vance and Lee that she didn't care to listen to, then appeared before her eyes. "I thought I apologized for being an ass last night. You can't still be mad at me." Him feigning ignorance did not help to improve her mood. "Oh don't act like you didn't hear every word that was just said," she said, pushing past him. She hurried down the steps as fast as she could, and pushed out of the common room door with force. She headed for the main part of the castle, and walked into the first empty classroom she could find.

She slammed the door behind her, and walked over to the desk, giving it a large kick out of frustration. She grabbed a handful of pens and threw them against the far wall of the room, where they hit the wall with much less force than she had felt like she'd thrown them with. She sank to the floor right there, tears spilling out of her eyes and running down her cheeks. She was so angry at everyone: Vance, Zack, Lee, even Îrem. She couldn't believe everything that had just happened. While she had never hated Vance before, she most certainly did now. Something seemed different about him this year, but either way she wouldn't excuse the horrid things he'd said. Since when had making a few jokes been such a big deal? He'd done that all the time the previous year. And Zack had heard every word, even about her not being able to catch his attention.

After a few moments, she attempted to get her composure back, and wiped the tears from her face. Her makeup probably looked horrific now. Now that she had gotten her emotions out, she felt much more clear headed. Vance's words seemed less important. She knew that regardless of what he said, she could be the greatest queen bee of Magus Grex. And she most certainly could get Zack's attention. But her new number one goal would to make Vance Abernathy's world a living hell.

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ImageNaire Harth: Awkward TurtleImage

Naire blinked awkwardly, feeling absolutely overlooked. He shrugged it off mentally, and ate a small piece of buttered toast before twiddling his thumbs. He then turned to Lloyd. "Hey uh, I think I'm just gonna... head out. I have some ideas I want to try out before classes." His voice was naught but a soft mutter, and he rose from the Cervus bench silently, shoving his hands in his pockets and walking towards the great oak doors.

That's alright, I'm quite used to it. Besides, I'm kind of distracted now anyway. He nodded to himself quietly, as if to reassure himself. Naire let out a soft sigh, his eyes then narrowing a bit. "Accio camera." He whispered, his wand lazily out and in his grip once more. Wherever his camera had been, it now found its way to him.

Quietly, he ran his finger along the smooth surface of the object, a small frown on his face. Strange.... He shrugged, stepping now with a purpose towards the second floor of the castle. He quickly ascended the stairs, walking down a few of the morning-lit halls until he came to a suitable place. He rotated the shutter speed dial, and made sure everything else was in working order before setting up in front of a window.

With careful precision, Naire adjusted the zoom on the lens, being sure to keep the grasses of the castle's grounds in the shot, but also get the sun positioned to the right of the picture, and have the more mountainous terrain of the island in the shot as well.

Lloyd Vrancing

Lloyd waved cheerily at Felix W, bringing yet another few pieces of bacon up to her mouth. She should probably vary her diet a bit, and set up a small bowl of honey and a separate of grapes, apple slices, and fresh kiwis. She smiled gleefully, dipping the apples in the honey with a fork and letting the excess drip off before bringing the morsel up to her lips.

"Oh my gosh, I so didn't see you!"

With a shrug, she merely smiled lightly at Rose. "No worries."

She bit down on the apple, enjoying the satisfying crunch that came with it as flavor burst in her mouth. She brought up another piece of bacon, and was about to bite into that as well before she paused, closing her mouth again and staring straight at Felix W. "How would you all like to visit sometime? It's in a lovely spot up in the mountains with a beautiful view."

So not only did he live in Colorado, but he also built his own house. Which could only mean he was living with either just himself or a second relative, like grandparents or something. And he had decided to invite her? Lloyd's gaze flickered back to her plate thoughtfully, panic almost seized her, but then realized he had indeed invited the other two as well. I mean, not that Lloyd knew any of them that well anyway. She then bit down on the bacon distractedly.

"Would be nice to not be alone..."

Nearly choking on the piece of food she had just been swallowing, Lloyd suddenly leaned forward a bit, coughing. She put her hand up to her mouth, regaining herself sheepishly. She smiled brightly at the group, then watched as Naire got up. She simply shrugged, turning back to the conversation. I didn't expect someone like him to live alone. I always thought he'd be among one of the more popular people. Well, then again, he is in Cervus House. But still.

She forked a slice of kiwi, enjoying the sweet taste before turning back to her thoughts, tuning in to the conversation around her at the same time. Difficult? Sure. Impossible? Nah. And then everyone else seemed to be joining the table, making it thusly crowded with all the years of Cervus anyway, excluding the extras from the other Houses. Naire happened to open up some nice room, but it was bound to be claimed soon enough anyway.

And she wasn't too noticed by anyone else, which was sort of okay anyway. But honestly, did some almost stranger like Felix W. really want her to come out to Colorado? Besides, Teiver lived in the state too, didn't she? Lloyd blinked, returning to eating, her violin case right against her leg on the right side. Dorremoon meowed quietly, peering up at the girl through sandy green eyes.

She suddenly began to twiddle her thumbs as well, suddenly realizing how awkward it must have been for Naire. She would have gotten up and returned to her own table, perhaps to speak with Felix F, but something kept her there a few moments longer. She popped a grape into her mouth quietly, her hands now folded and in her lap.

As more and more people joined the group, his gripped his head with a slight grimace as his inner wolf started raging about people getting too close. He was too exposed, too open. Attacks will come, he needed to get away. He glanced over to Rose though, at her smiling face as she was surrouded by her friends and telling him that she would love to visit his home, and he made his choice. No, I will not run. I don't care what you think of this, Wolf, but these are my friends! And with a firm hand he slammed down on his wolf spirit. He smiled warmly to Rose giving her a hug. "Well, just let me know whenever and I'll be sure to make a space for you Rose!" He exclaimed happily, wanting her to feel like she was very important to him; and she was. In fact, Rosina was the most important person in the world to him. He grinned cheekily before tapping her nose then letting go and turning to Bliss and Summer.

"Bliss, Summer. Good to see you two." He smiled softly to them before answering Bliss' question. "I was just telling Rose, Delilah, and Lloyd here about my new home up in the mountains. You didn't miss much from my end." Truth be told, he hadn't really gotten to know Bliss all that well until she had practically attached herself to Rose by the hip. Granted, that meant he had less time to spend with Rose alone, and that irked him somewhat; however, that was overshadowed by the happiness he felt that Rose was happy with her friend. Summer too. The younger sister of Bliss, he had taken to looking out for her sometimes in case she needed some help. Having known her longer that her sister, he felt a stronger bond with the youngest Turner sister. Summer had always found a way to brighten the room, and he was glad that there were some in the world that were untouched by the horrors that the world could produce.

He gave Summer a knowing look, just saying with his expression "You got called up for one of Professor Kass' summer reviews didn't you?" While he admired the woman for helping him out so much, Felix couldn't help but be a little exasperated that his Head of House seemed to quite literally want to know everything about each of her students. Then young man immersed himself in the open feelings of belonging as he was a part of the conversation around him, around so many people. Even though his inner wolf was raging and thrashing behind the cage that he had slammed down upon it, he was happy. Of course, Rose is sitting right next to me. He thought to himself, smiling that he was so close to the girl he liked. Granted, she openly admitted to him being her best friend, and he was really happy that he was so important to her. Oh, but how he wished that she would look at him like she looks at Emerson.

He mused on those thoughts for a few moments more before looking over to see Lloyd twiddling her thumbs and looking rather lost. "Hey Lloyd, you alright over there?" He asked her after a brief pause, not wanting the young Ferre girl to feel left out.

Garrett Flint

At Felix Two's question of why he'd come over, Flint gestured with his head in the direction of the Vulpes table, where Victor was currently stewing, and clearly not in a good mood. "Like I said, Ivan the Terrible. He looked like he was about to go all Spetsnaz on his toast, so I figured I'd better clear out. And don't worry," he said in Delilah's direction, "I make only graceful landings. Getting off the ground can be difficult sometimes, but once I'm flying, I'd have to try really hard to crash."

Anyone who flew with him knew that that wasn't necessarily true; he was a bit of a risk taker, after all, and had ended up flat on his face a good amount of times. "And I don't run from drama. Drama runs from me." It sounded pretty dumb to say out loud, but there was actually some truth to it. Flint had never been one to stir up issues, but rather one to make everyone forget them. He liked having that reputation, as someone you could go to and just get away from the crap other people threw at you. As for Victor, Flint was actually quite oblivious that the Calza family was of Italian descent, and not Russian. He simply assumed everyone with the name Viktor (which was how he thought it was spelled) had Russian heritage.

As was normal, Flint soon found himself being slightly swarmed. Bliss was greeting him, and he gave her a friendly wave and a smile, though she seemed busy speaking with Delilah and Rose about their summers, so he didn't say anything to her. Looking around the table, he spotted Emerson chatting with--

"Gah! What the?" Flint said once the grape had flown into his eye. It rolled off the table and out of sight, and Flint found himself shaking his head and blinking his right eye furiously for a few seconds, before he recognized Justin as the source. The idea of starting a food fight on the first morning was awfully tempting, considering the fact that the food just kept appearing on the table, but Justin was speaking to Emerson in what was no doubt a crucially important moment for him. Every moment he spent with Emerson seemed that way, after all.

He caught Summer's eye momentarily when she had come down to join, and gave her a warm smile.

Let's see, what did he have first... Potions, apparently. That wasn't so bad. He'd actually become not so bad with potions, mostly through Justin's influence of course, but he was nowhere near his friend's level. And Hutson was pretty cool. Very easy to get along with.

Victor Calza

Victor performed his coup de grâce on the last bite of toast, he'd been just about to get up and leave this madhouse of a Great Hall when a voice that he didn't find completely irritating reached his ears. He heard his family name called, and then looked up to find Vance Abernathy standing across the table from him. He regarded the Arietem evenly, but not with the glare he leveled at some of the others. He had hoped to speak with Abernathy some time today, and considering that the seventh years would be on their way to Transfiguration this morning, Victor supposed that now was as good a time as any.

"And just when I was beginning to think there wasn't a way for this morning to be turned around," Victor said. Vance had his hands clasped behind his back, so Victor didn't yet see his exquisite glove. "You're a sight for sore eyes, Vance. It seems I can't even have breakfast anymore without being harassed by the holier-than-thou's."

It was perhaps interesting that Victor used the name 'Vance' rather than referring to him by his family name, considering that he did that with most everyone else, save for Teiver and a few others. Personally, he felt that using Abernathy would lump both Vance and his sister into one group, and he'd always liked to think of them as separate. Nevaeh had been dangerous, probably the most dangerous person to work with at the school, and Victor had always respected her intelligence. In fact, he'd been a little wary of her, and questioned whether an alliance of sorts between them would actually be healthy for him. That wasn't to say he hadn't secretly wanted one. Truth be told, he had been attracted by her cunning, but something about her had always stopped him from approaching her. Now he supposed he wouldn't get the chance, as she was far, far away from Magus Grex. Perhaps it was for the best.

Victor rose from the table, and began making his way from the Great Hall, expecting Vance to follow. "I was meaning to find you at some point today. I was held up by family matters yesterday, and was forced to arrive late. I'd hoped to speak with you about how things have changed this year."

Sam glanced from his perch next to the entrance way to the Great Hall and smiled or greeted a few persons who came up and signed the roster for the duelling club. He still glanced down the tables at the upper class-men and women whom he had known for longer than any others at the school. Sam had been a typical first year but as the second year for his class dawned he suddenly returned from summer vacation more like a mouse that hid in the corner and despite being a true genius at transfiguration and having small moments were he showed the deep and engaging personality within he remained quiet and anti-social. Sam was like this till the end of his forth year when others had finally seen enough of his more confident and true inner self to understand that beneath the depressed and self-hating exterior hid the now obvious Sam Halford to be able to force that non introverted side out of him more often. In his fifth year he broke that shell at last and became more of a personality than a shadowed person who sat in the corner.

Now, obviously, he’s much more than he was, and he’d made several friends and just as many enemies. And of course the head of all those enemies had just entered the Great Hall, Sam was unable to bring himself to remain there any longer and headed out of the area, swiftly heading up to the Second corridor. He was walking swiftly down the hall with a furious intent on his mind as he wanted nothing but to strike Vance again. Vance may have thought he was extending an olive branch to bring Sam back to his side as he had drifted away over the years one last time but all he had succeeding doing was breaking their strained bonds completely

Sam was cursing lightly to himself in a vain attempt to crush his desire to yell those obscenities at Vance yet as he passed yet another deserted classroom he noticed that the usually locked door was ajar. Now any wizard who was returning to the school should hold the ability to simply unlock the room with Alohomora so Sam really didn’t think much of the empty dark space. He assumed some fourth years or something had unlocked the door to gain a chance at a private rendezvous after a summer apart (a thought that sent a pang of regret at his own lost romance killed by the summer) and he regretted having to break them apart but the fact was he was a Prefect and couldn’t ignore the use of an empty classroom for such so close to the start of class. He’d have to gently suggest they head elsewhere, like the forest or something.

Entering into the room Sam first tried to flip on the lights in a standard fashion, however the switch merely flipped back and forth several times, “Okay, okay, very funny kids… now I’ll give you a few seconds to separate…” he waited a few moments that he thought the two who were surely hiding in the dark would need to make themselves presentable then brought his arm up and made a whip like movement with his wand to the ceiling while speaking softly, “Lumos Maxima…” casting an orb of light into the room to lighten the entire space suddenly. What he found was quite different than he expected. He first glanced at the right side of the room to find nothing, then glanced at the Light switch on the other wall that was clicked, explaining why the one at the door wasn’t working. But as he scanned left he found a sight that he never thought he’d see.

“Priscilla?” he asked with an apparent level of surprise and concern as he saw her collapsed on the floor. He flipped off the orb of light in the air and with a flip of his wand hit the switch across the way to turn on the lights.

#, as written by Korrye

The number of people swarming the Cervus table almost made her uncomfortable. Delilah clung to her mug of tea as if it were her tether to the present. Looking down into her mug she watched as Sam caught sight of something, or more someone and tore off from the Great Hall once more. With his departure she sighed and looked back at Garrett, giving him a sympathetic gaze. He just looked so…hungover. There was no other way to explain it.

"Like I said, Ivan the Terrible. He looked like he was about to go all Spetsnaz on his toast, so I figured I'd better clear out. And don't worry," he told her. The comment made her shake her head with a chuckle. "I make only graceful landings. Getting off the ground can be difficult sometimes, but once I'm flying, I'd have to try really hard to crash."

If she was worried about him making a crash landing, it was more a fear of him throwing up or passing out into a bowl of oatmeal. Delilah judged he was near tired enough to and she didn’t know the boy well enough to feel comfortable helping him with a cure to his disheveled look.

"And I don't run from drama. Drama runs from me," he announced. Sipping her tea, she shrugged. As she swallowed she tilted her chin down and to the left, batting her lashes with a knowing smile. “The quiet ones are always those you have to worry about most because eventually they’re the ones in the middle,” she said, raising her eyebrows and stabbing her pancakes with a fork to continue eating. As she swallowed another mouthful she was forced to nearly choke on her food as Bliss pushed through to their little group. “Rose!” the Vulpes shouted. Shoved forward into her plate Delilah dropped her fork, nearly choking on her mouthful crudely. Banging a fist onto her chest she forced herself to smile, clearing her throat.

"Oh my gosh, it's you!" Bliss shrieked. Delilah rolled her eyes at her friend, leaning into Bliss’ hug and wrapping one arm around her shoulder in return. The redhead settled beside Rose and Delilah picked up her plate to shuffle down the bench. Picking up her mug of tea she watched as a clean place setting emerged for the Vulpes. Ah magic.

"I've missed the two of you!" she said, but her eyes wandered beyond them both. Delilah coughed lowly to herself before responding. "Me too!" As she moved to grab her fork a stray grape bounced onto her place. As she looked up Garrett was recoiling and Delilah couldn’t help but cast her eyes down the table in search of the culprit. Setting her fork down in defeat, the blond figured it wasn’t worth it to try and eat breakfast when so much was going on.

"I swear I thought I missed breakfast. I couldn't stop dreaming last night. My mind is not rested enough for first day of class," Bliss elaborated, grabbing a bagel as Delilah clung to her mug. If someone pushes this out of my hands, so help me God,” she thought lowly as their friend acknowledged the other Vulpes runaway seated at their table.

"You were talking about your summer?” Bliss asked her excitedly. "How was it?" The thought made her purse her lips. As she went to speak her eyes caught sight of Felix Fletcher entering the Great Hall. The Ferre student looked restless even from across the way. Delilah frowned and wondered if he saw the Dueling Club poster and what he thought of it. She made a mental note to track him down later.

“My summer was spent waiting for a message that never came, and sending messages to a person who didn’t want to receive them,” Delilah announced. She knew her friends would understand what she meant. They had all thought Sam was cute and right for her. Sometimes people aren’t who you expect them to be.

“You missed our fight this morning. Seems like only the keeners were awake, thankfully. I only got in on the boat today. My mother decided it was time to visit her family and that she couldn’t wait to leave. We had to drive her into South Carolina yesterday,” she added.

As she spoke, she caught sight of Bliss’ sister. “Speaking of Summers,” Delilah smiled. "Good morning everyone. Sleep good?" Summer asked. The Brunette didn’t seem pleased to find her sister in their midst. Delilah could only lick her lips and sip her tea again. The mug was close to empty so she reached to refill it. Rose greeted their mutual friend and Delilah sighed, her eyes moving from beyond their table and across the way to spy none other than Vance Abernathy speaking to Victor. She couldn’t help but blush, seeing him again for the first time since the fight. It was almost embarrassing. Even as she looked at him now she could see him then, the way he looked all focused and brilliant.

As post arrived she saw Screech weave her way through the owls, dropping a letter into her lap. The owl perched for a moment by Lloyd’s cat. Stroking the barn owl on the side of her head, Delilah bit her tongue and clucked at it to ask her to wait. As she pulled open the letter she knew it was from her father. Tucked with it was the latest paper.

Tearing off the back of the envelope from her father, she pulled a standard pencil from her robe pocket. While most people liked quills, she couldn’t be bothered to carry one another with her at all times. Elegantly she wrote out a simple message before tucking it in her owl’s claw. Flicking her off the cup, Screech circled the hall before passing over the two pureblood boys and dropping the note between Victor and Vance. Her handwriting was elegant and signed with her last name. She knew he’d know it.

Or Ivan the Terrible as Garrett now calls you, do you still have that copy of the Updated Counter-Curse Handbook (Second Revised Edition) from the library? Going to bring it back anytime soon?

#, as written by throne
Lyle Brightham – Elated!

So, well, really, Lyle had no idea what Demetrio was saying for the longest time. Parts of it were in Spanish, a language that his knowledge of was more or less expressed in the words taco and burrito, for starters. Then there was the fact that Demetrio seemed to be saying more than he was actually saying. Lyle was really just looking for a yes or no, and there were so many lines to read between. Finally, there was the fact that for what was possibly the first time ever, Demetrio was touching someone, and that someone happened to be him. Lyle was no stranger to affection. In fact, his ambush-hugs were legendary, and more than a few of his “bromances” got occasionally awkward when he forgot about that pesky personal space thing people were always going on about.

As far as he could remember, though, Demetrio had always shirked from contact, even high-fives or fist bumps or the like. It wasn’t bad or anything. Lyle had a rudimentary understanding that some people didn’t like to be touched. It was one of those things he really didn’t get- he never could have actually explained why someone might not like it- but that he abided by anyway, like the fact that the sky was blue because of nitrogen. He couldn’t help but wonder what had changed between all the times Demetrio had left him hanging and now, but really, he didn’t mind. It was nice. Friendly. Maybe a little unprofessional, given their interviewer and interviewee status, but, hey. They were just kids.

Then Demetrio slapped him. Lyle’s eyes grew very wide. It hadn’t hurt at all of course, but, well, he’d slapped him. Demetrio didn’t seem angry though, or even upset. In fact, he seemed pretty happy. His mouth opened to question the action, but at that exact instant, it occurred to him that the meandering dual-language response was, in essence, a yes. And he’d called Lyle amigo! He knew that one, it meant friend!

”I say that you’re the best, Demetrio! And, um, yeah, that’s a good idea! The asking question things. I was gonna do that anyway, but, I’m glad you um, like it. Haha.” He beamed, and almost wrapped the poor Cervus in one of his fierce little hugs. He managed to restrain himself, though, if only because he’d so recently been considering the other boy’s aversion to touch. He was so excited he didn’t notice the tear at all. In fact, he might not have noticed if Demetrio had grown a reptilian tail and used it to juggle cats. He was already thinking up questions!

”So, oh, we have class soon, we better get in and eat real fast. But um, for starters, can you describe the troll for me? I really want a good picture in my head for when I write about it. It’s too bad Naire wasn’t there, he could have gotten a picture!” And probably wound up in the infirmary; this did not occur to Lyle, though. He started a Sorkin-walk into the dining area, leading Demetrio to the Cervus table, because that, apparently, was where everyone was going to wind up this morning.

Justin Hardy – Pretty Fly for a Jedi

Justin narrowed his eyes on Emerson when he wondered if the long parcel might be his gift, pretty much confirming, of course, that it was. It was mostly playful. The eye-narrowing, that is. He didn’t figure Emerson for the sort to go and ruin a present, but it did annoy him mildly that he’d mentioned it when it was sitting right there. With anyone else, he wouldn’t have said anything, but for some reason his usual cunning seemed to run in spurts around Em. It worked fine when he was flattering, flirting, or joking… but try as he might, his ability to lie or even bend the truth with him was just pathetic. It was a minor miracle that he’d managed to convince the goofball that he didn’t still think about him naked at least twenty times a day. He wasn’t even sure he had convinced him, and Emerson was just being nice and ignoring it.

He lifted a hand, waving it in front of Em’s face. ”These are not the gifts you are looking for. You don’t need to see my identification.”* Grinning in a manner that he hoped was impish, he secretly melted a little inside at the nudging and then looked down the table at Flint when Emerson mentioned the Betterbeer. ”Ah, yeah. We had a little soirée. You know. Stupid stuff. I’m pretty sure I mooned an owl. Definitely a success, though. But you know what they say. What happens in the sixth year Vulpes boy’s dorm stays in the sixth year Vulpes boy’s down.” He shrugged non-committal, keeping a straight face despite the obvious fact that no one had ever compared the bookish House’s tower to Las Vegas, ever, before that very moment.

He nodded understanding when Em explained his gift wasn’t ready. Even if he was capable at being mad at the boy, it would have been downright hypocritical, given the finishing touches he still needed to put on the parcel leaning to his left. ”Ah, I understand only too well.” He shook a fist in the air (believe it or not, in more or less the same direction as the American Ministry’s offices), contorting his features into an expression of profound anguish. ”Damn you, Trace!” It was no secret that Justin had spent an inordinate amount of time the past three summers trying to work out a way to shake the magical monitoring spell that had been ruining his life since the day he realized he could make a profit doing magic. He’d worked out an arrangement with a local wizard of somewhat shady repute back in Salem, wherein Justin would instruct him and supervise him in some moderate Potions work so he didn’t fall too far behind in his production schedule, but really, it was the principle of the thing that bothered him. That and the many, many Galleons he was wasting paying the guy off for wand-work he could easily have been doing himself.

He cocked an eyebrow when Lyle and Demetrio passed them, and in doing so noticed something… what was the pure unadulterated evil version of “auspicious”, again? Calamitous? Dastardly? He wasn’t sure. He probably could have filled an entire parchment roll with ill-omen words relating to what he was watching. Vance Abernathy and Victor Calza. Talking. In what seemed to be a friendly way.

”Nothing good can come of this,” he muttered. It probably seemed to come out of nowhere, at least to Emerson, but he’d probably figure out what his friend was referring to when he noticed Justin trying to either murder them with his eyes or eavesdrop over the breakfast din. Maybe he was attempting to read lips? Anything was possible. Whatever the case, he’d have to keep an eye on that particular unholy alliance, especially after the altercation earlier.

He noticed Felix across the room as well, and frowned. It didn’t take much more than a glimpse to tell something was amiss. Probably not the ideal time to ask him to help him win Em’s undying love, but, he’d have to hook up with him later anyway and see what was up. Something about his utter disconnection with the room around him led Justin to believe that he wasn’t quite ready to spill about whatever it was just yet. Maybe by lunch time.

He returned his attention to Emerson, favoring him with an apologetic smile for his lapse in attention. He quickly ran through the last few lines of their conversation, then resumed it. ”You always were inexplicably good with Charms, so I’m guessing it will turn out great. I bet my roommates will find it perfectly annoying… and really, there’s no greater gift you could give me than that.”

*Reason #214 that Justin is madly in love with Emerson- Even though he’s from a Wizarding family, he gets most of his pop culture references.

Vance Abernathy - <insert Game of Thrones opening music here>

For the first time in months, something was actually going right. Vance did well to conceal his surprised gratitude when Victor simply welcomed him, complimented him, even indicated an interest in discussion. He nodded sympathetically at the mention of family matters. The Vulpes’ final sentence seemed to ring in his ears. I’d hoped to speak with you about how things have changed this year. Victor didn’t know the half of it. Though of course, perhaps, he did. He had half a mind to ask him if he’d received any missives from his grandfather, but Victor would have just lied adeptly, tired though he seemed. It would gain him nothing and expose more than he dared. He really needed to give some earnest thought toward obtaining some Veritaserum.

There coming together was interrupted by an owl, dropping off a note for Victor. Vance would simply stand by if he decided to read it; again, his respect for the other seventh year extended far enough that he didn’t expect the abject deference he’d once garnered from his lesser. Or if Victor simply stowed it for later perusal, more the better.

”That’s what I was hoping to speak with you about as well,” he replied once they were underway. His trained strides would of course bring him a half-pace ahead of Victor, which meant that he’d now be able to get a very good look at the dragon-skin glove encasing his artificial right hand. ”I hope you’ll forgive me a somewhat awkward question, but it’s been a trying morning already and I haven’t the patience for anything more clever.”

A glance about the hallway. Who was in earshot? Were any of his grandfather’s puppets keeping tabs on him? Did it even matter, when he was engaged in a fairly intimate tete-a-tete with someone who very well might be one of those puppets, right now? Satisfied at least that Victor was the only one he needed to worry about presently, he continued.

”How much can I trust you, Calza?” He turned his head, looking back at his fellow pureblood. ”It occurs to me that I really have no idea what you want, and by that token, no idea what I can expect from you. It’s an unusual experience for me, I assure you.” It was utterly devoid of pretense; the same blunt honesty he’d exhibited in his own common area earlier, motivated by the same disinterest in intrigue that had led to his casting off of his Quodpot robes. ”You might say that I’m reorganizing my priorities this year, and that I’ll require the aid of a certain caliber of student.” No pleasantries. No talk of their summers. He wasn’t interested, and didn’t want the shrewd Vulpes becoming interested in his. Not yet, anyway.